Ayakashi: Romance Reborn - Sup Mod

Ayakashi: Romance Reborn – Sup [MOD_HACK]

Do you have what it takes to save the world alongside handsome Japanese spirits?. Ayakashi: Romance Reborn - Sup Mod v1.24.1

Update: 16/09/2022
Original price $: FREE

Download Ayakashi: Romance Reborn - Sup Mod 1.24.1 for android apk & iphone ios 5.0

Experience the evolution of otome romance in this groundbreaking card-based love action app!

  • Dive into a deep story full of twists and turns with a powerful MC!
  • Roam the streets with your choice of 15 adorable ayakashi in town!
  • Was taken away by the all-star Japanese dub.
  • Relax and interact with cute chibi characters in the dairy.
  • 🗾 Embark on an epic adventure! 🗾
    The city is under attack by a ghostly scourge! Only you and your handsome comrade ayakashi have the power to protect your loved ones!

    What is a ghost?
    What is this Kagura Bell Stick?
    Who pulls the strings in the shadows?
    Unlock the mysteries behind this epic adventure and win the heart of the man you love! What do you need to save the day? ! Rise up and fight for 1000 years of love.

    Have a talented all-star Japanese voice

  • Jun Fukuyama as Koga, Oni Ogre
  • Takuma Terashima as Tengu Soya
  • Uihara Yuichiro as Water, Land, Dragon and Silver City
  • Horie Jun as Goku Prophet Aoi
  • Takuma Nagatsuka as Yura, Tsukumo-gami Flute
  • Kenji Nojima as Toichiro, Kitsune Fox Spirit
  • Shinnosuke Tachibana as Snow Spirit Shizuki

  • Mysterious Circus Katsuki Nakajima from Kuro
  • Yoshimasa Hosoya as 100-eyed demon Oji
  • Sho Nogami as Gaku, tsukumo-gami drum
  • Yuki Ono as Nachi, Catman
  • Tsubasa Yonaga as Kagemaru, Jorogumo Spider Woman
  • Kimura Ryohei as Onmyoji Akira
  • Taoki Hamano as Soldier Tatsumi
  • Yuki Kaji as Yakumo, University Professor
  • Hidenori Takahashi as Our Father
  • Tetsuya Kakihara as Kyonosuke, Imperial Army Major
  • Social Media
    Official Twitter: https://twitter.com/AyakashiRR
    Official Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/Voltage.Ayakashi/

    More details:
    Official page: https://voltageapps.com/ayakashi/
    Privacy policy: https:// www-en.voltage.co.jp/privacy/

    Android OS: 5.0 or higher

    *We do not offer players who use any other device than the recommended specifications provide support.
    *Depending on the condition of your device, the app may not work even with the recommended specifications.
    *For those trying to tell a story to play, experiencing a black screen or other timeouts,
    make sure you are in a location with a strong 4G or WiFi connection and restart the app.

    This application uses Live2D technology developed by Live2D Inc.

    Starting the Otome Romance Revolution Since 2011, Voltage Inc. has been a leading publisher and developer of mobile apps and games based on otome romances. With over 60 million downloads worldwide, Voltage Inc. is changing the world of visual novels. The publicly traded Voltage is headquartered in Tokyo with offices in Nagoya and San Francisco.

    Free download Ayakashi: Romance Reborn – Sup [MOD_HACK] for Android APK & Iphone IOS IPA. (Size: ) - Version 1.24.1. Released on . By DONIT.INFO. Do you have what it takes to save the world alongside handsome Japanese spirits?. Developed by Voltage, Inc.. Operating system requirements 5.0. Teen.

    Game Hack Features Ayakashi: Romance Reborn - Sup MOD

    • - No ADS
    • - Unlimited Money
    • - Premium Unlock
    • - VIP Unlock
    • - Unlock Paid

    Game Version Ayakashi: Romance Reborn - Sup Paid MOD

    • - Free Download
    • - Download For Phone Free
    • - Free Download
    • - No Charge
    • - No All ADS

    ・Improvements to tutorials
    ・Other minor fixes.

    New comment

    1. Kerrie Appleby: Supposedly an otome game, but it isn't really. As far as romance goes it's about as romantic as an apple. Not a bad story overall, but don't expect any romance, even when it's your chosen characters book. Might want to change the title to Ayakashi: Friendship Reborn, because that's as far as you really get..
    2. Xie lian kiss m-: Tutorial's too long.
    3. Yukki Mitsuki: Please stay with us forever... This game means the world to me 🥺 I started playing when i was in the darkest time in my life and just seeing yakumo made me keep going 😭💖 i fell for kyo on first sight too on koga's route and SCREAMED when i saw he was finally getting his own cards and is gonna.. one day... Have his own route 🥺 Thank you for making such an amazing game, this game basically saved me 💖 please always take care of yourselves devs... <3 stay safe and healthy, always!!! Thank you<3.
    4. Ikera Chowdhury: Does not want to work. I played for about three minutes or so and it just kicks me out. I tried again and the same thing happened. Not happy.
    5. Louisa Reed: Bought the £0.99 beginner pack because I needed more diamonds etc. app took my money however claimed that the payment was cancelled so I recieved no items. It may just be £0.99 but I want my money and time back. Would not recommend ingame purcheses AT ALL..
    6. Danyel Enz: Love this!! it's really fun and easy to maneuver. Pick a story and it's not pay to complete or to play..
    7. DiruZee: I've been playing this game off and on since winter 2019 and honestly it's as charming as ever. I like that even if I take a break, I can come back to it any time and pick up where I left off. And with the revivals, I get a chance to grab things that I may have missed. The only thing I wish had more of an impact was the friends list. Maybe like make a way to collect/send a daily limited amount of LP or Points from/to friends..
    8. Tian Qing Soh: Amazing game.
    9. Aurora Colorado: Not interesting 🤔 it would have more actions.
    10. Lee Van: Amazing 🤩.
    11. Freya Leniston: I love Ayakashi Romance Reborn, I play it more than once a day everyday, I'm really looking forward to Professor Yakumo's route and Kyonosuke's eventually(hopefully).
    12. Bonnie Parker: I love the stories. I love that I don't have to grind too hard, and quests are achievable. Thank you for being F2P friendly too. I'll gladly spend my money to support this app. Patrolling can be time consuming though so compared to e.g. obey me, this app does take a lot of time. Can see how people will drop out after a while..
    13. Meloni Galeski: Story: a lot of fun, each individual route is unique enough to be interesting (minus ginnojo yall did him dirty). You all also made me love characters I hated so- Art/Voice: lovely wish there was more fully voiced scenes but with what there is. It's great. Gripes: Each chapter you need a key, 3 keys a day, one when you level. But it gets hard to collect keys after lvl 100, so you either spend money for keys or suffer. Gameplay: repetitive 🙂 Pretty men go brrr, but I love they (justiceforgin😀).
    14. Latoya Muthoni: Can you pls fix it.
    15. Ycoe 07: The game is pretty easy to manage. I am currently working and still able to play just casually. The storyline is what really caught my attention and im hoping to read more. It's interesting how the stories are separated and you can still catch on with it. The character designs especially the cards are really pretty. Would like to thank the ppl behind the game 🙏.
    16. sakuya kiririn: เกมดี ผู้หล่อ แนะนำค่ะ.
    17. Vic P: A enjoyable story with a good cast of characters. This is one of my favorite otome games <3.
    18. Karen M: The artistry of the characters are lovely, I enjoy the game play and the storyline is interesting. This has been one of my favorite games to play. If only more diamonds could be easily earned. Thank you for all your hard work!!!.
    19. Lily Berry: It is a total copy of a game I like!Not even the creator is the same....
    20. E B: This combines the best parts of a3! And obey me without any of the downsides, plus a great story, romance, and regular updates! I was really surprised, but really happy with everything, and you don't have to pour lots of money in either! Edit: the more I play the more impressed I am with the writing. Especially during the events. I feel like a lot of events in a lot of games are just money grabs, but in this game, there are genuinely engaging stories that I am excited to read. Can't say enough..
    21. potato tabi: i just love this game so damn much.
    22. Heather Hutchcroft: Yura 4 lyfers ✌🏼✌🏼🤪🤪💞💕.
    23. Cam Cummings (Kra_gl_e): Of the otome games I've played with a gacha or microtransaction model, this one is the most f2p and beginner friendly..
    24. Roan Sumadia: This is way too good. The storylines are very impressive, every plot is carefully written to add thrill and make you wonder what will happen next. The graphics is also good and doesn't consume much data. The cards are made easy to get with a teensy effort. And it's generous. Overall, saying this otome as amazing is an understatement. It might be bias, but its so lovable. The features are simple and elegant at the same time. I recommend this, I'm sure you'll love it too. - to future players.
    25. Chelsea Grape: Eheh.
    26. Анна: kagemaru marry me.
    27. Cecile Jumamil: The best-! The stories even-!.
    28. Tyanna: It's a really enjoyable game. The characters are really likeable and the art is very pretty. The storyline is unique and interesting as well. The only thing that I don't really like is how short the character routes are and how little cgs there are in the routes. We only get 2 cgs per route so that kinda sucks. The romance also feels kinda flat. Like, the romantic relationship between the mc and the guy doesn't really show until the end of the route so it just feels like it was thrown in there.
    29. Chelsea S: I love this game, plus now they've made adjustments and actually listen to their fans and what they want! Now there is a way to read chapters every day rather than grinding for keys which makes the game more enjoyable with story access. I wish there was a way to sell excess items (like romance keys, hour glasses) for shards or diamonds, as the diamonds are over priced and you get to a point where you can't get many from quests/grinding anymore. Other than that love this game and stories!.
    30. Nikky Lambooy: Truely unique and well developed. Great game!.
    31. Shahed -Sama: This game have a lot of adventures and a lot of characters developments, so dramatic, romantic and action also, I'm in love with it thank you very much!!😘😘😘😘😘😘.
    32. Aimano Aizen: Boring gameplay/story..
    33. elizabeth Thornton: I love this game.
    34. Isabela Maria Galdino: Is good but: there's barely any romance, even reading the book of your chosen character. Is not a choice story, so I didn't like much, cause you just read the story. The mainly game is card game, you draw them, settle them and go in duels. This and the patrols are cool but is bored and repetitive after a while. Is annoying how sometimes you settle a group of card together and get more points, than when you settle the same group again you don't. A explanation of the logic behind this is needed..
    35. Ryka: Definitely one of my favourites!.
    36. Maria Diana May Biacon Castro Deocampo: not what i expected. it was more of an rpg adventure game than otome, barely any action or romance. the routes are quite confusing for me, and the 20.2 gb download for a game is a bit ridiculous..
    37. Nova Dragon: Okay so i abaolutly love this game! I i like how you can get extra keys when you rank up, and unlike other romance games there is no avatar checkpoints or inimacy check points which is amazing! I have actuly read through all possible stories that are released. I love all of them, even for the characters i was iffy about ir i didnt really like for example: i didnt shizuki because he seemed so closed. But at the end i ended up loving him and his story. I just really recomend this game. I love Oji.
    38. Spirit Leaf (Matosashi): Love it.
    39. Ma Thin Thin: Good game☺️☺️☺️☺️☺️.
    40. Just Doing Some Stuff: good game, prologue was too long and boring tho, art is very pretty and i like Kuya.
    41. Alberto Red: So far, I like the game. It's just that It forces me to go to stories everytime i finished one. I can only patrol when the game says so. I had no time exploring the home area. But i just started, I like the graphics..
    42. Jhanel Ruiz: This kind of game was right for me. This is the kind of game i've been trying to find. I love the story, the characters, and overall of the content in the game. You can play it easily. Great job!!.
    43. Angel Fernandes: It's so awsome.
    44. Kianna Kim Pactor: Honestly,it is a nice game and I like the plot a lot.However,what I dont like is how the MC always needs help from someone and it seems like she cant do anything on her own.But I like how strong willed and selfless she is.Overall its a nice game....
    45. Renniel Oliveros: This game is amazing!! I really love the characters,voice, and the cute Chibis well to be honest I love everything!😍 ! it's worth all my time So exciting! ❤️😘.
    46. John Danielson: I love this game but I have a question and this seems to be the only way to reach out to you guys. I went to discard some of my no longer used cards for shards, but there are some that say "in deck" and won't let me discard them. They aren't in any of my decks any longer so I'm wondering how can I get rid of them? How do I "remove" them from my deck when they aren't in my deck to begin with? Seems like a faulty feature on your part.
    47. Forever In Love: Barely any romance.
    48. Ryo ToriM: Unfortunately, I forgot my ID and password to my first encounter with this game. I recall finishing Dawn Main, was at the beginning Twilight, and Night wasn't even out! Watching the characters moving, bllinking, and speaking just pull me in and forget my frustration at myself. The story is addicting & worth waiting to read! I love collecting, battleing, & getting to see the boys hanging out in Raccord Milk Hall. I was never a fan of dressing the MC. I just want my love intrests..
    49. ChristineJaira2919 Silva: I love that most of this game is free, i just dont like it if an event has ended and i will try to play it again the points would return back to zero :( which means i could net get the rest of the items anymore.
    50. Cia Cia: I love this game so much! I can't wait for the sequel tho! And pls, add the feature in revival so that you can continue the points where you left last time you played it. Bcs i really want Koga's SSR card but the second time i played the free revival, my previous point got reseted 😢😢 And i dont think i can get 500k point in just 4 days. I hope you can solve this problem !.
    51. Xiomara Cardenas (Ops): It was fun until I had to uninstall and forgot my transfer stuff. I did enjoyed it for the time frame I did played..
    52. مهرسا پیری: I liked 👍.
    53. Руслана Зелинская: One of the most user-friendly gacha-based games. You can get plenty of good cards without any donations, just grind a little on event patrols. The story is actually interesting and the characters are very lovable).
    54. Mari Disonglo: I've played this for 2 years now and i had a very fun experience :) i hope you guys make it until the 2060's!!! I really love this game, but mostly the characters because they became the family i never had :).
    55. Mikoto Aoyama: The story is well written along with their character developments. I hadn't finished all the routes and chapters yet but I'm looking forward to it, I do wish that the mc has a bit more personality aside from being a damsel most of the time. Thank you for making this game. Edit: I'm very much looking forward for the remaining routes of the Night Chapter, the sequels and Kyounosuke's route as well. It would be nice if players can have options or choices so they can be themselves in the game..
    56. Nozomi Aoi: its fun!!.
    57. yeap: Amazing storyline, characters and mechanics, I do get a bit bitter that I have to pay to pull on some banners but all in all its very fun and somewhat easy to grind..
    58. Eliza B.: Wonderful game. It's like half game and half interactive anime series. I love the stories. Nothing gross or graphic. Very cute and sweet. It's totally free and it's ad free. And you can re-read the chapters, which is great if you haven't played in a while and want to get back into the plot. I hope they make this into an anime..
    59. Jasmin vanegas salas: Kpop BTS Mexico 🇲🇽💜.
    60. wack: aoi loml. love yakumo and many others too ^_^.
    61. Aki: I love this game since I first downloaded it! I've finished quite a few routes pre-pandemic. Sadly, I had to uninstall :( Now that I got it back, I am having trouble logging in to my FB account. Can somebody help me? edit: this isn't an issue on the ios, so i got my code there.
    62. Wency Kun: Looooooooove it ~.
    63. Ash Z: I really like this game and the characters. I love that this game is truly free. You can continue to get keys through patrols and there is no pressure to buy anything. However; once you get to a rank 80+, it takes forever to level up and get a key. I advise that after a certain rank the amount of keys received are increased to make up for the time spent on patrols. Another thing I would suggest is providing a loop option for patrols that stop when lp runs out..
    64. Tori Valencia: The story is nice; the wordsmithing is awesome. The only choice you're able to make is who's story to read. The U.I. is pretty simple to use..
    65. Han Momo: It's a good game. I love it! The updates are so fun!.
    66. Massive PP: A really good story focused otome game that is kind to their FTP players - really nice!.
    67. Bea Cecilia Berdonar: hello! I like the whole game but i cant open the game now, pls fix this.
    68. Jafu: This game is really good but now that the "other" stories have been removed from the shard shop how am I supposed to access them?.
    69. Haha lol lmao Xd pare: deserve madam.
    70. Karina Dwi Pratiwi: My favorite character is Yakumo & Koga 💖💕.
    71. chaotic_ paradise: Like the game ✨. I don't know how to comment/ give feedback actually but I still choose to give a feedback. But anywho, 10 out of 10, amazing game ^^.
    72. Nebula Artz: I am absolutely in love with this game! I fell in love with the story and pretty much all the characters... I highly recommend!.
    73. G A: Amazing! Very friendly to free player with the generous gacha and the story is amazing as well! This is one of the few games that I dont really mind paying for. Simply amazing!.
    74. Aerin Hyacinth: Fun game with an interesting storyline & tons of events. Though I do wish we could've have a bit of freedom with the mc's (re)actions, I understand not every game is like that. If you don't play for a bit you constantly get welcome back login bonuses, which is nice. Would have rated it higher like before, if I hadn't lost my account after ages and had no way of reclaiming my progress.. let us link our accounts already! Eternally miffed about this now 🙃.
    75. Biswa Bandita Nayak: My fav game i wish if u add this game in love 365 , i really love the characters n there voices are amazing i want more games like this based on fantasy world.
    76. Nemesia Fauna: Its a great game tbh (I find it very unfortunate though that I had to unfortunately restart my entire game due to my phone dying forever I had many good cards and Kagemaru was so high in level now he's back at one :( good bye all those gems I saved and all my good cards you will be missed forever aside from that tho) this game is great I recommend it 100% its fun, interesting, other stuff I can't think of RN 10/10 game :).
    77. Marth R: An actual game, no ads, and I love it so much. Good art, every route is unique which is unusual for a lot of otome games, and some popular voice actors too (you might recognize Eren Jeager and Natsu Dragneel). Currently bored with most games but this one is the one I look forward to every day.
    78. Destiny Gilbert: Great story if you're looking for one with romance this isn't it you'll get a little fluff but it's mostly the story. The prices for their packets and stuff are a joke, they want $20 for you to be able to pull 10 new cards for an event don't waste your money hopefully they'll lower their prices soon when they realize that they're ripping people off for a fake item!!.
    79. Lezareth Schnfield: This game is fun and the stories are interesting too, I love the gameplay and the graphics. I have always wanted to play the free app from voltage, inc. and this game is very generous for free player. Thank you and I will wait for the new updates..
    80. demighost robson: Game play is fun. Can use revival scrolls to unlock missed events to collect rewards and Sr cards. Story's are fun and the cg is amazing..
    81. Ngambila Kuina: I love this game this game is making me felling better.
    82. Missing Pieces: I really love the graphics, the characters are different in their own way which is interesting. Edit : I can use it now, thank you very much. Tip : If you wanted to delete this app, save your account through the ID transfer not FB because relogin in FB does have a problem and will not work, so use ID transfer instead. This happen to me one time..
    83. Dung Thái Thị Mỹ: I like this game so much.
    84. Ashendris Silvermist: Lacks romance. Art is pretty at a glance until you realize they're all suffering from Same Face Syndrome. I guess I was just expecting better from an Ayakashi game..
    85. Defne Kantarelli: I simply can't stop playing great story and fun game.
    86. anime forever: Amazing.
    87. Mirutee Kawaii: Whenever i try to login always re connecting. I use Wi-Fi and internet data the result are the same. I enjoy the game but it keep re connecting each seconds :(.
    88. Brianna Sunderland: Love it, the stories are so heartfelt and I love that I can go back and read them as often as I want without additional keys.
    89. Ashley Hudson: Fun and addictive. The card collecting and patrols are calming and enjoyable. I wish there was a way to convert excess items like keys into diamonds or shards. I've finished the currently available stories and have no use for the keys for now. It was a steady 9 diamonds each day when I still had chapters to go..
    90. Rachel Vallery Do: I downloaded this game when it first came out and for some odd reason I wasn't that much impressed, but after coming back to it this year I've only learned to appreciate the writing this game offers! I love the art and lore of the story, and the MC has a lot of character, I love her and all the other characters. Hope you'll keep going..
    91. Burimhtcd Lahu: it dose not htinh.
    92. Arvie Inocencio: This game is super fun to play. The characters are unique and same goes to their story. I almost completed the places to patrol within a week. Its so cool. It is so underrated same like the game 'A3!'. I played this when it started but had to quit temporarily but thankfully I restored my game data..
    93. Notnobody Notknowhow: It's pretty light on romance but more than makes up for it with actual story, lore, and character arcs. It's also nice that you're primarily dealing with adults, unlike a lot of visual novels which are creepily obsessed with high-school. One of my favorites!.
    94. Sharmeen Drame: This is one of my favorite games to play! But I need help for signing in on another device, Voltage inc. I made sure to make an account, but I seem to have lost my password. Is there any way I can reset it, because I already tried to find something like that but the app didn't seem to have that sort of system. Thank you!.
    95. Rayden Dominguez: I love the characters, story, and the minigame! I love how the more you level up the more tickets you get to read more, plus 3 daily tickets it's nice. Much better game then I originally thought and it's very fun and addicting..
    96. Deanne Walker: I really love the characters and the stories! The artwork is great. The bell sound effects are soo satisfying. I think you will enjoy this one..
    97. Lovely Villaver: I had fun. I won't worry about the diamonds since I can get it through playing the 'patrol'..
    98. Selina: Thank you for this amazing game. Looking forward to the future events!.
    99. Casey Jones: Not very romance heavy (romace part is in the last 3 episodes) but the story is great. The best part is you can easily go the whole game without spending money. You will have to wait but its worth it. I also love that it saves the story. I use my 3 keys everyday until the story is all unlocked and read it all at once..
    100. Phattharin Pruangkarn: Waiting for Gaku Story!!.
    101. That Cursed Poet: It's a very fun game to play! It needs more dedicated players in my opinion, so if you have time then you should definitely try it! The story, the characters, the art, everything is so beautiful, I love this game 🥺💕.
    102. Jihan Halimah: I love this game♡♡♡♡.
    103. Belphie_ Sloth: I need more😫.
    104. Rain Sami: Garbage. The story is actually great, but it stopped loading the Milk Hall. When I reached out to support, they (among other ts) asked me to re-install the game. Now the whole thing won't load. Support told me I don't have enough memory. On a 32GB memory card. Even though everything else works, including games I've installed after this one. 👎🏾.
    105. Emily Self: I love so cute game.
    106. Jade Rabbit: I love this I love the kitsune a lot. and it's free to play.
    107. E O: Horrible cash grab with bugs they refuse to fix. Game lures you into wasting rare items before it is possible to actually take advantage of them (they open time limited levels). Customer service was rude af. Be prepared to spend HEAVILY to progress the game. Want to spend 100$+ for a game you can get entirely on the switch? More power to you..
    108. Estella Love: Been playing for a week. The story can be a lil boring for some but the art is rly good. It's really f2p. You can also replay the previous events by spending a few gems. It's rly easy to get diamonds and points (used to draw cards). There're many routes to play and different events..
    109. Katie C: I think this is a lively game, the controls are excellent and you never forget where things are, gameplay is fabulous and exciting and leads to wanting more, I think the graphics are excellent and well thought and presented, the love stories are so cute and you the art is absolutely breathtaking,the events are so thought out and the team definitely deserve more attention, this game definitely deserves a 5 star rating from me. I'm so hooked ♥️♥️..
    110. Bill AL: So sad that I forgot abt my previous acc because this game doesn't linked to any socmed, so I decided to make nu acc after almost 2 yrs. I love this game so much ♡.
    111. G Terry: So engaging, exciting, and unique compared with other similar games. The patrols are a really fun slightly different way to go about battles, compared with other games with battle mechanics. Love the really unique characters, and the attention to genuine Japanese mythology. I love when games add real history or culture- it encourages me to look up the real info behind it and learn about other cultures besides my own. Really love this!.
    112. Vedanta Makkar: Why did all my diamonds disappear after I switched devices? I lost 2000 diamonds....
    113. sᴏɴᴏʜᴀʀᴀ ᴍɪᴢᴜᴋᴀ: ᴛʜᴇ sᴛᴏʀʏ ɪs ɴɪᴄᴇ ᴇᴠᴇʀʏᴛʜɪɴɢ ɪs ɴɪᴄᴇ ᴀɴᴅ ɪᴛ ᴅᴏɴᴛ ʟᴏᴀᴅ ᴛʜᴀᴛ ʟᴏɴɢ ᴜɴʟᴇs ʏᴏᴜ ʜᴀᴠᴇ ᴀ sʟᴏᴡ ɪɴᴛᴇʀɴᴇᴛ ᴛʜᴏ. ʟᴏᴏᴋɪɴɢ ғᴏʀᴡᴀʀᴅ ғᴏʀ ᴍᴏʀᴇ ɪɴ ᴛʜᴇ ғᴜᴛᴜʀᴇ ᴋᴇᴇᴘ ɪᴛ ᴜᴘ🌸.
    114. Kyo: I LOVE THIS GAME!! been playing this since its release! The art is 10/10 as well as the storyline not only that this is also f2p friendly! you just have to grind! ...unfortunately for me I had to restart bcs when I changed gadgets I forgot to make a data transfer and have to start over again but overall this is amazing!!.
    115. Yoshiro _12: I remember playing this last year at my old phone now Im gonna download it again..!!!!.
    116. Dharmendra Rao: Wow amazing I played it It was amazing But sadly I didn't play till the end but fortunately I knew the story and romance... Thanks for your hard work Love it.
    117. HaniaBanania: Great characters and a beautiful story of onmyoji and spirits. Can't wait for more stories to be added.
    118. - Iron BOOP -: Mwah ✨.
    119. Siti nur Balqis: This game is so cool and really fun I love this game so much.
    120. Elle: Great game! Keep up the work! <3.
    121. Ann Hadlow: I was so bored playing this game I kept falling asleep. I uninstalled it..
    122. Eita Yuki: The stories were irrelevantly slow, it gets dull half way through and no proper cliffhanger hookups. It's hard to not discontinue the game whilst I've been investing amount of time collecting the keys. Besides, the female mc's was infuriating in terms of common sense. The highlight part of each character was wasted and not impactful, some scenes are unnecessary. I've been patient in go through some scenes that worth called fillers, but it was no other than dissapointment..
    123. Peyton Smith: Okay so I really like this game but it concerns me that the main character is like 15, I just find it really really odd.
    124. Agent Dark: .good but not better than obey me and court of darkness -agent dark.
    125. Ichi San: This game is okay but I don't enjoy the patrols. It's a shame because the story is brilliant!.
    126. Kat Brown: I enjoy playing and getting my rank up and cards trained so I can better take on the events, there are often new stories added with events and they are fun to read, I even pay for the monthly amulet package...and for someone who rarely pays for anything other than pokemon games, that's saying something. The other packages are a bit too expensive and I don't see the value in them at their price point though..
    127. Teymur Rahmani: This game is like anime is sooo cool and the characters are gorgeous and handsome i really love this game.
    128. Eren: Facebook log in disabled. Fix it..
    129. nen tsw: This is the best game. There is handsome anime boy in the game. Some romance and you can have anime boyfriend in the game.i don't know how to say but it is the best game for otaku and anime fangirl😁😁.
    130. Phoebe C: this is a really bad because it sucks. And I wanted to download the real one, this is not.
    131. Haley Boelter: 我爱这游戏。.
    132. Candy Girl: The nose creeps me out.
    133. Prattay Dey: I want to transfer my data but I don't know how to if you guys could help me out please 😥😥🙏🙏.
    134. It'z lovely official: I like it so much even this game has many update and the story really great,it's just the key to open story need to buy.
    135. Pushpita Chakraborty: Please release new character routes as soon as possible.I am done with all of those routes that was released.Waiting for new character routes..
    136. Ain Nadhirah: What the? THIS GAME NEEDS MORE ATTENTION⚠⚠⚠⚠⚠.
    137. Zierra Hikari: Love this game. Been playing for quite a while now and I thoroughly enjoy it 👍🏼 Go give it a try guys 😆.
    138. Michelle Koon: Addictive and fun.
    139. Abby Furge: Love it.
    140. Missy Haney: The best part of this game is that you keep the stories you read! Though it would be AWESOME to have a way of getting rid of excess jewels. And make sure you set up a data transfer AND remember it. My old phone just quit working without me getting the chance to get anything from it. I've lost pictures, texts I can't replace. And I've had to restart all my games from the start!!.
    141. Alisha: The game is really amazing. The game is very f2p friendly. They also have routes for the characters. You can only read the story if you want without being too pressurised about the events. We get a good deal of events too once you complete the story segment. Overall great experience..
    142. Libby Chernouski: This is a very fun, very story-driven game filled with interesting characters and plotlines! The English language version is well written and engaging, the card art is always pretty, and there are a lot of opportunities to get one-on-one moments with the love interests! This is definitely a game that rewards you for your work, and in-game purchase seem more reasonable than in other games I've played. I highly recommend giving this game a try!.
    143. Munchkin Babz: Love this game. Hope it gets more updates as some of the character stories say "Coming soon" ❤.
    144. Esmi: The stories in the game are very detailed and interesting, there are multiple ways on collecting diamonds and other growth items easily.I don't have a lot of complaints about the game,there's a decent amount of romance within the game, but not so much as there would be expected from an otome game,it would be great if there were a lot more romantic stories within the game.The only complaints are the little amounts rewarded in the Milk hall,it's hard to farm when you need so many and get so little.
    145. ZaraSwann: I like this game (but a mild problem is that I cannot connect to facebook as it has disabled it's embedded browser).
    146. Venus Kinght: Iloveit.
    147. Magissa Witch: The game is great!! I love how you can collect cards, and the gatcha rates are really good! The art is beautiful!! The UI reminds me of Mononoke (one of my favourite anime)! It's great!!.
    148. EastTx Mom: Perfection. The stories as well as the animations are beautiful!.
    149. Oodles Noodles: SPICY STORIES PLEASE! Started as a Koga fan, now enamored with Akiyasu. Slow progress with the romance parts but good graphics! The voice actors also added to the excitement factor. Jun Fukuyama is the bomb. P.S. Add more romance please. I'd be excited for a few kisses and intimate moments between MC and her beaus..
    150. Joana May Yu: I love how the game integrated different mechanics: gacha, otome, cards, etc. I keep coming back to it even after I take a break, and even so, I don't feel so left out because Event Revivals are available for events you missed! It's also very generous with rewards. And the story, oh glob. I love the stories and how you can choose an actual Character route where the story will revolve around you and that guy, aside from the card stories. I love it!.

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