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Couroland [MOD,HACK]

"Couroland" is a Idle RPG game. Couroland Mod v0.3

Update: 11/12/2022
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Couroland is a casual RPG game with daily tasks that can be completed in just 15 minutes. The game tries to avoid short-term limited-time events, instead giving players as much time as possible to settle down. The game design is simple and easy to use, perfect for office workers to play in their spare time!

[Core game]
Character development, illustration collection, social cooperation
(The game is world-class and very friendly to new players)

Swordsman , Warrior, Mage, Priest, Ranger
Players can choose one as the protagonist and two as partners to adventure together

[Equipment collection]
Players can randomly drop in many dungeons by killing bosses High-quality items
The remaining equipment can also be collected as a guide

【Skill Adjustment】
Given the different types of enemies, players can switch between different class characters and customize their skill sets

【Multiplayer Interaction】
Players can form a family or alliance with friends to conquer dungeons and keys together in eight battles.

【Market Trading】
Players can sell leftover materials they have collected in the market while buying materials sold by other market participants

Free download Couroland [MOD,HACK] for Android APK & Iphone IOS IPA. (Size: ) - Version 0.3. Released on . By DONIT.INFO. "Couroland" is a Idle RPG game. Developed by 重庆飞羽飞动漫有限公司. Operating system requirements 5.0. Teen.

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New comment

  1. Tama Kuhlman: After thinking about it, I'd better give it to five stars..
  2. Delmer Raynor: This game can be completed with one click in many places, which undoubtedly saves a lot of time and is very suitable for me. The benefits are.
  3. Demarco Langosh: 永遠喜歡漂亮妹子(小哥也挺帥),畫風超贊的放置遊戲,打發時間好幫手!.
  4. Merritt Sawayn: 遊戲畫風看著很舒服,可玩度我覺得啊挺不錯的。 五分鐘就能理解遊戲思路與玩法.
  5. Austin Karlsson: 傳統放置遊戲,現時遊戲體驗還OK,祝發展的更好,我這個微氪黨也會支持的。現時暫時給個及格分吧,個人比較喜歡這樣的風格,隨便玩玩還行。.
  6. Darnell Kutch: he drama does have different operation modes..
  7. Sylvester Lajara: 這遊戲有點上頭,有點肝,總體從長遠來看,遊戲還是可以的,作為養成遊戲,不氪金就氪時間,只要玩的久,大部分都會有的,玩遊戲還可以白嫖VIP等級,不充錢也能玩下去,只是比氪金玩家需要多花一些時間發育就是了.
  8. tiffany burton: 剛入手挺上頭的前面剛入坑福利也賊多完美起步接下來就是慢慢躺屍養老需要氪金的地方也不多.
  9. Solomon Green: Although it's not too long to play just a few days, I think all the placement games I play belong to itThe most ruthless..
  10. Rolande Berge: There must be some purpose in playing, isn't there?.
  11. Latonya Waelchi: Let's change the score. The game itself still has a four point standard. If it is operated, you can travel in different sizes.
  12. Shalena Wardell: 2 stars because it won't let me make my character.
  13. Port Floyd: There are too many benefits, and the most important thing is that the raffle probability is very high.
  14. Helgeson Agustin: Pretty decent waifu collector..
  15. Lallianzuala Lakshmi: 資源獲取還是比較容易的,限時活動開的也挺頻繁的,基本上這個活動結束之後下一個活動就出來了,然後活動幾乎都是自動過的,很省事.
  16. Gregoria Mullennex: The most important thing is to have fun playing games.
  17. Oswaldo Everette: Nice artwork, casual gameplay, usual idle kind of stuff.
  18. Fredricka Bambenek: It's okay, wouldn't say it's good nor bad.It's not really treading new grounds..
  19. Norris Tatsuta: Classic idle game. Dont waste your time.
  20. Theron Armentraut: 福利多,推圖陣容無損更換,微氪黨甚至白嫖黨也能玩的很舒服.
  21. Mathes Ethan: Fine arts are very good. But I hope to optimize the character upgrading and card drawing animation.
  22. Cleveland Hollow: The style of the main interface is very simple and convenient.
  23. Ignacia Ransford: The game is put in the same way. The characters are very beautiful. There are many resources in the early stage. In short, it's OK.
  24. Jordan Jord: You don't have any game plot? But just a little more beautiful skin.
  25. caleb deathProphet: 英雄技能簡單易懂,不肝不氪,推薦推薦!!!.
  26. Vinit Rai Chamling: 古德.
  27. ein Keshawn: The painting style is lovely, the playing method is simple, and the wife can also change clothes.
  28. Leandro Mayoes: 我個人覺得還是挺不錯的,至少官方不作死,比我玩的其他大部分遊戲都挺好的,當個副遊可以.
  29. Chong Christina: 雖然還沒玩多久,但是個人感覺還是挺棒的,光看立繪還是好看的,但是好像正在不斷更新建模,看得出已經在努力了,我還是期待一下.
  30. Sherwood Frederic: I just played for a while. I hope girls can have more beautiful skin.
  31. Willie Lamberty: 和其他遊戲比,這個遊戲畫面精美,玩法精彩,挺好玩的,容易上手,新手教程沒有其他放置遊戲那麼磨嘰,福利待遇好,鑽石也很多,玩了一段時間,遊戲可玩性還是比較高的。 比較適合咱這種上班族,任務也不怎麼耗時間,做完安心掛機領經驗。.
  32. Freddie Kisling: Finally, I found my favorite leisure games..
  33. Randy Delph: Will update with gameplay thoughts but everything points to typical idle game with spicy art..
  34. Fred Macnair: Great artwork as well as some Live 2D backgrounds for some of the characters..
  35. carlos leshrac: 主介面的風格還是非常簡潔的,玩法也是很便捷的.
  36. Eugena Rily: So far so good, played before but this has improved since last playing..
  37. Parent Georgiana Jovani: Probando, regresare en unos dias a dar una opinion..
  38. Edna Basnight: nice game with good artAlright guys, This game's the best game I've ever played on mobile..
  39. Michaela Lindsay: More severs.
  40. Baconboy-Roblox & More!: First review.
  41. Myrtle Brock: The game is still difficult to play, but if you know it clearly, you will find something to play, so you will be interested in playing e greatly inspired.
  42. Hutesty Junbas: It is suggested that those who want to play should first find a good strategy and take notes..
  43. Berta Shepherd Amos Calypso: On the whole, it's good. First of all, the advantages are: 1. The game is easy to play, and BGM is very good2. Lilliputian is cuteAfter playing for a few days, I felt that it was average, not very amazing, not much disappointed, ordinary..
  44. Endri Loshi: In a word, jail time in this game is normal. I look forward to your coming to jail with us in the maze!.
  45. Prince Ceaser: It's a very good game. It's beautiful, beautiful, luxurious, and has a high probability of drawing cards..
  46. Beulah Wise: It's a pity that the scrolls that have a great impact on combat effectiveness are too slow to obtain krypton gold,.
  47. Sophia Buchanan: First 5 stars, I don't know if the game will be improved this time Games are OK, so are welfare The overall quality of the game is very high. Drawing can be licked, and there are many elements to collect..
  48. Dixie Drake: Generally speaking, for civiliansThe old version has a good reputation. I have no choice It seems to be an ordinary placement game on the surface, but actually it has a unique styleTaste..
  49. max stevens: It can be done without recharging, and daily resources can be handled slowly.
  50. Lorrine Legros: The previous operation was too complicated, and the interface was too fancy..
  51. Ronnie Harris: Excellent.
  52. Dan Schowalter: The voice dubbing is really well received. The voice of the wives is very good. It can be said that they are full of sincerity for the second dimension users..
  53. George Blattel: Character skin 18+, I like it, more is better.
  54. Skye DuBuque: One star for the gameOne star for the plotOne star for welfareOne star introduced me to play this game.
  55. Jenine Mertz: First of all, this is the conclusion of a treasure game that I will not change..
  56. Eppinette Hellman: Traditional game placement, and the current game experience is OK. I wish better development. My micro Krypton party will also support it..
  57. Griffin Petty griffiths: 你遊挺適合無欲無求的佛系玩家,jjc不追求,xp練角色,無非就是大後期資源不太够有點坐牢,其他沒啥影響,玩遊戲嘛開心最重要咯.
  58. Auwaerter Mckone: Although it can't be compared with the old welfare games of the same type, there are many rewards for new games, and many shortcomings have been corrected in a timely manner. I still look forward to it.
  59. Gamze Kurt: A good game to kill time retains the essence of rpg. I hope the future will be well operated.
  60. Emros Wilber: 雖然很多問題,我也只氪了個月卡,但是體驗真的還挺好的,感受得到策劃的用心,玩得也挺開心,還是給個鼓勵五星,希望越做越好啊啊啊.
  61. Renaldo Dickinson: In fact, the playing method is not very special, but there is a performance remedy.
  62. Bernie Ankunding: I happened to play a lot of games during the big holiday, but I can't stop this feelingCome on..
  63. Holifield Wilburn: 留個五星是希望遊戲能活下去,缺點有的但是運營似乎態度還可? 態度科技在就可以慢慢變好.
  64. Ted Longmire: 說實話福利超級好,雖然不能和同類型老牌福利遊戲比,但是作為新遊同期福利很好,有很多缺點但是改的蠻及時,還是未來可期的.
  65. Martich Rench: Now give me a passing mark. I prefer this style. It's OK to play casually..
  66. Asashau Usorokinf: I really like it when it gets stronger. I hope the game playing methods can be expanded in the future.
  67. Davis Judah: my second most favourite game,cuz it has nice waifus and other stuff too.
  68. Bryanna Litzy: 美術挺不錯的,畫風、人物以及場景都是我比較喜歡的,雖然是小人,但是比某些畫得像是蒼蠅頭的要更讓人容易接受。.
  69. George Fleck: 來體驗一下不同風格的畫風,音樂美術都挺不錯。 但是給角色陞級和抽卡動畫稍稍拉了一點,繼續觀望一下.
  70. hera pori: The painting style of the game is very comfortable to watch, but I think it's pretty good. You can understand the game ideas and playing methods in five minutes.
  71. Sanschagrin Nemerofsky: I have played several times, and I really enjoy the overall experience.
  72. Kortney McGlynn: In terms of playing method, the players who are in a hurry to brush can be swept away; We also take care of the players who want to operate manually, and consider the skill cost and position to make a combo.
  73. raty yeta: I always like beautiful female characters (male characters are also very handsome). The style of painting is excellent for placing games, which is a good helper to pass the time!.
  74. Dearing Santiago: 定位收菜副遊,但是說實話還是太耗時間了,一杯茶一包烟一個混亂凹一天,希望能改改減負掃蕩啥的,優化空間還很大.
  75. Isharone Imironove: Good design of characters and skin. Hope it's not so expensive.
  76. Morgan Campbell: There is nothing to say about the wives' paintings, but how can you say it is enough with just two wives?.
  77. roman reigs: The game is old, but my wife is beautiful! Especially skin.
  78. Justine Medina: i think this game very good even i need on screen translation xD i like its graphic that smooth how the character moves , dies, pose its cute though.
  79. Bujol Villa: This game is very relaxing and comfortable to play. What you need to spend money on is skin (but the skin depends on your personal preference)..
  80. Cyrus Smitham: First class picture and music.

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Version: 0.3.
Operating system: 5.0.
Evaluate: 128.
Content rating: Teen.
Installs: 1,000+.
Product: .
Developers: 重庆飞羽飞动漫有限公司.
Votes: 4.7.
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