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Save Taylor!. Lifeline Mod v2.2

Update: 23/01/2023
Original price $: 2.99

Download Lifeline Mod 2.2 for android apk & iphone ios Varies with device

Lifeline is a playable branching survival story against all odds. You’ll help Taylor make life-or-death decisions and face the consequences together.

Famed author Dave Justus (Fable: The Wolf Among Us) weaves a compelling interactive story through the aftermath of a crashed alien moon. Tyler is trapped and the rest of the crew is dead or missing, Tyler’s communicator can only contact you.

Lifeline pioneers a new storytelling experience enabled by modern devices. The story unfolds in real time as Taylor struggles to stay alive. Notifications deliver new messages throughout the day. Catch them when they arrive, or when you have free time.

Or dive in and jump back to an earlier point in the story to see what happens when you make another choice. Simple actions can have profound effects. Complete any path to restart the story and unlock this mode.

Lifeline is a deep, immersive story of survival and endurance with many possible outcomes. Tyler relies on you.

Support Wear OS!

You can play Lifeline in any of the following languages:
Simplified Chinese

No internet connection required. No in-app purchases and no ads.

Praise for Lifeline:

“I’ve played a lot of games that fascinate me, but Lifeline is probably one of the first games I’ve come to think of in my daily life, it Jumping off the screen and becoming a part of my life experience.” – Eli Cymet, Gamezebo

“I immediately felt a connection to a fictional character that took me out of an alien galaxy . My wearable.” – Luke Hopewell, Gizmodo, Australia

“In just a few hours, I cared – very concerned – the fate of a completely fictional character. I think I’ve played any No other game makes me feel that way.” – Matt Thrower, PocketGamer

Creator of Lifeline is:
Dave Justus
Mars Jokela
Dan Selleck Colin Liotta Jackie Steege Wilson Bull Jason Nowak Ben “Bücher” Schwartz

Free download Lifeline (Mod/Hack) for Android APK & Iphone IOS IPA. (Size: ) - Version 2.2. Released on . By DONIT.INFO. Save Taylor!. Developed by 3 Minute Games, Inc.. Operating system requirements Varies with device. Teen.

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New art!.

New comment

  1. Ryan Ambsdorf: I can't actually play on my galaxy smartwatch. That's why I bought the game. But I can't select the answers. Seems interesting though..
  2. Cysfer: I don't what to spoil anything, but the story was great. I wish to others to play good luck. A wrong decision can kill the person you're trying to help. I managed to squeeze by but I'm guessing just barely. The story takes days to complete start to (an) ending. The app is 5/5 stars easily..
  3. TheEmeraldWalrus: oh my god, SO worth the money. i got chills so many times. im emotionally attached to Taylor. someone please give them therapy. this was such a good game..
  4. RetroGotGamez: Amazing story and love it hate the "real time" storytelling, needing to wait for a response I think it's very interesting..
  5. Isaac's Watch: Fun game but I wish you could fast forward the line 6 hours of sleep.
  6. Raymie Slover: I like this game, played it a few years ago and now I'm playing it again. One major complaint now is that I'm not getting any notifications so it ruins the immersion, here I am waiting for Taylor to report back, open the game, and then I realize he has but that I received zero notifications of it..
  7. Nicole S: I don't normally play games, but my son recommended that I download this game. I'm two days in and I really like it. It's not too time consuming and it's interesting. I've never played or even heard of this kind of game before, but it reminds me of the "choose your own ending" books I loved as a child..
  8. Ash Potgieter: The game had me hooked from start to finish and I found myself coming back to the game and replaying it several times..
  9. TwinofSans: This came to me in my nearly unconscious state, late at night, when I remembered playing this game as a kid. I can remember some key story points and I was even able to recognize the name by happenstance! So excited to be playing it again. I recall this game keeping me very entertained even though I despised reading. Having the protagonist dedicate time to tasks broke up the game so that the player is given the opportunity to stop. This prevents people from feeling overwhelmed while reading!.
  10. Valdemar Linhem: A fantastic game that uses the medium of the mobile platform to the fullest potential by using real time waiting mechanics to keep tensions high..
  11. landenbuzzb: Great story line loved it.
  12. Dan Hickman: Wow. A fantastic journey over a few days that has plenty of intrigue, development, peril and choice. I came to truly root for Taylor despite his flaws and felt my decisions had real weight as the story unfolded. There were times where I felt torn between choices, almost never felt I didn't like either one. Only criticism is I wish there was a longer wait between messages in some parts (immediately after a choice). Absolutely outstanding example of a great concept done well..
  13. Aja Langley: Brilliant and engaging. Your choices matter, even if they only change one or two things about each play through. The script is humorous and intelligent. A solid game with some good replayability..
  14. Jeffery Davis: Not bad, having an option to back up a bit rather than nothing to start over would be nice..
  15. Angelika: I'm still trying to save him but it's a great game! It doesn't let you sit in front of it the whole day, because you have to wait for his answers, I like that..
  16. Dian van Schalkwyk: This is a great game. The personality of Taylor and the choices you must make To keep him alive is a very unique experience..
  17. S. Darian Arenas: Got this on a friend's recommendation. It was a lot of fun! Great story and really cool way of interacting. I responded to Taylor much faster than I ever do my actual text messages 🤣.
  18. Alyson Goodwin: The protagonist was intelligent and is humorous. I felt invested in his well-being. This is an amazing game..
  19. M. C.: It was different. It's like a CYOA but you're not in the lead of the story you're just kind of giving suggestions to an NPC. I don't recommend this for anyone with short attention spans because it's a text/dialogue heavy game. I'm looking at everyone who gave this game 1 star. 🙄 It's a short story. Frankly I don't understand the criticism against it being a short game when you're paying so cheaply for this. People have spent 60+ USD on console games just to complain for an hour on YouTube..
  20. Jabba The Hutt: Incredible.
  21. A-a - ron: Such an underrated classic. The game forces you to wait which I appreciate bc I can stay glued to a game for hours. So I can do anything while waiting for it to start again. The story is amazing, and can be very stressful and anxiety inducing.
  22. Parker Adams: Narrative fun; it's done well. Well written. Unlike any other text-based game I've played. Music is fantastic. I'm playing this, I think, for the third time (over the last few years. I don't remember anything but the broad narrative strokes). I'm also excited to play the sequel again, and the unrelated (?) snow one. Don't spoil it for me. It's just good stuff. Play it, meet Taylor, have stressful choices. Joke around with each other..
  23. Matt Kenyon: It was ok. I didn't hate it but I also find these Twine-style stories with so many failstates seemingly arbitrary and impossible to complete without either a guide or so many playthroughs that I'm sick of it by the time I do get to the end. I know it's difficult in a mobile space but I wish this was more sandbox-y and less railroaded. Something like Planetfall by Infocom. I finished it, but I liked the concept more than the execution. I don't think I'll check out the sequels tbh..
  24. Sara Williams: How can you care so much about someone you don't know, and who you know (logically) isn't even real? Incredibly well done..
  25. Frank: I love the concept and the feel of just playing it! 😺😺😺😺😺😻😻😻.
  26. Michelle Ionta: Terrific, text based, game that's perfect for the watch model!.
  27. Candace Evans: I think the biggest problem with this game is that your choices don't mean anything. There's only 1 path that doesn't get your character killed and the last 20% of the game your choices don't even matter in any sense of the word. Taylor actively refuses to do anything but what follows the ending. CYOA games should be fun to replay and see what other options there but it's just frustrating. This just shouldn't have been a CYOA and instead a short story or novel imo..
  28. addie theGr8: LOVED this game with all of my heart. I cried ngl this is a game that I'll never forget. I loved the story telling and I wish I could forget so I can play it again. 5/5 i 100% reccomend!.
  29. RoxstarAM: Spooky.
  30. reacter man: Interesting game, not worth the money though. It would make since if it was free, there also isnt much interaction. I also dont like the fact that you have to wait so long for his response. But I really hope other people enjoy this game more than I did. Thanks for your time..
  31. Jonny Russell: Fun story, love how it takes place "real time" over the course of several days. Recommended.
  32. Brandy Little: An incredibly creative and immersive game that makes you wonder how your new friend is faring throughout your day..
  33. Paul Slater: Was relaxing and interesting. I didn't get a strong sense of agency while playing but perhaps it has more than one ending..
  34. Sebastian G: I love game like this is. Cuz it make me feel sometimes like is real please make more.
  35. Gabriel Collier: Very neat game. There is a good balance between serious dialogue that helps you care about the character and comedic relief that keeps the game feeling light and campy..
  36. Sara Lobo (gsara): Very good i loved it.
  37. as ts: like it.
  38. Noah Mercado: Great story, I played it years ago and came back for it again.
  39. Corrie Visagie: Hell!!!!! what a game what a game excelant. I've baught this and thefollow up and its awsome. Thanx.
  40. josh Brack (freshhawk): Very good game played it for quite a chunk of my life..
  41. Thomas Randall: Really just so very cool.
  42. Jeni: I was really enjoying this game, and played it very slowly over a long time but had to get a new phone and realized too late that my progress wasn't saved when I opened it on my new phone. That's a shame. ☹️.
  43. Christian Cornatzer: Different. Interesting concept. Reminds me of the old "Choose Your Own Adventure" novels from the '80s-'90s..
  44. Sharon M: Great story. Kept me entertained for 3 days. Love the real-time aspect without it the game would be extremely short but as it is it's worthwhile playing. Will be purchasing the next one..
  45. Kaloyan Nikolov: Top.
  46. Benjamin Brown: perfect game, so much fun, trial and error, its like tamagotchi with Tom hanks in castaway.
  47. Dead Ham Eggs: Loved it!.
  48. Swamp “Nozy” Gaming Network: Still good game.
  49. Benjamin Diamond: Great storyline that really kept bringing me back in. I was so excited every time I got a new message!.
  50. Tab135: I bough this game for my sony smartwatch 3 and it doesnt work. It keep getting black screen.
  51. Even Lohne: Taylor is god damn annoying and does not listen to me. This game irritated me..
  52. Alan Hernandez: I played this game back in 2015 but didn't finish the story. I went back this year and completed it. I still think this is a great little story with enough interaction throughout the day. I'll have to check out the others to see what happens to Taylor!.
  53. Jose Carreon: Awesome game story is fun and engaging.
  54. Jason Nicholson: Choose your (or actually Taylor's) destiny! This game starts with a cadet, Taylor, stranded after a spaceship crash. From there is up to you to talk them through every decision and action. It's got timed aspects, so you can't get it all at once. When Taylor sleeps, you have to wait. It's a lot of fun, and a great ride!.
  55. 이이: Thank you for add korean. I saw the game about 5~6 years ago but i cant play because there arent korean option. Now i can play it. Very good game..
  56. Thomas Acethorp: It is a really fun adventure game and I really like it. You can also go to another mode and have a new character..
  57. Hermes Fang: Need Chinese localization... Badly...!!.
  58. edho purnama: MAKE THE SEQUEL NOW.
  59. patrick blake: WARNING do NOT buy this game! The developer says no inapp purchases required, this is Not quite the case. The game only lasts for about 3 hours including any transmission breaks take out those and the game lasts approximately 5 minutes. You then get advised to move too (download) Lifeline 2 costing another £1.69 not a lot but for 5 minutes of gameplay outrageous! BTW It doesn't deserve even 1 star but without that I can't post this Warning for all of you..
  60. Tyler Jones: The idea is neat but the writing is terrible and trying too hard to be quirky. Nobody would talk like this in such a situation. It totally takes you out of the situation. Some humor here and there is fine, some quirky dialog here and there is fine, but if seems like every time Taylor says something it's like something I'd write in middle school. If you want a serious tone go elsewhere. Taylor talks like a Redditor.
  61. j110 So: I wish there was a fast mode..
  62. Jonathan Charles: Had to uninstall. Advertised to work on smartwatches, which is the reason I bought it, but only does so when the app is open on the phone and the phone unlocked. If you were hoping to play this mostly from your watch, stear clear..
  63. Matthew Cilia: I loved the whole actually waiting in real time and the story ☺️.
  64. Charlie Starkey: What an interesting and unique game experience! I love that the game progresses in real time. (The character might go to sleep and message again 6 hours later.) It's keeping me engaged and feeling like I'm really communicating with someone out there..
  65. 강지수: Why am I crying...ㅠㅠ.
  66. Luna Welthbed: I love this. I played the 2nd game aswell and i cried. I love Taylor and id die for them. But they did it for us and the world. God speed taylor!.
  67. Brandon Kamp: This is a nice little story! It gave me pleasant flashbacks to the old Choose-Your-Own-Adventure books that I loved years ago. (What's more, I've been playing it in German for language-learning purposes. Conversational and new scifi vocabulary! It's great!).
  68. Deion Turner: Super fun story line and i love that the characters and the scene you put them in.
  69. Rissa: I'm bored to death. Taylor doesn't feel like a person, he feels like a collection of jokes thrown together by a writer desperately trying to be interesting. The waiting is not suspenseful. It feels like standing in line. It feels like it was a ploy to make me wait past the point where the playstore would approve a refund. It feels like waiting for your candy crush lives to fill up. Maybe if I had access to a monitor of his vitals or the conditions on the moon?.
  70. Jake Cannon: Great idea for a game! I found myself waiting with suspense for her to reply and talking to another star system whilst I was on the beach with no signal was cool as!.
  71. Arvuzá: Best game ever. Theres tons of good comments that explains why its such a good experience. If you like immersive stories and sci-fi, just buy it..
  72. Socks Turner: Absolute amazing game.
  73. Louis Racicot: I would give this game the metric equivalent of a 5 star..
  74. Eddie Zamfir: Amazing game, story and emotions.
  75. Pringle Cat: Please allow this to show in family library for past purchases. There is no option to rebuy it so that it gets added. It's been 5 years and still no fix..
  76. José V.C: Aweeeesome.
  77. Kiril Dimitrov: An awesome concept for a game, and really enjoyable story. :).
  78. Bryan Browning: Reduced from 5 to 1 I purchased this already. Wanted to install on a new phone and wanted me to purchase AGAIN! BOOOO.
  79. Nuriyah Ab: The character is totally unrelatable and annoying. While playing, some part of me is happy when he is accidentally die. I dont even get why I would want to help him other than I had paid for the game. Go die on the moon alone with that attitude..
  80. Nina Vidales: If you want a modern "Choose your own adventure game", then this is the game for you. I enjoyed every moment! The story was mysterious, suspenseful, and emotional. You find yourself worrying about the main character Taylor, and really wanting to help. An amazing and engaging story! I will continue to follow the Lifeline series and I hope they continue to make more amazing stories.
  81. Leah Jorgensen: My favorite app of all time. And that's been constant since 2015..
  82. Russell Williams: Absolutely fantastic and well worth the money, I've recommend it to all my friends!.
  83. Eloise: I've only been playing for a day, but this is such a interesting concept, and Taylor is a really likeable character. I'm fascinated to see where it goes! I read about it on an article by The Live Life, they said it was one of the top 5 mobile games worth playing :) Then onyl criticism I'd say (from my limited experience this far) would be the option to check in on him occasionally? Even if it is limited to the game providing you with the opportunity, rather than being able to do it whenever..
  84. Diane Mason: Ok. It's graphics are simple but when you are actively playing, you understand why. So now I can say I love this game! Interacting with the subject was exciting and you feel obligated to help..
  85. Iris Soya: This game seems to be written by a 2 year old. Im not going to use this ever again..
  86. Char Hen: Amazing amazing amazing!!! I recently replayed this after playing it years ago and its just as good! The story is amazingly mysterious, perfect if you're a fan of games like Subnautica, amazing, would highly reccomend to anyone who's a fan of science fiction :).
  87. McLeish Martin: Great text based adventure with awesome atmospheric sounds.
  88. cameron koehler: This is an amazing way to use the unique qualities of phones to make a game! This series deserved so much better... ...and it's getting so much better! The devs got their IP back from big fish (speculation) so expect amazing things!.
  89. l l: I played all these games back when I was in high school and loved them! I just heard the company got their rights to the games back and we might get more soon, definitely recommend 10/5.
  90. Stu Moore: 89 pence well spent! Original storyline, moody music, snappy dialogue and it makes you pause between gameplay which just heightens your sense of time within the game. Died once as a result of my decisions but managed to get to the end without too many mishaps. Might go back and try different decisions on 'fast' mode. Will probably get the sequel too..
  91. ThuyTien Lives: Pros: great art, the story is actually pretty good at first. The app runs smoothly and you get to make decisions to help another character. Multiple endings. Cons: after a while, the main character you help becomes mean and insults themselves a lot, which made me not want to spend time with them. The choices end up mostly panic or misery, so it's not good for depressed people..
  92. Yoshikage Kira: Masterpiece.
  93. Sverre Rabbelier: A fascinating story. I do recommend playing it with the intended delays, makes it feel much more like events are unfolding far away..
  94. Adam Scannell: Such a fresh game only started it and I love it already feels so real hope an additional game comes out EDIT a new game is coming would love to do a live action trailer for you guys!.
  95. Paul A C: Superb.
  96. Shyla Lewis: My Favorite Paced Story Space Game EVER!!! Best dollar I think I've ever spend on entertainment. If you're looking for a game to draw your boredom for every few minutes in the beginning days to hours on the last day like I played you'll be incredibly satisfied with the paths this beautiful game presents. Its easy to work the sound design is simple but spacey, along with the few sighs and blips that force you into the suit with Tayler and closer to her as you fight to save her from so far away..
  97. Sebastian Carlos: I really like this game. If you're looking an adventure/story type game this is for you. The fact that you have to wait for Taylor to do wake up, or finish a task really helps with the immersion. I've already played it multiple times and have had it less than a week!.
  98. Paula Fulton: I'm enjoying it so far. Love the relaxing music.
  99. Jessica Crosse: Great game and the pacing is perfect. Almost completely accessible to blind players. I played this along with a blind friend and had a great time. Only criticism is at the very end there is text said by other people and the speaker is shown by the text colour, thus not accessible to blind players. I had to explain to my friend that there were now multiple speakers because they were very confused. If you could change it to say the speakers name when it's not Taylor, that would be good..
  100. Mikuláš Hrdlička: One of the best mobile experiences. The real-time makes it immersive unlike anything else, Taylor will grow on you, I haven't genuinely cared about a fictional character so much before! Totally recommend..
  101. iliketogame ILG: A thrilling experience that I would recommend to everyone..
  102. Galaxyy: Great story. Wish the ending screen gave you more options and more info about my choices..
  103. Tomas Ribinskis: Iš pradžių nieko daug nesitikėjau bet po to taip įtraukė kad tiesiog laukdavau pastoviai kol atrašys Taylor'as ☺.
  104. Matt Jones: Definitely worth the dollar I spent on this. A very cool concept, although this particular iteration could have been written better. Very glad I experienced the game. However, this game NEEDS to have a function to automatically scroll to the bottom. I can't count how many times I had to open the app and manually scroll ALL the way to the bottom of the text. Ending had me on edge but was slightly dissatisfying..
  105. Abstract KVNG: Amazing and Thrilling..
  106. Altercode “Atercode”: This was just as good as I thought it would be. Love the authers previous work as well..
  107. Luna Arcana: One of my favorite games ❤.
  108. Shirley White: Amazing.
  109. Mike Pattison: Amazing. I am completely emotionally invested in this. Great concept for a game, and terrific writing. Hands down best game I've played in a long dang time..
  110. Ivan Šatarić: I love how they made this Taylor non gender specific so i can imagine him/her the way i want. To me Taylor is a he. I played this game for the first time years ago when first Whiteout didnt came out yet. I feel so bad for not having any new Lifeline games to play with. I hope someone will revamp it..
  111. johnshay rodriguez: While taylor was trapped in that planet i was trapped in the story..
  112. Itzthe_N3: AMAZING STORY, TONS OF FUN!!! A MUST GET!!!!!!.
  113. Xiao Tang: It's for older android version.
  114. Laurel Carlson: What a great game! I have played it 3 times, never bored!!!!!!!.
  115. Jarred Buckley: It's not fun.
  116. Guilherme Abreu: I recently bought this game to play it on my wear os device but even though the notification to install appears in watch I can't download the game the word "installing" stays there for a long period of time and then disappears but I can't download the game so I thought you guys from lifeline could fix this up please..
  117. robby green: Fun adventure game with good writing.
  118. Clear Mountain: Well written, not really a game so much as a story but still really good.
  119. Sharnette Manuel: Would hv givn 5 stars but i didnt njoy the wait times....and the choices should hv been more frequent. This game ws laid back and enjoyable...i was entertained.
  120. Traveling Majass: Surprisingly enjoyable..
  121. AJ C: A fun and different experience..
  122. Caitlin Thompson: This was amazing. Such a beautiful storyline and super suspenseful with difficult decisions to be made at every turn. Beautiful. 10/10.
  123. Luke Jackson: Really liked this story, the concept of a faux real time story is really great. Great job..
  124. Connor Beaty: An amazing game with an extraordinary story. I've played it over 4 times and I love everything about it. There is a whole series ahead that I've also played (Lifeline 2, Silent Night, Halfway to Infinity, Flatline, and Crisis Line). The series is great, and I hope the developers make more..
  125. Jessica Müller: A fertig interesting game.
  126. Monica Rossos: I really didn't enjoy this. I didn't find the protagonist engaging at all and in fact I thought was kinda whiny and irritating.. was expecting the story to branch more and last longer and as a tech comment many of the protagonist's comments were cut off and there was no way for me to expand them to be able to read the whole thing.
  127. David J. (Phienyx): These are great. We need more..
  128. Karl Matillano: Plot is thick enough to keep me interested but slow enough to be annoying..
  129. Gur Gurevich: Played it again after a long while and was not disappointed. Love the breaks within the game which prevent you from binging this story through in an hour or whatever..
  130. Gergő Fándly: Great story, fun gameplay.
  131. Cora: Fantastic style game.
  132. Hilde Teigset Marstein: Absolutely love the lifeline games.
  133. Frozengeckolover: Great text-based game. My only complaint is the wait times while "Taylor is busy", but it makes the story seem more realistic..
  134. Melissa Little: Great game. A bit creepy. lol do not play before sleeping you will have weird dreams..
  135. Bryan Etch: Very fun, first time playing a text based game. Felt like an interactive choose your own adventure. I died once :(.
  136. Robin Manford: Why does this game request access to my call history?.
  137. Victor Ruiz: This game is awsome sooo interactive and i LOVE IT.
  138. ÇK: This took me about 3-4 days to finish including waiting times but i enjoyed the story and looking forward to the rest. I dont know how impactful the choices are but some of them are unimportant and some of them are really important i guess(and its good this way. Not every choice has to be a life or death situation). Totally worth the payment(app is very cheap) with the story writing and game-coding..
  139. Christopher Ziegler: Probably interesting but not my kind of game.
  140. Average Daniel: good story telling.
  141. Bolshevik Apologist: Absolutely stunning, Immersive and beautifully written..
  142. Ghettobird: Very good.
  143. Aurelian Ioan: The concept of the game is good, I never played story driven games before, but this is an awesome one to begin with. Although the dialogue is lackluster at times you still get captivated by Taylor's faith. Overall a good story, that's worth the money, gonna buy the second game also..
  144. Arun M: It's really good.
  145. Jeff Donais: This is just awesome. Do yourself a favor and play through this great story.
  146. Kiel Enrique: Best game ever. I bought this back in 2016, July and there was nothing like it on the Play or App Store. Totally worth the buck. The story is captivating, the characters are someone you could fear and care for. Relatable and uncanny. It feels like a great adventure epic James Cameron film. Bravo..
  147. Morgan: Overall, fairly enjoyable. A good branching plot with some fun choices. The protag can be a little whiny at times, but in the end I think that only adds to his whole character and the development of the story. Tip: the earlier you fail at the mission the sooner you can enable fast mode which will let you play the story at will. TBH, I felt that turning on fast mode kind of took the fun out of the delayed message system so steer clear of that if you want the intended experience..
  148. Yannick Elbaj: Banger.
  149. Laurel: I think whichever Lifeline game you end up playing first will be your favorite. They're all good, but this one is dear to my heart as the first that got me emotionally invested in some imaginary kid with only intermittent text interface, lol. You can't really describe why this is so worthwhile to play; just play it. You'll see..
  150. don't worry about it: intriguing.

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