Chess PGN Master Pro Key Mod

Chess PGN Master Pro Key [MOD & HACK]

Chess PGN Master. The professional way to view and edit PGN files.. Chess PGN Master Pro Key Mod v1.0.7

Update: 04/11/2022
Original price $: 6.99

Download Chess PGN Master Pro Key Mod 1.0.7 for android apk & iphone ios 2.1

This is the Chess PGN Master Pro Key

It removes the limitations of the free version and allows saving and sharing Games.

You must install both applications, the free version and this pro key.

Original key icons by Stephen Hutchings font

Free download Chess PGN Master Pro Key [MOD & HACK] for Android APK & Iphone IOS IPA. (Size: ) - Version 1.0.7. Released on . By DONIT.INFO. Chess PGN Master. The professional way to view and edit PGN files.. Developed by Gerhard Kalab. Operating system requirements 2.1. Everyone.

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Game Version Chess PGN Master Pro Key Paid MOD

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Improved app icon.

New comment

  1. Donakonda Vijay Kumar: I have bought the pro key and get it installed in the phone.... but i frequently use my tablet to analyse the games.... while open the app in tab, it is requesting again to buy pro key...... Pls resolve... it.
  2. Mzimkhulu Voyi: I'm still new to answer.
  3. Richard Jonathan: Needs different kinds of notation input, not just modern algebraic. Dark mode makes app font white on almost white background in menus. Needs a main page to display all pgn files from specified location, not just manual load pgn. It is easy to lose data input (create a temp file to restore if errors occur) App is awesome. Well done..
  4. girish bachikar: v good app.
  5. Razvan Daniel Ionescu: Gives access to a lot of features. I also have another great app from this developer, Chess Dojo, and I was thinking if it would be possible to add the same support for the DGT Pegasus board to this app, so we could use the Pegasus for analysis, just like the Centaur board does..
  6. Rick Carnes: If you are looking for the best pgn viewer look no farther... this is it. I was using the chess viewer app from everyman chess until it stopped working after a Samsung tab update and they did nothing to fix it... but I could care less now that I have found this excellent viewer..
  7. Sofy Raj: Stock fish 13 not working in Pro. Hanging and closing automatically whenever I open it. So I uninstalled Pro key.
  8. Tony “loc7777777” W.: I just bought the pro key ( had free version already) and it hasn't changed at all. It still says it's the free version. When should I have access to the 7$ features I just paid for? Thanks.
  9. Peter Barlow: Fantastic and beautiful app that does everything I neded. My only request would be the ability to hide the game list window like you can hide the move/annotation window. Just moves+board would be fantastic!.
  10. Media Monster: Excellent! Just save yourself some time and buy this now!!.
  11. Starelee: Not user friendly...could not understand how it works.
  12. Anthony Mosqueda: Recommended for chess study 🙂... Hi Gerhard, I updated my device. Thank you for your help. It works very well now..
  13. Gary McNaughton: Excellent! Thank You 🌟😁👍.
  15. Abigor Anathema (Kruksog): I like this app more than the "fully-featured" software that's on my pc. This program 1: just works; and 2: has a reasonable learning curve..
  16. Matt Chung: Fast and helpful support. Great app. No complaints..
  17. Daniel Dufek: Great app!!!.
  18. Clint Parma: Brilliant app! Is there any way to mass export positions as images?.
  19. Scoopy: Been some time since I used this and now sound no longer works. Can't find a sound option so is this a bug?.
  20. A Google user: It is worth 10$ for sure.Simple and Functional. Few recomendations; to insert Elo of players in new game 2.edit mode, annotation window needs close button need to insert new game in pgn automatically, we will do it by ourself when required 4.if Dropbox command is pressed by accident, return in application is not possible unless whole app is closed by force there option to select few or more games in same time from one pgn and to copy these to other pgn file. Best regards!.
  21. A Google user: Gmm cara pakainya.
  22. A Google user: Thank You!...everything seems to work great now...even Google Chrome (the link issue seems to be fixed up👍I'm happy!).
  23. A Google user: Great chess app.
  24. A Google user: excellent.
  25. A Google user: Truly outstandingly great.
  26. A Google user: I have hesitated for a long time. But, no app has such a beautiful UI. I am happy with the app and looking forward to using it more!.
  27. A Google user: Good.
  28. A Google user: Quality app, worth paying for..
  29. A Google user: Nice!!! ...and very much worth it Thank you Gerhard 😎 👍👍.
  30. A Google user: Great apps.
  31. A Google user: i tried all pgn readers on the store, this is the best. chessbase can learn much from this app!.
  32. A Google user: I loved it!.
  33. A Google user: Chess app at it best it.
  34. A Google user: I want refund.
  35. A Google user: Very nice.
  36. A Google user: Very nice app, I wish there is way by which I can search particular position in particular Pgn base. Since lot of games are their very difficult to search. All interface can be lil attractive n better . also separate button to open board window should be there as it opens window in pgn itself. Annoying.
  37. A Google user: I was very very hesitant over dropping a dime on this over my free Analyze This Pro, but when I did I found myself on cloud nine and you will too...idiot. It does have a bug though. Setting auto play to 1 second and you can't turn it off til you crash the program to get into settings and add a second or more..
  38. A Google user: works fine on 3.2in screen. thank you!.
  39. A Google user: Just super great.Fantastic.
  40. A Google user: Almost perfect....
  41. A Google user: So far so good, useful new features. There is an error message when save, new, delete the pgn file on external sd card..
  42. A Google user: This app is as well. Thought out as most Desktop. GUIs. Couple this with the Chessbase android app for its online. Games and Komodo 8 or 9 and you have pretty. Much. All you need! Well done!.
  43. A Google user: I love this app, now I think its nearly perfect, thanks for the developer that takes pride in his work. Money well spend.
  44. A Google user: So many great improvements in the latest versions. Excellent job!.
  45. A Google user: Just Amazing.
  46. A Google user: After getting the pro key about 2 months ago and using this app as a training tool, I've made this my number 1 chess app. It was a little difficult to use at first due to a lack of documentation but after contacting Gerhard and getting an immediate response, I am using the program daily. The Pro key makes Chess PGN Master the best PGN program out there.
  47. A Google user: Flawlessly works with PGN files of any size. Its autoplay alone makes it 5 stars, added with ability to import engines, though it already comes with Stockfish and Critter. If you are serious about chess you need this..
  48. A Google user: Overall a very good app. I'd really like a way to insert a new game somewhere besides at the end of a file. Or providing a way to reorder games would also do just as well. Thanks for the app!.
  49. A Google user: Beautiful app! Is there a site that explains all the features? I am clueless about importing other engines for example. I once again emphasize a gorgeous looking layout and font.
  50. A Google user: Would love to have a way to delete files that were made on the app as they are not visible via computer!.
  51. A Google user: Great app but like a previous reviewer I would love to see a quick engine on/off button. Thanks.
  52. A Google user: So easy to use this app to play through pgn format chess games. Great display and options.
  53. A Google user: .
  54. A Google user: Very good variable time pgn player. Erik with lg esteem /a500 iconia..
  55. A Google user: If there was the option to double tap to enter a variation, this would be the best thing of all time. Well worth the money though in any case..
  56. A Google user: Beautiful but simplistic app, lacks extra functions like position setup etc. Does what it does well..
  57. A Google user: u cnt undrstnd kid if u ddnt wtch M.tal..geller (qgd if nt seen cpblnc alkhn lskr antly karpov janowaski) ruy lpz sicilian if nt seen.. ksprv Annd steinitz..bishop opnng if nt seen blacknurne n bronstein..frst knd play qgd or qga n gt bored in ruy lpz...scnd one play ruy lopez gt bored in queens pawn game...Only ksprv steinitz n gruenfeld were equally well in both..Grab the key and Unlock the freely available Pgn Data services of chess world...
  58. A Google user: This is the best pgn viewer for android..
  59. A Google user: Just perfect, from the gui,to folder management, handling of pgn files. The author has provided free apps like cbh to pgn which enhance the utillity of this app. Not cheap but worth every penny..
  60. A Google user: i hardly ever buy and never had sent a review but this app surely deserves 5 stars, I'm talking about the pro, best chess app I've seen.
  61. A Google user: Great App! Worth every single cent..
  62. A Google user: Awesome App. Brilliant GUI. Hands down the #1 chess app available in the market. Thank you Gerhard for introducing the edit mode. Cheers!.
  63. A Google user: I use this to reveiw and analyze my own games. This app has been a significant part of my improvement of 200 ELO in 2 months..
  64. A Google user: ... even in my native language. ChessBase isn't even close to this app. Also analyzing in hand is very-very handy. It is possible to cooperate with DroidFish via clipboard and use the same UCI engine for both apps! I use Stockfish from developers' site..
  65. A Google user: Bought the pro key to support developer and remove restrictions.
  66. A Google user: Fantastic!!.

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Operating system: 2.1.
Evaluate: 302.
Content rating: Everyone.
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Developers: Gerhard Kalab.
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