The Ultimate HD Hunting Simulator on Android!. DEER HUNTER CLASSIC Mod v3.14.0

Update: 06/11/2022
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Download DEER HUNTER CLASSIC Mod 3.14.0 for android apk & iphone ios 3.0

Get back into the wild in the most visually stunning FPS hunting simulator on Android!

From the Pacific Northwest of North America to the savannahs of Central Africa, embark on an epic journey to hunt the world’s most exotic animals!

Join your friends in a global co-op challenge where teamwork is key. Work together to complete hunting objectives and collect rewards!

Discover a living world
Dive into a diverse environment with over 100 animals! Watch out for predators like bears, wolves and cheetahs! Deer hunting is just the beginning!

Maximum Firepower
Enjoy endless customization options as you perfect your weapons. Upgrade magazines, scopes, stocks, barrels and more! Take your hunting to the next level!

Collect Trophies
Beat the biggest animals with Google Play Achievements and Leaderboards for bragging rights!

Addictive high-end tablet game!

It’s open season, join the hunt today!

Designed for fans of FPS games, hunting simulators and deer hunter series.

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Please Note:
– This game is free to play, but you can buy some extras for real money Items are charged for using your Google Account. You can disable in-app purchases by adjusting your device settings.
– This game is not suitable for children.
– Please buy carefully.
– Ads appear in this game.
– This game may allow users to interact with each other (eg chat rooms, player-to-player chat, messaging) with the availability of these features. Links to social networking sites are not intended for anyone who violates the rules applicable to these social networking sites.
– An internet connection is required to play.
– For more information on how Glu collects and uses your information, please read our Privacy Policy:
– If you have any questions about this game, please use the game’s ” Help” function.

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Free download DEER HUNTER CLASSIC {Mod_Hack} for Android APK & Iphone IOS IPA. (Size: ) - Version 3.14.0. Released on . By DONIT.INFO. The Ultimate HD Hunting Simulator on Android!. Developed by Glu. Operating system requirements 3.0. Teen.


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Welcome to the Hunting Season Deer Hunters ! As always, we’ve been tinkering away to make Deer Hunter Classic the best possible experience for you. Here’s what you can expect with this update:
– Improvements to scaling and progression to help our new members along.
– Double Rewards with the Free Energy event. Keep an eye out for this one!
– Bug fixes.

New comment

  1. Joseph Kingyon: I wish they would fix the freezes after the final hunt!! You never get the prize money that you earn!!!! I would honestly give 5 stars but this is annoying!!!!.
  2. Chandhuu Mondreti: Last time play this game on 2016. It's very amazing &now it's back with some changes. Iloved it very much.
  3. Abrisam Harith: The game is good IT'S GOOD FOR HUNTER.
  4. Grace Thompson: Love this game.
  5. Shayne E Kinsman (Whytepanther): I love the 3d hunts and effects, and imagine that I am hunting in reality. But what bothers me is the swap lcon is too close to fire icon.
  6. Jeremy Julander: Awesome.
  7. Cassondra Johnson: One of my most favorite games played on phone or laptop.
  8. Rylan Skinner: Fun.
  9. Tucka Boi: Great hunting game I promise.
  10. Nick Thompson: I love this game. I used to play it back in the day bit now it says I can't connect to the internet. So I can't watch ads on it. And some of the progression is slow especially with the silver coins.
  11. trey tucker (reaper of grimm): They want to record your phone calls and look through your contacts. Do not under no cercomstance install this game..
  12. Inyan Khan: Kaka 70.
  13. Elijah Ferman: Garbage game screws you outta hunter bucks and they do nothing to help you out at all 0 stars if I could.
  14. Gage Allen: Great game.
  15. sawan magedaragama: A very bad app becuz of unavailable updates.
  17. Maryanna Garcia: Very interesting, and fun to play, a good time consuming game..
  19. John Bola: I really love this game but it usually crash after every complete region or trophy hunt especially, they really need to improve this with the purchasing of new weapons..
  20. Fabian Madke: "This game needs permission to access your contacts and make and manage phone calls." Yeah sure buddy dream on..
  21. Beljan Eimiel Reposar: Makes me become a good shooter nice gameplay. :).
  22. Regina Anderson: Cool.
  23. Dara Milih Laki Driver: Nice game.
  24. Gore Sandson: Great 👌.
  25. Brett Hovis: This is not hunting. This is opening fire to kill as many animals as you can clean kill or not. Dumb game. Whoever designed this game obviously has never actually hunted, unless they consider hunting to be: walking out to the woods and shooting 500 times to slaughter everything they see move. Ignore this game and go play COD, at least COD has good controls and it's the same idea of a game..
  26. Hunter Mueller: Its fun, and theirs plenty of stuff to do even if you don't buy anything..
  27. Mobile Mobile: 😠😠😠😠😾😾😾👎👎👎👎.
  28. Heinrich Hattingh: The game freezes after 'n completed the shot at the last trophy of every map. I then get no money for it but unlock the next map..
  29. Jayden Fernandez: This is a good game I've been playing this game for years.
  30. Margie Campbell: Hooked.
  31. Patrick Johnston: Requires entirely too many permissions.
  32. Matthew Buchholz: Very fun, not too hard and not too easy.
  33. Maxwell Christman: All the final trophy hunts of the regions for me don't load the final screen and I have to restart the app and don't get the coin credits but get the credit for the completion of the region.
  34. Leon Cristiano: I don't know why I'm rate this game 😂💔.
  35. Austin Bradley: Awesome game me and my friends play.
  36. Mason Lewis: Amazingly realistic and no in app purchases necessary!.
  37. Allahyar Pasayev: Qeweng oyudu.
  38. Chuck Enos: The best game ever keep up the good work.
  39. just Wings of Fire: It reset all my progress once i cpmleted the trophy hunt.
  40. The Genus: Perfect.
  41. Shane Christian: It's good game until u get to the last trophy kill and it freezes up and i dont get my money.
  42. Jimbo: Greatest deer hunting game ever.
  43. Abidogun Olatunde: I really like this app.
  44. Benjamin Chris. Clemens: Needs more chances for more 🔫.
  45. Lila Kunwar: Very good.
  46. David Halstead: David Michael Halstead Jr 👍👊🤝.
  47. Dennis Knows Nothing Enjoy: Fun game but it keeps lagging out at the end of chapters and takes all my coins and cash from final hunt.
  48. Nick Carroll: Enjoyed it 👍.
  49. Totso Phillips: The kind of data THIS GAME needs to collect in order for you to play it, is highly suspicious. Why does a GAME need to monitor my phone calls?! Uninstalled it very fast..
  50. GhostLem0n: Epic.
  51. Mark Borowitz: I love the graphics I love the trajectory of the bullet and the big blood splat! But yep it freezes a lot when you get past certain levels it's disgusting pisses me off I couldn't even continue hunting another great job by so-called brains of the industry! Give it up you suck at it!.
  52. Brian Sceini: Why does this GAME need to access my photos, media, files, contact list, along with permission to make and manage phone calls?¿? Yeah, Phuck these dudes.
  53. Anuhas Dilshan: 🤙🤙🤙.
  54. Carlos Martinez: I like the game it self. Might be good to add a way to get gold coins besides spending mo ey. But besides that I play it and love it..
  55. Jaison Mollo: Game downloaded to my tablet but will not work great game if it worked.
  56. TAHIR CHEEMA: Why this game needs the permission of my phone box, calls and photos????????...
  57. Gregory Cowan: Game no longer supported by Glu.
  58. Francisco Bartolome: Nice.
  59. Andrew Barker: Still The Best... Thnx Dev..
  60. Bryan Banico: 3 star ,because there is a glitch when you reach final hunt kindly fix this ASAP!!!😔.
  61. joseph rosner: Love it!.
  62. Fidel Zavala: The prize for the last of the rare hunts is not given, it freezes, needs to be reset, the challenge is cleared, but the prize not given!.
  63. احمد الوردانى: ooooooooooooooo play.
  64. Esteban Alejo: Its ok. My son liked it..
  65. Alex Mercer: I rlly rlly loved the game, the graphics and the movements of animals being shot are super realistic, first time I have ever seen an good quality graphics mobile game..
  66. Carmen San Nicolas: It's so fun I love it.
  67. Mr. Haste: This game is laggy and complex.
  68. Samantha Soto: It gets to be pay to play after a bit.
  69. Roge Deleon: the game.
  71. Reeve Saal: Not yet looking forward to play.
  72. Maciej Godziek: Game displays a note that permissions are not granted and quits, without requesting any permissions at all. Looks fishy.
  73. Mana Lawson: The reason why I'm giving yous a 5 star rating is this game is awesome it would be cool if it's a offline game.
  74. Scottie Hurt: One of the best games I've ever played very addictive hunting games if you're a avid Hunter or just like game play I would strongly suggest it the gameplay is awesome..
  75. Əli Əhmədov: Are you a spy? What will you do with my personal information , motherf....r?.
  76. Gage Woolridge: Terrible.
  77. Markdavid Apelado: Very very good game of deer hunting.
  78. Edy Khattar: Oh yeah mawsam ayloul sefre ferre mawwit abou chaouke ohhhh yeahhhh 3asfur hihihihehehe.
  79. James Blandford: This game is awesome.
  80. Carlos Soto: Fun shooter game.
  81. Mike Beatty: Why does the app require full access to your contacts, plus the ability to send calls? No thanks..
  82. Henry Sealey: The hunting experience is so real, love this game..
  83. Cody Kossen: App crashed during a trophy hunt, had to restart my app. It have me credit for beating it but didnt give me the reward for it. It won't give me any of my hunting rewards..
  84. Bobby mullins: Its a fun game.
  85. Sally Reinhardt: It rocks it rocks.
  86. Juan Wishteyah: Cool game.
  87. wong lip keong: Good.
  88. BRYCE Whaley: Pretty fun.
  89. Yusuf Kardame: Why does the game freeze evtime I kill the last special animal on each extremely irritable because you kill the animal but loose the reward.
  90. Taveon Thomas: Good game.
  91. Danny Wontorcik: Love the game and so much fun when you get to a higher level.
  92. Jonathan Moynes: Fun.
  93. Arthur Trusler: Value for money.
  94. Edwin Neel: There ain't a game on here that i will let have control over my phone calls or textin or pics that's high way robby.
  95. Aminul Islam: Nicapp.
  96. Herlinda Palomo: The game is full of Skills there was this one time that a huge bear came on to me it was so real that it was scary but manage to hunt him down !!!.
  97. lucio avilez: I like the game but I dont have ads available can you please fix it.
  98. ANDREAS CONSTANTINIDES: This is a good game but I give 3 stars due to the fact of freezing 2 times at trophy hunt on the last part 2 times , one on desert and one on British . So I had to restart the game an money never came. So I just uninstall it..
  99. Jonathan Tanteo: Starting from the first up to the fifth area every final hunt doesn't give me the rewards 😂😂😂 can the developers do something about it????.
  100. Jawadsardar Jawadsardar: Good.
  101. Joshua Tanner: Developers... I signed in with Google Play Games, but I keep getting "Internet Connection Required" and I'm connected to WiFi. It says that when connected to 4G as well. Update this, or I'll never play another Glu game again. And your games are some of the best, but not if this keeps happening. Fix it! Update: it still says "Internet Connection Required", and I have a 5G phone now..
  102. Grayson Hughes: Best mobile hunting game I've ever played.
  103. Chris Saige: I love this game but the last 2 areas I finished the game froze as I killed the main animal and never gave me the money from completing it. When I restart I have no money from the mission. Fix this now please.
  104. Martin Y Camacho: It's fun to play.
  105. Shama Khan: Game are so kuti.
  106. Luby Burke: Have not played it yet.
  107. Keith Ware: Absolutely love this game who doesn't like to shoot exotic animals!!!!! JK it's all fake but it is cool.
  108. Danny Sumner: Ok.
  109. Saifal Rana: Rana saifal.
  110. Ma Moreno: Love iT!.
  111. Austin Richardson: Very great classic and challenging game i played thid long ago and came back to it today just to enjoy the game once again.
  112. Christopher Tomlinson: Very good game love it Very good quality.
  113. Jose Lopez: Esta horrible cuando matas el último animal para continuar el siguiente nivel te roba todo el dinero.
  114. Samy Kaci: Great game.
  115. Bojan Jovanovic: This is so stupid because I have have to give prems to my contacts, photos, and files so I give it a 0.
  116. John Lefevers: Passes the time.
  117. Kaniel Kidnal: It is my first time playing this.
  118. Carisa Tompkins: You could make it better by making all the guns to be free! Make the trophy animals to be easier to kill. I like that you can see heat with a riffle..
  119. Ali Nas: I like it very nice game.
  120. Erin Ramklown: This game was not working for me That is why im giving you 1 star.
  121. Jaime Lopez: Cool.
  122. Liam Long: Needed my my number and contacts?.
  123. deegan gause: This game is great I love playing it.
  124. Russell Cater: I don't get the money on the last trophy animal.
  125. Kenneth Mullins: It's the best game i've ever played..
  126. Arif Ullah: not good.
  127. Mox30 89: Good game.
  128. Gabriel Sena: Very fun and interesting helps the time go by fast.
  129. Dagen Christen: This is a great game.
  130. Qwax: This game is awesome. Shoot deer kill deer.
  131. anju fdo: good point.
  132. sanjaya gaming Free fire 10: No fun at all.
  133. M S Khan: Nice Game.
  134. Musa Umar Khan Azad: Love this game. Has really nice graphics and very accurate. However i have completed region 5 amd all previous trophy hunts but region 6 is still locked. I cant go further. Please fix it..
  135. Muhammad Qasim: Network Deer hunter classic Qasim.
  136. CORRAL Gino Karlo S.: cool, for casual gamer. ,.
  137. Joey fontenot: Cool.
  138. Nick Wickman: Game freezes on the final boss of a map pretty fun.
  139. Sadman Abedin: 3 stars are given mainly for the good cgi and other impressive things. But there are some negative points as well. 1. I jist conpelted the final Trophy mission in region 4 but guees what, my prize money of 21,000 wasn’t added to the balance, and the game freezes after the accomplishment of every final mission. 2. Sometimes the target isn’t visible for the obstacles. Before I even find and kill the target, time is up and the target escapes. Fiz these issues please..
  140. Tracey Edmonds: I love THIS GAME I hunt in real life and this is the same thing I don't have a complaint about this game it's just a GREAT GAME!!!!!.
  141. James Kuder: Great game! Except no videos for items. And it freezes after big hunt and you lose the money that you have earned for the kill..
  142. Skyla Empie: Love the game.
  143. Hernandez Escobar: I cant find any aim settings the wait time for more hunts is long but everything else is good.
  144. Dusty McClellan: Sucks.
  145. Cole Borland: This app is sketchy it's asking to track your info and other creepy stuff DO NOT GET THIS APP!.
  146. Chupa Goat: Why would it need access to contacts, managing phone calls or media files?.
  147. Kevin Minor: Pretty fun. Some glitches that are odd. Maybe it's because I play on my phone instead of a tablet.
  148. Joe Tate: Fun and easy but some hunts are challenging.
  149. Jason hlinovsky: Now everytime I try and log in it tells me that I don't have internet connection. Is there something wrong with this game? Still freezes when I do the last special hunt.
  150. John Hamiltom: Great...!.

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Operating system: 3.0.
Evaluate: 3997694.
Content rating: Teen.
Installs: 100,000,000+.
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Developers: Glu.
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