Candy Wish Mod

Candy Wish {Hack – Mod}

Sweet Candy Wishes Comes True!. Candy Wish Mod v1.2.1.0000

Update: 06/11/2022
Original price $: FREE

Download Candy Wish Mod for android apk & iphone ios 2.3

The fun and addictive game Candy Wish is coming!
With sweet wishes, make them come true! Magic candies and boosters can help you achieve your best wishes.

Candy Wish Features:
• Sweet and delicious candies
• Small size but amazing effect
• Many new innovative games
• 100+ different and fun levels
>• Amazing forever candy game!

Put all candies in a candy wish bottle!

Privacy Policy:

Free download Candy Wish {Hack – Mod} for Android APK & Iphone IOS IPA. (Size: ) - Version Released on . By DONIT.INFO. Sweet Candy Wishes Comes True!. Developed by mozgame. Operating system requirements 2.3. Everyone.

Game Hack Features Candy Wish MOD

  • - No ADS
  • - Unlock All
  • - Remove All Ads
  • - Free Purchase
  • - Free ADS

Game Version Candy Wish Paid MOD

  • - Free Download
  • - Free Unlock
  • - Unlocked ALL
  • - Acceleration
  • - VIP Unlock

– Update Target SDK Version.

New comment

  1. Shalom Mujati: Exellente.
  2. Anil Kumar: Time move very fast.
  3. Rd Khan: Nice.
  4. Sapna Baiswar: Sap.
  5. Shona Bacha: Best.
  6. Edwin Hodkinson: Played till level 26, game is impossible to play - programmed with no moves, play one level for over an hour with no success. Waste of time.
  7. Busi Moyo: Its a nice game it always kept me alive.
  8. Havilah Ezebunwa: It is way way better than candy crush.
  9. Berbich Rayan: Wow, this game is like candy crush but its better!!.
  10. rishi siva: Super game.
  11. Mubarika Attar: VERY AMAZING.
  12. Rihan Prince: RihanPrince.
  13. K Vaishnavi: I like it.
  14. Santosh Dhumak: Nice game.
  15. Zubair Khan: I like this game bekas is mb is 10 and aders i also like this game.
  16. Md Obaiyd: nise app.
  17. Dominic Rozario: This is hopless. This game makes you go play according to them.. Don't download......
  18. Holly su: I love it so much because when i want to play something i can play this with just one tap on install!:-D.
  19. ghulam sadiq: It is a good game but i give it 4 stars bcz its speed is very slow ... but good app 👍.
  20. Disha Parmar: Game is very osm.
  21. karpagam prakasam: Dont install.. its wast game.. not properly designed.. you can not complete the levels.
  22. Norain Arcales: Great game.
  23. Elizabeth Noti: 😥😷😳😞😞😷😗😷😷😷😷😗😗😗😷😷😷😞😞😞😞😞😞😞😞😞😞😞😞😞😙😙😙😙😙😙😙😙💊😷.
  24. Jasmine Sophia Manzano: I live this game.
  25. Cassandra Chau: Making wishes in candy are so delicious too?.
  26. Suja Suja: Super game.
  27. Ansh Upadhyay: Op game.
  28. Karthikeyan Keyan: Hiii bro.
  29. Chimma Nancy: Good.
  30. manisha singh: A worst game I ever played.
  31. Omkar Pateliya: Nice.
  32. Vasu Naik Talgod Vasu Naik: Super.
  33. Enia Chambuzha: I like it has little mb thank you.
  34. Sandeep Mishra: Wow.
  35. Denethmi Hansani: Nice 🎮.
  36. Raj Veer: So bad game most worst .. It is not real like candy crush.
  37. Lavanya BCA: Super games....
  38. Drahul Gowdam: Design like normal candy game.
  39. jeaan orocio Failagao: Is this a memory game 😍💕❤💕💕💕💕❤❤😄❤.
  40. Kyasiimire Santurina: Am not understanding this game!.
  41. Suranga Sampath: Wedak ne.
  42. Priyanka Sharma: I love this game this is world best game, I like it.
  43. lisa lawton: Best game I've ever played 🥰😍💜😍💜👌💯.
  44. Ranjana Pande: Good.
  45. A Google user: very stressful cannot complete the game felt cheated.
  46. A Google user: This is a very good I love this game.
  47. A Google user: It's a bed game...i het this game....other game most off deferent .....don't west your time plz don't install😣😣😣.
  48. A Google user: Superb game.
  49. A Google user: This game is perfect.
  50. A Google user: Could Do With An Update.
  51. A Google user: I have been on level 26 for 2 weeks. It seems impossible to complete tthe level.
  52. A Google user: Good.
  53. A Google user: Amazing game.
  54. A Google user: Very good.
  55. A Google user: Great..
  56. A Google user: Nice but samore good gemes candy.
  57. A Google user: Liked it very much😁😁😁😁😁😁.
  58. A Google user: This is my first time 2 play..exciting....
  59. A Google user: Good puzzle game.
  60. A Google user: I <3 it....
  61. A Google user: Its seems to have forgotten to playon to other levels a wee update woul be nice i would like to continue to play the game.
  62. A Google user: I will match the candles together with the same colors. I'll invite friends to like it ..
  63. A Google user: Very, very addictive. Personally I love it but time a little too short..
  64. A Google user: Fantastic, Beautiful👌.
  65. A Google user: 26 level is so bad ((.
  66. A Google user: I like it.
  67. A Google user: Time pas.
  68. A Google user: Super awesome!.
  69. A Google user: Cool but copy of candy crush.
  70. A Google user: Love it.
  71. A Google user: Stupid.
  72. A Google user: I enjoy the game but it keeps kicking me out of game have to uninstall..
  73. A Google user: Addictive but a fun game to play.
  74. A Google user: The best.
  75. A Google user: Match three.
  76. A Google user: Great game. Addicting. Have a blast..
  77. A Google user: nergina.
  78. A Google user: candy crush.
  79. A Google user: Good.
  80. A Google user: i love it.
  81. A Google user: Very much awesome fun to play.
  82. A Google user: Love it.
  83. A Google user: I Loved candy wish I want play candy wish.
  84. A Google user: NICE Game!!! Love it!!!.
  85. A Google user: Fun. Great. Works perfect..
  86. A Google user: Adeel g.
  87. A Google user: All you doing is breaking ice I need something different to keep me entertained.. Uninstalling!!.
  88. A Google user: I.
  89. A Google user: Good.
  90. A Google user: It is a very nice game for me.
  91. A Google user: Lovely.
  92. A Google user: Still have more stages to unlock but overall it's a great game..
  93. A Google user: Got board with it after level 7 uninstalling.
  94. A Google user: Supper.
  95. A Google user: Alright.
  96. A Google user: Very fun game Sandy Gause.
  97. A Google user: Fun. Fun. Fun.
  98. A Google user: I've just installed this game but now that I'm ready to play its not opening now I'm here with no game and no MB......I'm officially pissed off.....:-(.
  99. A Google user: try this.
  100. A Google user: Awesome game. Good for killing time..
  101. A Google user: Sweet game.
  102. A Google user: I really like this type games.
  103. A Google user: Easy and fun to do but needed a change.
  104. A Google user: Very intresting nd amazing..
  105. A Google user: Did install it but do not want to open.
  106. A Google user: Nice.
  107. A Google user: Not happy! Me and my husband both were enjoying this game until we got stuck in level 28. We both have been trying to beat this level for over two months!! We love a challenge but this is ridiculous..
  108. A Google user: Ziyanda Dungulu.
  109. A Google user: Great game.
  110. A Google user: Looks like a fun game I can't wait to play it.
  111. A Google user: This game is installed in my smart phone which is not running properly and I had to return back to base. This is not good and beyond expections. Can u please do something needful or the game is like dead body which I don't like..
  112. A Google user: Love this game! Has a mixture of other games thrown in there..
  113. A Google user: Exciting.
  114. A Google user: Mom.
  115. A Google user: Not start.
  116. A Google user: Stuck on level 26 never been able to pass it so I'm deleting you.
  117. A Google user: Ada colon vera.
  118. A Google user: Great game. Some levels are very tricky but I like a challenge.
  119. A Google user: V good. Mind teaser..
  120. A Google user: Funny.
  121. A Google user: :-(;-):-).
  122. A Google user: Can get past 2627 once ice breakers that it this game doing me head got to level 25,26,27 broke one side of ice that's it could do no more strongly thinking of installing 😬.
  123. A Google user: Good very successive game I like It very much.
  124. A Google user: Love it.
  125. A Google user: Great fun and challenging.
  126. A Google user: PAWAN.
  127. A Google user: Nice game perfect game for my child nice game.
  128. A Google user: Nice graphics (sometimes not smooth), good game overall but some levels are too hard - like many reviewers I can't get past World 1 levels 26/27. Also would be better if striped candies break ice when activated..
  129. A Google user: Great.
  130. A Google user: I love it.
  131. A Google user: Good it...
  132. A Google user: Great game its really good. 😊😁😃😂.
  133. A Google user: i cant open level 3 -25 after i completed level 24...
  134. A Google user: Hoooooo.
  135. A Google user: I really love this game and I enjoy.
  136. A Google user: Love it.
  137. A Google user: Too hard..
  138. A Google user: Very interesting game.
  139. A Google user: Game board too small.
  140. A Google user: Love it!.
  141. A Google user: Challengeble game.
  142. A Google user: Super.
  143. A Google user: Great.
  144. A Google user: Luck.
  145. A Google user: Shrey..................
  146. A Google user: I like the candy gamés..
  147. A Google user: I liked the game.
  148. A Google user: Aila games.
  149. A Google user: Great game.
  150. A Google user: boring game.

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Evaluate: 5330.
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