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Improve your chess skills with a thematic collection of puzzles and openings!. Chess Coach Pro Mod v2.81

Update: 15/09/2022
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Download Chess Coach Pro Mod 2.81 for android apk & iphone ios 4.0

Benefits of the Chess Coach Pro App
♙ Exclusive sections “Opening Traps”, “Debuts” (30 openings), “Endgames”;
♙ New sections with exercises: “Diagonal Matching”, “Vertical Matching”;
♙ 100% Offline, No Ads;
♙ No In-App Purchases;
♙ No Monthly Fees.

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“Chess” is one of the best and funniest games in the world ! It is played by millions of players around the world, from children to the elderly. But to understand how to play chess, it is not enough to know the rules and the names of the pieces. It is even more important to learn chess strategy and tactics and all the squares of the board to find solutions.

Our app contains 4200 themed chess puzzles and some chess openings. Each puzzle reveals a strategy or trick. You have to guess the next step to solve the puzzle and move on to the next one.

Please rate the app 5 stars and write your review. Your feedback will help improve the app.

Have fun,
Team KemigoGames.

Free download Chess Coach Pro {Mod_Hack} for Android APK & Iphone IOS IPA. (Size: ) - Version 2.81. Released on . By DONIT.INFO. Improve your chess skills with a thematic collection of puzzles and openings!. Developed by KemigoGames. Operating system requirements 4.0. Everyone.

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Hello players! In the new version we have introduced fixes and improvements to “Chess Coach Pro” to make you play even stronger. We wish you beautiful victories in chess!
Version 2.78. Added games of the World Chess Championship 2021 match;
Version 2.74. A new section “Vertical mate” has been added;
Version 2.73. A dark theme has been added..

New comment

  1. Ylanan Owen Christopher. S: It is really good ,but the bit problem is the opening ,maybe it can add some explanation on it . But over all it is really good app.
  2. Herman McCuien: Wish it had voice or sound, so it's best chess coach I've found it has a lot of features that you'll find very helpful in your chess game. Nice game..
  3. Showbhik Banerjee: Very much unsatisfied with the game because castle is not correctly functional. Please try to amend the required changes because most of the matches requires castle and if this funtion doesn't perform correctly most of the tutorial is going to waste..
  4. Mohamed Azharudeen: Wonderful training app.
  5. Shyam Vagish Giri: Dear Devs, It's a great Chess app really glad for the purchase just wanna ask, if u can you add additional mode such as playing chess games with computer, chess engine especially third party engine such as Komodo and Chiron. Plus multiplayer support and dual player. Will expect to hear from u soon..
  6. James Sams: Very good tutorial for chess.
  7. Babasaheb Patil: I love this pro version app on my Android mobile and even i would like to download it on my iPad but it do not have rotation on iPad so plz do needful for ios.
  8. Nikolay Vanaev: Спасибо, чио была демо версия.
  9. Johannes van der Made: Great to practice you chess skills and improve them..
  10. Dominic Ibanez: Thanks for this.
  11. Anonymous One: Terrible game!!! Waste of money, worst graphics 🤬 I want my money back..
  12. Shane Hurley: Got it on sale. Although I consider chess puzzles fun, it is my opinion they don't improve one's game much. It seems stubbornness to one's individual style of play caps that player to his plateau level and not so much of capped by missing tactical combos, but we all miss tactical combos say mate in 3 to 20. Learning chess at a young age propels you further up the Elo ratings. But not all are meant to be Chess Gods or pro football players for that matter..
  13. Edward G Newing: Very good though frustrating at times..
  14. Alexandru Gaiu: Like the APP. How can I transfer the progress to my new phone? It was not automatically transfer!.
  15. Ronald Fields: Very detailed and comprehensive.
  16. Victor Bo: Лучшие задачи, прекрасный интерфейс.
  17. Shane Hurley: Very nice learning tool and snagged it on sale. I was hoping for some way to export to PGN in some areas of the program to send to deep analysis engine of my choice..
  18. Jose D.: The best chest training app I have found so far..
  19. Ayodele Ayeni: Great app!.
  20. Browneyez: Learnt alot from this app alone! Now I got me.a new phone (old phone was $99 android) an iPhone XS but this app is not in iOS which is sad. I highly recommend this app to people who want to know more on how to play well as a chess player 💯💯.
  21. Cristian Llanos: Great App, helped me a lot improving my game. It would be nice though to get a hint whenever you make a bad move, sometimes is hard to get why exactly it mark it as mistakes..
  22. Ladislav Matula: I used to play chess as a child. Now I have bought two chess sets and wanted to start again. All my mates are always mating me. I feel this app helps me get in the shape again. At least it is addicting..
  23. Michael Pithan: The best chess game out there, imho.
  24. Jonathan Stevens: The disable vibration feature does not appear to work..
  25. DONALD SUMARANA: best.
  26. samid hamza: The light and dark squares are inverted. Please fix it..
  27. JB Scott: This app is making me a better chess player.. what else needs said? It is 100% worth the small asking price! 5/5.
  28. Ariq Nasir: Paid for the premium NO ADS and the chess problems really helped me out with tactics in my real games. I see the combinations much better..
  29. Karoly VEGH: The free version helped so much to advance my skills that I wanted to buy the pro - just to return something to the developer. Thank you!.
  30. pushpendra rai: lovely app useful.
  31. Gergana Ilieva: I luv the app. But when I do challenges, after a certain numvber of levels they just freeze and there is no moving forward (button just disappears). The only way to solve - reset statistics (quite frustratiing to say the least). On easy happened around 150, medium - 75, hard - between 50 - 60..
  32. Rich Kingsford: I love the puzzles, but sometimes can't figure out the logic. It would be awesome if the hints told me a little narrative and helped me see the light..
  33. David Hartman: It's like learning to ride a bike..
  34. Science Tech by Kalyan: Great training app.
  35. Артем Козлов: Уважаемые разработчики, хотелось бы видеть дебют "защита каро-канн". Рассчитываю на обратную связь. Спасибо! ----- Ура! Меня услышали! Спасибо за обновление :) Будут ли другие варианты продолжений в каро-канн?.
  36. Laurenz Baars: Often problems with moving pieces gets counted as errors which is not very significant but annoying. The solutions are good most times but on occasion a better or as good solution are also counted as an errors because they are different than the solution in the application. And yes there definitely are a few problems with alternate solutions. Overall pretty good but needs work..
  37. Tamim Haroun: The paid version is worth every penny! Such a great app! :).
  38. Peter Bona: Excellent application from beginners to advanced level..
  39. Clint Clemente: Improve my game immensely. Extremely grateful..
  40. Joe Lalli: I really enjoy this app. It is has a very good learning tool. I would give it 5 stars if it has the ability to tag notes to what is saved in favorites..
  41. Ramkumar R: Thanks for your reply. I loved some of the puzzles which seemed like mini choreographed dances on the board. I have seen my speed noticably improve in the game. I like your favourites feature. I think you can also have an info button if the puzzle is taken from a real game. I love the queen's swinging from side to side, the bulldozer rooks, the tricky knights and long distance bishops. I have not played many real games so this is like analyzing a position. I spend maximum of 5-10 mins on each..
  42. Neil M: I love using this app. Happy I purchased it..
  43. C R: Good chess app with many many puzzles, more than the other version, no ads and just a 1 time fee for everything! Recommended if you want a chess puzzle app to practice tactics and analyse some pro games. I bought the pro version after using the ad supported one and deciding it was worth the sale price (£6.50.) Maybe missed it but I can't find a way to transfer progress from the free app to the pro version. I like the 3 tiered approach so you can still support the dev based on your ad tolerance..
  44. Mark Cutshall: Not much training.
  45. ila ila: Bought the pro today, I had underestimated how much more there was. This game has brought me from 850-1000 after using it regularly but not for long, over the last few weeks. It's got championship games to look at and tonnes of openings and defences to study as well as the rest available on the free version. PS what is the red stop sign for? It says 22 on it..
  46. Brett Williams: Unable to import progress. I lost all of the work that was done. Importing and exporting via a csv is an essential feature..
  47. Space Cadet: In solving, trying to move the wrong piece to a legal square or the right piece to a legal but wrong square should count as an error ONLY!! Handling and picking up my tiny phone screen and tablet at night are causing move errors which stats reflect. Testing why the red stop sign has a number in it is causing module error count to increase. It's more effort for the creator to fix this, but they won't. Read other bad reviews before purchasing. Only option is to completely disregard the stats..
  48. etienne pugnaghi: Perfect.
  49. Tyrone Johnson: Rich and a part of my Chess family. The puzzles are what I call "pure". Thanks..Job well done!.
  50. Tom Pax: It's excellent in almost every regard, EXCEPT: Many puzzles have at least two possible solutions, but it recognises only one. Ok, I could live with that. But openings ("debut") is total fail. For starters, why on earth are variations for white and black side different? What's the point of not being able to practice same variation from both sides? Just look at the very first variation King's Gambit. It's a shame.We also need option to skip animation. No need to force watching it every time..
  51. Jermain Byers: I really enjoy this app. I have been playing chess for a while, but never really took time to study the game. Now I want to focus on improving my play by learning what would be the best open for me as black and white. I really like that you proved many chess openings and their variations, however one of the openings I wanted to look at for black against e4 is the Caro-Kann. Could you all include that opening?.
  52. Squifi McDougall: Solid App for me to learn about Chess. Has Tactics, puzzles, openings and endgame lessons. Good stuff for little money great job. Controls could be improved with drag and drop. Also missing a few openings like the english for example. Other than that very happy and learning tons. Thx! :).
  53. Gary B: I see what you're saying. I'll just ignore the stats as they're basically nonsense as accidental touches do happen because I'm on a phone not OTB. I'm never gonna try and take my own king going the wrong way on the board with a pawn. I know it's a wrong move and one that would never happen regardless of where you were. You shouldn't even be playing in a tournament if that move was a consideration. Still, good app regardless of the straightness of the dev..
  54. Michael Babigian: Disappointed. Bought the pro version because I wanted more puzzles per theme for my wife's training. Shocked to discover it doesn't contain anymore. 100 puzzles per theme is ridiculously tiny. Perhaps you are just a programmer and have never taught chess. That would be my guess by your reply. The problem is that when training someone from zero, 100 easy problems will likely not be enough to switch to medium and there is no way 100 medium difficulty problems will be enough to move to hard..
  55. Muzhi Yao: There seems to be a bug - if i choose to not show the cup for challenges, the statistics stops counting the puzzles i have solved.
  56. Mike DeAndrea: Great app. Far exceeded my expectations. First app I purchased where I feel like I'm getting more than my money's worth. Great job developers. Superior app..
  57. Tyler Upton: Top contender for chess puzzles app when compared to the others. I'm a beginner and training with this app. It is one of the very few apps that let me target what kind of tactic I want to attempt and choose difficulty. It has a simple fast interface. Maybe have an option to automatically go to next puzzle after finding solution? Happy with the product. Thank you!.
  58. Oisín Craninx-L.: I know there is only one solution to the problem, and that's good because it is supposed to be like that. However, i wasn't referring to that. The stats in the app are inaccurate because the app counts attempts of deselecting a piece as a wrong move. Pressing on an illegal square to deselect is considered a wrong move. Pressing on another piece is also considered a wrong. This is frustrating; the app says you made a wrong move, when in fact no move has been made..
  59. Satyam Patra BC-20-008: I was cheated by app . I wasted a lot of money for it . It doesn't have data about opening . It doesn't matter if you are practicing the unsolved games . It would be good if you develop something on opening.
  60. DRob: Great chess app to help you sharpen all aspects of your game. Highly recommended!.
  61. Pradeep R V: Great app. It would be great if you can add a few videos explaining different openings, strategies and tactics..
  62. Liam Willis: Some the puzzles don't make much sense, but the majority are fine.
  63. Gregory Donato: Love the app but would love if there more openings to study from.
  64. ChessTubers: Great apps for training chess.
  65. Simon PC: I'm not very good at chess but I love it and this app really helps me develop so much understanding of the game and so enjoy even more playing..
  66. Pavel Husakouski: Too many mistakes in the content.
  67. Javier Red: You get a lot of insights and practice!.
  68. DP: It's pretty good. I only play the 'challenge' section because that mixes through different types of puzzles. The openings trainer is too limited and not worth using. The puzzles are ok though. I have a similar app for the go game that if you make a wrong response it shows you why it's wrong. This one doesn't do that. If it did I'd give it 4 stars instead of 3.
  69. Rick Lloyd Professional wrestler: Absolutely love the app, learning so many tricks and learning to look at the game of chess differently, however 2 things that I think could be changed are the fact that when you buy the pro version, you basically start over again and maybe a little write up or explanation of what it is you are looking for in each section. For example I had to Google what a perpetual check was. Maybe give examples in situations as to why we'd want to do that if that makes sense. Other than that love the app.
  70. chulio b: Not to learn the game. I can't find how to teach someone the rules..
  71. MAHENDRA RAWAL: Tricks are very less in number..
  72. Vikas Mehra: for this much size the app is excellent, covers major topics, good for all level players.
  73. Walt Lunsford: Great for improvement.
  74. Jay Hawk: Not bad but needs work. The app crashes periodically. It allows me to choose illegal moves, e.g. when I play white, it allows me to choose a move for black. But overall it's a decent collection of puzzles, debuts, and tricks. I can track my progress, save puzzles into favorites, and progress from easier to more challenging levels and puzzles..
  75. Rahul Gopi: The app is great and love it so many puzzles Few suggestions i would like to give 1. Graphic is ok, especially the movement of pieces , any animation if given would be great 2. Due to mobile dark mode the piece are difficult to understand... So for game the dark mode has to be everytime enabled and disabled 2. There are some games which has multiple solutions, but that is fine if all possible way is not considered... If worked on it will be better.
  76. Jesse Epstein: The app works really well. The customization isn't mind-blowing but I don't play chess for dazzling graphics. I tested it out for a couple of weeks and then decided to buy it. Pleased with my purchase. I would have appreciated a legend, if you will, of what the various icons mean but I eventually figured it all out..
  77. Chetan Crasta: Very useful app to practice tactics. The price is also good..
  78. gradient chennai: good.
  79. pavan gupta: Best Chess APP FOR PUZZLES, Middle/End game.
  80. Arjun CV: Superb..worth every penny..6/5 stars.
  81. Timothy Latham: Good chess application if you wish to improve your play. Unfortunately, this app is not without problems. Computers do not make errors, people do. There is no such thing as a perfectly made program. For this reason, I can't give this application a 5 star. Even future updates will result in errors. The issues that I have discovered so far are with forks on the easy level. Like giving me the wrong move when I reset the progress and on problem 9 not being a fork, but a checkmate in two..
  82. Amj Abdu: I like the app. I guess if you can also do simple training scenarios for basic openings that will make the app even greater. As there are many openings scenarios, you can probably highlight to the trainer their mistakes in responding to the other player's move and suggest better moves with explanations. This can be extended further than opening but doing it for opening and integrating it with this app is excellent..
  83. Andrissimo: Great app! Totally worth its price. Great chess puzzles, openings, endings, and defences/attacks. Great for leaning combinations and positions. Pay once, learn always! :).
  84. Alexander Ananin: It is very hard to uderstand the color of your materials. Ugly design which can not be changed. I've tried commercial version (purchased it) and problem has not been resolved..
  85. Brian Weissenburger: The game does what it says. I think that it is assumed that if something is a chess game there will be a way to play chess. This is just puzzles and I feel deceived..
  86. Laxminarayana Laxmi: Good.
  87. Robert Ball: Chess Coach Pro is excellent for tactics training..
  88. Nikos Kyriakidis: Very nice chess training app. I would like to have an option to select 1 exercise everyday and have a notification.
  89. Rasheed Huggins: I really like this app I hope it makes me a master player with a ELO rating of a master player but it has errors. Position 25 Easy level makes no sense how can I lose my strongest piece and yet still win the game with two knights when one of my knights can be eaten . I am sure to this is not the only error in this game if I saw this one error. Developer please correct all errors when creating a game especially one that teaches how to play a rule based game..
  90. hernan kisiel: Dark mode work just bad, and can't turn off just for this app.
  91. Colin Steitz: Very fun and lots of content. I do wish that for the opening sections, that if a line has a name or is a variation with specific terminology that it would be included..
  92. Peace Love: The game has a very good tutorial to better your tactics. I have noticed an error in the Decoy hard levels on position 42, as you are instructed to move as black, but the hints clearly show that you are to play as white..
  93. HeyitsClay: Great app overal so far. The failure trigger is too sensitive being set off with invalid moves. This is an issue because I have a habit of selecting peices while thinking then trying to de-select or select the piece I plan to move sets off failure. Sometimes I'll have 5 failures while I'm trying to select the peice I want to move because it's saying piece A to piece B is invalid. It would also be nice for the championship matches to have player color labels so we know who's playing what color.
  94. Arun Gopalan: Please add a "random" option. It will just show one random puzzle from any section. It shouldn't even say whether it's "mate in 1" etc. This will be very useful to understand how will are we evaluating a situation..
  95. Joseph Cullen: Not always the best solution but I still get a good brain work out..
  96. Prakash Kasi: Very good for self learning.
  97. Prakash C: Excellent app for chess aspirants. My kid using this app very effiiciently and she is doing good in chess. Exspecially 1move mate, 2 move mate and 3 move mate puzzles are awesome.....
  98. haja mohideen: Hi. Kindly add endgame.
  99. JEE Mathematics with Nischay: Very good App to learn chess.
  100. Michael Noble: Just excellent and a great tool for a chess player!.
  101. Aftab Khan: Hey! I have one problem that when i open your app, If opening traps shows the level then debut doesn't show and debut is showing then opening traps doesn't show. So could you tell me that what is the reason behind it..
  102. Ahmed E. Shalaby: Not that thrilling. May be more suitable for the chess beginners..
  103. Ian Paternoster: A brilliant game that keeps you on your toes..
  104. Jotiraj Tandale: ChessCoach Feedback: Best App With More than 4000 Positions Value For Money...Thanks Some Updates Essential 1. Favorite Option 2. Auto Next 3. Sr No For Puzzles 4. Other Tactics Requir Like Overloading, Overriding, XRay Attack... More....
  105. Paul Anderson: Very good.
  106. Peter McKenzie: Good enough to pay for and be satisfied with the purchase. Slightly clumsy move entry is the only thing preventing me from giving 5 stars. For example it shouldn't be possible to select a black piece if it's White's move. Should be an easy fix!.
  107. Naveed Iqbal: Very Good App. Please add " Scotch Gambit Opening "..
  108. Eric Asbell: It keeps getting better with each update..
  109. Mark Harrick Atie: 10/10.
  110. Paul Thompson: I found this to be an enjoyable and easy app to use..
  111. 079_Chidghan Dixit: Plz update more opening lessons in this paid app pro version , as you know there are more openings remaining but the app overall is very very fantastic. Extremely useful and a top class app. Worth the money 💰 we pay to install it. 👍👍👍😃😃.
  112. Jofre Valencia: Very good.
  113. Scott Reynolds: Great chess training.
  114. A Google user: Very good ilern more moves and solve puzzle.
  115. A Google user: Best Puzzles.
  116. A Google user: Great training app...very effective!.
  117. A Google user: Educational and will improve your game..
  118. A Google user: Can't reset progress even after updating...
  119. A Google user: Need to fix , illegal/wrong count otherwise fantastic app.
  120. A Google user: Nice.
  121. A Google user: This app is great for practicing calculations, tactics, and getting familiar with the grid system!.
  122. A Google user: Good.
  123. A Google user: Good.
  124. A Google user: Simple yet very effective skill-enhancing and chess-tricks teaching application. Managed to raise my rating by almost 100P due to what I learned here. definitely well invested couple of dollars... wish I did it earlier. looking forward for an "expention pack" !.
  125. A Google user: Very good chess app.
  126. A Google user: learning a powerful endgame.
  127. A Google user: Excellent app.
  128. A Google user: Superb app. But something to improve. *Sounds for solving correct and incorrect puzzles. * When wrongly touch the piece that is also illegal move it must be rectified, otherwise excellent app. * If you solve these two problems I'll give 5***** stars and spread this app to many people. Kindly do it as quickly as possible..
  129. A Google user: Excellent to say the least . Can't get away from the puzzles.
  130. A Google user: Good app, must download..
  131. A Google user: You can master different levels of game with this app. It's very well written. Love it. It's my favorite time pass..
  132. A Google user: The puzzles amount and quality are worth the price... easy decision..
  133. A Google user: thankyou for your great work, please keep updating.
  134. A Google user: Awesome! It changed my perspective in chess.
  135. A Google user: Absolutely best and worth for each penny.. Great app I have ever seen .. Some suggestions : 1.Ruy Lopez and Italian positions 2.Some explanations, why to play specific move in particular position ...
  136. A Google user: Best.
  137. A Google user: Please add reproduce button so that we don't have to see the positions again n again against my will ,thanks.
  138. A Google user: Nice.
  139. A Google user: Great but there are some puzzles with multiple solutions that are graded wrong. I wish it weren't so easy to misclick and mess up your perfect run.
  140. A Google user: This app is terrible. The game forces you to make moves and you have no freedom. Then you are handed the win since the opponent will make a obviously bad move (such as not attacking your pieces - eg. You are encouraged to move your knight into a pawn with no support and then the opponent will make a totally random move such as moving a pawn on the opposite side of the board to give you the win). Everything is hard coded in. Don't waste your money on this, you won't learn anything.
  141. A Google user: Good.
  142. A Google user: Enjoyable way to improve your skills..
  143. A Google user: I usually work through 5 problems a day or so. Fantastic app. I would buy additional problems if they were available..
  144. A Google user: Addicted. Tried quite a few apps before trying this one. Paid version is well worth the price..
  145. A Google user: Perfect app..
  146. A Google user: Good.
  147. A Google user: Terrific drill & practice for improving chess play..
  148. A Google user: The openings being updated regularly is great and add exercise for improving end game.
  149. A Google user: Nice.
  150. A Google user: Amazing, I almosr use it everyday.

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