Builder Master 3D Mod

Builder Master 3D HACK – MOD

Become The Master of Building!. Builder Master 3D Mod v1.2.4

Update: 06/11/2022
Original price $: FREE

Download Builder Master 3D Mod 1.2.4 for android apk & iphone ios 5.1

Build and destroy a city!

Build the city!

Easy to play, hard to master!

Have fun operating machines machine operator simulation game!

Have fun operating bulldozers, forklifts, cranes, excavators and many, many heavy machines. Become a machine master! Go to the fucking big house! Build your city your way!

Control different heavy vehicles,

Transport and place objects with crane,

Lift and deliver goods,

Smash boulders,

Fix things with giant screws,

Cut giant beams.

Become a builder!

Have fun!

Free download Builder Master 3D HACK – MOD for Android APK & Iphone IOS IPA. (Size: ) - Version 1.2.4. Released on . By DONIT.INFO. Become The Master of Building!. Developed by MagicLab. Operating system requirements 5.1. Everyone.

Game Hack Features Builder Master 3D MOD

  • - Unlimited Money
  • - No All ADS
  • - Free Purchase
  • - Sprint
  • - VIP Unlock

Game Version Builder Master 3D Paid MOD

  • - Download Free Phone
  • - Download Free
  • - No ADS
  • - Unlock All
  • - Unlimited Resources


New comment

  1. Rajnaryan Verma: Wow.
  2. Vishal Shinde: Ads ufsss.
  3. kadappa Naikar: ಞಟಟಟಟಟಟಟ.
  4. Dan Mascarenas: too many ads like usual.
  5. Becky “Angel” Buscemi: boring.
  6. Stacy Allred: Kk.
  7. sidewalk pirate: too many afs to be enjoyable.
  8. Tushar Kadam: vb.
  9. Anup Jana: I like this game so much..
  10. Latiah Carey: Damir.
  11. Sahazada Khan: Automatic back game not opening fix.
  12. William Lee Edgin: keep it playing right and I'll be good with it.
  13. Michael Thorns: using the dozer it will not let you finish even when all the rocks are gone.
  14. David Rapaport: tooooooo many f×÷=/_g ads. I can't fart without afs popping up. not happy at all😠😠😠.
  15. Matthew Mumpire: Too many ads.
  16. Seng Yang: to much ads.
  17. Jim Lafleur: Ad fest more ads time than game time so many ads this game is waste of time so many ads.
  18. Greg Cary: It would be a neat game but the creator is only interested in you watching ads so they can go to the bank. You will spend more time watching ads than playing the game..
  19. Agung Narendra: YUYA.
  20. Matthew bauer: LITTERALLY ADS EVERY 30 SECONDS. All you do is hold your finger down on the screen and it does everything for you. Each level takes about 30 seconds then you get an ad. Not challenging at all. DUMB..
  21. Chris: Less than 5sec game play for non stop 30+sec ads. Would give zero if possible. Unistalled after 2nd level..
  22. Joseph Barch: we will see if this game really pays out I'll let you all know.
  23. Dale: Glitches on the cut the stone level I've tried restarting, reinstalling, and deleting my cache and data nothing seems to work.
  24. seema pathak: good.
  25. Manjuben Ranpariya: this game is very much better.
  26. Jeff Hand: One or two adds after every 10 second level. Uninstalled after tree levels and should have done it sooner..
  27. Tom Isenhart: pretty darn silly.
  28. Dhanya Dhanyavinod: This is a very bad tuff game 😠😠😠🤬🤬🤬🤬🤬🤬😠😠😠😠😠😠😠👿🤷‍♂️.
  29. Kyaw Swar Myint: good game.
  30. Jenna M: TOO many ADS.
  31. Phil Burk: ads to long and noise.
  32. Ronald Cormier: Ads every second and advertising is false to what the game actually is.
  33. Jenny Pflueger: I give you 5 stars see.
  34. Jayan murali: no sound system in this game.
  35. Lethia Games: Too much ads!.
  36. Sandy Dhanawade: give me money 🤑💰.
  37. Kajira oni.: No sound makes for a boring experience.
  38. Joe Sauce: A forced ad after ever single action in the game? Annoying af..
  39. Deb Emery: Spend more time watching ads than playing. Deleted.
  40. Paul Jones: Da-N GOOD GAME.
  41. Shagun Chauhan: nice.
  42. A M: ette ejh.
  43. Deepak Raaz: Deepak Raaz🥬.
  44. Chris Mccalllum: Too many ads. Unplayable.
  45. Rick Ross: If your looking some game with your adverts this is for you 🙄.
  46. Mike Chisnell: too many ads.
  47. Brandon Kemp: disappointing don't bother.
  48. J B: get rid of all the ads, you might a good game here.
  49. Jacob Henness: Terrible game you can't get the screen to get your rewards👎👎👎.
  50. George Gunderson: Need more and different tasks. Gets boring real fast. Too many ads and they are l o n g..
  51. Dawn Sewell: no instructions, no tutorial. adds out of no where. Can't tell if it part of the game or an ad. UNINSATALL....RUN RUN , FOR YOUR LIFE!!!.
  52. Ricky-John Kirkman: Fantastic.
  53. BazookaToothJedi !: very fun so far.
  54. laurel patterson: just started. not bad. of course there's commercials 🙄 more later if I like it..
  55. Ryan Renfro: Too many adds! Every 1 or 2 tasks = 30 sec advertisement. Deleted....
  57. Mr. Christian: kind of interesting..
  58. Kevin Coble: no sound ads after every level.
  59. David Townsley: Way way too many ads and the game is far too easy, the game would be suited to young children but the would get board waiting for the ads to finish.
  60. clayton zimmerman: neat concept, way too many ads.
  61. Brian Lewis: first time playing this game a little slow but interesting game stuff !.
  62. lee muise: ad after ad after ad.
  63. Eli O: it is fun.
  64. Vincent Bernabucci: Ads are 10x longer than gameplay, there's no way this has a real 4* rating.
  65. linn linn: Good choice.
  66. Nicole Doyle: Glitches a lot and one level the rock dissapears and I can't get pass it.
  67. DB: Great concept Terrible game the ads are ridiculous.
  68. Scottie Bryant: to many ads.
  69. Mohamed Gamer12: bbb.
  70. Big Burchy: Or course way too many ads. If you would put less in I would play much longer. Uninstall.
  71. Average Jay: great, if you're a six year old child and want to pretend you're a heavy requirement operator, and like to watch am at after and before every single scene. I'm deleting it because I'm neither of those.....
  72. NeilY F: Emmmn random download, that's about it. Enjoy the adverts 👍😉.
  73. Kevin Standifer: Game keeps freezing has multiple glitches in it can't finish the last level.
  74. Faith Donham: love it.
  75. Ron Grado: Boring.
  76. Andy Auten: I Love It.
  77. W. Nagy: To many ad's.
  78. Matthew Lambert: fun so far.
  79. Jon Simonelli: This game just down right sucks..
  80. VINCE TROPIOANO: When i first played the game I loved it because I had like not ads for 50 hours.
  81. ben ten: star.
  82. Jui Mukherjee: I was builder today but there many tasks.
  83. Hunter Booth: Fun.
  84. Icantfindtheanykey: tons of ads and only mildy amusing. im thinking to unistall because not worth the waiting.
  85. Leon Graham: girl game thumbs up.
  86. rattle bolt: more ads than anthing else.
  87. Ed Tardino: really lame.
  88. obie brown: Way too many ads.
  89. Steven Lachberg: way to many commercials scale them back a bit or just have the game for sale instead.
  90. Robert Riddle: just not alot of fun, nothing wrong with the game.
  91. rob ward: to many ads.
  92. chris conway: extremely glitchy.
  93. Everis Child: Vip Torin Top Gangnam Peppa pig Peppa.
  94. Zachariah Wellington: zac.
  95. Lorie Gladue (Tiny): I love this game! It makes me feel like a young kid all over again..
  96. Robert Gladue: this helps me clear my mind.
  97. John Harper: to many ads. Other than that its am ok hame6.
  98. Jeffery Kendra: Too many ads no fun can't get into the game.
  99. William Jones: To repetitive, you have to do the same tasks over and over..
  100. Brian Radford: Decent child's game.
  101. Sandra Morrison: pretty fun! just what the ad showed!.
  102. Eric Twarowski: to many advertisements.
  103. Melvin Wendt: first time use this , I try ..
  104. Tristan Morris: No skill involved, no gameplay, 30 second ad for 5 second gameplay, which is more aimed at those with special needs. Awful game, finished in 5 minutes before it repeats itself..
  105. Michael Allen: ads are really annoying.
  106. Jean Fournier: got to tell you i am actually doing a real job.
  107. chris mcbay: to many Advertisements when trying to play.
  108. Jan-Paul Rodowicz: Deleted after a few levels, adverts after every single level, complete waste of time, do not download.
  109. Ashley Smith: Good for wasting time, the money you earn seems to have no reason for being there as it can't be spent. Also way too many ads..
  110. JASON BURT: I love this game..
  111. Jay: to many ads.
  112. Ovidiu Florin Socel: the worse game ever.
  113. Doug Dexter: An entirely new level of lame. It's an ad machine like I've never seen before..
  114. Mikee Meador: Disappointing, 10-20 seconds of play time followed by ads that last just as long if not longer. I get that ads r just a part of life but this is too far..
  115. john collier: Enough with the ADDS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I'm uninstalling this joke of a game.
  116. Jaysun Wright: tooooo many long a** adds.
  117. James Proctor: so far it's not to bad.
  118. Danny Sahota: ad after complete level advert other wise ok.
  119. SimulatorLover84: Love the concept. Needs to be a little more difficult in my opinion. Also, this game NEEDS SOUND. When a game like this lacks sound, it gets really bland and boring immediately..
  120. jffhjyfd tddghiyfff: too much damn ads.
  121. DJ dBigz: boom.
  122. Nico Giovannagelo: Horrible game, unnecessary amount of ads, played for 3 minutes and immediately Uninstalled the game. Cant believe i wasted my time. Live and learn I guess.
  123. Richard Anthony: so many ads 😩.
  124. Christopher c Caudill: new game good results we'll see if it pays up to build just like when your kids experience architect and tools you got to love it.
  125. Tom Chandler: When it goes to an ad, there is no way to get back to the game. No X or FF, you have to close the game and go back in. Well thought out and "TESTED" developers.🤯🤯🤯.
  126. Mhifed Hamza: Good.
  127. James lindsay: very nice game to play.
  128. Russell Easters: If you love adds this is the game for you! During your build there's adds on the bottom of the page. Then after every single build there are full page video adds. On the average by builds were about half the time as the adds I had to watch to move to the next build. There's no thought to the builds here, they're just fillers between adds...
  129. Robin Johnson: pretty cool pretty cool.
  130. Katie Payne: TO MANY ADS DELETED..
  131. Mallable: Ad every 30 seconds!!.
  132. Damian Coombs: What's the point,no skill needed line up the green spot and it does it its self.and as for the ads come on guys really,do you have to put an ad on in-between every go,and even down to the floating bubble?? Is that really necessary.So it's pointless......boaring......and a waste of time I waiting for ads to finsh.
  133. Phillip Ayres: Way to many ads. Not worth the time.
  134. moe myint oo: great.
  135. RockRob2040: RRR.
  136. Hamza meer: Nice.
  137. your mom: No skill needed, which makes it boring. Ads after everything you click and also an annoying floating add button that seems to love to hover near the control buttons, thus ensuring you accidentally click on it. Just an ad cash grab don't waste your time.
  138. S C Richmond: no, no, no. more ad time than game play..
  139. Katja Zero (katt13x): too many ads..
  140. Hussnain Iqbal: Bad bad bad.
  141. Chad Cooper: 20 seconds into the game I was already being shunted to an ad. Immediate uninstall..
  142. wojtek Jaglowski: Great concept but too many ads.
  143. Chantel C: Its glich a lot!!!!! Love your games.
  144. Chuck Whitman: I like it.
  145. Sharon Williams: BUILDER WAS A GOOD GAME.
  146. Mary Broadbent: very interesting.
  147. Jerome Quinn: no sound what is with all the games with no SOUND?????..
  148. Steve Kellum: fun to play love the game.
  149. Peter Rifner: Saw this game in an ad on another game so I clicked it and the game I'm shown is a totally different game! Stop lying to everyone.
  150. Toby Tags: good.

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Operating system: 5.1.
Evaluate: 9826.
Content rating: Everyone.
Installs: 1,000,000+.
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Developers: MagicLab.
Votes: 3.9.
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