Darkness and Flame 2 Mod

Darkness and Flame 2 {Mod + Hack}

A story of a young girl involved in the battle between Darkness and Flame.. Darkness and Flame 2 Mod v2.0.1.976.70

Update: 06/11/2022
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Download Darkness and Flame 2 Mod for android apk & iphone ios 5.0

There is always a clue hidden somewhere deep in your memory. Will little girl Alice find a way to not only help her uncle recall his past, but also find out what happened to her and how to harness the power of a burning fire?

《》。 Missing Memories” – Enjoy this adventure game with many quests and hidden objects, puzzles and mini-games! Its innovative storyline will captivate you from the start and you will be immersed in a fantasy and post-apocalyptic reality and every In a world where life coexists

Little girl Alice is endowed with great power, a power of fire. One day, she found an egg in someone else’s chest. With a touch, a fire The bird hatched and her life changed forever. From now on, the beautiful bird that flows from the girl’s arm tattoo, resists the darkness that has been trying to find it ever since… What kind of power is Alice endowed with , is there a way to harness it?.. ..From this moment on, Alice becomes part of the eternal struggle between darkness and fire.
Darkness draws nearer and Alice embarks on a journey with her uncle Colin A journey full of wonders and adventures that threatens her life.
Also, Colin is always trapped in his nightmares. A woman turns to him for help. Who is she? It turns out that Colin is very concerned about his childhood and youth There are few memories of the era. That’s because he is one of the unfortunate ones whose consciousness has fallen into a dark shadow.
The man is convinced that when his memory is restored, he will find answers to his most pressing questions. Who is this familiar woman who calls for help? How? Controlling the fire power possessed by his niece?
Two bewildered men head to the desert where a healer lives and he can restore Colin’s lost memories, and darkness chases them. Together they must face many trials, encountering Imminent danger, solve dozens of mysteries, and finally face the dark army that threatens their world. Is there a way to defeat the dark forces once and for all?

• Immerse yourself in a fantastic adventure in a post-apocalyptic fantasy world Medium
• Meet the inhabitants of the fertile lands
• Solve dozens of puzzles
• Harness the power of a burning flame
• Save the world from a threat that threatens to wipe out all living things

Explore 50+ amazing locations
Complete 40+ fun and challenging missions ab mini-games
Challenge yourself with interactive hidden object scenes and original puzzles
Collect collectibles, collect Transform objects and earn achievements
The game is optimized for tablets and phones!

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Free download Darkness and Flame 2 {Mod + Hack} for Android APK & Iphone IOS IPA. (Size: ) - Version Released on . By DONIT.INFO. A story of a young girl involved in the battle between Darkness and Flame.. Developed by FIVE-BN GAMES. Operating system requirements 5.0. Everyone.

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Bonus chapter is available without purchase..

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  1. Jamie Antosh: Great game. Good story line. Fun to play. Puzzle pieces are to scattered. Some a pretty hard to solve. Will need paper and pencil..
  2. Carrie: Finished game.
  3. Steve Forster: Fun.
  4. narayan chouhan: Nice game.
  5. Alexandra Luxton: Superb graphics and storyline!.
  6. Connie Monette: Love the game the design the creativity. Sounds.. love it. So detailed. 👏👏 keep up the great work.
  7. 5 EYE'S MAN: First of all 5 BN games Members I Love you for making best Of the Best Great Games I like your every game And 5 star ❣❣❣❣❣❣❣❣❣.
  8. Agris Sils: Actually interesting puzzle game with story. 👌😎.
  9. Geraldine Jones: Enjoyed this game..
  10. william mechefske: I found the challenges easy enough and the story is good...so far.
  11. JANNAT KHAN: Nice and so take game play hard work and so amazing and thenk you.
  12. Page C: Great game! Good puzzles..
  13. Barbara Horn: Fun so far... second time around.
  14. Merlita Babatuan: Very excellent and exciting game ever!!.
  15. Joicelyn Springer: Love this game . The puzzles aren't so hard that you can't figure them out but hard enough to be interesting. Great graphics. Looking forward to more 5 BN games..
  16. Stevie Sludden: excellent.
  17. whispergirl77: I love these games. I plan to play them all. I wish there had been closure or time at the end. It's over SO quickly!. Other then that, developers, you guys rock! Thank you for giving us such awesome games to play for free. I truly appreciate y'all!.
  18. Norma Galan Cooper: Great interactive point and click game. The puzzles aren't too difficult to solve which can be frustrating at times. Five-BN games make great games that I can play on my Galaxy 10 inch tablet..
  19. siobhan monks: absolutely excellent, extra delighted to find it free to play. great puzzles and story. thanks guys, you're the best. Still excellent and I got to play the bonus 👍👍.
  20. Jennifer Mccoy: I love this game.
  21. Constance Bossy: As always, loved it.
  22. Arpineh Apo: Were nice so bountiful.
  23. Ajay Kumar: Better then 1.
  24. Adrian Kuijpers: Good game, recommend it.
  25. Shirley Constable: Love it!.
  26. Attila Hypnotist: great, all of them.
  27. YaVonne Bolm: So freaking fun!.
  28. Patrick Johnson: Excellent game 🎯.
  29. I amcarbonandotherbits.: 3* purely for the reason that this game can become very expensive, and there's no option to buy the full game which I would gladly accept if it was available. Don't know if I can afford to finish this very immersive game. Well deserved 5* for rectifying my gripe about lack of choice, thank you..
  30. Shaun Andrews: Great story great effects.
  31. Colby Miles: Excellent experience.
  32. Paula Nicholson: Love this game, the graphics and fabulous, the challenges are just right..
  33. Peter not: It surely is a great game. There's a story, puzzles, extra game after you complete the first one and extras. What I would really appreciate is an option to see all interest points on a screen. Sometimes I just keep tapping the screen like a monkey, trying to find something that could help.
  34. Edwin Musgrove: I am enjoying these games..
  35. Cindy Jacobsen: I can't stand all the back and forth! I really miss the old hidden object games. They just don't work on my new S22..
  36. Angelina Doolin: I love these adventure games. What makes this more difficult than the others is trying to remember which location had the puzzle you find the part too lol. This series keeps my brain working and is entertaining throughout..
  37. Dan Hoyal: Good story with puzzles that make sense. Great visuals..
  38. Nicola East: Fantastic game and beautifully made game.
  39. Tom Robbo: Love these games.
  40. James Manning: A very good time.
  41. Alan Agnew: Just a very good game.
  42. Drew Gillespie: These games are always great..
  43. L Greene: 5bn is the best.
  44. simone law: Love this game,.
  45. anslee mathews: Awesome.
  46. Jenny Realight: It's a great game overall. I just got a bit irritated when I had to find a knife (or equivalent to a knife) 3 times, because she kept throwing them away. It is also a bit too early for rating, but I'll trust it'll keep running smoothly. You should ask towards the end. Yes, I know there's an option (remind me later) but you don't remind nothing later. Thanks to everyone involved for the entertainment..
  47. Keith Bentley: Too much moving about to find pieces to solve puzzles then off you go again to find another!! Much too much.
  48. Amanda Beasley: So far I am really enjoying this game. It is fairly easy to figure out what to do if you try everything, interact with things in different ways. It is challenging enough that I have had to use a couple hints, but still find it relaxing and can keep a decent pace. The variety of puzzles is refreshing and keeps things interesting. Kudos Designers!!.
  49. Sujit Giri: Nice game. 👍.
  50. Jennifer Tee Mun: Jennifer Ok.
  51. Kerrie Handebo: Great game.
  52. Anne Martin: Very interesting.
  53. Hesty Piska: Love how the story connected to the first one really well. The level of difficulty is just perfect to make it fun without being stuck and getting annoyed. Keep up the great work, team..
  54. Jack Cambest: Puzzles R 2 EZ.
  55. Jordan: Love the different puzzles, scenery, and characters. Five-bn games are pretty much all I play now and these are amazing! Thanks guys and keep it up please!.
  56. shaan Chourasiya: No.1 game,.
  57. Dhaar Wai PUBG: Interesting and sound great colin help colin😃😃.
  58. Ricson De Vera: Nice gane i love it.
  59. Karim Khalifeh: very good game.
  60. Leigh-Anne Tonks: Love it.
  61. Gunslinging Bird: This is the third D&F game that I've downloaded, so obviously I like the game. Unfortunately, this one is set so you can't watch an ad to get a coin like in the other games. The option is there, but after 3 days of trying to watch an ad at all hours of the day and night to get a hint because I'm stuck, it's obvious that the option isn't available. I'm 56% through, so it's sad that I have to delete the game without finishing, but I'm stuck, and can't spend real money to get through it. Too bad..
  62. Dragonfly Danser: Very pretty drawing. Really stupid game. Def P2P, buy those hints, baby!.
  63. Blanka: Dawno nie grało mi się tak dobrze. Fabuła w porządku, logika bezproblemowa i wciągająca, płynne rozwiązywanie zadań i odpowiedni poziom trudności, reklamy "na żądanie". Mega doceniam i szanuję. Pozdrowienia dla teamu!.
  64. Theresa Book: Enjoyable game puzzle solving.
  65. bLACK bIRD: BEST!.
  66. Kurt Mans: Love all the Five BN games enjoy playing them. The thing I don't like is that there are to many puzzles which wouldn't be so bad I guess but most of them are stupid hard...without that a five star rating would be in order. And we need new games !!!.
  67. Sogand Aliakbarkhan: 5 stars is not enough for this game. If l could, l would give 10 estrs. Out of all the games l played, this was very beautiful and great. It took me to another world. Tanks to the creator of this game..
  68. Jho Jho: Thank you for the free chapter! I've been waiting for this! Now I have the chance to catch a glimpse of this wonderful game again..
  69. Julie K: These are the kinds of games that I really like. Keep them coming..
  70. reham essam: All five-bn 's games are wonderful and we need more of them.
  71. Peeeyusha Phatak: Exceptional game.
  72. Emma Hart: Not good when you pay for coins and don't get any so not to good.
  73. Moondancer Kat: Good story, but need to use a lot of hints to get you through..
  74. Jackie Eddy: Love this series!!! Fun to play. Graphics are great. Well worth it!!.
  75. Sarfaraj Tagare: Nice game I enjoying this series.i love this puzzles, story and graphics..
  76. michael montz: tite.
  77. ZAHID PALASH: Enjoying.
  78. Amanda Conteh-Harris: Good.
  79. Tracey Coran: I enjoy the stories.
  80. Hiren S: Enjoyed.
  81. ezzahra zahra: Awsome 🤩.
  82. Cynthia Savage: Ok play.
  83. Lard Ball1: Good good fun.
  84. Hanifa Itani: Perfect.
  85. Chase Wells: Excellent puzzle game on par with the best Five-BN games..
  86. Brynn White: These games are so well made, especially as far as the graphics and story. It's made it so that other games in the same category are so cheesy and bad to me that I can't play them. 😂 I always look forward to new releases from this company..
  87. Stanley Mc Carthy: I love the game.
  88. Christine Jordan: It has kept my interest..
  89. Roxana Hadarean: I enjoy this game series!.
  90. David Richardson: Interesting does stop sometimes but enjoyable.
  91. Rosanna Wollmen: Awesome game keep making more please.
  92. david seeney: Really decent.
  93. Bill Murphy: Puzzles at 1st look fun, then, wherever you touch never corresponds with what registers. D & F 1 was great but D & F 2 sucks. Am deleting after this post..
  94. Rachel Farragher: I love playing these games ,thank you for providing them..
  95. Green World Info: Great game but this is the SECOND Five-BN game that has restarted at tye moment I purchase coins and charges my card but gives no coins and when I try to buy them again in hopes it will credit BOTH purchases it tells me that I "already own this item". So now I'm $6 in the hole with Five-BN and all I'm told is to supply some code that I don't know where to find. If I could upload screenshots I would certainly do so. Love the game, hate the rip off..
  96. Gail Smith: Love games like this except when the task seems be impossible...been stuck on this one part trying to Steve or whatever his name is..lol! I've gone as far as I can go so I'm uninstalling it because makes sense.
  97. Pablo Fabio Cabrera: Great game!!.
  98. Deviyana Tiwaskar: Amazing.
  99. Steven Inglese: Lots of fun,.
  100. Brian Hills: Haveing fun clues are hard but with little care and thought it's easy to figure out nice and fun to play this game I still can't figure out how to get the damn fish out of the tree on the old game but it'll come to me eventually graphics are very well organized I will continue playing darkness and flame as much as I can thanks very much Brian.
  101. Casvon Chanel: Super awesome game and I love it can't wait to try others by the same developer..
  102. Amy Jo: I have how many darkness and flames part 2 in pink good way doit please let us know when it....
  103. Sharon Doll: Absolutely 💯 💯 💯 💯 love it!!!.
  104. Jahid Murad: Done.
  105. Judith Kau: So far so 👍.
  106. Denise Smith: Love this game keeps you in suspence.
  107. Deb Pierce: Fun.
  108. Josette Williams: This is my favorite game it's very very good interesting keeps you going.
  109. Hantie Erasmus: Great game. Interesting story. Great puzzles..
  110. Cindy Lee Cann: I am enjoying this game, just wished the clues were explained better,and that the energy was unlimited for the hints..
  111. Lars Ltspp: Sweet, innocent, engaging, interesting. Highly recommended..
  112. Lea: Amazing game! I am very impressed!.
  113. Barb Threlfall: These are the best quest games ever! I am addicted..
  114. Robert Robinson: Not bad but annoying ads to get hints.
  115. Cristina: Just as amazing as the first one !!.
  116. Cintho Kusnadi: Excellent, and free... Well done Thank you.
  117. Lins Howell: Played the full game!!!!! Just brilliant and well worthy of the 5 ⭐s....Just a great game!!.
  118. Naomi A M: Another excellent game from Five BN..
  119. Sunny Vale: Too many in game purchases. Really like the game!.
  120. phoenix 000033: I love this game. Ambient sounds are amazing, cut scenes are great, visually interesting. Please make more of these forever! I can't hardly wait to get to the next one!.
  121. Yasmeen Mohamed: Awesome love everything you make.
  122. Stephanie Lampe: Love the storyline! Great graphics and tons of fun!.
  123. Ed Edwards: It won't let me proceed a complete mess.
  124. Roger Lalonde: Love it.
  125. Elaine Nudd: Love it. The puzzles are hard enough to keep me drawn in but not so difficult that I can't do them..
  126. Vickie Mclean: Great game.
  127. Lisa Sweat: Awesome game! Bonus bonus content, I loved the story as well!.
  128. Rebecca Wentworth: Need more derxshon.
  129. Dhit Febrer: Very entertaining ..
  130. Piper Sneed: My favorite games.
  131. Cheryl Deschamps: The only I had to start over I can't find the paint and when I rescued the women in the branches I was stuck and couldn't find out what to to do after that?.
  132. zanea hopkins: This is a fun solve it game that is fun yet confusing at the same time the puzzles are fun. If you like solve it games then this is for you..
  133. Bradan Roberts: Loved it just as much as the first one, there were a few times where the voices just cut out, but other than that it was still great..
  134. Brandi Vance: Yes. YES! YAAASSSSS!!!! love it!.
  135. garry sharpe: Enjoying it but it's a bit backwards and forwards.
  136. Charlotte Huck: Love love love, I downloaded this because of reviews and promise me you won't regret it. The perfect mix of puzzle, hidden object and story line. Just what I was looking for and now I am binging the series 🥰👌💃🏻🥳.
  137. Marwan Sahmarani: ١٠.
  138. Meg Edwards: I'm loving this game. My only issue is lack of directives leaving you clicking madly all over the place. However the gamplay is smooth and the graphics are great. Great game for those who love these type of games as I do..
  139. Phetcharat Tanphet: Perfect.
  140. Chase Hallstrom: An amazing point and click puzzle adventure. The only negative I can come up with is that the hint button is a bit too close to the back button. It's definitely possible to win without the hints (unless you have fat fingers) but the puzzles are also not just basic easy. A wide variety of different types of puzzles keeps things fresh. There's even a fast travel system! Add a list of achievements, a bonus side storyline, and a ton of goodies in the extra section and you have this gem of a game..
  141. Roger: Great game, looking forward to more of the same.
  142. Scott Stevenson: Love the five-bn games.
  143. Kasia Majewski: Love all of this developper's games. Great puzzles. Good story. Very attractive visuals.
  144. william delgado: Awesome.
  145. David Masters: Android: same warning as DaF 1 about the inventory arrows. Interesting that this set forms one long story, rather than stand-alone episodes such as 'Legacy' or 'Lost Lands'. A couple of the mini-puzzles were pains in the butt, but I managed. Great graphics and a cute story - like 'Escape from New York' and 'Mad Max' combined. 2nd time through - found *everything*. Even the Bonus chapter is fairly easy... and that's one ugly worm..
  146. dusty katt: Good game.
  147. VIJAY JM: Good.
  148. debr1126: I'm enjoying these so much! I'm downloading the next one, and I plan to buy some hints to support the developers. It's well worth a few bucks..
  149. Ayda Mohamadi: خعلی خعلی باحاله.
  150. Sheri Atwood: Fun game just wish you didnt have to jumpback and forth so much and the puzzles are very easy.

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