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World Class MOBA. Garena AOV: AOV DAY Mod v1.46.2.5

Update: 16/09/2022
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Download Garena AOV: AOV DAY Mod for android apk & iphone ios 4.1

Experience AOV (Arena of Valor), an epic new 5v5 Multiplayer Online Battle Arena (MOBA) with Ultra HD graphics, premium content and an eye for balance. Victory can only be obtained through skill. Challenge your teammates to join and become a legend in the arena.

1. 5V5 MOBA with Ultra HD Graphics.
Travel through the classic three-lane arena filled with nooks and crannies between the towers. Beware of enemies lurking in the jungle and uncover the secrets that await in the jungle. With intuitive controls designed for mobile devices, you’ll be able to kill with ease and become an MVP in no time! Enjoy the all-new Battlefield 4.0 with improved dynamic lighting for a superior visual experience at all graphics quality settings without sacrificing performance. An additional graphics layer, the Ultra HD setting, allows for a more detailed battlefield

2. The Ultimate MOBA Experience
First Blood, Double Kill, Triple Kill… all the features you know and love right at your fingertips. Discover and dominate all game modes including 5v5, 3v3, 1v1 and the all-new 10v10 mayhem mode that will challenge your skills and make you a true champion!

3. Master over 100 unique heroes
Explore and command a roster of over 80 fearless heroes, including official DC superheroes like Batman, Wonder Woman, Joker, Flash, and Superman. We also invited local Indonesian hero Wiro Sableng to join the fight. Get ready for many amazing rewards from many interesting events.

4. Quick Match and 10 Minute Matches
Team up and play with over 200,000 players in Southeast Asia instantly. Carve your own path through jungles, alleys and towers, drain the first blood and destroy the enemy’s core. Lead your team to victory in less than 10 minutes!

Official Website:
CS Email Address:
Facebook: https://www.facebook .com/garenaaovid

Free download Garena AOV: AOV DAY [MOD & HACK] for Android APK & Iphone IOS IPA. (Size: ) - Version Released on . By DONIT.INFO. World Class MOBA. Developed by MOBA Games Private Limited. Operating system requirements 4.1. Teen.

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New comment

  1. Joelliah Semblante: Don't copy mlbb.
  2. hengki wijaya: 伺服器太爛了跟經常Loading麻煩整修,還有請處理違法操作這樣對新玩家不公平.
  3. Mellester Farillon: This game is more like mobile legends but even better.
  4. Mark Joshua Pineda: This game becomes so laggy during mid game.
  5. Serial MoMo: I can't describe the disapointment..
  6. Dan Laureta: Cool game but, i think this game need some more regions chat, because other Indonesians don't understand our language and we don't understand their language too so, other players saying that we're alien and trashtalking to each others, we can't communicate to each other, like my felow Filipinos...
  7. Laurence Sagadraca: Best game.
  8. Lo Ve: Ganda nito❤.
  9. Moises Vladimir Ramos: after I Uninstall this and install again progress is lost even i connect it to facebook nice graphics but worst experience if u cannot fix this games delete it.
  10. Dustin Ureta: Omg, thanks for this UPDATE! You know i really disappointed when i download this Past 2 Months because of those ( DL RESOURCES ) even i finish them I can't even see enemies Skins even they Use it.... So thank you for this 😭🤟 Edit: 1 Star why? The Server is just One you can't choose any server just one wth Aov you so much Money and you just Focus at Skins please give some time to Servers/Ping/Map/Bug Sound.
  11. Robert Callos: MAGANDA SYA..
  12. rani zxy: g bisa login error trs.
  13. Sofia Copino: Ako si Alice ikaw si chuo dika ma ma Alice sa pochou ko🤣🤣 Ayiieeeeeee in love🤣🤣.
  14. Muhamad wasry Muhamed: The best MOBA ever and ever ! Skill to win ! Not pay to win !.
  15. Rodean Dupio: O would love to play this game but is laggy,.
  16. Sherwin Basila: Thise game is really cool that's what I say.
  17. Crislaurence Bataller: Great Moba game.
  18. Arlene Miraflor: Gooooooooooood.
  19. abdul momin: nice.
  20. Elton pui jia hien: Bad.
  21. rhio regunton: Ok.
  22. Anis Nisa: Best.
  23. Pesa Alcaba: wag nyu mona end of the wire coiled around the nail in the same way as the last one we had with the first one.
  24. Ziadul Haq: Kalo bisa min presentase WR yg di halaman awal profil dipisah aja min jangan WR QM ama Rank digabungkan soalnya sering ketemu Preman QM (Orang High Tier sengaja turunin rank biar bisa bantai pemain baru).
  25. Erland Reivando: There's thing thing when after the tutorial when i wait in the lobby checking some stuff and then after 5 mins another tutorial pops up (the same tutorial as the starting tutorial) but when i click start nothin happens making me restart the game but after that you have to do the entire tutorial again after that the same bug occurs (so im giving it a 1 star for bugs in the start).
  26. Dave Pan: This game will #1 if change all the champions or Heroes into anime's or Shonen Jump Characters like Naruto, Dragon Ball Z, Bleach, HUNTER X HUNTER, GHOST FIGHTER, Saint Seiya, My Hero Academia and ONE PIECE, remove the old champions or heroes change it to anime. "SHONEN JUMP LEGENDS"..
  27. Minsz Rockers: Game tai.
  28. Romylene Malinog: This game is good im enjoy this game thanks.
  29. Marikit Flores: ,,,,good game.
  30. Rb Garcia: Language is the biggest problem the ui have different language although the majority is english but some section in the game is not translated in english then its hard to communicate with the players because of language barrier.
  31. mal lim: poor match making. always 90-10. never 50-50.
  32. Eugene Euske: its so laggy cant enjoyed the game cause of lag were in 5g wifi why so laggy.
  33. Geraldo Korengkeng: Game tidak ramah buat solo player.. hari-hari lose streak muluh, dapat Tim yang AFK, Troll dan Matching tidak seimbang.. parah memang! nyesal pernah beli skin didalam game. Parah banget!.
  34. jan harold gamuzaran: Good gob😍😍😍.
  35. ßélv: matchmaking lu tolol.
  36. Bruhh: Please have Asuna Stacia re-run gacha, i want to buy it. Love this game btw..
  37. Ilham: the game just dont running, on any device that i have!.
  38. Lhierenz Briton: I love it I main zuko.
  39. Enriquez Sigar: I don't know why but this thing happened suddenly.You see,I just played the game and I often play it.But this night when I want to play,it suddenly ask me to relog-in.So did I,surprisingly the game said error.I logged in through Facebook and when I try over and over again it still error.Please Arena Of Valor PLEASE I don't want to lose and make a new account..
  40. R: Stupid developers. Balance the damage and skills of the hero to make the game fun. Too many broken heroes.
  41. Armored City: Good.
  42. Azenith Gumban: This is so beuttyfull game its super duper beuttyfull.
  43. Nathaniel Brylle Ferolino: Its very fun please fix more.
  44. Stephanie Jane Subramani: Bruh, this is just like mobile legends. U KNOW?!.
  45. Zidan Laumbasa: Please fix the connection issue.
  46. Jedi Raymundo: 1st of all this game isnt world class, literally!, Why? I see people only speak indo and i dont understand them,i dont even see anyone from my country or speaking english. 2nd most of the games i general chat will go toxic when they see you dont understand them. 3rd, theres no servers to transfer so i can play from my own country or region. One more thing how can the word rift be censored? You stupid developer..
  47. Reynato Dela Rosa: This a beautiful moba game the hero the maps and the skins. But my problem is this game needs a strong connection even my signal is good that's why I uninstalled this game if you fix it I will play this game again.
  48. lito timbol: ok I edited my comment, nd it turns out this is just the most unfair game I've ever played lol.
  49. Jules Bustillo: Wow Ang ganda.
  50. No. 2: Languages aren't fully changed or customized it's always Indo or something.
  51. CJE Animation: The game is good but sadly the server is only in indonesia, it must set other server like asia, and even other region must be included to like in mobile legends,.
  52. Barangay Tarum: Dis game is so annoying I can't log in it all ways say's error up date a so annoying.
  53. Angga Syahputra: icant join the game anymore.
  54. Ramil Nebris: There's literally every match that people will use Apps to lag the game..
  55. Febrio Ramadhan: Helo, im indonesian player, i just to report something, i wasnt playinh this game for 2 years, and when i play this again i lost my buterfly evo 5 skin, its cannot be payed, and its difficult to get that skin on that lvl, could u please to get that skin back to my account...
  56. alvic garcing: I Quit this Imbalance only for Mongoloid players game...
  57. Gaetan Talosig: logging out my acc without permission is so annoying. change it..
  58. Guiannah Arielle Garcesa: Love it.
  59. Faisal Brazil: Best moba in this world.
  60. xyxy: i love this game but like , can you please fix the matchmaking system . oh and , i use wi-fi and my storage is pretty decent but everytime I play it keeps reconnecting which is very annoying. and maybe , please fix the language system ? it's confusing when you mix two languages together . i uninstalled and decided to reinstall , but i can't seem to log from both garena login and Facebook login . i tried so many times but it just go back to the login screen.
  61. Limond92 Limond92: I have trying to loggin to the game but it cancel my guest loggin and Facebook loggin😭pls help me.
  62. Romnick Saure: It's so nice looking and then we will be there it's so beautiful game.
  63. Kiana:3: Di ako Maka login 😠.
  64. Norilyn Florante: very good quality.
  65. devil niichan: the game was cool and their graphics ang skin/heroes but sadly the ping was high.
  66. Kyle Bendijo: is good.
  67. joel barasona: Thank you for a nice game.
  68. JamesLawn Mergie: It's was always ap crashing pls fix it or I'll don't recommend it to all of my friends.
  69. Ella Marie Garcia: it is nice game, but why the battle fields like mobile legends im not compering them i only notice it.
  70. Zenit Suke: I give this game 1 star, bcos lack of options, lack of many features. No "Remake" when other players are afk. No "Dragline" in basic atk very hard to chose enemy when in battle clash. Pls add some settings in ur game. Skills button never adjust of each distancing. Very laggy and so many bugs not smooth as like other Mobas. And also, other info or discription in skills etc. Is Indonesian language, even settings is English instead. 😑.
  71. 死黒: the skin collabs are so lit. But the translation is disappointing im using english and some words are still in malay or indo ¯⁠⁠_⁠(⁠ツ⁠)⁠_⁠/⁠¯ PLEASE DO FULL TRANSLATION AND STOP SLACKING.
  72. Chrisel Tamondong: Matykgd.
  73. Keannu Panila: It's really a good game but I don't know why I'm still lagging even though I'm connected to WiFi it's still keep lagging.
  74. Jhnard Jalando-on: This app was so great.
  75. Nicholas: WHO the hell are you to order me do this do that in creating password for Garena acc??? Why make things complicated????.
  76. Ace Galaxy: I've played this before and i came back hoping that it's a good app now but honestly no. I mean the characters and effects are good but the app itself? No. After playing for 2 games. My phone suddenly go bac and it loads so long when i have good internet connection so we ended up losing. I just hope it will improve because it's actually good if it is just not laggy or something..
  77. Sass Keee: Ohh thanks garena because give this game low MB tq so much.
  78. Pradipta W. Siwinata: Nice game, but I have to be honest it has problems. There's a bug where it affects my skill wheel sensitivity, I couldn't really adjust it even though I changed it. Second, poor matchmaking. Put players with equal winrate in a match, all I keep getting are babies who can't play properly despite their ranks (master). Third, I was on a lose streaks 5 matches in a row. Suddenly in the next match I got bot match. I had no problems with losing but pairing me with bot is an insult. Despicable service..
  79. Marco F. Valerino Sangian (Marc): Its great game, but need to fix some bug, recent match I were forced back to phone menu on middle of showdown, If possible please don't let a third party programs invasion be allowed. Other than that its great game and had a lot of new content and its getting better than before. (7/9/2022) I Cant top up... please help....
  80. Petrus Streamrock: I REALLY LOVE THIS GAME. What really draws me, is the character design, artwork, and the amazing Crossovers! All the characters looks amazing even without skin! The female characters actually looks sexy and not too censored or covered, giving this game a more mature look compared to mlbb. But here's my complaint. The lag. I don't know why? But the game very often had a ping spike that made the game often hard to play due to lagging. After checking, it seems the problems comes from the game..
  82. Kirk Eran: Its like mobile legends.
  83. Celso Quintos: Poor internet.
  84. Etanete Lauindrany: ill tell my viewers to install this on their device like this!.
  85. Angel Sarmiento: It's good game💓.
  86. jamesmichael domalaom: One of the trash game I've ever played wanna know why? Because if I play an classic match my team would be bots and my enemy would be real players like what? How am I supposed to win a game? That also happened in ranked games. 1 star not changing my mind..
  87. Kentø: Bruh you just copied other games and change the icons name and skin and the whole thing lol..
  88. Uchiha Itachi: Lagging while playing,10 ms still red line.
  89. Akmal Khalif: bug internet, unfair matchmaking,.
  90. Raymart Cañada: I hate this game bicous sow lag.
  91. Mira Douglas: This games is damm n suck!!!!!!!!!¡!!!!!!!!.
  92. Sulianah Subot: It's a good graphics game. So far I get 5 winning in it. Glad that it's easy to play. 👍🏻.
  93. MC GLEVIC PEPATCO: The game is good overall, balance heroes and amazing quality and gameplay. Totally loved the game but there's just one thing bothering me. The servers, My internet connection is actually stable and im using dual connection. But sometimes when i play a game normal or ranked the FPS and Connection is getting on my nerves sometimes the game stuck whenever in clash and i notice there's not a lot of english translations. Wish you can make the game stable. Anyways Good work. Also add more new items..
  94. Aira Mae Sapdoy: It's fun and all but everytime i start a match it just exits me in the app like why??? I just wanna play.
  95. Idris Mad jani: Such an amazing moba games❤. Keep improved the system and fix the bug. Overall is good and graphic are really awesome..
  96. Taufiqur Rahman: banyak bug dan juga selalu stuck di loading.
  97. Htun Myint Oo: Not Good.
  98. Rommel Bendicio: I don't like the floating joystick control, fixed joystick control or locked joystick control is more comfortable in fast gaming but the floating joystick control make it harder to control the movement that's why I give it 1 star only Where is the update on joystick? All of you is kind of idiot.
  99. Domingo Agquiz: Good.
  100. abangLIEZ Ardi: Really worst moba games i've seen. With match unbalanced, more of cheaters especially from INDOG players since the games easier to hack without dev monitor on it, report system just a rubbish, better play with mobile legend than this garbage!!!.
  101. Geraldine Danao: Nice game.
  102. JustinS: Hero gk balanced, plagiat, dan paling penting adalah DEVElOPER-nya BEGO.
  103. Arjay Lacia: Nice.
  104. Jencel Orpiano: God game.
  105. Marilou Garcia: don't install this game pls.
  106. Angel Nening: plsss faster😑.
  107. Hameem Irfan: THIS GAME IS THE BEST.
  108. simpotato: its a good game nice graphics but there's something wrong about the system.
  109. Aero Ace: I am letting this game go, too bad even though I am using the dual network feature it seems that it is not working. I have a good connection but the lag issues is still high within the server. Sometime the app suddenly closes that doesnt happen on other games tha I am playing. I want to mention as well that some heroes are wayyyyy too OP/unbalanced..
  110. Dhave Gan: ahhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh maganda naman.
  111. Adonis ivan: Ternyata sama aja addeh lama bikin males nunggu download gk berubah.
  112. Siesta Nozaki: I can't play anymore, when I clicked it after loading for almost 66% it says update failed due to unstable connection, first of all I have good connection, already updated it, clear cache, it still stays the same, pls fix this and I will change my rate, overall good game🙂.
  113. Jerwin Ramirez: Please fix the asia server.
  114. Mark,Rowela Aguilar: Have fun.
  115. Cansan pasteur Motor: Pingnya tambah parah highly unstable 😑.
  116. jayrick seba: so play full.
  117. Elvis Alfah Levi: Maen ml lancar ini doang servernya burik. Game 4mp4s,bentar lagi ditinggal tencent..
  118. Jannel Mondia: ALL Affected players with latency issues, Kindly LOWER your RATING to " 1 STAR " until they do something about it. After the latest patch IT BECAME WORST. 160-200ms (downloaded all resources).
  119. Md.Shihab Uddin: 😋😋😋🤗🤗🤗🤗Good.
  120. Senia Sto domingo: mustzn.
  121. Sean Avril: too laggy.
  122. Mhd. Fachri Darmawan: Bug tidak bisa mengaktifkan pengaturan show hero details.
  123. Karl Allen Porras: The game si nace.
  124. ANAS LUQMAN: This game is good, the skin is beautiful, the effect is great, but. I always find players who are afk and the opponent has no afk, which is strange to me.
  125. Diana Montero: Not so good game balancing and not so beginner friendly. But game designs are decent..
  126. Renz Bernardo: fak u garena aov indonesia.
  127. Dimas Bagas Prakoso: Please AOV you've make me up set for the matchmaking sequences, i always get a bad team for no reason,.
  128. Dodie Alcon: I was playing this game all time.
  129. Alfante Januel O.: Been disappointed many times for the language, majority of the players are from indonesia also in the chat. We cant relate wth are they talking about specialy during the battle. Only indonesia is prioritized in this game!.
  130. lexter ivan Rufin: I love it.
  131. Margette Maingat: The best game so far!.
  132. Krista fae Moda: Happy 😁.
  133. Danishhaikal Nuqman: One simple and good very good.
  134. Reuben Ano Ha?: I dont know if im only the one whos getting bugged because of the translation and voice there are english but also theres a indonesia word and voice to the character pls fix this and the gold is too hard to earn every match you can get 80 below gold per match and there are only few chest to earn money add some earning ways to get gold... And this game is almost everything good but still not enough wish this has many improvements to come good game 😁..
  135. Dewi Retnawati: It sucks... The logging in was tricky and difficult, and we can't log in as guest but of i join using facebook its gonna say error wait for another hour and its soooo annoying. I expected a lot better from you guys just fix the sign in please 👽👽👽👽👽👽🤬🤬🤬🤬🤬🤬.
  136. Gerald Espiritu: Nice game.
  137. mikasa&mimi luna: Awesome need some impromvement.
  138. Ynajane Odal: Ccc.
  140. Knight Adn: if I play grandbattle 5vs5 I got ping so high (129-167) why??.
  141. ashen aepe: Jangan mementingkan collab dan skin saja , tolong sistem matchmaking nya juga diperhatikan.. saya sudah 10x rank lebih kena lose streak berturut-turut karena selalu mendapatkan tim yang tidak serius bermain ,saya sangat kecewa karena semenjak saya kembali bermain AOV tetapi tidak sesuai dengan yang saya harapkan. Itu saja terimakasih..
  142. Shaclone 12: This game isn't focusing on the 5v5 aspect, it is just about people bragging skins. It is a good game but man, there's no point if you can't play it..
  143. bluency: the game is great but you should fix your team issue, I've been being teamed up with bot but the enemies are all person which is unfair, of course we lost:( and also fix the jow stick it so hard to walk and run, that's all many updates to come;). In addition you should put try heroes weekly in classic mood or not rank mood 'cause it's kind of boring..
  144. Jonas Songco: I think that's amazing 😍.
  145. Edy Trihatmoko: So many bot players.. and trash players..
  146. SEAN RANDALL AGLIBUT: It's difficult to log in.
  147. vhin_banzon saturnina1: five star are giving this game but im gonna download and how can fix this problem.
  148. Arturo Jr. Labrador (AJ): They just copy the mobile legends and dota 2 and thats kinda not good to make a game that your coyong its features and graphics.
  149. Millf loli: Kacau ping gak jelas dari tadi stabil 60ms pas sudah mau menang mendadak ping 200ms kacau dah nih game gak jelas sumpah dah bikin main kesel aja main match lancar tapi pas main rank ping kacau gak jelas.
  150. Marinel Rabino: Hirap mag register.

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