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Update: 11/12/2022
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Are you ready to delight the emperor and build and create an amazing Roman Empire as a tycoon of all tycoons? !
The focal point of Rome is the Colosseum and your goal is to build your Roman Empire to train powerful combative gladiators as tycoons of the Roman Empire. Earn tons of money to further expand your empire.
To train your gladiators, you must build their training facility in the city. Without these training areas, they will just wander around and be unable to fight in your empire.
In addition, you have to build other important Roman buildings and facilities so that people can eat, drink, pray and enjoy life before setting off to the tycoon’s gym and watch the brave gladiators fight for the people and the emperor.
This is what you can build in Idle Gladiator Empire Tycoon.
Sword Training – A timeless weapon, the sword was an important part of gladiator training to impress Roman emperors and onlookers. These gladiators can’t sit still, they need training!
Spear Training – This is a simple weapon, but if used properly, it can be lethal at a distance. Use it wisely and your gladiator will win!
Gym – You have to train your gladiators into your empire, there is no time to be lazy. So build your gym so they can pump iron and become super powerful fighting machines.
EATERY – Food is the fuel your gladiator needs to have energy to last through big fights in the gym.
LODGE – Your gladiator needs a good rest to have the energy and strength to fight. So build your hut in your empire. No slackers here.
Trident Training – One of the classic gladiator weapons is the trident. Deadly when used correctly, but takes time to master.
Shield Training – Attack is one thing, but defense is just as important in big gladiator fights in front of a roaring crowd. So make sure your gladiator is ready to defend his life with a shield.
Balance Training – Without balance, your gladiator will struggle to win battles. So raise their balance and see if you can knock them out.
The Temple – Every tycoon of the Roman Empire must know how important the Temple is to his people. So develop it into a place where people can meet and pray.
Taverns – Romans loved to meet and taverns were a central part of any Roman tycoon’s empire. Eat, drink and have fun!
Guest Station – Food was very important to the life of the Romans and you had to set up food stalls to keep the Empire fed and happy.
Bathrooms – The Roman Baths were an incredible invention and an important part of Roman Empire society. So build your bathroom and enjoy a long bath!
So get ready for idle gladiator empire tycoon and build your empire to train the best gladiators.

Free download Idle Gladiator Empire Tycoon HACK – MOD for Android APK & Iphone IOS IPA. (Size: 96M) - Version 1.1.0. Released on May 17, 2022. By DONIT.INFO. . Developed by Neon Play. Operating system requirements 5.0 and up. PEGI 12.

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New area: Balance Training!
Earn stars by completing achievements!
Upgrade your empire by spending your stars on Mythic Upgrades!.

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  2. chris pitch: You all once asked me how to change my 3 stars to 5 stars First Ads Should Never automatically take me to google play when i DO NOT touch my phone's screen and when this happens i tend to loose my ad reward because the game restarts and 2nd it seems like the X button for leaving the ads when they are over doesnt like to recognize my thumb or will glitch and take me to google play and loosing my ad reward by rebooting the game so you asked here is my answer and not a bad game at all.
  3. Captain Tripps: Fun.

Download Idle Gladiator Empire Tycoon HACK – MOD [Unlock All Apk + iOS] 96M

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