Laser Split: Ball Blaster Game Mod

Laser Split: Ball Blaster Game {Hack + Mod}

Use a lightsaber to split the balls. Become a ball crusher in a fun laser game.. Laser Split: Ball Blaster Game Mod v3.1

Update: 03/11/2022
Original price $: FREE

Download Laser Split: Ball Blaster Game Mod 3.1 for android apk & iphone ios 5.1 and up

“Are you looking for a fun laser game? Ball games fun? Laser Split: Ball Blaster Game is a lightsaber game where you have to use a laser gun to split colored balls. Use a blaster gun instead of a cannon to pop the balls. Become a You are a perfect hitter!

Laser game has simple gameplay and 3D graphics. Lots of balls of different colors are falling from the top of the screen. Share them and get rewards. Upgrade your laser gun with energy to be stronger The explosion. Use black holes instead of laser guns to get high scores in space games.

Start with small white balls, share more and earn cash to upgrade balls to bigger balls, turn balls into gems or planet balls Blast the game for more fun. Pop more balls and advance to the next level.

Key Highlights
Daily Bonuses. Come back to the Laser Split: Ball Blaster game every day, Level up and get more rewards.
Permanent rewards.Level up for new unlocked skills. Double your laser cannon or use bombs to pop more colorful balls. New skills increase your blast rate The ability to multi-ball.
Reset the game. Restart the laser game for a permanent reward. Restart the game from scratch, but all your skills will be retained. How to be faster in a space game Progress and level up!

Download Laser Split: Ball Blaster game and blow up all the colored balls to become a real Ball Blaster!”

Free download Laser Split: Ball Blaster Game {Hack + Mod} for Android APK & Iphone IOS IPA. (Size: 79M) - Version 3.1. Released on May 12, 2022. By DONIT.INFO. Use a lightsaber to split the balls. Become a ball crusher in a fun laser game.. Developed by Tuna Games. Operating system requirements 5.1 and up. PEGI 3.

Game hacking feature Laser Split: Ball Blaster Game MOD

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  • - Remove All Ads
  • - Acceleration
  • - Free ADS
  • - Unlock Paid

Hacked version Laser Split: Ball Blaster Game pay fees MOD

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  • - Remove All Ads
  • - Premium Unlock
  • - Speed

Performance improvements have been done..

New comment

  1. Anthony Antenucci: Decent but too short.
  2. David McGregor: Personally I loved this game and was nonstop playing it.... but my only problem was eventually I couldn't rank up anymore and I have max upgraded everything In the game.
  3. Jonathan Hanes: I've maxed out my prestige and every tab in a couple of hours and there is nothing else, there is so much late game lag but you can't really prevent that but I wish there was more to the game.
  4. telisha aggett: Game is ok,but I've upgraded everything and there is no more to do..
  5. Jake Crossin: I reached max upgrades within about 2 hours. Good game but could definitely use some adjustments Would be better increasing money earned each multiplier level as x2, rather than adding 100% each time. Also make each multiplier level harder to get to each time, was way too easy as it went on Lastly, add more weapons and add more things to blow up, and I think it could be really good.
  6. Taylor Styron: Fun but beat it and after maxing out everything game crashes after starting app up.
  7. Wes Geddes: Pretty fun.
  8. Anthony Wilson: It is impossible to rank up in the top left corner please make it easy to rank up..
  9. Byron Hurt: After putting game in airplane to turn off ads...If you watch the ad to gain 2 prestige, you miss perks by level 10, 10 is max prestige...around lvl 100 balls just stop spawning all together...massive lag late game... The first two tabs are easily maxed out, game stopped spawning balls before I could find a max on third upgrade tab..
  10. Buzzard614: Love the new look. Just a couple of problems the vibrations are a little more annoying when you upgrade and the upgrade numbers are a Little to small. Other than that keep up the good work..
  11. Jesse Chambless: Forced ads.
  12. Nathan Johnson: After I split a few waves of balls the balls go off screen and stop spawning. Makes the game unplayable after 2 minutes of play..
  13. steelergeorge71: Good waste of time.
  14. Kaden Toth: I was payed to give it 5 stars..
  15. matthew reetz: Every time I load the game it resets on my progress.
  16. Jordan Larson: Very boring, the balls take too long to spawn so half the time you're just waiting..
  17. Aj Davidson: It doesn't save your progresses when you're rejoin the game.
  18. master spade 2903: Would be better if the layers could pass through already destroyed balls and hit the ones in the center.
  19. Ranae Combs: It's simple and you don't gave to think but as soon as you close out of the game and than come back you have to start ALL over again. It's annoying.

Download Laser Split: Ball Blaster Game {Hack + Mod} UNLOCK FULL VERSION APK + IOS 79M

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Version: 3.1.
Operating system: 5.1 and up.
Evaluate: .
Content rating: PEGI 3.
Installs: 1,000+.
Product: .
Developers: Tuna Games.
Votes: .
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