Flick Kick Field Goal Kickoff Mod

Flick Kick Field Goal Kickoff (Hack_Mod)

Step up and see if you have what it takes in the ultimate field goal challenge!. Flick Kick Field Goal Kickoff Mod v1.16.0

Update: 14/09/2022
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Download Flick Kick Field Goal Kickoff Mod 1.16.0 for android apk & iphone ios 4.4

With easy-to-learn controls and hard-to-master challenges, Flick Kick® Field Goal is an addictive soccer game you won’t be able to put down! Bend your kicks in changing conditions and get rewarded. Prove your skills in this must-have game for any football fan!

– Intuitive Flick Kick: Control the angle and curve of the kick with the flick of a finger.
– Stadium: 360 degree winds with changing intensity. If you want to be successful, you have to consider everything from breezes to high winds.

Multiple Game Modes:
– Precision Mode – Get the perfect kick reward and see how good your kicking skills are!
– Sudden Death: A classic skill test. There is no time limit, just focus and keep kicking the ball to increase your score with a multiplier.
– Practice Mode: Perfect your technique and learn how to be the best kicker in the world.

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Flick Kick Field Goal Kickoff offers some game items that can be purchased for real money. You can disable in-app purchases in your device settings.

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Free download Flick Kick Field Goal Kickoff (Hack_Mod) for Android APK & Iphone IOS IPA. (Size: ) - Version 1.16.0. Released on . By DONIT.INFO. Step up and see if you have what it takes in the ultimate field goal challenge!. Developed by PIKPOK. Operating system requirements 4.4. Everyone.

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Bug fixes and performance improvements.

New comment

  1. Jaden Jalbert: Can't make anything past 40 yards without wind no matter how fast I swipe.
  2. Matt Malin: Its way to inconsistent on anything and i went through some of the comments and holy Jesus everyone's telling you the same thing and yet you still haven't fixed it don't download this game its just trash and no one even fixes the problems apparently.
  3. Shalu Poonia: Very boring please do not try..
  4. Robert Minch (RED): Decent game but 0 wind sometimes and the ball goes way left or right.. same kick same wind speed same ball and 2 totally different outcomes. But fun enough to kill time. But I do love hardly any ad interruptions.
  5. Deez Nutz: Good.
  6. Katfish kings: Ads.... ads.... ads...... ads..... ads.....
  7. Pop4Hop: Ads in the middle of the game?..... Seriously? Why tf do you just not wait until the game is over to show ads.
  8. Braeton Wardell: Wow.
  9. Melissa Murley: This game makes no seance I kick a 56 and miss when it's only a 46 like what don't get this game.
  10. Niraj kumari Sinha: Good.
  11. Kizzy Mccury: This game is s***y.
  12. James Stirewalt: Controls are way too inconsistent.
  13. Kingsley Ghari II: It reminds me of the NFL.
  14. Russell Kidd: Sucks bad.
  15. Big Country: How am I suppose to kick a 50 yard field goal if the game doesn't allow me to!.
  16. F Crisp: Another great game ruined by greed and the implementation of over advertising.
  18. Uv Clips: I mean for passing the time away or just something to do it's a fun game. I enjoy the sudden death or multi-player with a friend..
  19. Jeffrey Goodall: All ads, not much fun anymore.
  20. Rockmangoes: Not bad and pretty fun.
  21. Jared Roman: Game sucks wind sucks please work harder on other games.
  22. Johnboy Guerrero: Love.
  23. Tommy Nguyen: Pass & play... I make the kick, but apparently, it's no good for being too high. Wind is so bad, 6 mph feels like 50. 4 mph feels like 25..
  24. J Martin: Multiplayer is a bit of a joke, pass and play. 3mph wind can really seem like 40 mph wind. Yet 3 mph can seem like 1mph, just depends on how the game feels. This is stupid to me. Just doesn't even seem like the dev put time into this "game"..
  25. Mike W.: Fun and addicting, but inconsistent physics and an absolute lack of being able to remove ads is not a great user experience.
  26. Ryan Champion: Good game only problem i know 100% that i made it dead center and it said i missed for being to high real football games dont care about how hight it is.
  27. Ethan Boyd: iPad and everybody had to play it was an amazing summer.
  28. steve skally: Does not even open.
  29. Dara Guest: Terrible quality!!!.
  30. Johnny Chism: Great game love it..
  32. A Google user: This app is a step backwards from when I had it on my iPod Touch. There are times when I swipe several times to kick and nothing happens. Disappointing.
  33. Phil Maldonado: Garbage.
  34. Speedway Fanatic: You can only flick the ball to a certain point as soon as I get to a certain point it is impossible to reach the posts and score points no matter which way I flick it or how long I flick it.
  35. Adam Hayes: There was an ad that popped up with the exit under my camera and couldn't close. Restarting did not help, I had to delete it..
  36. John Guerrero: Ok.
  37. Chris Noel: Actually 10 Stars, fantastic game..
  38. Joe R: Stupid game tried to see what happen to my ne t level and did not give my option xeleatethis understand game not understanding.
  39. Sheron Prasad: I LOVE Flick Kick.
  40. Linda Jade: Love it!!.
  41. Murray Lewis: Not bad but got boring quite quickly.
  42. Doug L.64: You'll never get past 27 pts EVER. WHY TRY.
  43. Peter Dayes jr: Love it.
  44. unusually very funny stuff: Ads right in the middle of gameplay. Very irritating. Screen says timeout and it kicks you into an ad..
  45. Evelyn Christian: Flick kick Field goal rate.
  46. Charles W: That game is fun bit very inconsistent when it comes to the wind part. And the fact that u have to buy the other 3 football with actual money suck, wish there was like coins u can earn to get thrm.
  47. Oblivxx YT: Really good.
  48. Todd4 Peters: Fun.
  49. John Zebroski: Really fun. It's helps pass time. Not to many ads. Kind of addictive.
  50. Blayke Willett: Great time killer but man I hate the ads..
  51. Ricardo Sandoval: Ok.
  52. Ryan Mories: I feel like a kicker.
  53. Mikey Jones: Awesome.
  54. Jim Bob: Its an ok game. My only complaint is, sometimes you kick it right down the middle perfect between goal posts, and i mean dead center...... and it counts as a miss???? That happens about 1 out of 5 kicks. That stinks.
  55. Anthony Gray: Fun game overall and good to play when you get bored.
  56. mr dan: Really cool game!!..add an online mode.
  57. Eli Webb: Bc I haven't got the app yet and I'm waiting.
  58. supergamer _: Great game.
  59. kamonte graves: This is bored.
  60. tom stone: Impossible to hit the post that many times.
  61. Ray Foster: My brother plays this so he give this four stars..
  62. Victoria Vaughan: Update please.
  63. Johnny Covington: It ok.
  64. jordan bailey: like.
  65. Tavin: Brings back good memories on my kindle when I was little.
  66. Jamo Kenny: Not bad but the only thing I would change is on multi-player it grades on if you kick it to the sides of the uprights or right down the middle instead of grading it on made or missed..
  67. Ryan DeShetler: The new game update literally sucks.
  68. Matthew Stork: This would be 5 stars if not for the inconsistencies. On precision mode you have to aim 100 yards right for a 2 mph wind on a 14 yard field goal down the middle. On sudden death i aim slightly right from 65 yards and a 6 mph win..
  69. I love CNN10 Iwatchiteveryday: Best fun football game ever if you want to play a fun game with your friends and family..
  70. Skala Dee Lauma: Awesome 💊.
  71. Robert Samora: The game is just fun.
  72. Richard W. Albright: The kicker in this game must be related to Jay Cutler. My Paraphalegic incontinent Grandmother with dementia can kick more accurately. I think Helen Keller has better stats too. If he needs a job that bad he should apply at baby footlocker so he can still use his little outfit. I have seen people kick harder in the methadone clinic. What a fu#king toolbag. I wonder if his name is Ryobi. He should really start drinking milk and until he is able to reach the drinking fountain he should quarantine.
  73. SkullMasterGaming: FIX the ball and goal post that it always works I have flicked the ball and I swear to god It went through but it doesn't count it at all.
  74. Findlay Robertson: Useless control system, doesn't read your finger direction..
  75. Steve Bradee: Hmmm, game play seems to have changed since app being updated. Controls, wind effect seem less accurate? On both a Samsung and LG phone... Still a good way to idle your mind and pass a little time....
  76. Jim Blicharz: Constantly forces closed.
  77. Danny hammonds: It's a great game, but everytime I am having a good score the game just exits out. Nobody likes that. That is killing your game..
  78. Jeremy O'Hara: Time has been Killed??!.
  79. Jay S: Fun way to pass the time. Addicting. Best part, no ads after every kick like these other similar apps!.
  80. MillVillageBoy4Life EdentonCottonMillVillage: Absolutely love this game so easy and so satisfying 😍.
  81. Jordan R: Worst game ever.
  82. A Google user: OG.
  83. A Google user: Fun fun fun.
  84. A Google user: Very inconsistent as far as the wind and direction. A 4 MPH wind that pushes the ball way off and a 6 MPH wind that let's the ball go straight down the middle at a distance. Extremely frustrating..
  85. A Google user: It's a good time for us to get some football games in.
  86. A Google user: Very addicting game. Graphics are ok. The problem, as most here have said, is that the wind effect is not consistent. Anything past about 45 yds, one flick at 6 mph compensating for wind will send the ball straight as if no wind at all and you'll miss, and the very next try, the same 6 mph wind with same swipe sends the ball across the screen. Saps the fun straight out of the game..
  87. A Google user: Good game and a great time killer. Controls are very simple. Graphics could be improved, but are great. Wind is big factor, but just adds to the challenge of mastering the game..
  88. A Google user: Not fun.
  89. A Google user: Very fun to kill time!.
  90. A Google user: A better game is (Football field kick) Rated 4.2. A much better game. The ball isn't blown off course by the wind... The main challenge is to make field goals, but there's other challenges....
  91. A Google user: like.
  92. A Google user: a good game and time flies when you're having fun. If theres one complaint it's that the wind effects the ball mostly in one direction. Petty complaing as you get used to it it's no problem..
  93. A Google user: love the game...but fuzzy math. why does 23 out of 24 equal 87% session accuracy one game and then 88% the next game. meanwhile 23 ÷24 = 95%. lol. Fun game though. thanks..
  94. A Google user: nah.
  96. A Google user: good.
  97. A Google user: 😀.
  98. A Google user: ITS GOOOOOOD.
  99. A Google user: bad.
  100. A Google user: sucks.
  101. A Google user: trash.
  102. A Google user: love the game.
  103. A Google user: great game.
  104. A Google user: Really fun and easy to play!! Great game!!.
  105. A Google user: not bad.
  106. A Google user: stupid. i did 4 kicks then it just froze up..
  107. A Google user: fun and easy to make shots the wind is trouble but not bad.
  108. A Google user: i think this game is nice.
  109. A Google user: ok game the wind is not accurate..
  110. A Google user: incredible.
  111. A Google user: A football flick game does not need access to my location calls and files, please, give me a break..
  112. A Google user: love it.
  113. A Google user: Groovy!!.
  114. A Google user: Inconsistent physics, making every turn pure chance. Uninstalled..
  115. A Google user: this game is sooo bad when you click one way it goes a different way. when the wind is 0 it blows like it's 8 wind so my ball is thrashed. I littery hate this game so much 0 stars.😠😠😠.
  116. A Google user: fun and a great time killer. can you guys please add a mode where you can kick a field goal as long as you want to. you can make your own distance.
  117. A Google user: Fun and good graphics.
  118. A Google user: its fun and a great time killer.
  119. A Google user: fun.
  120. A Google user: VERY STUPID! Same wind speed and you get different results EVERY time!!! DELETE.
  121. A Google user: bad low graphics too much adds.
  122. A Google user: ok.
  123. A Google user: couldnt even get the game to open.
  124. A Google user: this game is a huge rip-off there was nothing lower than one star.
  125. A Google user: Best play player vs player good job flick kick🏈🏆..
  126. A Google user: terrible at most.
  127. A Google user: cool game.
  128. A Google user: It's awsome.
  129. A Google user: amazing.
  130. A Google user: great game.
  131. A Google user: this game is very inaccurate says it was a missed field goal but clearly isnt. the football you can see clearly went through the goal post and is missed differently needs work. very disappointed on the game.
  132. A Google user: If you want a sport this is the game for you.
  133. A Google user: trash.
  134. A Google user: luv it.
  135. A Google user: It says miss and then I make it dose not count.
  136. A Google user: I would give this zero stars one time it said no wind it was wind and the ball went way to the I hate this game worst game in the world and worst game ever.
  137. A Google user: great time killer.
  138. A Google user: it sucks.
  139. A Google user: download this game for non stop ads.
  140. A Google user: it is nothing like how real life works but it is still a pretty good game.
  141. A Google user: grate game.
  142. A Google user: Cool.
  143. A Google user: i blame all of my missed kicks on the fact that the laces were facing in. addictive but way to many ads.
  144. A Google user: This game is COMPLETELY garbage.
  145. A Google user: Didn't like it..
  146. A Google user: The game is really good you should make one about td pass.
  147. A Google user: Best game ev3r.
  148. A Google user: Decant game but it makes me mad that the laces facing in instead of away from the kicker come on..
  149. A Google user: I loved it.
  150. A Google user: Wind dies not consistently effect the ball every time.

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