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An Epic Fantasy MMORPG Powered By Unreal Engine. Araka Mod v14.0.1

Update: 16/09/2022
Original price $: FREE

Download Araka Mod 14.0.1 for android apk & iphone ios 5.0

It’s time to take to the skies and conquer the vast open world lands of Araka!

Explore new fantasy worlds rendered by Unreal Engine with your highly customizable character, upgrade your gear to take on incredible bosses and battle brethren for ultimate glory. Araka is waiting for you!

• 4 Unique Classes – Each class has its own personal backstory and unique abilities with multiple combat settings that players can customize. Stand out on the battlefield with your own unique character!

• Soar in the Sky – Creates a seamless world of 9 million square meters and 18 billion cubic meters of 3D space powered by Unreal Engine. Enjoy 360-degree aerial dogfights!

• Epic Boss Battles – Multiple real-time PvE boss modes, from individual bosses to real-time multiplayer boss raids! Enjoy air-to-air and air-to-ground combat experience!

• Cross-Server Wars – Participate in cross-server 100v100, 200v200 and 300v300 guild wars, become the last guild to survive, and change the world of Araka!

• And more!

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Note: This game requires an internet connection to play.

Free download Araka [Mod,Hack] for Android APK & Iphone IOS IPA. (Size: ) - Version 14.0.1. Released on . By DONIT.INFO. An Epic Fantasy MMORPG Powered By Unreal Engine. Developed by Appguru Technology Pte Ltd. Operating system requirements 5.0. Teen.

Game Hack Features Araka MOD

  • - Unlocked VIP
  • - No All ADS
  • - Premium Unlock
  • - Sprint
  • - No Ads

Game Version Araka Paid MOD

  • - Free Download
  • - Free Download
  • - Unlocked ALL
  • - Unlocked VIP
  • - No All ADS


New comment

  1. Ryan Gosling: Game is bad. Gave away hundreds of thousands diamonds for free to other servers and no benefits for vip. Uninstalled this game after 1 week..
  2. James Patrick: I don't know?!.
  3. Zafer Caste: Did an email! Please reply!.
  4. Wil Castañeda: Broken game, Merged server with S11? Too many very strong player with vip 0 who havent spend any peny? All who have spend will be dissapointed obviously. Uninstall game.
  5. Portia Caronan: its another pay to win rpg. their team is so stupid they say a bug on server 11-15 because of diamond reward? For 7days you didnt notice that? HOW STUPID YOURE TEAM IS. mga MUKANG PERA..
  6. Chan LyNin: ហ្គេមល្អ.
  7. Trish Norela Cavier: I suggest you check toram online.. the real open world game that we want. No p2w, no buying any weapon or armor with real money. Only buying with game coin that we farm. But i suggest you added arena, guild war like 20vs20 or 30vs30 like that. And make some map that allowed we to war with other players to get some loot. If you check toram online, you will know how much we wanna to play it. All by effort to be better player, not money to conquer the top player..
  8. Edner Dominon: cross server LOL im think im quit too we dont waste money to kill by P2P player with 50million power im from s15..
  9. jay degrano: Lots of crying old server because of the event in new server....
  10. Jordan Clarkpampnga: 😠😠😠😠 putang ina bat yung s11 3 weeks libre dias , tsk tsk May chix ba doon ha devs?.
  11. Mike Jordan Bacelonia: Bug made the game imbalance vip0 almost same cp as top player. The game is broken now those players who took advantage will have edge in server merge. So i uninstalled.
  12. SAM AMAN: nice game but sometimes lag..
  13. P1dge: P2W.
  14. Wentz Kim Vergara: Abnormal for screen display.
  15. Ehdz Garcia: Character costumize. Not fix gender. What to be wear is what to be seen. Add more skills and skill slots.
  16. Jimmy Cabanillas: The graphics is good.. but when i login and i move always lag... Stack and automatic get out the app....
  17. Red Statorski: Lame. Voice actin is bad. rpg element is not that enchanting. its a cash and grab game. not recommended..
  18. Joenhel Miano: I can't always says check connection even my internet is good..why?.
  19. ogye dizon: You didn't consider both factor WiFi and Data user ..downloading is not good for data user also I was hoping it will start at once I entered but not cuz I have to download another 1400mb again means a total of 2,3 GB if your using data what you will do ?? Consider two factor first before releasing a game ..test it first.
  20. Soksok Bracamonte: Excellent.
  21. Michael Cayton: Autoplay. Just a different flavor of an online rpg game that auto quests and auto battles for you. Customization options are bad. Classes are gender locked. At least the game ran well when I tried it..
  22. Luther Enda: Compare talion graphic and this ... Really bad..
  23. Edmon Moren: Try to play this game.
  24. Maangas PH: This app can't be install on my phone 💀.
  26. Kylee Ignacio: I didint try it yet i thingk its good.
  27. XION: The graphics are great but I cant see the helmets and you can't customize the body. All I like and need in a rpg game is fully customizable characters please make an update on this thanks you..
  28. saiful neo: p2w game.
  29. Roy junior Possumah: Games with graphics & game types like this are too big to download,Can you not make a copy paste game like other MMORPG games that only repeat quests?.
  30. Ronalou Murillo: Its to lag.
  31. So Na: Why this game has download to long in app...?? It's only0.98GB.
  32. Christopher Otao: can't play after i download all resources..
  33. Fried Patatas: Lots of bug and controls are clunky..
  34. Jovanie Sabandal: Already in a character menu, when i enter. Notifiying about my connection. I can't enter in to the game. 😤.
  35. John Paul Beltran: 😊first time game ever.
  36. Fion: Hi im trying your game now if its have a bug or something can i Edit this text and change it?.
  37. Rishinath Narayanasamy: Worst game. Updates 1gb plus. Couldn't open game anymore..
  38. Zooeyjade Tan: I downloaded it but im stuck in screen and can enter the game even in the login area.
  39. Jay-ar Laguerta: Do not download .sayang oras nyo bwessitt.
  40. Ian patrick alcayaga: I already downloaded the resources, and it keeps crashing.
  41. alfred vale: I love it.
  42. Jonar Silvestre: Very nice.
  43. Clifford Ulosan: I Love This Game so much....
  44. Hendra Setiawan: Not recommended for a free player..coz all things paid by diamonds n u must top up.
  45. jefferson: Enjoying the game but when i turned on the power saving mode on my phone it got stuck on all green. But a really fun experience nonetheless..
  46. Daryl Francisco: Poor customer service. It takes a very long time to respond to queries and resolve issues with regards to the purchases and event errors. I have sent an email August 2, 2022 and until now I didn't get any update with the issue..
  47. Juragan Cendol: This game has great graphic, gameplay & feature. But there're some bugs like it's lag when doing PvE and open menu achievement, bag, skill, & other thing. Please fix it this game is really good btw.
  48. Sacrie Nores: Worst game of all the game i played. I can't even download the resources properly because it's keep kicking out of the game this, all liar that already given thier rating stfu give a proper rating to avoid victimizing innocent people just want to play.
  49. Jayar Villaroman: Such a grate game. Nice graphics but it doesn't have any character item customization which is not good for me. But overall it's a very nice game.
  50. DarthVadergsdk9s: Great game and i love it.. This is the best mobile game for me...
  51. Jannette Cremin: Great game..
  52. Donn Brakus: I like creating my character. it turned out really cool!.
  53. Eddie Gleichner: it's very fun and a good game at night.
  54. Julio Koch: Pretty awesome. Friend turned me on to this game. Hasn't lemme down yet..
  55. Hfs Ite: Very good graphics.
  56. Dori Gleichner: This game is fabulous!!! I really like it..
  57. Dirk Altenwerth: Pretty decent game! I have some fun playing on the breaks at work....
  58. Jarrett Welch: This is by far one of the best games I've played so far, love not having an energy bar, the grind is easy and worth it. Overall I'll drop some cash on this game.
  59. Aimee Corkery: User friendly and fun. Cool fight and graphics..
  60. Josiah Tromp: best grafics And sound, great.
  61. Kirby Mraz: Very addictive I'm enjoying playing this.
  62. Micheal Willms: Great game.
  63. Mario Schneider: no complaints... only wish my previous account could be restored... good game.
  64. Burt Schuppe: Fun.
  65. Rodolfo Goodwin: So far no issues seem to be getting power pretty quick.
  66. Rodrick Kuvalis: Great graphics. Fun game. Great way to pass the time. Keep up the great work..
  67. Vivien Carter: The best rpg game I've ever played the graphics are insanely good the combat unbeatabley great keep up the amazing work devs.
  68. Bo Fullington: Very addicting game. I haven't put it down yet..
  69. Abraham Dicki: In my opinion it's a really fun game the story is fun.
  70. Jeni Lesch: Awesome.
  71. Bonnie Jakubowski: Fun game. Love the character customization..
  72. Karmen Conn: Fun easy to get together and play.
  73. Wilmer Osinski: So far this game has been very enjoyable to play and I have yet to experience bugs or anything of the sort. Controls are easy to understand. I would definitely recommend playing this game..
  74. Tyisha McKenzie: It's fun.
  75. Seymour Jacobs: Great game.
  76. Ward Stiedemann: gain exp fighting mobs and follow the storyline to explore the world.
  77. Hayley Stracke: It's a good game.
  78. Angla Torphy: Love this game, so many different gaming factors.
  79. Magen Kemmer: It's fun and I like being able to create my own character.
  80. Sherly Quigley: A little on the addictive side but well entertaining.
  81. Art Rutherford: Great game ever.
  82. Kira Kuvalis: Fun so far..
  83. A Google user: So far pretty interesting.
  84. Ernest Beatty: Great game.
  85. A Google user: Lots of fun. The game is well sectioned. It doesn't feel cluttered like many other mobile games..
  86. King Reichel: Amazing.
  87. Nathanael Stracke: This is an updated review,this is a fantastic game,well thought out by the devs,with plenty to do even without spending $$..
  88. Dexter Rath: Good game similar to others if it's kind. Really enjoy it.
  89. Shandi Sanford: I am loving this game so I'm quite excited.
  90. Waneta Bayer: This a RPG game just like many other RPG games that I have play throughout the time and I definitely like RPG games, Action games, War games etc..
  91. Lindsay Gibert: Love it..
  92. Hadley Sunn: It's very fun ur character can level up very quickly.
  93. Patricia Bergnaum: better than your typical phone game.
  94. Versie Mills: Great game.
  95. Rico Deckow: So far pretty interesting.
  96. Debbie Tillman: cool.
  97. A Google user: Just started but so's awesome.
  98. Charlie Reilly: Fun game! Great time killer. No need to pay to play!!.
  99. Abelardo Hoeger: It fire could use more characters that u can get for free like 5 star.
  100. Dedra Smitham: Love to see what more this game has to offer.
  101. A Google user: Intriguing game. We shall see if becomes unplayable unless paying. So far so good..
  102. A Google user: It's really fun to play! The character designs are cool and I love the gameplay :).
  103. Eboni Kozey: Just started so jave not run into any problems yet.
  104. Norberto Toolan: Great game I love it thanks for making this game is quite fun I'm enjoying myself I just wish it was a little easier to get Like the Wolf characters when you don't have the money to buy them that'd be awesome other than that great game maybe throw in a some mini games in there to give a little extra fun other than that beautiful game love the graphics love the game thank you..
  105. Lacey Gara: Sweet.
  106. Darren Sissom: me and my bros love to play the game.
  107. Keena Considine: Brilliant !! The storyline and gameplay are excellent ! Really enjoying it all !!!.
  108. Duane Herzog: Very good game.
  109. Millard Gorczany: one of the best games I have ever played.
  110. A Google user: It's fun the characters are cool. Pretty much you can get everything in the game which is useful. It's a good game I am enjoying it so far..
  111. Jakob Dubach: Pretty good so far. The game is pretty and fun..
  112. Arnoldo Mayert: very outstanding game.
  113. A Google user: Great game play fun to play..
  114. A Google user: I just started playing this game today, the flow is great, plus it's easy to grow your battle power..
  115. Kristel Windler: So far so good. Better than I had expected..
  116. Jewel Upton: Best game.
  117. A Google user: Great system, not pushy for you to spend and NO ADVERTS! Easy to follow guides and good character progression.
  118. Madlyn Lind: Good game so far.
  119. Rodney Kohler: So far this is a lovely game <3.
  120. Zoila Manila: this is nicee game...
  121. Audrea Marvin: Nice game, good action and beautiful graphics.
  122. A Google user: Overall not a bad game ,bit slow to unlock certain things though.
  123. Darell Hagenes: bravo.
  124. Tajuana Dickinson: no complaints... good game.
  125. A Google user: nice.
  126. A Google user: It is a good game.
  127. Vicente Schmeler: Super game i like this game.
  128. A Google user: op game.
  129. Eufemia Denesik: Very nice game.
  130. Laverne Boron: Superb game game graphics are extraordinary veryyyy gooood game this is my favourite game from now your game is best..
  131. Van Connelly: It's pretty good. Been playing for a few months..
  132. Martha Jacobi: l love this game.
  133. Rylan Catan: Great.
  134. A Google user: Araka is very very nice game.
  135. Brittany Holleyman: Nice game.
  136. A Google user: love this fight.
  137. A Google user: super.
  138. PRINCESS VLOG: Bakit mabagal ang update po.
  139. Alfonzo Cardar: Just started playing and so far I have been enjoying the experience. Features are well explained the story moves smoothly and the general gameplay is engaging and entertaining..
  140. Asa Scotts: Good game. Great graphics..
  141. Merkus Fallin: Great time killer.
  142. Kendric Redley: Have played from launch, and can honestly say that this is the best mobile game I have ever played, I'm still having fun and progressing without spending a penny, it is a game that gets better the more you play it, I 100% suggest you download it and play it for a week before making your mind up, Bonus: no aggressive forced ads are thrown at you! To the Devs I will say epic start now please continue the good work and keep spending truly optional like it currently is..
  143. Schiffman Jospeh: It's awesome.
  144. Brenton Burkhert: This game is one of the best rpg games I have ever played.
  145. Wilton Pucceo: Nice game, plenty of things to do but be prepared to figure out ALOT of stuff by yourself as there's not much explanation on what everything does....
  146. Sidney Rodrequis: This is the most funnest game already.
  147. Robte Maddsen: alot to learn but love the graphics.
  148. Alexis Washington: Interesting.
  149. Alexis Washington: Good.
  150. Rhod Gelacio: Do not install this game, super pay to win..

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