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Love 365: Find Your Story [Hack + Mod]

Ready for romance? Heart-pounding original stories are just a tap away!. Love 365: Find Your Story Mod v7.9

Update: 16/09/2022
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Download Love 365: Find Your Story Mod 7.9 for android apk & iphone ios 4.4

Love 365 is your gateway to otome romance!

300 handsome guys are vying for your heart!
Which one of them will surprise you? The choice is yours!
A new man every day of the week, or just choose a man!
Find the perfect Ikemen for you!

Over 5,000 episodes, stories and situations!
Have heartbreaking first kisses,
passionate nights, and even explosive adventures!
Your life will become more exciting!


【About Monthly Pass】
・Subscription period: One full month after payment.
・Stories available to pass holders: any three stories in the app.
・Monthly subscription fee: $8.99
*Subscription automatically renews (and charged to your account) every month until App Store membership is cancelled.

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[Recommended devices] Android 4.4~
[Not compatible with:] Android 2.0~ , 3.0~, 4.0~4.3

*Compatibility with tablets and specific devices n do not guarantee.
*May not be playable on some devices that meet OS version requirements.

Free download Love 365: Find Your Story [Hack + Mod] for Android APK & Iphone IOS IPA. (Size: ) - Version 7.9. Released on . By DONIT.INFO. Ready for romance? Heart-pounding original stories are just a tap away!. Developed by Voltage, Inc.. Operating system requirements 4.4. Teen.

Game Hack Features Love 365: Find Your Story MOD

  • - Remove All Ads
  • - Free ADS
  • - No Reload
  • - Unlock Paid
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Game Version Love 365: Find Your Story Paid MOD

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・Partial layout adjustments..

New comment

  1. Shreya Sajith: Keeps saying my WiFi is weak even though it is good. Despite restarting the problem persists..
  2. Evelyn Arcenal: So nice.
  3. Baig Saab: When I started play 2021 but know 2022 and l am still waitning for knight of paradise charter blood Moon please some one tell how much long I have to wait.
  4. Cecilia Harris: Love all stories ❤️.
  5. Aida Sofena: it was good.
  6. Sayeba Siddique: One of my most favorite game. Love the stories,plots, characters & their pictures ❤️ Satisfying game & the app runs smoothly..
  7. Felicia: There should be 2 alternatives when playing the new stories. Either you pay for the whole story (like the old ones) and or read the story and use hearts. Not just relying on the heart thing. Expecially since i have found no way in getting hearts (other than paying) + the whole app is a labyrinth when actually trying to search for the stories. Other than that, I love the stories..
  8. Moana Manaena: 🙅🏻 🙅🏻 🙅🏻.
  9. Torri Branham: I love it so much I be my dad to the back and my mom is my icloud in the system for me I adopt her son to go to the park with the little guy and you guys are going out to eat and I'm going out of school tomorrow before work and I'm going out for dinner 🍽️ and you guys want a big sister and I'm going to work with her email to the grocery store tomorrow before I get home from work tomorrow could I be home from work and then you will get the back 🔙🔙 out to get her to the park and see if they.
  10. Ara Arisa: The app hasn't been giving me hearts upon completing stories/ reading the prologue for Tokyo love hustle story campaign even after the update. Please fix this. Love the stories.
  11. Theresa Mae Bensi: very nice i hab many husbands <3.
  12. may cho: good.
  13. achew bless you: Cool.
  14. Andrea A.: Epic Tip: delete your data to get beginner login gift for infinite free stories >:) p.s. beginners login gift plus coin mission equals 400 coins, 40 hearts, and 2 free story tickets..
  15. Tablelover 123: I'm gay.
  16. Anne Ellana: the game is so good please make more but please load the app..
  17. Suyasha Mishra: Please don't ever stop this game! ❤❤🌻.
  18. Sam Watson: 5he game is amazing exes there is one fault it is that's in the first prologue of every storg it is like I want to read more but I can't because 8 am not paying to read a story so pls make it so pls make it so that the whole story is free that would mean the world to me since I am a book worm thank you (I only gave 2 stars because of that by the way).
  19. Melissa Gave: Its a beautiful game with great stories.
  20. hana: i like the stories and the characters, but there's some annoying things in it..
  21. SillyLøve 54: How long does it take for the game to give us our daily rewards when we log in¿??.
  22. Martzellina APH: Its lagging a lot.
  23. Trippy Akiano: I Love most of the stories. Just wish I could buy them all. Ahhhh.
  24. Christine Gamboa: Ngl all stories are good and I'm getting butterflies but the issue is the coin login bonus I'm always getting 1 coin to 10 coins but the one chapter of each story is 100 coins it's so expensive pls bring back the old login bonus (╯°□°)╯︵ ┻━┻.
  25. Sarah Itama: Love love love 😘😘😘.
  26. Iroha Nekomura: Bad storyies.
  27. Tamanna Qureshi: I'm so angry with this app This is the third I lost all my stories I purchased Never again will I spend money or time on this app with their well drawn characters and recycled stories of poor girl whose not much to look at meeting a rich handsome guy who slowly falls in love with her and by episode 8 something external happens and so he leaves for 2 episodes and comes back at the second to last episode and fixes everything and then the final episode he tells you he loves you. So overdone.
  28. Jas Mine: I love this.
  29. Tyler blu Gunderson: I get it you need money for art and story but the price is to expensive but well I'll still buy it after i graduate and get a nice job since I'm still a student.
  30. wolf midnight: It's a great game but there is one problem on the wheel even if you watch the adds and get the coins they take the coins you win away..
  31. Lanina Bohanan: Omg this game bringed me luck, idk how but Monday I'm gonna have a girlfriend,I can't wait.
  32. Nastia Elmendorf: There was a problem with my last name! Like seriously?!.
  33. Katrina Perry: It's a fun game and has cute/sweet stories..
  34. Kody Rebisz: Oml I love this so much 😍😍😍.
  35. Saitama Lucero: Cooool guys make friend with me.
  36. Jayleana Ros: This game is so amazing I love it so much.
  37. Carla Oehme: Sometime after the last update it stopped working. Uninstalled and reinstalled did nothing. It freezes and crashes right after loading the home page EVERY TIME, completely unusable..
  38. Cristel liz Abuda: I like it.
  39. georgea neath: 0% for me.
  40. TheOtherHiccup (JillofallTrades): I love the convenience of the app and love these choose your story games. My only nitpick is in the story Be My Princess, Prince Edward is not is the list of princes to choose from. There's supposed to be six princes to choose from. Instead there's only five listed. It's a little disappointing..
  41. Misaki Ocejo: It's the best my heart races just using it😍😍😍😱😊.
  42. Stuti Shukla: I love this game but hate this new layout update today. it doesn't show bookshelf Option. There is no ranking based on title, monthly, weekly. So, the title we purchased and all the stories we purchased under those titles. it just shows the stories we purchased. there's no way to sort it out and find the stories systematic way it used to before..
  43. courtney Mc: Please help it won't let me play any stores.i lov this app.will put 5 stars when fixed.
  44. Roo RooXD: I absolutely adore this, beautiful artwork and heartwarming/soul destroying stories absolutely brilliant would highly recommend!!. Been playing for over 4yrs(a thousand roses the the writers for all these emotions) Some stories have stuck with me and I don't think I'll ever forget, My ONLY problems ARE It's a pay to play(literally get 1/2coins a day& the stories cost from 200to 400⚠️Not a fan of the heart system⚠️ EDIT: Not been updated in month's? I'm getting the feeling of abandonment 👀💀.
  45. melissa jarvis: Ads.
  46. Rheena009 (瑠依): I love this app! Soo many wonderful stories and the CG pics are stunning! I love how there's so many characters to choose from and you can also get to interact with them in the VIP section. 8/19/2022: This app keeps crashing and I can't play it. Can someone please fix it?.
  47. Karen M: I truly enjoy the stories here. After I had to get a new device I couldn't transfer my data and had to start from scratch with a new character name, I was able to find most of the titles that I enjoyed. Sadly I can't find " My Forged Wedding". I really wanted to read this series again. I'm a big fan!!!.
  48. Katrina Pettirose: Love Great romance stories. Some better than others but lots of options to pick from. Most stories you have the option to just purchase the whole story with coins. I don't mind just buying the whole story. I always saw it as buying an ebook. It takes time to make and I'm willing to pay for that. But I dropped a star because I don't like the new implementation of Love Choice. You have no way to buy the whole story and have to purchase more for the better route. Just feel like a cash grab..
  49. Katelin Sutton: Idk I didn't give it a full shot but I cant get invested with no art for like the scenes with you and a guy I seen there's some in the picture on the app store but I want more then just the super intense scenes it would make me more invested cause I feel like I'm just reading alot sorry...
  50. Kennedie Anthony: This app is the best i just love it!.
  51. Akorfa Ansong: Im not sure of what to say about this lovey thingy game but im honestly saying that this is the first time I've ever played this game before and i doubt is going to do anything but i found out that it really makes my rate. Thanks again and this all can for review.
  52. bailey huff: It's fun but I think they need to work on there pictures making but other then that it's a really good game.
  53. Innocent Okeke: Love you all the time to see you have plans.
  54. Gideon Nwaham: No pup op adds.
  55. Maria Aranda: Like bruh who wants to see love in a game jest so bumb that's all you need to know..
  56. Anneri Steyn: ENJOYABLE WILL RECOMMEND TO MY FRIENDS!!!! Bring Leon back along with md and masquarde kiss and kissed by the baddest bidder!!!.
  57. SomeNotBody: I haven't really played it exactly, but I'll give a good rating regardless because loading it is very smooth, but I'd just really love to ask for some bl stories !!! I'm actually trans and gay man and I love reading, but they're all regular straight romances :/.
  58. najremah: Personally, I LOVE this game but I highly recommend making a tutorial how to use the app because it took me a few days to find out how to make money- but other then that I love it so much✨.
  59. Bethani Parisi: It's been wonderful all though it's hard to get hearts and move the live meter. I would like to have better access to hearts other then paying for them.
  60. Leon Darkfall: From my experience the game works well the stories are nice and interesting it is overall a pretty nice game, although I would appreciate if there was a male version of the MC instead of being always a female that way even more people could play the game and it would be easier for male readers/players to really infiltrate themselves in the story..
  61. Happiness Sithole: They never show you the persons face that us so annoying 😡🤬😡.
  62. Tania Hutchins: I love this game but i miss this girl lexi rose 🌹 i didnt mean to press unmatchc I miss her so much 😢 😔 😞 😪 😭 💔 😢 😔 😞 😪 😭 💔 😢 😔 😞 😪 😭.
  63. Hailey Boltz: It's pretty fun..
  64. Mary: Ok.
  65. Ayumi Ishikawa: It's really good story and it's fun to read!.
  66. Kiana Gee: Good stories 🖤.
  67. Yua Samniego: I love the game, but the problem is I can't transfer my data and also I can't save my profile name age etc..
  68. Wolfy: I really love this game and love the story kei is in it played with my heart I felt like it was reall I love this game.
  69. Kanagaraj 1477: Hi karte sudh.
  70. Dawn Ross: Very captivating reading! It sucks you right in the story! I love it! I can't wait to read the rest of the stories!.
  71. vava vava: Love it.. But tbh I prefer if the view while story plays can be rotate not only to right side 90 degrees, but left side too for 90 degrees..
  72. Adriane Jones: Cool.
  73. heley chappell: Good.
  74. Amy Jeon: Great.
  75. A Google user: Araya Kuze is great! He's made me laugh a couple of times and sad afew times also. Well written storyline! Thank you..
  76. Ray TheAlt: I haven't played this game for long but can already tell how much fun I'm going to have using this. I've always struggled with love even while having a boyfriend and this just makes things so much better, the stories are great as well love the love meter at the beginning of every story!.
  77. Jessica Rodriguez: Loved this app ever since I started , when they were separate but still good now all together in one app. Dont think I can ever stop reading or rereading the stories. They're that good!.
  78. Potato: Not a single non-female player options and very cringy stories (ex- bought by the bad boy). Huge second hand embarrassment and rather disappointing as a whole.
  79. 君タケミチ: I love harada' s San story!!!.
  80. Elizabeth Blomquist: Love this app..
  81. Koral Logan: Having followed you since 2015, I have become a huge fan of yours. I consider you guys my childhood. The new system is trash. The coins are hard to get and you end up buying them. You could just buy the whole package when you had separate apps. This made you unique for a mobile platform, which was my favorite thing about you. Now you are like the others. But I still love you.
  82. Cynthia Jeanis: I've enjoyed this game for quite a while now~ There are lots of interesting and cute stories to choose from without ads annoying you~ And lots of characters for you to keep falling for with their own viewpoint stories too~ I definitely recommend if you're a fan of otome games or any romance games for that matter.:3.
  83. Akeelah Hinckson: It was awsome I might have been using my hearts wrong but all in all perfect.
  84. Mackenzie Isbell: I am in Love with this app.
  85. Running Wolf: It's OK just wish u didn't have to buy hearts. Or more hearts for prices or even do discounts few times a month.. I read all the free stuff I can cause in RL I can't afford hearts etc I notice ever selections goes up 8n hearts for special ending 💔 😢 😭.. the stories are awesome even better if we can do our own selections..
  86. STARISH MoonStar: It would great if we could earn more FREE Coins easier without paying for it. Also the Free Main Stories For Popular Titles hasn't updated for pasted MONTH! Please fix that!!!.
  87. Chloe Hunt: Love it 😂.
  88. Alison Porter: Love it.
  89. Maingooen: Yes. Just yes..
  90. Lililana “Rosalina” Bright: too much money for everything.
  91. KR KR: The old individual otome apps were better, separate events, gatcha and daily login tickets. Now it's all jam packed and squished, and it cost too much. R.I.P old individual otomes..
  92. e bunni: You should definitely try it! I really like the stories, and the artwork is nice. The app is a little clunky to get used to and you can end up spending waay to much money if you're like me and want to read allot. But there are free stories and sometimes you get a ticket for a free story. Ps. Ads are optional!!.
  93. Richard Skinner: Love the game but I have a major update i think you should do and add girls that date girls and boys that date boys i hope you can change that it would be lovely ty (thank you).
  94. Jamarri Smith: I like it a lot.
  95. Jerene Alico: I hate the removing coins when transferring account, i payed for 1100 coins but my friend transfered it to their account now the paid coins are gone..
  96. lisalad2: Every story is interesting, with good choices to pick from..
  97. Snowy Something: Kinda hot guys.
  98. Mandii Sixx: Hearts: no free options. Enough said. It's literally something you have to pay to get any good choices. If there are ways to get hearts for free, it's hard enough to find that I haven't found it yet. Pay to win at its worst. At least with other apps like this there are ways to get hearts, and the best endings, for free. I get that these things cost money to make because the art is good, but still..
  99. L I B R A!ツ: I'm dissapointed with the lack of variety of stories, but overall it's a great app, I appreciate the fact that its not literally impossible to get coins for free without buying them, and I can enjoy the stories of the characters, who are very well written btw, along with the stories, I get chills when I see their lines. Nice work Voltage!.
  100. Jessica Petty: Loved these stories ever since I was a sixth grader (now almost graduated college). I love that the stories are all on one app now as well. I remember having to download a separate app every time a new story came out so I could play it! Worth it, but it took up a lot of storage space. I like the convenience of the app!.
  101. Nicholas Fadahunsi: Ok first love the game but i hate the fact that the coins needed are so much. If you could pls lessen the amount of coins needed for just one chapter i would really appreciate it until the goodbye love 365.
  102. RadioactiveRatt: Good stories..
  103. David Warwick: My youngest is obsessed with this game. She said that this is the best she has played in a long time.
  104. Jessica Weis: Pop ups in game make it crash over and over on some days. Can't access my stories. Please fix the Java Lang Error crashes..
  105. See Jay: Currently crashing when I try to look at title info..
  106. Wrap Monster BTS: Please Voltage! I would do anything to have Shun Randou in the VIP room, and on merch. Most of the stories are well-crafted and thought out. And beautiful art for the different titles..
  107. i like Julianna: I had a very fun time on that app. But can i please get a refund? I still havent used the coins i bought and im planning to delete the game. Refund please. I have sent 2 emails to the developer so far. Please answer and please give me a refund, with all due respect..
  108. Panda Express: I don't think I'll find any better game than of of this game I can't download another game......earning coins and hearts is very difficult but still its best. Although sometimes the voltage test my patience it's still good 😒🙂😁..
  109. Eman Omer: Ugly art hate## =x.
  110. Nicks marie: I love it.
  111. Takashi Velencia: This is the best it's so many stories you can read download it. It's worth it.
  112. Piyali Roy: Awesome stories as I can't stop reading those episodes again and again..but the coin earing is so hard that even though I like the app games but can't able to read it as I can't able to earn more coins....
  113. Jan Acaso: For me. I enjoy it. But please give more free gems and lower gems to read next chapter thanks.
  114. Brooklyn McNeese: I've always loved this company and its work!! These stories are my favorite stress relief and I've probably spend hundreds on my anime boyfriends!! Thank you Voltage Inc for what you do!!!.
  115. Stacy Stanek: Really good stories, just wish there was a way to get hearts other than to buy them! It's hard to pick the answer that doesn't come across as cold with out them..
  116. Perside đ: How come on Apple Store so little stories.
  117. Aurora Auger: This is the best animated story app I've never had anything better.
  118. Sheri Ganas: Very fun.
  119. Juliette Optima: Your certain other app was way better than this one, because of what it had to offer for ALL the players! This app here was just an another painful reminder of that. Now? Love 365 is the worst, but at least others like it..
  120. unzah shahzad: it wonet allow you to play on laptop or chromebook.
  121. Robin Ruth: So many good stories to choose from!.
  122. Merry Mai: It's a really fun game to play.
  123. Charlotte Bennett: gay.
  124. Shelby thirsty: Actully better than i thought.
  125. CrazyInferno156 Reviews: Cool..
  126. Melissa Busatto: It's alright.
  127. Lynn Henry: I love this app and I love all the characters, but sometimes I have second choices about this game, 1 half of the stories are like 2 minutes long. 2 you can't really make choices when you can, you only get to make choices at least 3 times in one story, I wish we could make more choices. Otherwise I love it.❤️.
  128. Taryn Peacock: Stories are great, way over priced 200 per chapter when you doint receive alot of coins.
  129. Sarah Smith: Nickle and dime you.
  130. Ase Samluk: I used to play these games all the time and I forgot about them as I got older but I'm so happy to have found them all in one place😍.
  131. Analia Sandoval: SHIKI KUROBANE>>>>>>>>>>>>>>> U.
  132. Dennis Espinoza: This is amazing there stories are long and they have action love this app.
  133. Jay Shreves: I love this game just wish it was easier to get coins but besides that wonderful.
  134. Ava Adkins: Nice story's and animations.
  135. Kawaii K: I love this app so much! Compared to other games as such, and from my experience so far, there are no annoying and interrupting ads. I don't have to watch ads and spend a whole bunch of coins/diamonds to get stuff or choose responses in a game. All stories may not be free, but the ones that are help to get coins for those that require them. I just love the whole aesthetic, and I'd 100% recommend this to anyone interested in reading and anime. I applaud the developers in making an enjoyable app..
  136. kathleen thompson: I love it but so many adds.
  137. Cathelyn O. Pada: I love this app, but i have a question to ask, Are you gonna bring the 1 hour free coupon anytime soon? This app keeps me have a chance to have love again. It healed my broken heart. I know i might be a little selfish, but can you put the 1 hour coupon back? Its fine if you don't have to. I really want the 1 hour coupon back, i don't play this app anymore since i don't have enough coins to buy a story..and i don't have any money to buy more coins or hearts...i understand if you don't add it...
  138. Rina Rina: I like the game very much but i wish there was a way to earn coins and hearts easier. Could you add one pls . It was good when we had a free one hour ticked could you add that again pls. Not all of us have money so its quite hard to wait to make coins so you can read. That's it hope you've heard my plea.Anyway have a good day.✍.
  139. Neo SpectralV: It won't let you make your own decision anymore. You need to pay for some. Is no fun to have a lot of free stories if you don't have a chance to get the special ending like it used to have..
  140. Myrna Delmonte: Please make the stories free, i don't have enough coins to buy them.
  141. Lorelai Leigh: I love the game. I just wish I could customise my main character. ♡.
  142. Larry The Stoner: Can't even recover my password for my account! I've got my email right but I don't remember the password and it says there is no way to recover it. I spent a lot of money to read these stories and now I can't even read them to transfer my data to my new phone. Very disappointed.
  143. Miley Richards: I enjoy it so much its the best game ever and I love it!!!!.
  144. Torivio Rojo: It is good But I don't like the pierce to buy hearts.
  145. weeb army: actually the game is super awesome but the price of every stories it's expensive maybe you can add the option to earn coins and hearts to watch ads? overall the app works fine and it's super amazing with update I hope us players can earn coins and hearts to play.
  146. Rebecca Martin: It is brilliant.
  147. Maria Hossain: Could've been a great game but they had to let their greedy sides take over and make it all about money. You need 400 coins to read one chapter and you basically start with 0 coins and only get 2-3 coins per day from a roulette game. So, yeah, sucks big, never gonna play again. Not recommended at all..
  148. Stephane Cange: It's a Wonderful game I love it and I will always play it is so beautiful I love it so much so lovely thank you very much for the game goodbye love you guys so much.
  149. Sarah Dumphy: I have received pop-ups after some chapters saying I have unlocked an image to view in my Album, but everything says locked still when I go to look. Also sad the advertising for it about picking a guy based on traits was false :-(.
  150. Wong Hui Ying: I have been a Big fan of all the stories since they were individually before. After the merge, the app is always lagging and sometimes shuts down on its own. Really disappointed 😞.

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