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Jigyasa: Azadi Ka Amrit Mahotsav Quiz. Jigyasa Quiz Mod v2.3

Update: 11/12/2022
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Download Jigyasa Quiz Mod 2.3 for android apk & iphone ios 5.0

Jigyasa: Azadi Ka Amrit Mahotsav Quiz is a knowledge platform that brings together people from all walks of life to test their knowledge of Indian heritage. India is known for its unique and unparalleled blend of religions, languages ​​and cultures. The vast subcontinent society is one of the oldest in the world, with a diverse and complex heritage. What are you waiting for, try to understand India better? Get what you need and get ready to go!

Free download Jigyasa Quiz HACK_MOD for Android APK & Iphone IOS IPA. (Size: ) - Version 2.3. Released on . By DONIT.INFO. Jigyasa: Azadi Ka Amrit Mahotsav Quiz. Developed by Akam Quiz. Operating system requirements 5.0. Everyone.

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Cosmatic change.

New comment

  1. Raman Jotshi: Perfect app to improve IQ. Everyone should participate..
  2. Pramod Mulay: There should be question bank or solved question bank for practice.
  3. Pushpinder Singh: Very good app g5jfftn.
  4. pavan kushwaha: Good.
  5. Divyanshu Srivastava: This game was accepted five and extra This app was good 👍 👍👍👍👍.
  6. Geeta Gungun: It is very very good it is awesome.... 😊😊😊😊.
  7. Suba Subalakshmi: Very nice.
  8. Akshay Kumar: Because it doesn't shows marks.
  9. Ashish Rathour: Very nice App.
  10. Animesh Kumar: Nise ,Very Good, exelent,A+.app.
  11. Anil Savsani: certificate nathi maltu.
  12. 056 Radha Janwa: I've an question will I be getting the certificate or any other rewards for submitting the quizzes or it is only to improve our knowledge?.
  13. Deepa Uma: Good.
  14. Amit Yadav: very bad IT is hanging My phone.
  15. Jiya deogade: It is soo good.
  16. Abhijit Chougule: Quiz is not getting submitted and also certificate is not available since last 2 days.
  17. Akshat kumar: More than 15 times submitted questions Each time 10-14 questions but it's not accepting the response. And very worst app Only one time I got the certificate on 7th august after downloading. 😤😤😤😤😤.
  18. Natasha Tudu: Good app. Can play only 5 question per day. They give you a certificate for playing. Would have liked it more if they showed me which question are wrong and which ones are right. Don't know what the play partners are for. Would be happy if I could actually compete against my friends..
  19. Palak Kumari: 1. Questions take too long to load. 2. Also the certificate does not come even after playing the quiz..
  20. BGMI Lite: Nice.
  21. Shivangi Kumari: I couldn't play.
  22. Shiroi Akuma: The worst user friendly app. Whenever we are trying to give the quiz half of the time is wasted in buffering. Solve this or else no one is going to use this app. And please add a feature where the stop watch is paused whenever the screen is loading for the next question. This way 50 seconds of the time is wasted..
  23. mayank rohilla: Yo Namaste.
  24. Divyaprabha Divyaprabha: This is a Brian training game first day download certificate.
  25. Avneet Rao: Ek dam faltu ka app hai.
  26. Pheonix Akash: Worst app and server.
  27. Brother and sister piano teaching: I am really happy to play quiz and also provided certificate.
  28. Krishna Garg: Very awesome and helpful app for knowledge 👍👍👍🇮🇳🇮🇳🇮🇳.
  29. Peenu Garg: Awesome experience and very helpful app for knowledge I am proud to an India.
  30. subhas biswas: Very good..
  31. Kailash Parmar: It is very good. It improve our knowledge..
  32. shivanand pandey vats: Goog.
  33. Jai Aaditya Prabhu: Who is the Thomas Alva Edison of this app I want to meet him Dont come to college and beg us donation is available rs 1 for u guys enjoyyyyyy.
  34. KHUSHI SINGH: Very nice platform.
  35. Ashok Kumar: Arjun.
  36. Annu Rawat: Nice app.
  37. sunil Bari: So slow and ugly to use.
  38. Pratibha Wankhede: This app is awesome 😙😙😙😙😙😙😙.
  39. Md Safiq: Anuska sukla.
  40. Mukesh Jangra: This apk is very fast do 5 questions and submit, so my requested it's maker improve it.
  41. Ganesh Shetty: Worst app this app doesn't even get access.
  42. Malik Afzal: This application is very helpful,,,,,,, thanks 🙏👍.
  43. Manohar Bhandare: Not able to login.
  44. Km Lavely: Worst app Irritating Headache Distract students.
  45. Ashish Kumar: Worst app in the world I don't know why school recommend it. Slow interface Low accessibility Worst performance Irritating Headache.
  46. Poornima Patgar: Very slowly app.
  47. Nagesh khiste: Best app.
  48. Jainil Darji: Wrost app not working properly.
  49. subhalakshmi nayak: This app is too slow,need to be faster.
  50. Dnayshwar Shalke: I like this app 👏👏.
  51. Sher Singh: Good.
  52. sk Shrma: Nise app.
  53. Devenderreddy Mothe: Excellent.
  54. Kandas gondaliya gondaliy: Best Nolej app.
  55. Shoib Raini: This app is so nice 😊 only Balrampur modern school.
  56. Neha Maurya: Very useful for me.
  57. Divya sujeet Dhanuvanshi: In this we are not going to quiz again and not seen mark also, when we try to start the quiz was exist.
  58. Raja ram sharma Raja ram sharma: Not good.
  59. Pankaj Singh: 😔.
  60. RP Yadav: This app very good.
  61. bhuvaneswari Sakthivel: Very bad app😡😡😡😡😡😡.
  62. Basavaraj Mudenagudi: Thank you.
  63. Akhil Bardhan.: Amazing.
  64. Dhanush katari Gaming: Mar Cho AAP Hai.
  65. Minecraft DUO: Or victor valay bhaiyyon ki haal chal app download krlo kaldi....... 🙃.
  66. manohar m: Good for knowledge.
  67. MD Gouse: This app is lazy Vorste and chutiya app the app is not working properly .😡app.
  68. Victor Card: It show something about token expired when I log in . I don't Know the problem but if it is like this it will ruin the experience of many players.
  69. Raj Kharade: Very nice 👍.
  70. anshuman patel: Nice but works slow.
  71. Pardeep Kumar: Good.
  72. Vasimsah Vasimsah: Ft Uhuh.
  73. Charu Tibrewal: This app taking much time in downloading and space this app is so bad please i request to improve it.
  74. Shobha Gupta: 👍👍👍👍👍👍👍.
  75. MEENU SHARMA: Best.
  76. Antra Prasad: It's a waste app.
  77. Surose Bera: Worst app. The time goes and the question does not come.
  78. shivani panchani: Quiz not getting submitted. After 5th question is submitted it is coming to start again. App needs to be much faster and better.
  79. Kartik Sonawane: I can't download my certificate I have submitted the quiz 5 to 6 times still it dont shows any certificate available for download 😞.
  80. Sanjeev Kumar: Very bad app mardarchodo kuch to thik bana doo lodo.
  81. Dilipkumar Gupta: Mani Delhi police Banna chahti main desh ko badalna chahti hun aur main Apne mummy papa ka naam Roshan karna chahti hun aur mujhe maths padhna hai.
  82. Dileep Kumar: Instead of doing this go and sleep.
  83. Tushar Sharma: Zero.
  84. Manmohan Bisht: Unable to download.
  85. Rachana Kumari: Very worst app ever. It always take so long to load everything.
  86. Badal Kushwaha: Tha app is to lazy and bad. It Takes a lot of time to get access. The maker should improve it.
  87. Umesh Bhatt: Worst app ever seen in my whole life..
  88. ganapathi balaganapathi: Worst app ever can't even get the completion certificate , and once after installing I reinstalled it but I can't even get in the app.
  89. prabhakar tiwari: Wast ever don't try it.
  90. Munindher reddy Banda: In FAQ u told we can play more than once, it is not working.
  91. Nitu Singh: App is not working properly.
  92. Rangoli art with Rutu and Kannika: Time is going on and still the question hasn't appeared kindly fix this..
  93. Suraj Rajpoot: This app is the better than other apps.
  94. Raj Dabhi: Not work. 4 questions ans submit but 5th not submitted... Wast time.
  95. jaswanth kumar: Aaa thuuuu.
  96. Ambika Kakkunuri: Waste of time ..we are not getting any certificate.....
  97. Kavita Karhana: Same as swapna 🤬.
  98. Morax: Not getting certificate.
  99. Riya Kashyap: Why quiz is not submitting I am disappointed.
  100. jayesh rajput: Aa not warking Not working.
  101. Panna Lal Vishwakarma: Very nice app, we can play quiz in 17 languages and download signed certificate. Thanks AKAM Quiz.
  102. Ashish Ramanuj: ગુજરાતી ભાષામા પ્રશ્ન્ નો પ્રોપર અર્થ સમજાતો નથી. પ્રશ્ન્ સબમિટ કરવામા પ્રોબ્લેમ આવે છે..
  103. Jaishvi Tyagi: It's such a useless app. Dumb app seriously,.
  104. Anita Sharma: It is good.
  105. Sonali Meravi: Question answer is not submitted.
  106. Narinder: There is no certificate on screen how we can get cirtificate this app is very useless.
  107. Mohammad Ashrat Ali: Good.
  108. Tyagi Sanjeev: NICE.
  109. Mahir Malek: This is very Useless App. Don't working properly..
  110. Janki Negi: It does not show the option of certificate (generate certificate)..
  111. Dev Priy: 😡.
  112. Venkat: The quiz board seems to be blank. Please check..
  113. Sonia Sonia: What a pagal app.
  114. NUNE Pavan: 😡😡😡😡😡.
  115. cufo mocha: It just keep on loading.
  116. Swapna Mazumdar: It's a very annoying app it loads everything and don't respond anything..... Very disappointing 😕😕😕😡😡 very baaaaaddd........
  117. Sachin Jaiswal roll no 38: Very best.
  118. Preksha Sethia: Very well curated application..
  119. Shivam Sharma: App user interface is easy for anyone to use..

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