Idle Evolution Mod

Idle Evolution {Hack/Mod}

Idle / Clicker Game Suitable for Tablets! Endless Gameplay! No Ads or IAP's!. Idle Evolution Mod v1.38

Update: 23/01/2023
Original price $: 0.99

Download Idle Evolution Mod 1.38 for android apk & iphone ios 2.2

• Evolve and earn rewards as you go deeper in the evolutionary tree!

•Level up and unlock over 50 unique upgrades, each offering rewards to help you advance in the game!

•Find and unlock over 20 items, each offering special rewards!

•Find ultra-rare magic journals – each item can give you a permanent reward of your choice!

•Specify your skill tree and customize the bonuses you want to level up!

• 35+ achievements to earn, each offering a permanent bonus!

• Reputation system that rewards consecutive games with permanent multipliers!

• Unlock and upgrade the auto clicker and progression while the game is minimized!

• Find growth stones and develop your tree to its full potential!

•Suitable for phones and tablets!


•Background music from

•Background image from http://ukthewhitewolf

Free download Idle Evolution {Hack/Mod} for Android APK & Iphone IOS IPA. (Size: ) - Version 1.38. Released on . By DONIT.INFO. Idle / Clicker Game Suitable for Tablets! Endless Gameplay! No Ads or IAP's!. Developed by Checkbox Entertainment LTD. Operating system requirements 2.2. Everyone.

Game Hack Features Idle Evolution MOD

  • - Free Purchases
  • - Premium Unlock
  • - Sprint
  • - Free ADS
  • - Unlock Paid

Game Version Idle Evolution Paid MOD

  • - Free Download
  • - Download Free
  • - Download Free
  • - No Charge
  • - Unlocked VIP

Multi-Touch now supported! – You can now tap alot faster than before with 0 missed clicks!
More tips and hints added to help understand the math behind the game

Bug fixes –
You will no long get the same achievement over and over when relaunching the game

2 New Evolutions!
New Ability!

v1.10 – 08/18/2015
First ability released!
Level 120-140 upgrades!.

New comment

  1. Joshua Palmer: Cute incomplete game. I was getting 10.8k xp a click, upgraded my XP per click with prestige points, and then was getting 9.44k? I'd love this game with a bit more polish!.
  2. Mr Ali: This game is great however you need to improve UI. I hope in future update you include fast icon to upgrade skill and also reveal multiple nest at the same time..
  3. Anh Dũng Vũ: Ok.
  4. Mark Greenham: Its alright. Barely an idle. Idle upgrades are so slow it's not worth using. And no offline play. Beaten lvl 150 a bunch of times. Not even close to unlocking the 5000pp shot.. not sure what the point will be..
  5. A Google user: Pay once and play which is refreshing to see in this day and age. Played all the way through a few times. Great indie idle clicker..
  6. A Google user: Wish this could get more updates.
  7. A Google user: Best idle miner . Loving the other Idle clickers too. Thank you !!!.
  8. A Google user: An aesthetically pleasing and very fun to play game! More satisfied with this than the majority of other P2P games without IAPs or Ads that I've played in the past. My only niggle is that when tapping too fast the game freezes for a while as it tries to catch up with me. It's probably more my phone's fault than yours but if there is any way around this it'd definitely bea 5 star game!.
  9. A Google user: Boring... look elsewhere.
  10. A Google user: Got one of the most expensive things in the game after weeks of grinding, turns out the reward was abysmal and not worth it..
  11. A Google user: Kinda great.
  12. A Google user: I can't even begin to explain why this is one of the best idle games on the play store but it has a really jarring gameplay bug for cheap Android devices, my device doesn't support regular touch methods, and since this app doesn't take into account the fact that my device only has for reading touches, it makes this device unable to read how fast I'm actually tapping. I can't get over 50 taps a minute but on my g4 I can get over 1000 taps a minute easily. Please update this..
  13. A Google user: I don't know what the exp potato does can you help.
  14. A Google user: After some time invested I feel like I already saw everything. The progress is slow and unlocking the Super Shop looks like it takes forever. Also I didn't realise that there is a 2nd part to this game, which makes me regret even more that I spent money on this. I hope they didn't make that one as boring as this first game, but I'm not going to risk wasting more money on it. The idea is nice so I'm giving it 2*.
  15. A Google user: The idle part does not work as when I come back after closing it for about 5 mins. when I get back on I'm exactly where I left it plus I have left it for longer but the same result. Other than that problem it is good but because of that problem i can't put the 5 stars I wanted to until I came across this..
  16. A Google user: Will update if when I test it.
  17. A Google user: avoid. it's not a fun idle clicker. it's more work than game..
  18. A Google user: I love this game. I spent my last 99 cents on this and then found out there was a sequel xD.
  19. A Google user: I just bought this game, didn't realize they already came out with a sequel. However I'm not that disappointed.
  20. A Google user: I enjoyed it for maybe a couple days, it burnt out as just a slow grind to nothing satasfying. I get more entertainment from Doomclicker which is free. This game unfortunately turned out sub par, and it'd make sense if it was free, but it just isn't worth the dollar..
  21. A Google user: Update update we want updates its 2016 come on update it.
  22. A Google user: I'd rather have adds pop up. Managed a couple days before I got bored and deleted it. Sorry devs!.
  23. A Google user: NEEDS MORE STUFF .....BOARING NOW.
  24. A Google user: It's it all right game but it's just your usual clicker game.
  25. A Google user: I uninstalled it and forgot to refund and I just hope I got my money back.
  26. A Google user: Look into got the game it was okay till I realised the game is way to slow and we'll I'm a fast pages gamer like pixel cube stuidos.
  27. A Google user: It's a great game, but the resource indicators at the top are overlapped, so I can't read any of them unless I go into the menu. Also because of the indicators, but it won't let me press the top button of any menu unless I use my phones physical keyboard, which is difficult. If these problems are fixed, then this would be the perfect Idle game..
  28. A Google user: Great game.
  29. A Google user: I've noticed that there seems to be lots of issues lately with the IDLE aspect of the game. Other than that it's pretty good.
  30. A Google user: Title says it all.
  31. A Google user: Maybe if the developer didn't try to pop out 10 games at once to maximize profits, then this one would be better..
  32. A Google user: Great game keep up the good work. :D.
  33. A Google user: Would be great if there was a way to spend extra growth stones..
  34. A Google user: One thing I am not sure if you have thought about is creating upgrades to decrease the time you have to wait for growth stone barrage to cool down. But so far I have enjoyed playing your game a lot. :).
  35. A Google user: Prestiging does t give enough currency and spending the points isnt worth it.
  36. A Google user: Awesomeness.
  37. A Google user: I love all of your games I buy them all and try to beat the when possible please keep up the great work the only thing left is to make pewdiepie play this game and boom your popular gg.💖.
  38. A Google user: This is how games should be, buy and play. I have had issues with games that you buy (£4) then they have the cheek to sell you more content (maps etc) in the game! I would rather have adverts to support devs than iap. You sir are doing things right and you care about your players..
  39. A Google user: I dont care what some people think its awesome. What would make it awesome is if you made special achievements that you did something special for it..
  40. A Google user: My favorite style of games.
  41. A Google user: Developer needs to change the game so it actually idles. Multiple times I've minimized it with it only actually idling maybe once out of 15 times. Not a whole lot to do, I've seen plenty of free idlers with more content it'd seem. Fix the idle issues so it's not a chour to advance and I'll raise my review, currently not worth the money it costs right now..
  42. A Google user: Its like a gamethat doesnt last a day if you were to make it a bit easier to get higher levels... it may help attain quicker happiness to audiences...I dont want to tell you how to do your job but I hope you reply... Thank You and good job on your game!.
  43. A Google user: I liked your new Idle Miner game so much that I decided to buy another one! Thanks for the fun little time wasters, Happy Holidays!.
  44. A Google user: I've always loved games by this developer. I wasn't sure about paying for an app, I've always been against it, but this is one of the best clicker games I have played! I haven't had any problems thus far! Keep up the awesome work!.
  45. A Google user: The idle function does not really work..
  46. A Google user: Contrary to what the name says, there's nothing Idle about this game.. Developer 'claims' that it runs idle in the background, as long as you KEEP the game running Constantly by just minimising the game (which is a ridiculous expectation, and not my idea of an Idle Game), but even that doesn't seem to work. Dev: If you want to abandon this game to work on a new one, that's fine.. But don't continue to charge new-comers 99c for a half-broken abandoned game..
  47. A Google user: I've spent many hours playing and I've barely scratched the surface. I love this game so much. It's awesome..
  48. A Google user: Doesnt run in background and not enough to do good game for the price tag but there are free idle games that have more content you used to update weekly now nothing since end of September if nothing new soon this will be a very big regret in buying this game so you reply saying its because your working on another game and that it does work in the background you may think that but it only runs in the background maybe 10% of the time and why start on a new game when the lack of content means unfinished game.
  49. A Google user: I think its a wonderful game especially for only 1.00.
  50. A Google user: There are far better free idle games. The menu freezes a lot, the text is barely readable and you need to click a lot through the menus to get any upgrade. A nice idea but the realization needs more work before it is playable and marketable.
  51. A Google user: Graphics = horrible. Interface = horrible. Concept = terrible. Cost = Unbelievable. Refund = yes..
  52. A Google user: Good game so far, im at level 22 or more, so far haven't seen any problems.
  53. A Google user: So I was currently at 52k experience per click and I had to go out of the app to do something and when I went back into the game I had about 37k experience per click, then I exited out of the app again, and later went back into the game and noticed my experience per click was at about 33k. Is this a bug or is this supposed to happen for some odd reason?.
  54. A Google user: Should have a way to exit app (back button, exit button.) Way too greedy..
  55. A Google user: Great game, but the problem is, you get to the final tree evolution at only like 150 pp. And you need 5000 to access the bonus shop. There needs to be more added.
  57. A Google user: Still my favorite clicker! Wish it saved my progress from my older phone though. Keep it up thanks for keeping it updated!.
  58. A Google user: What do you need to get the autoclicker? It says 2.k but not what of.
  59. A Google user: Overall an interesting game however the autoclicker does not work when the game is closed or minimised. Will give it 5 stars once the issue is fixed.
  60. A Google user: update! please!we need more new things!!.
  61. A Google user: Its a very good game.. but it just need more polish up.. like Skills lvl till 200 or even more.. new relics for the game soon... cause not enough boost .. super store eats your PP lots.
  62. A Google user: Minor Suggestion.
  63. A Google user: Pretty nice game. However, it does not work on the background at all.
  64. A Google user: Changed to 5 stars now that multi-touch is enabled. Amazing game!!.
  65. A Google user: I love this game, totally worth the price. Any idea when the idling when game is closed is going to be fixed?.
  66. A Google user: Still says unfortunately game has stopped..
  67. A Google user: After you get all the achievements and unlock the super shop, there really isn't much to do. The stuff inside the super shop is incredibly not worth the cost either. Will you be adding more content?.
  68. A Google user: A little dull if I'm honest..
  69. A Google user: I love it. My suggestion would be to make them game autoclicker work based on the clock. So even if the app is not running, when we open the app, it clicks however many times it would have clicked if the app was running. Just like Idle Oil Tycoon did..
  70. A Google user: Plays well, the premise is OK. Just better alternatives out there..
  71. A Google user: Soooooooo addictive. I chop while I watch Kung Fu movies - motivating..
  72. A Google user: Sometimes it doesn't run in the background..
  73. A Google user: I enjoy it but the game is an idle game yet when I'm not on it (even running in the background) my timers for the perks don't count down and it doesn't progress through the game(even though I bought the upgrades to do so) will change rating once fixed.
  74. A Google user: Every review says it has problems yet has 4 stars. Why did I get this game? It's supposed to be idle, but nothing happens when I'm not on it..
  75. A Google user: Good game but gets boring kinda quick. Need more upgrades and tree evolutions! Maybe more items that give bonuses or make the stones usable to buy other upgrades..
  76. A Google user: It's good. Not great. It just doesn't have any replay ability. Like prestige sure but honestly its like starting all over again. Also the auto clicker thing doesn't work in game like Tap Titans and it seems very slow to the point not worth buying..
  77. A Google user: Have some suggestions tho its not a real idle game tho in my eyes.
  78. A Google user: Ove been playing for awhile now and am well past 50 prestiges and still have no idea what the exp potato does.
  79. A Google user: Good game, but it doesn't always run in the background. I'll get back on after a few hours and won't have gotten anything for that time. Irritating, cause I feel like stuff you build up over time like that is half the game. Fix please.
  80. A Google user: Only problem is when I connect to or disconnect from a Bluetooth device the sound automatically unmutes starts playing!.
  81. A Google user: Issue I have is increasingly a problem. What happens is I do my stone barrage and click barrage, do all my upgrades and what ever then go to another window. I'll forget about her come back hours later. The timer for the barrages is still clicking down meaning that I actually got nothing all those hours. Very annoying..
  82. A Google user: Love the game, my only question is will this darn egg hatch eventually? 100K manual clicks in and still no.
  83. A Google user: I love this game, one thing you could do a quick fix on is the pricing of the autoclicker and its upgrades are allways listed in thousands even though it goes to millions.
  84. A Google user: I especially love the fact that it's not pay to win, and has a rather interesting concept for the evolution of the game..
  85. A Google user: Love this game, but when do I get to stop tapping. Im lvl 48 and nothing is automatic when does that start? I think xp rate should increase. I'm at 200k wood and 1 mill gold and the latest upgrade was 50k gold. I feel like I'm really far ahead for my lvl.
  86. A Google user: Poorly designed interface, ugly graphics, and it misses completely the idea of idle. This is a bad piece of work or a beginners try. I do not recommend it at all.
  87. A Google user: When I go offline it doesn't go idle on me and still collect resources. Problem needs sorting. I have to leave the game on to gain anything from idling.
  88. A Google user: This is an awesome incremental game, very well done, seems to be always getting better with updates. As others have said, it is somewhat fruatrating that you cant tap all that fast. However, i had an idea. There's a feature in bitcoin billionaire called autominer, where you hold your finger on the screen and it taps a certain number of times/sec based on the level of it. Would be awesome to see a similar feature here, perhaps unlocked and upgraded with PP? Keep up the good work dev :).
  89. A Google user: Fun to play. Only gripes are the that the autoclicker takes too long to unlock and there is no way to transfer saves to a new device..
  90. A Google user: Sorry to complain still a 5 star game but you really let me down with the super shop but I have an idea if you would like to hear it I personally would excel my enjoyment if say for 1000pp you can unlock a second tree then you can play multiple trees at the same time and just scroll between the two or three or even more trees slowing you to excel even further, like you could then designate one tree to pp and not feel your waisting time and please get open all nests from the beginning it's a real grind.
  91. A Google user: This is one of the best incremental clickers on the play store and well worth the cash! Feature packed, with all sorts of goodies to keep one entertained for hours on end from early to late game. Regular updates that only keep making the game better for each one, Ad-FREE, and last but definitely not least, Not "pay to win" o/.
  92. A Google user: Finally got to 5,000 PP to unlock the super store for it to be crap, so I spent all my PP on the relics and regret it. So much time, effort and clicks wasted..
  93. A Google user: While I'd Joe's this game the nests are a pain. I'm on my 10th prestige. And sick of waiting through the nest each time.
  94. A Google user: Omg good game I love all your games there so good =).
  95. A Google user: I like the concept and the game is fun to play, perhaps because it's my first of this kind. But it's not well balanced. And the prestige relics have no sense if you compare with unused prestige points.
  96. A Google user: I love it, very addicting. Looking forward to more updates hopefully..
  97. A Google user: I understand that this is an idle game, so I can get over not being able to "do more." But I do have a couple of suggestions. Of course more items would be great, but I'm sure you upgrade those pretty regularly. Also, it's a little unclear how you level up tje egg and the potato? I know you probably don't want to spoil it for people that aren't there yet, but I gotsta know. Lol.
  98. A Google user: I do however have one problem. I wish it supported multi-touch, i have noticed that it 'clicks' as you remove your finger rather then tap it..
  99. A Google user: its fun yet I cannot open some menus and nest they sit too high on my phone. I cannot click these menus at all and some I have to work for.
  100. A Google user: Great game, getting better with every update..
  101. A Google user: Will there be, or is there a way to improve the stone ability? Good job so far. Keep up the good work.
  102. A Google user: I have played just about every idle game out there. This surpasses every expectation I had, especially with the one dollar price tag. Consistent updating, with new features and content. And is actually a very nice looking game. Excellent way to kill a little time and works 100% offline (as an idle game should) once you unlock the built in auto clicker. I would recommend this game to anyone that enjoys incremental games. It is a pretty slow start at the very beginning but it picks up nicely. Well done..
  103. A Google user: just bought and installed this and am having issues getting into menu locations as basic as the market and upgrades..
  104. A Google user: I've been playing this game everyday for a while now and somehow with the great progression and the consistent updates I don't get bored. Pretty awesome game.
  105. A Google user: This is one of the best games you have ever made. It has the best content of all the games. Keep making the great games and I will keep buying. : ).
  106. A Google user: Upgrade potato and Super Egg level..
  107. A Google user: Add more stuff please.
  108. A Google user: I'm using a Samsung Galaxy Ace 2. I find this game fun and I want to continue it. However, I cannot select any of the option on the most top of the phone as its being blocked by the informations displayed. Hence, I can't buy the autoclicker or open my nests. Please help me. I suggest making the information able to be hidden when want to or being displayed on the sides instead of squeezing everything at the top..
  109. A Google user: Bought it, installed it, played it like for 10 mins and it is the best idle game I've played. Keep up the good work :).
  110. A Google user: Fun if you like tapping your screen for hours at a time.
  111. A Google user: Great game and we'll worth trying out. Only issue I have is that I posses an excess number of logs and coins after playing a while. I'd like to suggest cosmetic upgrades maybe? Different backgrounds, different colored trees, maybe grow new types of trees you can purchase..
  112. A Google user: Fully recommented.
  113. A Google user: Somehow I feel like I do enjoy the clicking sound in sync with number of times actually tapped on screen hmmm.
  114. A Google user: Another good one, nice work. :) Evolve 1000 times is glitched where it will be awarded again if the game is restarted. Will count as a new achievement and even give multiplier. Currently says my achievements are 47/43 xD also I think the click barrage clicks should count for actual/manual clicks (still not auto-clicker though).
  115. A Google user: Great game dont get me wrong, but at a point where theirs just not enough upgrades to spend gold/wood on, I understand having to level up to upgrade obviously but even when I get to next point, I still have an insane amount of gold left. Needs a few more things inbetween levels. Maybe even more auto attacks or shorter MS attacks..
  116. A Google user: Really good game. I'm having tons of fun. There are times when it gets tedious, but that's just the nature of the beast I guess. Each update keeps making the game better and better. Great game, love it..
  117. A Google user: Keep updating please.
  118. A Google user: Love it but I also like ur other games can't wait for more updates.
  119. A Google user: Played it... And I'm addicted..
  120. A Google user: Finally got around to rating this game. It's an excellent idle game with an original theme! Most idle games are all about mining, so if you're tired of mining, come chop some wood instead! The battery issue has been fixed. The game is stable and very responsive. My thumbs have never gotten such a workout!.
  121. A Google user: Great game, kinda short though. I suggest maybe adding different trees you can buy and also evolve! Anything to make the game longer..
  122. A Google user: This app has some serious instability issues. It keeps freezing/crashing and when I reopen the app I've lost a considerable amount of progress since I'm early on in the game. Its getting pretty annoying now..
  123. A Google user: Great game so far, can't put it down . One small bug I've encountered is I'm unable to summon the 96PP relic. I just click it and nothing happens ..
  124. A Google user: Auto clicker doesn't work and game got boring after 10000 taps.
  125. A Google user: Great Game. But was wondering if you could make the game idle in the background even when the game is closed. Because my game has to be open in order for it to idle in the background.
  126. A Google user: The lvl 105 upgrade is useless..i got there and i already had my tree maxed so no more growth stone needed unless its used for something else..
  127. A Google user: I've really enjoyed all of your incremental games and constantly keep checking for updates..
  128. A Google user: How is this possible to reach 5000pp for the super shop??.
  129. A Google user: Just wish everything wouldn't max out. I'm having fun but I'm maxing out everything too fast now. Great idle all in all, worth the buy..
  130. A Google user: Works perfectly now, great job. Now fully enjoying the game, lots of content, like the nest items, and just and all around nice tapping game. I would buy if you guys end up making another...amazing job!.
  131. A Google user: Update is great but for some reason I now have a gap between the monkey and watering can is there another permanent item? Thanks again, oh and here's a 5 star rating for your hard work.
  132. A Google user: After this last update with no missed clicks.
  133. A Google user: As the title gets better with each update. Thank you for finding a fix to that now runs real smooth. Keep up the great work!.
  134. A Google user: Good game man. Love the concept. It seems that either your doing this by yourself or with a small team. Either way keep it up.
  135. A Google user: I would like too see a gamble feature maybe double or nothing all gold and maybe gold for pp just to add to end game.
  136. A Google user: I'm a fan of your games, but this is the second one I completed in less than a day. I have 2k pp and am only missing the 100 evolves achieve. EDIT: I'm glad you changed the lvl 100+ xp requirements. Prior, the auto clicks would get to lvl 200 over night. Now, 24 hours got me to 160..
  137. A Google user: The game can hardly be called an idle game when you only get two things to upgrade to increase the auto clicker and when you do it hardly changes anything in the game. No matter what you are stuck with manually clicking to get anywhere at all in the game then the auto clicker fails again to gain you anything when you close out of the game. This "idle" game requires to much babysitting to actually progress even a little. All this out of the way its still a good idea and is on its way to being maybe the best..
  138. A Google user: Reached final evolution after only my second prestige..
  139. A Google user: Much support.
  140. A Google user: This is an original, fun game. It runs quickly and smoothly. I'm having a slight problem right now--it won't let me buy any more autoclickers or autoclicker speed increases even though I have more than enough gold. Fantastic game though :-).
  141. A Google user: Great upgrade/idle game. You're a great dev. Thanks man!.
  142. A Google user: Great game in the making, looking forward to future updates!.
  143. A Google user: PLEASE TELL ME WHAT THE POTATO DOES. haha its all good but if it has a function, there should be someway to find out what it does. And if it doesn't have a function make it so you have to buy the function with an absurd amount of gold like 1 billion. I just want more stuff to do with my gold ^.^.
  144. A Google user: U I is just a mess of overlapped figures ....cant even search nests shame cause we love your others ...get it fixed.
  145. A Google user: Definately your best so far! Keep making them and I'll keep buying them. ;).
  146. A Google user: Its one of the best clicker games ever. But since the start. The wood signs and gold signs and others block me from opening nests. Am i missing out on big stuff by not being able to open.
  147. A Google user: 3 nest purples and the rest of the clear upgrades mostly dropped in the first hour of gameplay...then just resources which don't make that much of a difference after lvl 70 with autoclicking fully leveled up....I like the nest but perhaps the clears could time or click out and need refilling from fresh nest finds...needs something to make the nests a little more compelling.
  148. A Google user: I love this game im a huge fan of idle games and this is one of my most favorite clicker game.
  149. A Google user: The tree premise is unique for a clicker, it runs in the background, and I haven't had any issues. Frequent updates..
  150. A Google user: I've clicked loads and I'm level 27 but my auto clicker is only level 1 and my fingers are too tired to play anymore. It's taking too long to obtain. So like, it's idle but only after a few billion clicks or something. It should be called clicker evolution! Cheers. Good game so far, just needs some fine tuning!.

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Operating system: 2.2.
Evaluate: 1073.
Content rating: Everyone.
Installs: 10,000+.
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Developers: Checkbox Entertainment LTD.
Votes: 3.8.
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