1941: World War Strategy Mod

1941: World War Strategy [HACK – MOD]

1941 is a strategic board game similar to Axis & Allies®. Local play only.. 1941: World War Strategy Mod v2.1.2

Update: 03/11/2022
Original price $: 1.49

Download 1941: World War Strategy Mod 2.1.2 for android apk & iphone ios 4.0

1941 is an Android strategy board game based on the conflict between the Axis Powers (Germany/Japan) and the Allied Powers (Russia/UK/US) in World War II. 1941 is very similar to the popular board game Axis & Allies®.

1942 is coming! New features include 3 new units, buildable factories, more complex maps, strategic bombing, coastal bombing, and more! 1942 can be played locally and online at no additional cost and is included in the purchase price.

This legendary war takes place in 57 land areas and 48 sea areas, including 9 different units such as infantry, tanks, bombers and warships. Defeat the enemies and emerge victorious by destroying their armies and occupying their capital!

The 1941 local game supports 5 players on two teams, in a pass and play format, combined with advanced AI if desired. It is specially designed and developed for Android devices, including mid- to high-end phones and tablets, with clear graphics and an intuitive touch interface.

Powerful features include detailed game statistics, full replayability and automatic game saves, custom sounds and legendary music. If you’re a fan of strategy board games like Axis & Allies®, Age of Conquest, World Conquer or Border Siege, don’t miss 1941!

Please note that this game is an HD game and may use up memory when loading on some older devices, especially those with 512MB or less of RAM, depending on the manufacturer .

Please feel free to contact me with any bugs, questions, suggestions or if you just need it If you don’t like it please contact us directly and ask for a refund: [email protected]

Axis & Allies® games and related trademarks are owned by Hasbro Corporation and Wizards of the Coast. This game is not endorsed by or affiliated with any one company.

Free download 1941: World War Strategy [HACK – MOD] for Android APK & Iphone IOS IPA. (Size: ) - Version 2.1.2. Released on . By DONIT.INFO. 1941 is a strategic board game similar to Axis & Allies®. Local play only.. Developed by ElectroWolff Games. Operating system requirements 4.0. Everyone.

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Update to support new Android versions.

New comment

  1. RiffoftheGods: Really good. Just hoping for updates: 1. AI keeps leaving transports undefended 2. AI will forget to land their planes 3. AI will build an excessive amount of AA guns 4. A way to revert to a previous phase of a turn. I've accidentally touched the dial and skipped a step prematurely..
  2. Michael Barnes: Awesome ! Would love to see some rule expansion! I play this game everyday, can't get enough of it!.
  3. Max e.g smith: Well polished Axis and Allies iteration with simplistic intuative touch screen controls. Worth paying money for this game very brutal realistic AI..
  4. Karl Schmucker: This is exactly like Axis and Allies, love this game. I see a lot of people trashing the dice rolls in comments, but I say stategize around it. It makes the game more fun. I love to play a single country, and let the AI play the rest to see how well I can do. I have lost, but not once I see how the strategy goes. I have even won playing only Russia against everyone, and have won. Smarts and persistence go a long way..
  5. Thomas Jones: Super fun.
  6. Heath G. T.: Good game, needs two player function.
  7. JB Mac: Well done. Thx for this..
  8. Gerald Griffin: AI not that intelligent or difficult.
  9. Randall Leifheit: Wont even load.
  10. James Brauer: This is great simulation of the axis and allies game. 2 issues. 1. I have played lots of RW dice based board games in my 70 years on this planet. I am a retired computer programmer. This is the only game I have played with an insane number of die rolls with 1 coming up against all rules of random generation. 2. When I started this game in 1942 mode I could play until I beat England and America playing Japan. Now with only Europe, Africa, and ASIA captured axis victory occurs. Why?.
  11. Mitch: Worse game ever. No idea how to play, what to do, or how to do it. And I can't seem to get a refund! Lol..
  12. Ryan Byrne: Fun game when i bought it but its quickly becoming unplayable because of bugs. You can't move russian troops to allied controlled areas that arent under russian control.
  13. Thomas Veigel: Been playing this version of Axis and Allies for years now and I still load it up all the time. It is hands down the best mobile version. True to the original games..
  14. Deante Britton: Just need an update to ai to not build ships when surrounded by navy and leave transports undefended and it'll be good.
  15. Bill Brandt: Game is good, but the 1942 version says you can do SB and amphibious assault support. There is no explanation or instructions on how to do this though. Instead, bombers simply do a standard attack run against a capital and die easily..
  16. Jonathan Rudd: Game sucks cannot land aircraft won't let me move on games retarded.
  17. David Lareau: Create some new options please..
  18. James Olive: Incredible strategy game. This game makes you really think strategically and one mistake could mean defeat. The AI is challenging but fun to play against.
  19. Jerrel Smith: I grew up playing the board game, this is by far the best version on the game I've come across. After years of crushing every scenario possible Im hoping and suggesting that you make to it where we can choose theams. Like Germany and UK vs USA ,Russia, Japan. Be cool if ya did but I still play it like it is, 👍.
  20. Kenny Scott: Better than I thought. Easy to win against AI if you are not dumb. Battleships don't really help bombardment. Industrial plants can not be built so that is bad as you can only produce in the original areas. This is Axis and Allies basically..
  21. Dave Epert: cannot find tutitorials for this game.
  22. Billy Bob: You can barely see the troops on the map. Way to far away and you can't zoom in...save your money.
  23. Glen Young: Greatest game ever.
  24. Jonathan Ermeta: 👍👍👍.
  25. Ventura Rangel: Awesome.... All it needs is the research and development part of the game, come on double sixers the hard way!?!?.
  26. Tim Shelepinsky: Good game.
  27. Jayson Daum: Best rendition of Axis and Allies I've found on the Play store. Its has several different game variants which add their own challenge. There used to be PvP, but the game no longer supports it. 4/5 for the loss of PvP because it gets very dry playing computers over and over again..
  28. Lee White: Just like A&A with some tweaks to unit costs and combat stats and I think for the better.Other reviewers seem to disagree but I found it quite a challenge (eventually took 79 turns to win with Allies).Can't wait to play the income plus and 1942 Campaigns..
  29. isaiah: Can you add more scenarios possibly and more nations such as Australia, China, and Italy.
  30. Miles Gilblair: The game is flawless in all areas except difficulty. I have never lost a match and found that the game is always favoring me over npcs. I would love it if it were more challenging..
  31. Andrew Veness: Fun game, exactly what I was looking for. Been waiting for a digital copy of this game for a while!! Edit: I keep coming back to this game years later. A huge thanks to the developers!.
  32. Matthew Fryer: Allies attack allies again Jan,26 2022.
  33. Steven Lange: Great!.
  34. Shila Jawale: Loved the icecream today :) ..
  35. Lukas Dullemond: Just like Axis and Allies but online.
  36. The masked Leader: Good game.
  37. Robert: Great version of Axis and Allies with a good variety of game modes (my favorite being Free-for-all) and a few different maps. If additional maps or versions were added to the game as optional DLC, I'd be willing to pay for them. Bugs/crashes have been relatively rare for me and in the event that something does happen, the autosave keeps too much from being lost. The AI is admittedly not very bright but still pretty good for a cheap mobile game. This is easily my favorite mobile game..
  38. J D: Early on had issues with lag when AI was set to "AI FAST". Found a setting somewhere to enable better graphics and now it runs and looks smooth as butter. Great game, gets frustrating on a small galaxy phone screen, would be AMAZING for a tablet where you have more room and can easily see where you're clicking and placing units etc. All in all, not bad for 1.50. It even let's you watch all the teams fight in AI. Pretty kewl..
  39. Dillon Vest: Did not play at all not sure why but tried installing twice with no luck.
  40. KayRayz86: Good game,but lack of difficulty setting plus I Wonder that the Ai boarded my transport,I dont have the mean to unload it during my turn..
  41. Bryce Beglau: Almost a great mobile game. If I wasn't angry right now I would probably give them a 3 star. The reason I wouldn't buy this game again is not the gameplay. The gameplay is fantastic. The issue is there are multiple scenarios that completely freeze up the game and do not allow for further progression. I just spent 2 hours playing and just before I won the game hit a scenario it could not handle and froze, denying me my hard fought victory. Hopefully these issues get fixed..
  42. Brad Bulloch: Extremely good game but full of bugs. Game freezes and has to be restarted. Really annoying when you're 2 hours into it and finally winning. Fix the bugs and it's a 5 star game..
  43. Dale Gamburg: Control s don't work.
  44. Alexander Silva: So when i got this game I was excited and very happy to play it until I realized there's no tutorial well I couldn't find one or it and the buttons for buying troops is so small it makes me regret getting this game now,please make the buttons to purchase units on mobile larger..
  45. Tony Anstett: Very good game. a little frustrating until you figure out the controls. units will bunch up and you can't choose which ones (or how many of which unit you want to send) simply triple tap the unit stack and a unit selection window will pop up. if its tanks you want to send but you only want to send one, triple tap the tanks and another window will pop up. select one tank and then tap the check mark of both windows and move one tank. rinse and repeat. works best on a high end tablet..
  46. Evan Milz: Controls are non touch and non intuitive I've started 4 games with 0 ability to place troops, move troops, attack territories..
  47. John Walborn: Mediocre interface on a mediocre boardgame port. Pathetic AI. Worst of all, though, they've rescaled some of the numbers (incomes mostly) and not others (unit costs), and they've made tweaks and modifications to the rules that throw off the game balance and strategies. The result is a pale shadow of A&A that I won't bother playing more than once. Thankfully it was cheap..
  48. Ron Whitis: Just like the game only A: you can play by yourself and B: it's alot quicker..
  49. Jeff McDavid: What happened to this game? -Computer is attacking itself -No more aa guns -No more building factories -no more online multiplayer This game just became garbage..
  50. Steve and Laura DiStefano: This is a faithful adaptation of Axis and Allies with multiple play modes. Pass and play or play solo. The Free for All makes things really interesting. It's very well done, no bugs that I can see and very simple to use. It was well worth the couple of bucks I payed..
  51. Graham Brown: Excellent way to play A and A. Wish you could modify difficulty settings. Also it easy to"fat finger" accidently skip turns which can ruin a game. Dont understand how to do a strategic bombing run either..
  52. Nick Henry: Can't figure out how to purchase units.
  53. Ezra Price: Very enjoyable game, would be great if LAN play and different AI difficulties could be selected as the current AI is too easy..
  54. Troy Fidler: It's a better game still needs work though..
  55. SuperCooper70: Please restore the functional Multiplayer, remove the swastika as a flag as you can actually play online. Ask Google for a review.
  56. John Fishel: Name a better board game mod. Would be nice to play a person though..
  57. Bethany D: Good game. can you pls add 1940 in it the game?.
  58. Sir Puffball: Fantastic A&A recreation, but the AI is just way too easy to completely run circles around, and multiplayer is no longer functional so you're stuck with it. If there were just a couple more failsafes to stop the AI from making such bafflingly stupid purchases it would be able to put up a much better fight, if still on the lax side. The tactical maneuvering part is of mediocre competence and will punish bad moves but all you need to do is last 4 turns and the AI will have nothing but AA left..
  59. Anchovy Bones: I can't even get started.
  60. Jason: i love this game but since u cannot play online against players anymore the game is not very good anymore..
  61. Mathieu Stephens: Needs more maps.
  62. Deldrimar: Love being able to play on the go.
  63. Bob L: Amazing game. Please create more variation. Ex 1940 or europe, etc. I would pay for that as well. So fun Edited. Some bugs and easy to beat. Jusy build lots of boats and you will dominate the AI. Need to get some new tactics or difficulty lvl. Also, needs to game variations....
  64. Jonathan Placzek: The game is very good but needs a "back" option included. Many times I have gone from the purchasing phase to trying to zoom in where I want to strike and somehow it moves my phase forward to the combat phase before I even made any strike options. Either fix that bug or add a "back" option and game would be great!! Yes, early on playing the game felt dice rolls were A.I. favored, but after playing a couple times I notice that it does balance out..
  65. Dustin D: Great but wish we had a 1 v all option / other map variations. Also AI is to easy..
  66. Brian Smith: Game is unplayable..
  67. Matthew Harris: Very very questionable dice rolls. You never hit and the computer never misses..
  68. Fernando Lawrence: Only wish we could play against other players.
  69. Joe Poor: Too easy when playing against A.I.
  70. Gawain Baxter: Just like Axis & Allies, or closest thing available to it. AI is pretty basic but that's easy to look past with local play with friends. 5 stars for the effort..
  71. Tim Lange: Update: anyone who appreciates this game please reach out to the developer. I would pay good money for some AI fixes. The best axis and allies game and app out there! Begging the developer to update the AI for solo game playing since Google games changed..
  72. Greg Rodger: Buggy - sometimes it just skips a round (purchase/attack/movement). Also when landing troops on indonesia from australia it bugs out and you can move troops back but not the transport..
  73. Donald Hubbartt: Terrible.
  74. Jason Bacher: It's the Axis & Allies board game digitized. If you love the board game, you'll love this game! A little buggy though (phantom planes needing to land will end you game sometimes)....
  75. Peter Pajakowski: Axis and Allies!.
  76. Jason Steward: You can't undo a move. There's many glitches that could be fixed with an undo. Don't download this or you could put 2 hours in a game you can't finish..
  77. James Reno: Since you no longer can play others I stoped playing. Stupid Google.
  78. Josh A: It does not save. I looked how to save, game says it saves automatically. I have given the app permission to my phone's files so it can save the games. But still everytime I close the game and reopen it all the work from previous game is gone. When I go to saved games it says there are no saved games. VERY ANNOYING, especially when you have to purchase the game..
  79. Jared Rominger: The AI takes forever to do their turn because they move each piece individually. Some times it just waits for no reason. When I beat japan with my giant fleet they run away from me and I can't fight them. When I take capitals the ground troops kamikaze me and die but naval troops keep running away from me from the whole game and I have to wait for the slow turn of dead enemies forever. It's so aggravating... please speed up ai move and stop them running away.
  80. Jim Campbell: Really good game but spoiled by the fact that dice numbers are not random..
  81. Todd Maki: Hard.
  82. DoN PEPPENZ: Axis & Allies Having same problems real easy to win. Need find a way change difficulties with options. IA makes many mistakes..
  83. Brytan Hogan: Great Game, gutted by google.
  84. Michael In SC: Great work on the app! My only wish is that there were a few scenario add ons. I would be willing go throw in a few bucks for that..
  85. Sinclair Hill: Very good game. Best version of axis and allies board game I have found. Would be awesome if the AI had difficulty settings as it tends to be a bit easy to win but overall a really good build. 👍.
  86. Vincent Vega: Purchased and downloaded and the start button does nothing..
  87. Neiko1983: Love this game kept me occupied for hours and it still good to go back to every now and than. Update dropped a * due to removal of some options but have contacted developer so might earn it back.
  88. Caden DeVault: It was decent..
  89. Joe McGee: game would not run asked for refund.
  90. Dave (BootYourFace): 10 fighters couldn't land on my undamaged carriers in the Phillipines..
  91. Damien Golledge: Great game.
  92. Joseph Fletcher: Great app sad online multiplayer no longer works.
  93. Clinton Page: Couldn't even play.
  94. ben kenobi: Save feature not working on android 11.
  95. Peter Ciampi: 20mins to take a turn with all but me as AI is FUGGIN RETARDED.
  96. John Wright: Buggy AF, hard to play. Don't waste your money.
  97. Person People: Great game but a few miner bugs could be fixed..
  98. Trucks and guitars: Axis and allies made mobile. This game needs recognition..
  99. Frank Meeink: Just like Axes and Allies, i wish they make the old game Fortress of America.
  100. Elliott Christopher: Good game, just like axis and allies. Couple bugs would be nice to get fixed. If offshore bombardment completely destroys all defending troops the combat sequence of the turn will not end and the game is not able to be completed. A smaller bug is that transports are unable to drop of troops in Yunnan which they should be able to do..
  101. Troy Thornburg: Wow, no tutorial, interface is absolutely unintuitive, AWEFUL DON'T WASTE 5 SECONDS ON THIS TRASH, High star ratings must be from developers mom who needs money.
  102. Joseph Perea: Very similar to the Axis and Allies board game I played. It takes a bit to figure out the controls and the nuances, but it's an addicting game. I've killed days just playing the AI..
  103. jim jeffries: Was great, however AI doesn't recognize allies (England, russia, UK, all fight each other)..
  104. John Kay: I WANTED to like this, but the controls and interface is unusable on my phone. At least the refund process was quick and painless..
  105. Jo Jeffy: Good.
  106. Neil Patterson: Pretty good. Much improved since my initial review. The AI is pretty poor, which is the norm for this style of game. I would like to see more scenarios (such as classic A&A interpretation) and maps.. Other than that, I like it. Good interface, decent gameplay, but it could be improved. Loss of multiplayer is a big problem though. Additional scenarios would be a bonus..
  107. Evan Miller: Loved it so much when it had multiplayer! It was great. I love this board game but nobody in the physical world will play with me, for a brief but beautiful time I had worthy opponents online. Now that there is no online play, I would say AI could be improved or a more difficult version added but I'm so grateful to play this game on mobile it still gets 5 stars in my book. Thank you dev(s), I know you must be a fan to have spent the time making this..
  108. Jesse Mattson: Easy to spend hours playing.
  109. Gameking 6665: Like the game.
  110. GD Blynx: Its a little glitchy (rarely at times); but nothing like A&A the computer game. For a long time A&A board gamer, this was both vastly different and very similar. A&A strategy will destroy you. This is good because it's like playing an entirely different game. Really excellent work building the game. It will take a few bouts to get used to the game. I'm 15 bouts in and still haven't learned everything. I do wish it had some more modern scenarios (i.e. cold war). Worth the money!.
  111. Hilbrand Rietema: Oh no, online support is gone. :( Otherwise this has been a staple in my phone. For half a decade now.
  112. Kevin V: All told, this is a very slick game that I've spent quite a number of hours playing. I really enjoy the variety of game modes, and the control interface is very intuitive. The map is true to the original, although in some details that is a flaw, as the visibility of territory borders can be difficult sometimes. The AI is occasionally incredibly bad at using aircraft carriers and transport ships without throwing them away. Overall, I definitely recommend this app for fans of A&A..
  113. Jeffrey Leitch: This is the best game that relates to the board game Axis and Allies!! I just hope that the developers have plans to make other versions such as the Axis And allies D DAY or Golabal war 1940!! (Sadly I must give a 3 star because of the online services being shut down; it's not the games fault but you have nothing challenging when facing AI).
  114. Kaia Sartori: Game is OK, gets boring quickly. Would be nice if there was a technology tree, convoys, etc. Maybe an option for 1939? Pulling neutrals into the war? Invading neutrals? Oil?.
  115. Paul Broughton: Fun game. Only negative is sometimes it will not allow same team, but different countries to occupy the same territory. Such as USA ships occupying the sea zone off of france if UK already has ships in that zone..
  116. JakesterK74u ELITE: Love this game.
  117. Jason H: Great A&A clone!.
  118. Ryan Bartlett: Not worth it..
  119. Jeff Keefe: Very similar to the board game. Has 1941 version, 41 income plus version and 1942 version. I used to play with a friend until the turn based option was no longer available. I'm hoping a newer version of the game comes out. The AI is easily beatable.
  120. Denzil D'Sa: Love it, have been playing for years. Simple gaming WW 2 strategy.
  121. Chamaran De Jong: The multiplayer does not work/exist and the controls are rather counterintuitive. Not worth paying for.
  122. William Cunningham: Game is rigged. The Axis constantly out roll you on the dice. The Axis can bomb your factories you can't bomb theirs. Axis subs can avoid combat but your subs can't. Ridiculous.
  123. Tucker Strom: Ive had an incredible amount of fun with this game. Very well designed with perfect interface and great AI. If you love Axis and Allies as much as I do, then i highly reccomend this..
  124. Purple Orange: Its a great port of the 1941 and 1942 versions of the game. I hope they add in more versions!.
  125. Stephen Antle: Pretty close to Axis and Allies board game!.
  126. Cliff Martinet: Great game. I just wish it had harder AI. Limited replay value as the AI quickly becomes not challenging..
  127. Sean Donohue: excellent game. are there online human versus human games?.
  128. John McCool: Such an amazing game. It's a shame the developer doesn't support it any more..
  129. Will: Great app!.
  130. SimCityEA: I feel like the game is good. However, the game could be much better. I see true potential in this game. 1941 World War Strategy could very much be improved with new music and sound effects. Hopefully they will give it some more updated as I would love to see this old game become something much greater than it once was. It would also be cool if options like Global 1936 or World War 1 would be integrated into the game, as well as the cold War and WW3. Hopefully the developers see this comment!.
  131. A Google user: Fun and strategic.
  132. A Google user: Its dum.
  133. A Google user: Horrible interface, took me so long to figure out it was broken, my time for refund had elapsed. Want my money back. I emailed developer, asked for refund for game that never worked, was never played... deafening silence he's been response. AVOID.
  134. A Google user: Excellent game concept, board game that was great on mobile, 4 stars because AI is little to easy to beat.
  135. A Google user: I love it. But please bring back online. Would be amazing!.
  136. A Google user: Its a really fun game! Need higher levels of computer play when on AI. Gets too easy and predictable after a while. But great setup and different game modes. I love the free for all mode..
  137. A Google user: Glad it's here, but would like offline mode to have advanced, super difficult mode. Too easy. A&A is great though..
  138. A Google user: Game freezes once in a while and when you exit and try to come back it starts over. The biggest drawback is that the AI is so incredibly easy to beat that the game is virtually no challenge unless you've got no idea how the game works. If someone built a version with good AI, that was consistently a challenge I would pay for that..
  139. A Google user: The gameplay is good. There is no challenging opponents only ai..
  140. A Google user: You never win the toss of the dice no matter what side your. On you always lose...
  141. A Google user: Very addictive WW2 strategy game especially for fans of Axis and Allies the boardgame! Excellent gameplay and thematic music. Very well coded software. No bugs encountered in 35+ hours of gameplay..
  142. A Google user: No tutorial in game and no I dont want to watch you tube videos to learn how..
  143. A Google user: While I have enjoyed the game I need some what of a challenge, and the A.I. for 1941 is beyond way to easy of an opponet. I was hoping for an update to make the game at least somewhat more challenging, but it does not look like that will ever happen..
  144. A Google user: You can no longer play online!! Thats bs why is goggle shutting multiplayer done?.
  145. A Google user: Takes some getting used to how it works and what does what, but a great A&A adaption. Would be great to see a spin off with A&A&Z made like this..
  146. A Google user: This is my go to game all the time. I love Axis and Allies and this game is the same thing only in digital form. There are some small differences, but not really noticeable. Some users have reported some minor bugs, but I have only experienced a frozen movement. I just back out and that works. I have not played multiplayer so I can not comment on that aspect. I would like to see super powers, but that is only a personal request. Russia is impossible to win on FFA..
  147. A Google user: This is a good axis and allies clone. However there are a few things that arent in this game that the board game does have(mostly the research panel from the board game.). There is also a bug with the fighters, sometimes it will allow you too attack but the planes dont have the fuel to land.(made me have to quit a couple of games now) also AI players seem to have the ability to withdrawl their submarines from a defensive fight. Some times (very rarely) you dont get a chance at a roll (i explain.
  148. A Google user: Game freezes to much.
  149. A Google user: So sad... no more multiplayer.
  150. A Google user: Love this hame.

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