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Shooting has never been so much fun. DDTank Mobile Mod v2.5.10

Update: 16/09/2022
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Download DDTank Mobile Mod 2.5.10 for android apk & iphone ios 5.0

DDTank, a web game that swept the world in the past, returns to the classic artillery aiming system in 2020. After years of testing and improvement, this is a brand new version with a better and different PVP system and the most suitable for mobile games!

– Multiplayer Dungeons: Daily unique dungeons, new global boss system, you can play with your buddies anytime!
– Artillery game: charging mode and drag and drop shooting mode, simple
– Global server: real-time combat action with players all over the world!
– Guild System: Gather your friends, family, friends and comrades in pursuit of the same goal!
-Making Friends: Meet your friends, family, lovers across the universe, and even get married in-game!
– Weapon Varieties: Numerous weapons with different characteristics that will amaze you with every shot!
– Companions: Cute and cuddly pets It’s not just for show! With skills and power-ups, you’ll never face an enemy alone!
– Costumes: Special and advanced fashion sets that will bring you very unique characters in the world of DDTank!

The world is going crazy to be a DD tank again! Are you ready to meet DDTankers around the world?

Contact Us:
Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/DDTankMobile
Official Website: ddtank.com

According to our “Terms of Service” ” and “Privacy Policy” Only players 13 years of age and older may download and play DDTank mobile games without parental consent.

Note: Play requires an internet connection

Privacy Policy:

Terms of Service:

Free download DDTank Mobile {Mod_Hack} for Android APK & Iphone IOS IPA. (Size: ) - Version 2.5.10. Released on . By DONIT.INFO. Shooting has never been so much fun. Developed by 7road International HK Limited. Operating system requirements 5.0. Everyone 10+.

Game Hack Features DDTank Mobile MOD

  • - Unlimited Money
  • - No All ADS
  • - Free Premium
  • - Boosters
  • - VIP Unlock

Game Version DDTank Mobile Paid MOD

  • - Free Download
  • - Free Download
  • - Unlocked Premium
  • - Free Premium
  • - Acceleration

Wonderful new functions:
1) Artifact system is online —— The classic artifacts are reproduced one by one, The rank mode is more diverse;
2) Add weapon talent —— Weapons with exclusive effects, Enhance the pleasure of combat again;
3) Release Super Weapon-Super Weapon will be launched soon, with multiple skill attribute switching;
4) Revised Pet Skills——Completely revised pet skills,assist the battle to be more balanced.

New comment

  1. Edreen Alinghawa: My phone dont have problems the game itself sooo lag fps drop.
  2. John Kevin Carlos: Wow after your update for the first week of september server got good. I dont get any lags or bugs. Thank you!.
  3. Exo Hunter: Pay to win clearly from the very beginning. Such a disappointing and discouraged thing to do. Sadly I uninstalled it almost right after download the game purely for the reason it became a pay to win game..
  4. Montathar A. Hussein: Arabic language?.
  5. Leon Bakaa: best game ever.
  6. Reborn Elcarte: I can't update the game..I re install it..and now it says it's imcomptable model🤬🤬.
  7. Jhoanna Marie Sioson: Cool.
  8. ALDEN VILLANUEVA: Im always stock with the load page ..
  9. Isis Hunter: Doesnt work. Wont even open..
  10. Uriel Marron: Would be cool if I could even connect to server. Just stuck on connecting to server..
  11. mahin ritika: good.
  12. mako nat: fun to play! only downside is the matchmaking casual or rank, low power vs high power.
  13. Phinn Semc: Cool game for original ddtank players. Nostalgia guaranteed..
  14. Olan Arcos: Ddtank old version please😭.
  15. Ivan Axcel B. Ofracio: The matchmaking is the worst... Put some old school ddtank2 to mobile.. Fix the damn matchmaking.
  16. Erick Crisostomo: very nice game and easy to play. 😁😁😁😁.
  17. Clark Nasser Reyes: The Best since 2012..
  18. Gamer Knight: Great gameplay and features but I don't like the occasional delays when doing something in the game. I will not rate this game higher than 3 star until they fixed this.
  19. Anthony Lampera: This game never get old always up to date, never ending surprises and events you will never get bored of this game and a lot of players you will not feel bored also a lot of rewards..
  20. jhanzkie Garcia: So addicted to this game haha.
  21. Lifeis Unworthy: unbalanced game but good graphics.
  22. Jan thomas Mejias: One of the best mobile game I ever played!.
  23. Del Elice: VERY GOOD GAME...I LIKE IT.:).
  24. Shawn Wong: Nice game, clear and easy to play.
  25. wt yase: Ddtank was way more known with its artstyle back in the days,well now it kinda devolve from that. Its just sad.
  26. Bryan Cultura: Im stuck in connecting server How immanl going to suppose to do ?.
  27. Mariz Grefaldo: Ddtank is so unfair match making problem!!!.
  28. Dexterrr YT: Why my app won't load?.
  29. Mohd Razali: Conecting to server 4year im waithing what problem.
  30. Joshua Musch: I love this game.
  31. Guess ?: im stuck at the connecting to the server loading, why?.
  32. Lemar Clyde Salas (Clyde): So sad.its hard to enter the game..30 mins.
  33. Mohd Iqbal: Loading for to much long i already connect with wifi bad review for this game.
  34. nhot fox (Pablo Escovar): Ay love it..
  35. Nur Shatirah: its take too looooong time for loading the game.
  36. only meee: people that pay are much more stronger that we are! it's not fair.
  37. bha berja: Play with money.
  38. Ken Abarquez: nice game!.
  39. elhang: It super addicting game.. I'm having so much fun . And meet new friends and play together ..more events please and spa ...
  40. Talha Aliakbar: Still having fun with this game 🥰.
  41. Qi Yuan Wong: The game is great..
  42. Charlavail Kjærholm: Best strategy game I've played so far. 😊.
  43. Masrur Fanalis: Gift me pet and Mount and gold😢.
  44. Thomas Soo: Very dissapointed. Stage are so hard and barely any player join after 60 lv.
  45. Brianlouis Marcos: my favorite game,.
  46. Eriq Norhisham: Nice game.
  47. Rowel Bernaldez: Im very satisfied this game i hope give us many gifts and items thank you very much.
  48. achillis schofield: I love this game so much.
  49. Chustin Owen Aguba: It gives me the vibe that i play when it was on pc..
  50. Harry Jamodiong: I love this game so much!!.
  51. Chanh Cao: good game, more copies is better.
  52. Ed Kiel Pagtakhan: Great experience, everything goes smoothly, transactions are secured.
  53. md abir khan abir: ami ai gem ta khelbo.
  54. jason su: Game not even loading and I have perfect internet connections..
  55. Lorddixel Salas: awesome.
  56. Gabe Bayliss: It is a good game yeah it would be better if you could collect better clothes without having to use real money but that doesn't bother me. Lately I can't seem to find matches with anyone and the server times out eventually even if I use my WiFi or my data it still doesn't work. I can only do dungeons or training at the moment and it is annoying please fix this..
  57. edzelmhar 123: I like it but the old ddtank in pc is the best.
  58. Edward: Red Shadow is way too OP that it made the game unplayable for players with other weapons. And it's almost impossible to get it without spending real money. The developers only care about money and it shows, what a terrible game..
  59. Muhammad Iszani Juraini: Game keep crashing.. Unable to play game properly.
  60. Peter Trinos: Imiss my childhood so☺️ much thanks for ddtank mobile for now.i got.a lot.friends from the games.
  61. Mark Anthony Cabuco (Mac Mac): Please nerf red shadow. Too much op so many passives. And please ban the diamond cheaters. So many of them on s90 upwards.
  62. johns tiny00: What is this game?.. Like seriously when i go up to the rank diamond 2 or 3 it gives me the enemies that are more stronger than me...Please fix the match up ASAP!! THANK YOU.
  63. Makari Konoha: Buy to win game very bad .. Even clothes u need money to get .. Pc version was so much better .. U can do everything without need to buy with real money .. Imagine u cant get any hair for free .. They all need real money .. And the system of the game is .. The more u buy the more u get stronger .. Just a very greedy developers .. I miss pc version was so much better at everything .. Were u could get everything u need without need tp buy with real money .. So u deserve 1 star and even worse..
  64. Julian Topcik: Can't even play. I'm stuck on the connecting to server screen. I've got a full bar connection on 5g UC..
  66. DE GUZMAN RENZ IVAN C: Give S weapon.
  67. John Dyeve Cortes: Every time updste always annoying why need wifi when u have internet in ur phone.
  68. Adriane Vidal: Niceee Game.
  69. XM not SM: Good.
  70. Nigel Laureano: No. Mobile. Ahaf. Fun.
  71. Claire: Kittens in boxes as a weapon & throwing kittens as bullets seems to be promoting animal cruelty. If you remove that kind of weapon in DD Tank then maybe I will rate 4, if you remove the chickens/chicks also then I will rate maybe 5..
  72. miku natsune: His is sad im new i add my account Max level why should i back to the low level 😔 His is so sadly i can't come back to my Max level in my rank??????? pls fix his game i even delete cause is boring.
  73. Arvind Harun: Doesn't work in poco m3,fix it server.
  74. Melma Kerstin Rosalem: 5 stars because I married my boyfriend here..
  75. Bad Doggo: Developers please fix your network connection issue where the game is always reconnecting although i have a decent network connection. It ruins the game, my win rate and my day is also ruined because of this.
  76. jaspher.soriano: I like this game.
  77. Alexandra Olvido: Could be a nice game but the game lag so bad. I think you need to fix this asap. This is so annoying while you're playing.
  78. Joshua Lima: Ang bagal Ng event.
  79. justin israel bula: WHY CANT LOG IN? WHAT HAPPEN.
  80. Matthew Bridges (SacredPolecat15): When I launch the game it shows the White Screen twice and when it does this the second time has the game in a different aspect ratio, I'm also unable to get off the "connecting to server" screen. Just installed yesterday and haven't been able to play this yet. I've tried uninstalling and clearing cache. Nothing works. My phone is a Moto One 5G Ace..
  81. Jomael Baguio: I can't connect to the server plss fix it.
  82. jansen carino: super good.
  83. Chop Chop: Cant login... Stupid game.
  84. Bruno Daniel: Incrível. Nostalgia pura! Mas infelizmente eu estou presenciando alguns problemas de compatibilidade no meu moto g9 play. Para o meu celular ele está muito mal otimizado. Clico em qualquer coisa e vai uns 40segundos pra ter a resposta, isso quando não trava. Peço ao time que dêem uma atenção a isso!.
  85. Sudath Kodithuwakku: It's good buynot very bad so 4 from 5.
  86. kim bontilao: Your game is jast always connecting to server i download the game because i love ddtank and now it jast steel connecting the server..
  87. Louie Jay Jayme: i'm playing it with my girlfriend but after playing it for a while it becomes laggy, also can you explain the server list? AS and SA where does south east asia belong to?.
  88. nathaniel alcaide: Can't refund lol there's nobody playing in old servers.
  89. Beejay Arquero: I can't bind my account whats wrong with this game and the connection error was making the game quitting.
  90. Junnel Santiago: I can't play the game, it keeps only loading.
  91. Nico Coludo: It's always connecting to server. Can't even play the game..
  92. Tuấn Chiu: Ok.
  93. Adam Smit: Pay to win.
  94. Ceejhae Perez: I change my review i thought its a problem but they installed an update thats why i cannot play the game..
  95. Ivan Jimeno: Bad update for data users my friend cant play the game whenever he's outside so you preffered playing the game only on wifi consumers? People work a lot so they often play the game using prepaid load.
  96. Dash Ng: This game is fun and entertaining, you are able to get strong by spending time and effort to understand the gameplay and it also provides a lot of events to keep the game active with continuous update.
  97. Evan James Velasco: Been playing this game since the pc version and it's do cool. It's nice that they have mobile version and something new.
  98. Dan Equiza: It's a Good Game And Enjoyable As Of Now ! , Good Graphics but i wish more costumes to come in a new update !..
  99. Flavia Tanaka: Jogo colaborativo e divertido.
  100. Ahmed Essam El-Din: Very good game but needs more support and working on pvp and free stuff.
  101. Jayson Morales: Fun events recommend playing with friends.
  102. Ken Cacal: Hope events last more long.. its a good good game everyone can enjoy.
  103. ej mendoza: very addictive game, i played this game last 2017, now im still playing it.
  104. Maro 7egazi: Pretty good enjoyable.
  105. Ching chen Hanji: so fun game im enjoying playing this game thank you for makting this game.
  106. Sir. Josh: Stuck on "Connecting to server". Way back 2016. This game upgrade so much since 2016, enjoying this game now.💕.
  107. Carlos Alexandre: Good game..
  108. Bryle Escosa: Very fun to play!.
  109. Alyssa Jean Dellosa: played this on pc way back, glad that its back because we rlly enjoyed it . just want more costumes to be available and also buyable with gold.
  110. Charlene Grace Millano: New maps, weapons, clothes, game modes! There's so many ways to obtain resources, game is generous with loots, I had a good time!.
  111. Maurice Saavedra: Good to be back and on mobile. Played this game around 10 years ago on pc and good to know that it's available on mobile phone..
  112. Castniel Igos: Very entertaining.
  113. Pearl Angelie Galicia: I'm addicted to this game, This is the only game that i put a lot of time and money.
  114. Khenn Labutong: Good game but rank is not too accurate when it comes to players powers and lvls..
  115. Pun yeta: I really enjoy this game. This game is fun and challenging. You have to think of certain strategies in order to win different game modes. Specially different events almost every week makes it more interesting. So I rate 5 stars for this game..
  116. Thinh Pham: I love this fame.
  117. Mark Eugene Ladera: i love this game.
  118. FoX Gamer: Best game.
  119. Ryo Ka: <3 <3.
  120. damon salvator: Still enjoying this game 🥰.
  121. Senpai Gaming: this game is super awesome, and btw this game i play it since 2012 i mean ddtank new era like that.
  122. Ernavy Inson Andrade: The game was good and I have lots of friends because of this game, we're enjoying it and doing all the missions every single day..
  123. aldrINSANE 01: Great game, brings back memories..
  124. Tammy mccaw: Awesome game 🎮.
  125. Mey Silver: Can't reach the server i pick and stuck at screen...
  126. bernie gregorio: Its fun.
  127. Marc Nacouzi: 15 mins waiting to connect to the server.
  128. Soroño Jumari: This game freeze after a long time playing, please fix because it really an issue that can annoyed some of the players. When it freezes im always restarting the game. :( please fix it..
  129. Aimê Viana: Incredible! 😍.
  130. mahmoud gamal: All servers is not working.
  131. Gerald123 Calicdan: Too much lag and too much pay to win. Quitting this game. Not fun anymore..
  132. Aly Jane: Cannot open the game.
  133. Eric Viloria: Conecting to server. What a waste of time and money. Not recomending this game guys its sucks..
  134. Joel Valiente: Why your game is lagging? Every time i click setting, shop etc. is keeps lagging/hanging, my connection is good though. Please fix this, the game is good the lag/hang is not..
  135. Aldrin Dulay: I have been waiting for almost half an hour and im still on connecting on server, the game doesn't let me log in and i hate how slow it is there's no progress even though I waited for almost another 30 min but its still the same... 😞😡😡.
  136. Denelle Francisco: It's getting worst .. Its 30hrs can't log.in !why??...
  137. Lance Merida: DDTANK sana requese sana ako dapat lagyan niyo naman NFC . TOKen para maganda po kahit laro at kikita player niyo.
  138. Nguyen Quynh Lan Thy: Cannot enter the game after the update on 25.05.22. The.
  139. Marie Chris: It's been months since I played this game. But now I can't login using my facebook account..
  140. Ramonito Labuga: Where is the angle ang power indication? I think i cant play this with excitement.. without angle and power indication makes me the game boring.. it is only fun for the kids...
  141. To Bol: pasabi sa may ig name na "buwa", "yankeez", "arcobalenolal" na putang ina nila region as , s17-19.
  142. Britain “Zombie Tyne” Ritzmann: Fun 💋.
  143. DEKU deku: I top up but my top up not pop up wth scammer.
  144. ItWasPain Official: The game is stuck at 1002...loading (Connecting to server...) and it stays that way, I tryed restarting the phone, deleting and reinstaling the game but non works for me. I played it like 1 or 2 weeks ago, and what is wrong now?.
  145. Khalid: The game is good but currently i cant play this game because it is stuck at connecting to server page. Please fix this.
  146. Arjhay Jhanaban: Where is my ticket? I top up but I didn't get a ticket lol.
  147. Jhad Leon: Hi 7Road! I am currently experiencing an issue on the matchmaking on ranked matches. I am currently on Level 26 on Diamond I rank but the thing is, the matchmaking system is unfair. The opponents are almost twice as my level with double power score also (well I don't really know if this could be fixed/if it's just a normal feature or is it just I grinded too much on ranked). Aside from the issue, this game is still the same as I first played it and it's a good thing! :).
  148. XXxLancelotxXX: This is to long to loding 😵.
  149. danny cahayag: I can't connect to server.
  150. khari syaqirin: Stuck at intro.. Connecting to server from 1pm until 2.45pm...

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Version: 2.5.10.
Operating system: 5.0.
Evaluate: 48427.
Content rating: Everyone 10+.
Installs: 1,000,000+.
Product: .
Developers: 7road International HK Limited.
Votes: 4.4.
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