Duck Life Mod

Duck Life {HACK,MOD}

Raise your duckling into a champion racer in this addictive pet & adventure game. Duck Life Mod v3.00012

Update: 14/09/2022
Original price $: FREE

Download Duck Life Mod 3.00012 for android apk & iphone ios 5.0

Train your duckling to be a champion racer!

Are you ready to play the ultimate duck training game? The award-winning online game with over 150 million international plays is finally in your hands!

Train your ducks in 15 mini-games including running, swimming, flying, climbing and jumping. Watch it proudly compete against rival ducks in tournaments, discover exciting worlds and learn new skills. Finally, join your duck in the final race against the real flaming champion duck and get eternal glory.

The revamped version of the app features new and improved races, graphics, music and store accessories. This is the most croaking duck life to date!

Key Features:
– Race against other ducks to earn coins and tournament tickets!
– 6 different duck worlds with new shops and competitors. Grasslands, swamps, mountains, glaciers, cities, volcanoes
– Give your ducks crazy hats and give them amazing hairstyle!
– Adorable characters
– Great graphics
– Immersive music
– Ends 30 games

Jayisgames: “If you want some fun and casual stuff, it’s perfect for spending free time” 4.5/5

Free download Duck Life {HACK,MOD} for Android APK & Iphone IOS IPA. (Size: ) - Version 3.00012. Released on . By DONIT.INFO. Raise your duckling into a champion racer in this addictive pet & adventure game. Developed by Operating system requirements 5.0. Everyone.

Game Hack Features Duck Life MOD

  • - No ADS
  • - Premium Unlock
  • - Unlock All
  • - Unlock Full Version
  • - Unlocked Paid

Game Version Duck Life Paid MOD

  • - Download Free
  • - Unlocked ALL
  • - VIP Unlock
  • - No Reload
  • - Speed

• Supported 64 bit CPU
• Supported new Google in-app billing..

New comment

  1. Rachel Sellman: Childhood favorite game, sadly after swimming it's a pay to play.
  2. Dre Fisher: It's really good love it lt.
  3. Marquita Jones: Make I better.
  4. Mehwish Mehboob: I can not go to the snow bayoum.
  5. Laura Mc cormack: Nice.
  6. Lilian Mendoza: Imma makes some KFC out of my ducks.
  7. Angelia Pettus: I. Love this game.
  8. DR Ammar Jasim Dakhil: Good. Game Duck. Life.
  9. Alamgir Rahman: Very cute game.
  10. Thelma Ramsey-shannon: its like my fav game cus ROOKIE NUMBERS.
  11. Football King: pp.
  12. Yasmeen Akhter: Best game I ever played but I am giving four stars because we need to give money for next bioems.
  13. Ompapoma: Why do you have to buy the worlds just play on cool math then.
  14. Kitty Keyboard: Its a 10/10 game they made it so you can level up faster ao its not so annoing BUT you need to pay for the next row of places so i rate it a four star😎😍😳.
  15. Kent Hammer: amazing.
  16. Tristan Jennings: Okay so the game is good but only for like an hour because you have to pay for three of the levels and it's only a dollar but still that's just disrespectful especially if someone like me who put in the time and effort to max out everything that they could just to find out that the levels cost money.
  17. Siddhartha Man Shrestha: When I got to the glaters map it made me pay to go into to the map and I could not go 😡😡😡😡.
  18. Galaxy Bolt: Hate it.
  19. Rivann Ghai: op games be like duck life.
  20. Fadszaren Adifi: Good but little trouble. I unlocked the map "Glacier" but it needs "Unlock All Maps Gamepass." I hate gamepasses. Next Duck life game, remove gamepasses, ok? I REALLY hate gamepasses!!.
  21. Jacob Reese: Great game, amazing, but it's game you can play for free on millions of sites on Google. That being said you shouldn't have to pay to unlock the second half of the game. Some EA sports type shannigins..
  22. Theresa Burger: I'm not gonna be able to make dogs jguhuuugfuhgmxkyfmfhgfnfhnhtfhfxrgbxththbfndghbfgx vfgfghnfyjndthdthr g djntyh htrb5dyyjkgtjc7xtjndgtyfntdhyjtxutxyjudjtmtudjtduxhtjhtsnjtdy6xrhh drrx5hbdtrdgdgddgrzgbdzgrshntjddryjmyjthfnx. Fh, jkfyymfjjtfjfjtfhnhgfnftnhftujftdyhtyyyjtf5u rebeggddvdvsvdsdsvvxzcsdvvdxdbnnrgxnxfhnfxhhgfxrshgrsyhfxngbzfgbfzgrdhbdgr thbhvgbgfxhdrbgdthbfxbhtxhnxnrghdrydfnytydnynfnxfyigyjutfgcughcgnhmcgjfkyjjycjyfjfthgfcgffhhtfhxryvhhhkvjgcjgfghnnlfhikgcjkxhfjngxhuvjkgfjgfuucfyf Hf.
  23. Liam Jacobs: I CANT BEAT THE GAME I CANT GO TO GLACIER!!! WORST GAME EVER!! Unless you fix that I can't go to GLACIER.why does it cost money.
  24. ENTi Solutions: Good game.
  25. Korbin Cole: It's not bad just when I was doing the running training the left and right didn't exactly work like when I press right or left the duck will stay in the same spot then I have to press it again I was gonna tate a 4 but it's a one now.
  26. Kristopher Yamada: Its a duck game..
  27. Moin Khan: The game is sooooooooo bad.
  28. clan ban: Hard but fun is what I was gonna say if the game didn't force me to buy the rest of areas like why just play the flash games instead we'll if there still available.
  29. Harut Chaghasbanian: Fun.
  30. nicholas macias: soooooooo good.
  31. Reza Aditya: Am rate it 10/10.
  32. Clarissa Gifford: Brings back the old memories.
  33. Moose Goose: After you complete the running, swimming, and flying levels, you have to pay to complete the rest..
  34. only ayan!: Love it.
  35. Lynn Nuttle: Good game for sure I can say that It was a little ripetiv tho. 👌👍.
  36. Yuki Shadows: Half of the game is locked behind a pay wall..
  37. sarmin arzu: why do i have to pay real money on next round like WHAT 😡😡😡.
  38. Cody Kinney: Game was very fun, until you hit a $1 pay wall that stops you from playing something that's ment to be in the game. My duck has 6 skills and the first 3 levels you get to train 3 of them. I had running, swimming, and flying all at lvl 150, was looking forward to training my duck to be an Olympian. The devs should really think about at least warning you that you have to pay for half the game!.
  39. Noah BOURGOIN: It was fun... but I need to buy other towns.
  40. Kristine Gerona: THE NEXT AREA NEEDS MONEY.
  41. Sebastian Wray: didnt lett me download the game.
  42. Mariah Price: So stupid, at least put somewhere that its a pay to play game. EXTREMELY DISAPPOINTING 0 STARS I WISH.
  43. Dylan M: the part I hate about it is that you have to buys th e other maps so you can't get ggood in the other skills😠.
  44. Solano Solano: AWSOME.
  45. Jack Brune: i love to race i love this game.
  46. Farzana Haseen: Amazing.
  47. Omar Omar: I gave it a three star because the last three stages is money and no way i am purchasing that SO MAKE IT FREE.
  48. Londen Martin: I love this game the only problem I've had is to start it over you have to delete and reinstall the app which makes me repurchase the last three areas..
  49. Brittany Hale: I think it sucks you have to buy the last three levels.
  50. Rajeshwori Shrestha: Op.
  51. Michael Huett: Is only a demo of the first three stages. After that, expect to pay $0.99 extra for each stage..
  52. Let’s Go: I love this game but some of the game cost money.
  53. Aaron Eldridge: Controlls don't work sometimes, the flash game had everything free but the mobile port has last three worlds behind a pay wall. No ads though..
  54. Xavier Collins: Reeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee.
  55. Joel Bajet: I just watched it and want too download it immediately.
  56. Calebvictor 13: You might as well make the game premium because I would never pay for the next level in duck life. The controls don't always pick up what I'm doing and it's usually unresponsive.
  57. Alfie Miller: I love the ducks.
  58. Nancy Gallaza: is this offline.
  59. Blissykosi Savanna: It's amazing.
  60. lesbiAn: How do you get more than one duck? Please help me!.
  61. Rebecca Gidal: If I have to pay money Then why can't a play a free game.
  63. Kevin Brown: Great game, but you can't finish it without paying money. They're really sneaky about it. You can play the first three skill types for free, but then there's a pay wall that won't let you go farther. Play it as a flash game online, then it's free..
  64. cinnamon crunch: this is the worst game ever dont play it you have to pay money to continue playing and the graphics are ugly just like the developer of this game and the game makes no sense at all it doesn't deserve your money dont play this stupid game.
  65. Ryder Morgan: It's the best game I have ever Played!.
  66. Amber Thornton: In game payment to continue half way through with no warning about it.
  67. Ebro Ladep: It was five star but there is so much glitches like I got tournament ticket and it says I do not have a tournament ticket then I quit the game.
  68. Nathanial Anderson: Half of the game you have to pay for.
  69. DJ TJ: I remember playing it and it was not bad at all why is it a 3.6 star.
  70. Sully: Why make people pay for An extra part.
  71. Tired Teen: controls where wack. it just better to play the FREE version..
  72. Mariana Gangan: Best game🐥.
  73. Rawiri Haira: i hate it : (.
  74. Livills Ordinez: The fact you have to pay to go to the next level is devastating. But its a cool game reccomend to people! Cute outfits are adoroble on my bird and i love it!.
  75. spicy gaming two videos everyday or more: It's a great game I love it I only have 3 requests when doing training you should be able to tap wherever you want on the screen to go there instead of the arrows or numbers or whatever and during training there should also be a pause button and maybe power-ups would be nice.
  76. Flynn Walker: its a good game but i can't pick upthe food for the duck.
  77. Karya Nusantara: The game is good and fun with no ads, but the MOST ANNOYING thing is that the LAST 3 AREAS NEED MONEY TO UNLOCK, Just whyyyy, it ruins the fun....
  78. Lucas: This game brings back memories from my childhood, I loved playing ducklife and found I still do. The ge looks great the graphics and over all art and design of the game, has improved dramatically from when I was a kid. The only reason I'm not giving five stars is because of a few bugs I ran into, and the whole game olbot being free. Besides these minor things the game is amazing..
  79. Cameron: Good game. I'd give it 4 stars if you didn't have to pay for half the game. Bruh..
  80. Me “Me” ._.: you have to pay for the second half and the system of leveling is confusing.
  81. Cherry_ Blossom: aHi.
  82. Da'Money Davis: Better on PC but I like it.
  83. Conway Jazaris: Loving.
  84. Daniel Fallows: I put all the effort in to get to the point where I can defeat the flying duck place tournament but after that I have to pay money to play the game more? Simply no I know you want money but that's too far worse than EA and I'm not allowed to spend money on games.
  85. Bradley Hunts: This game was my childhood! I loved creating new ducks to play as, and now I'm back!! Five stars from experience, and now that I know how DLC works, I can try that out, too!.
  86. Mike Danyluk: This is an awesome game.
  87. Robby Chatwood: Awesome game!.
  88. habiba: I like lankybox and they played this game.
  89. Aiden Rhodes: This is just like the real duck life and it's my favorite game ever.
  90. Theresa Ford: Poop.
  91. :PURPLE GRAY:: would play again on baby baby b.
  92. Tapsiya naresh: PRO Duck PRO Lebr.
  93. mesto msto: Its good antil u have to pay with real money.
  94. Kenneth Clemmer: fun fun.
  95. M Y S T I C A L W Ø L F Y: I was in love with this game! I could say even obsessed. Played it 24/7. But I got heartbroken very easily soon after installing it. Since I had to PAY REAL MONEY TO GET TO THE THIRD LEVEL? I was honestly so mad about this. Uninstalled it immediately. Fix this please, I'm pretty sure there are loads of people like me who aren't willing or can't pay real money. Do it optional in some features or something, I'd even rather some ads. Thank you..
  96. Cheeto Harsha: I loved it until I was going to go to glacial and then it said you had to buy everything else what's the point of getting a game to try and beat the champion and then have to buy to see the champion like I wouldn't really get this.
  97. SiennaRose: ducks.
  98. Brooklyn Ward: I got through 4 towns and then now I have to pay to play the next town. Not worth it. It is a fun game but you do have to pay after like 4 towns. I am mad. I want be to play on more downs then just four with out paying.
  99. Amy Clarion: You have to pay to play more of the game.
  100. Aliprince 21234: It's so nice that I can get a good feel for the whole thing and that is a great idea for me to be able to get a good feel for the whole thing and that it will help me get a better idea of life.
  101. Sidhdhant Prasad: I like this game.
  102. rv mel: I like it but i dont like it at the same time when i see more guys on youtube its ok but i know they allways spend monny your game is a scam but alot of fun.
  103. Nir Kumar: I'm giving had stars but why becous this game is fun but 4 level need real money.
  104. Santbir Rai: Kushahang Raijfifjzjzhsgddngdbdjdjdjsksyxhxjxgxhdubdnzhahalq.ajwkqlsmnskxjdmdwnxns shsmsjshwhwjwhwmwmwnansvxbsbznznsnsns s snsnsns,wk1,a z s, wmajzjnsnsnsnsms s smsmzmnx s jxmz,l a,zmms,wkzjzjsmsmzsmzmzmzmzmzmmzmzm?-?--?-??'?#!/;*,@)》▪▪♢《《《[email protected][email protected]?#&&#!'?.. ,,×,#,,,,mhfcvgafsbnznsmsmznsnsbrbfhfbfhdjsksksksmskmsmslxmsldmksmsmmmzm,kdmdmjchdhhcjxhxmxjsjxhchgchxggsnshshdjsjsjmsnsnsnsnznzmxnnxbxhshxhdhjsjsjdjsjjdjdjdhggddgfrgnnznzmzjnssjhsbsbsznsnsmsjzbjsmzmsjjsnshshsgsvsnjsjshshsbshjsksweswsdmmjjjjkkk.
  105. Dereck and Chris brothers: I like I it because it's funny.
  106. Vinz The Dragon: Ok.
  107. Henk Tubbe: 😘.
  108. Yasmin C. Alonto: When i snap in the snow what is cat money.
  109. Anthony: Seriously just Seriously. The game is good but the controls make no sense they barely work fix this so dumb..
  110. XandTheIronMiner: Biggest waste of time. If you told me I had to PAY REAL MONEY for the last three areas, I would've known to not install it at all. Like, why??? On the computer, it's all free (unless you idiots decided to change that). Two stars because at least it was kinda fun, but it's a waste because I can't even beat the game..
  111. Basanta Bhanja: The best.
  112. Kucumik mik: wow.
  113. Asim Rizwan: Well first when played the game I liked it it`s a really fun game but having to pay for the last 3 world's if it`s a no ad game it should have nothing to do with money but I still love the game..
  114. A Google user: I love this game but being to many levels makes a race super boring and it's just a copy of duck life 4 not the original 1.
  115. Shaela Wahl: I love this game but I can't create my own duck anymore 😐.
  116. Nancy Strohl: When you get to the 4th level you have to buy it.
  117. Elif Kazim: This game is so much fun my ducks are so healthy I took good care.
  118. HellbladesFFXI: Look. I was going to rate this like, 3-4 star at least. I was going to lavish it with praise for being DuckLife 4 (The flash game) which is admittedly my least favorite of the series, but done RIGHT, with the perfect controls to mobile and a lot of nice changed features. But then I hit the paywall. Area 4, and by extension areas 5 and 6, are stuck behind a 99¢ purchase. It isn't a lot, but allow me to remind you the original flash game was FREE. I'm sorry but can't recommend this..
  119. Anastasius 10: Good.
  120. Monu Kumar: 𝖳𝗁𝖾 𝖻𝖾𝗌𝗍 𝗀𝖺𝗆𝖾.
  121. Cha Chay: error.
  122. Nightmare chrysalis: cool.
  123. Muhammad Iqbal Khattak: the worst game.
  124. Galy Homsi: Ok.
  125. makeup stylist: Best game realy but a few issues with the game. Any sometimes I try too bye clothes it says I have zero coins but I actually have like 185 coins pleas fix the bug thanks.
  126. Heidi Pioterek: DUCK.
  127. Soikaew sapipat: I love this game it brings back so much memory's from 2017 about 5y ago last game duck life retro.
  128. Grace D' Costa: I really like this game it is so fun!.
  129. Me Akkko: I would have never thought to review THIS game, but anyways, this game is one of childhood favorites ig, For me, its okay, I started to play and have fun with it, but after a while I just gave up, well I just kinda deleted the app, it's kinda boring for me and not that fun anymore, if you're a child like 7 or below who loves animals or ducks in general, I totally reccomend, it's just that older players who come to visit memories kinda is boring for them (most likely) but eh, 3/5 stars, it's okay.
  130. Fuyuki Atatski: LITERALLY PAY TO WIN BRO.
  131. Keisha Simplice: I love this game BUT! THE PACK COST MONEY JUST NO MONEY IT SHOULD BE FREE!.
  132. eric sekalala: It is the best but I hate we have to pay for the last 3 lvls.
  133. frostburn55: It's pay to win it deserves to burn in hell.
  134. Jordan Belton: The game is fun but make it free and your other games.
  135. Naseem Karaga: This game is really fun you can care of your own duck but there's one problem that the three other levels cost money.
  136. Yeeteth Thou (Yeeteth Thou): its a fun game don't get me wrong. but you can only play so much before it asks you to pay to continue..
  137. HECTOR RODRIGUEZ: Do I really have to pay for the gallerz.
  138. Micah Charles: Everyone saying that they don't like the pay wall but I think that it's HORRIBLE I mean I played for about 2 hours and told my friends about it but as soon as I reached glacier I had to PAY!?!? I would get it if you payed with coins but real money i mean come on it cost 100 a month (or year I can't remember) to keep a game up on play store but If you do this then you'd just end up losing more players than You get. So take the paywall down and add ads and people would like it a lot more PLEASE!!!.
  139. Romeo Abraham: I absolutely love this game but the way you play half way through the game and have to pay to play the rest of it .It is not that much money but I hate it when games do this.
  140. Johura Begum: Why did it need money 💲 for play last 3 area (even the money 💲 is real).
  141. Keianna Antonia campbell: I ssw a YouTuber play this and I decided to play too Great game.
  142. Asad Sukhera: This game is really fun but you need to give money to continue that's why I gave it a 3 you should make it free.
  143. Katie Corwin: Good game.
  144. the munk: Bs.
  145. Christopher Ramirez: sonic.
  146. Adam Fermor: Half the levels are locked.
  147. kt viva: I Love it.
  148. FionaxFiona: It's a dun nostalgic game bit you have to pay for half the levels.
  149. Layla Fleming: I LOVE DIS.
  150. nhette onrubia: Dude game forces you to spend money worst scam game ever.

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