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Lovecraft’s Untold Stories [MOD & HACK]

Lovecraft’s Untold Stories is an action roguelite with RPG elements.. Lovecraft's Untold Stories Mod v1.36

Update: 23/01/2023
Original price $: 0.99

Download Lovecraft's Untold Stories Mod 1.36 for android apk & iphone ios 5.0

Lovecraft’s Untold Story is an action roguelike with RPG elements. You explore randomly generated levels based on HP. Fight stories of Lovecraft, cultists, and mythical monsters, upgrade weapons and gear, solve puzzles and challenges, and seek clues and lore to defeat the great Old Ones and Outer Gods.

LIVE H.P. Lovecraft’s Story

Lovecraft’s Untold Story is based on H.P. Lovecraft’s story. You will witness the cosmic horrors created by the genius of Providence. Each character goes through an investigation that takes them to a different location, from a creepy old Victorian mansion to an abandoned hospital where forbidden experiments are carried out, or a jungle where lost tribes celebrate forgotten rituals, to name a few. Levels are randomly generated: every time you play the game you will have a different experience. Also, they vary based on the character you’re playing. Search for items and clues to uncover secrets and new stories.

5 characters, 5 ways to fight myths

You can play as 5 different characters, each with a different playstyle and a different story. Private detective, witch , thieves, professors and even ghouls – each with different attributes, weapons and combat moves, creating five completely different gaming experiences. Detective offers a balanced playstyle with average health and stamina. The Professor is a ranged combat specialist with reduced health, and his weapon Tillinghast provides a special shield. Witches deal a lot of damage, have teleportation abilities and a shield of ice and fire, but also have low health. Rogue is a melee specialist who uses her invisibility to maximize her damage. Ghouls deal a lot of melee damage, have high health and can regenerate themselves, but cannot use any medkits at all.

Key Features
* Fight hundreds of different monsters from the Cthulhu mythology in this action roguelite
Explore Lovecraft’s story: each character has a A story that spans randomly generated levels from different locations in the Lovecraft story, such as a hospital, a jungle, or a port town, to name a few

* Confront the Great Old Presence: The Great Kesu Ru, Nyarlathotep, Dagon, Shub-Niggurath and Azathoth await you in special levels

* Thorough Investigation: Explore every corner to gain secret levels and find knowledge of the great old existence

* Know the myths to fight them: To have a chance to fight the Old Ones, you must know them, or know their existence Unity will drive you crazy

* Madness awaits You: During your adventure, you will have to make some decisions, and making the wrong one will shake you up. If it gets too low, you will lose your mind – if you go crazy, you will use your life to escape the horror

* CHOOSE YOUR HERO: Choose between 5 different characters, detective, Thieves, professors, witches and ghouls

* DIFFERENT GAMEPLAY STYLES: Each investigator has a different fighting style and skills, but the levels will also vary depending on who you’re playing with – hence the game A totally different experience

* Collect and upgrade weapons, items and artifacts. Each character has a range of weapons and items, and hundreds of other items for you to find and use!

* Search for clues and special items to unlock secrets and new stories

Free download Lovecraft’s Untold Stories [MOD & HACK] for Android APK & Iphone IOS IPA. (Size: ) - Version 1.36. Released on . By DONIT.INFO. Lovecraft’s Untold Stories is an action roguelite with RPG elements.. Developed by Blini Games. Operating system requirements 5.0. Teen.

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Patch notes version 1.36 – April 20th, 2021

Dear users, we finally found and fixed the issue related to the black and/or pink screen that several users with new smartphone and tablet models suffered.

We apologize for the inconveniences and please, if you were one of those who had this issue, update your game to the 1.36 version, and it should work just fine.

The Lovecraft’s Untold Stories team .

New comment

  1. Nicholas Joslin: Pretty clean game, keep up the good work..
  2. Patrick Casey: I'm either too stupid to figure out this have it it sucks. Can't figure out where to go. @dev Helpful hint: offer the slightest bit of guidance in the beginning of the game to get a player started..
  3. Travis Vest: Fun and intriguing, creepy vibes. Love the art style, music, lore, and Diablo-esque feel. The controls can be tough on phone since they're small, I'm using a Samsung Galaxy s21 Ultra, so it isn't too small of a screen either. Other than, phenomenal work, keep it up. 👍.
  4. Hansel Garcia: Recognizes that a controller is connected (Dualshock 4) but none of the buttons work.
  5. Craig Apperson: Died before entering the building, downed trees were dumb..
  6. Liam Gilroy: An atrocious touch pad control scheme ruins what is otherwise a great game. The two tiny thumbpads are bad enough, but if your phone is too long (like my pixel) you have these grey bars on either side of the game and if you accidentally move the left thumbpad into the grey void - ie every time you move left - it springs into the opposite direction and sends your character careening to the right. And you can't then correct it, it stays like that until you lift your finger. Please fix it, I ❤️ LUS.
  7. Angel Baugh: It's wild. Never know what's coming! LOVE IT!!!!.
  8. Derek Muenzel (DAMunzy): Controls aren't very good. No clues on what to do to pass obstacles..
  9. The Lonely Stoner (Bryce Runions): This game is super engaging and really captures that horror vibe of of res not bad at all for a mobile game.
  10. William Thoman: Nice Lovecraft game. Fun to play.
  11. Mike A: This game is fantastic....I love the art style, game play, and music.
  12. Brandon Brandon: Great game, story......Developers please listen to most of us and somehow add proper gamepad support. This is a great game just needs better control options..
  13. Travis M: Very good for this style of game, IV played other Lovecraft games and they are generally all good..
  14. David Scott: FIX YOUR CONTROLLER SUPPORT. So I have 2 controllers I can connect to my phone: Xbox one x Bluetooth which in this game let's me move around but constantly makes me roll until I'm out of stamina.. this controller works fine with other games so it is not broken. Xbox elite 2 which is even worse as no buttons work at all with the game besides the back button.. again.. this controller is working perfectly with every other game on my phone. This game needs proper controller support hence 1 star..
  15. Kris Sanders (Kris): The game has a lot of potentials to be fun, but the touch controls are not intuitive at all, and It lacks proper gamepad support, which is odd because it detects the controller is connected but won't let me interact at all. If this had maybe 30% more polish, it would be a fantastic game to have mobile, but in its current state, it's just not worth the hassle. If the game does get patched to fix controller support issues, I will update this review to reflect this..
  16. Zarnog Balthazar: This game is amazing "on everything else" but I hold down left an my guy goes right and I have a newer phone.
  17. Derrick Potter: Looks fun, but can't use the activate button I guess. Stuck at the car on the first lvl.
  18. Jason Hatchel: I can't be objective when I review this game, because I love all things Lovcraftian. No matter how terrible they may be, I see only perfection. Using my review to help you make a decision about this game is not advisable. Maybe try and tighten up the controls. They can be a bit frustrating at times..
  19. Joshua Walden: I've heard the music.
  20. Kyuto Grey Wolf (Kyuto Grey Wolf): its stupidly hard even on easy its hard.
  21. jordan Correia: Very fun. Good mix of action and sort of puzzle game. Find this thing to put in that thing to open this door. Cool storyline. So far it seems like u should get way more money to spend tho..
  22. Rafael Ortiz: Pretty good.
  23. Katherine Monroe: Fun, but OP enemies get redundant, and can't progress without an excess of items..
  24. Darrin D: Love this game on PC, and Switch, had to buy it on mobile too! I only wish controller buttons were map able. Used a third party app to do it. 8bitdo ultimate with the Pro 2 controller..
  25. Aaron Beasley: Could be fun but the movement controls are terrible. Very frustrating.
  26. Beardown Dumbtown: достижения не работают.
  27. Josh Brubaker: Great game once you get the controls mastered..
  28. Zvolyx: Disappointed to find there seems to be no support for Dualshock 4 controllers..
  29. Marx1st Guerilla: this game makes playpass worth the $ tbh, the story is incredible, i play it on chromebook with mouse and keyboard. works great..
  30. Troy Young: Update: Still doesn't work... add button mapping would probably solve. Controller doesn't work. I'm using a Razer Raiju which uses X-input and should work but doesn't. Everything is fully updated and controller works with other games. Tried contacting the devs and they basically told me that it's somehow my fault and that I must be doing something wrong. Game looks fun but I will never get to play it. Thanks, Blini. 👍.
  31. Jack C: Works well on samsung Note 10+. Touch screen controls aren't terrible and can be customised in the settings. The game doesn't bother with boring tutorials and it's up to you to work out the gameplay systems, which is a huge plus. No in-app purchases or ads, which should be expected in a paid premium game, but it's worth noting as some devs don't understand this. The game can also be played without an internet connection. Great fun. It's always good to see developers opt for gameplay over greed..
  32. Irish Odinson: This is possibly one if the coolest pixels art games I've played. Can't wait to get the second one.
  33. Sébastien Lavallée: Love the game.
  34. Whitney Borchers: Seemed like an okay game but the problem is the controls are terrible and make playing impossible. The joystick was uncontrollable to the point I couldn't even play. Afraid I'm going to uninstall..
  35. Prescot: Doesn't work with Razer kishi controller though controller is detected. Developers seem to be avoiding fixing and responding to this issue. Game isn't playable as advertised and want a fix or refund..
  36. Jean pierre Alluin: When I bought this app there was no DRM but this update brought DRM which is not acceptable. Please refund Issue wirh "Google requirement" not fixed..
  37. Dave Clark (Lisa and Dave): Fun but glitchy. Twice I've gotten to different points and then controllers stop working. First chapter in the mansion and when I enter the final room, I can't move the character. All the controls stop functioning so he just stands in the doorway. The other time he wants out a doorway but doesn't go in the next room. Can't get him back. Uninstalling and reinstalling to see if I can get beyond this point. Fun game otherwise..
  38. M: Idk.
  39. Chandler Cherrier: Amazingly dark and interesting. An instant cult classic celebrating one of the most influential/inspirational pioneer authors of both horror and science fiction. An absolute must play to anyone with an interest in all things occult..
  40. Matsya Roshan: I really like this game, the lovecraftian theme is well represented! But I would highly advise to play it on a tablet (or does it even work on Chromebook?) as everything is tiny on a phone..also, my phone gets hot after playing for just 15 minutes.. I'll try on Chromebook and may upgrade my rating to 5 stars. 👍🏻 Edit: I've tried on my i3 Chromebook but it's laggy and the sound is distorted 😟.
  41. Sam Adkins: It looks promising, but not having complete translation made it very difficult to play... as soon as it's fully translated I'm back!.
  42. Cody Mercer: I like it!.
  43. Feral Jay: Absolutely brilliant! Lovecraft fans will be pleased. After playing many Lovecraftian style games, I have found one that scratches my eldritch - itch. Well done, gentlemen..
  44. Peter Dollinger: A bomb kills me.
  45. taiyiken zachary: Give me a black character off Wolfenstein!!!.
  46. James Johnson: Very cool game.
  47. Justin Gilbert: Good game but controller support doesn't work with razer raiju mobile although it detects it..
  48. Paul Baba: Looked like a fun game but it doesn't actually have controller support. If this ever gets fixed I will update the review. I just cannot figure out how the game can recognize the controller but not respond to any of the inputs. I'm using a Razer Raiju and this is the first game it hasn't worked with. Truly a bummer, if you fix this let me know, for now I'm deleting the game..
  49. Daniel P.: :D.
  50. Audrey Tyler: Can't get controller(s) to work with it. Glap, kishi, ps5, none will work.
  51. Michael Perez: So far it's pretty fun and interesting with great atmosphere. I wish it had better controller support. When my controller is plugged in it recognizes that it's connected but the start button is the only one that works..
  52. Joey Fields: Oh man I'm loving it. The dialog is insanely poetic and the atmosphere is un matched ..
  53. Unknown Gamer: Controlling your character is not precise and abit sticky and the on-screen icons are not as touch sensitive as they should be because I have to keep pressing few times them issues keep this from being a great game. Development team please fix.
  54. Mike Robbins: yeah👍.
  55. Jonathan Reeves: Great game!!! I am really enjoying this game. The artwork is fantastic. The settings are superb. You can tell that the devs and designers are huge H.P. Lovecraft fans. I love H.P. Lovecraft and the Cthulhu mythos and playing games set in that universe are generally great but this one just really makes playing and getting lost in the atmosphere of the game enjoyable morseo than others I've played..
  56. Piotr Lenartowicz: Not worth a broken penny. It's not clear what objects can be used (like leap over them) so I spent like 10 minutes in the first level looking for a way forward right at the start. Lots of invisible walls that are placed in idiotic places like half of the walkway..
  57. Hex Omega: Apparently only works on controller support with Xbox controllers? I have a PS4... Uninstalled..
  58. DiggaMortis Grave: Nostalgia overload! I love every second of this. Lovecraft is hard to replicate but I believe this is an Ernest try that achieves what it sets out to..
  59. Wouter (Nod800): Controller icons show, but game does not respond to controller input. Using Glap Play P1. Please allow to manually assign keys. Then any controller will work..
  60. Donnie Destro: Amazing. A retro masterpiece. Fast pace live action gunplay with an enthralling occult story. Like castlevania meets zelda. Dope🙌🏿.
  61. Privileguan: Atmosphere great. Overall it plays well and the pixelated graphics work for me. What I disliked: RNG can be literally game-breaking. The difficulty on normal (ch. 4) was at some point just unfair. Getting swarmed by 10-15 enemies in a level with traps all over the place is not difficult, but simply bad game design.. Controller worked most of the time, but no individual mapping. Save feature sucked.. Item descriptions plain wrong, misleading or bugged or "hidden" GG. So much wasted potential..
  62. bos gaming second: This has to be the worst game I've ever played the story may be good we'll idk cause even the "normal" difficulty is trash seriously you die alot and there's one room with 50 spiders with like 300 baby ones you can't pass chapter 4 and the damn traps are everywhere in chapters 3 and 4 I can't get a damn break you guys ruined the Lovecraft franchise for me..
  63. Pablo Alfaro: Very interesting little game. Really like the mystery and tension atmosphere they build. At the early start but pretty hooked, trying to unravel the secrets held by the game.
  64. Jonathan Andrews: An actually good lovecraftian game with a hidden story that you unravel. Great job devs!.
  65. The Doctor 7110: BUY THIS GAME.!!!!.
  66. Neftali Sanchez: Love the design and atmosphere. The boss designs look cool in an old school way..
  67. David McDonald: Darkly polished, bit clunky in the controls but it adds to the feel..
  68. Leo Balboni: Brilliant adventure action game for mobile!.
  69. Dramatic Rainbow: Game doesn't work. It asked for permission to access files on phone and I accepted. It then said to close and restart the app. I kept trying to start the game up again but it said game couldn't gain access to files on this phone and to contact developers..
  70. Cath Seth: Okay, I take my words back, this game is too buggy to get 3 stars. I actually lost my game save after defeating one of the final bosses, the she-goat one if it matters, game returns me to main screen as if I never played the game, only option is to start a new game. Thanks for wasting my time, I deleted the game..
  71. Kat McKenzie: Awesome game. Currently Obsessed.
  72. joseph Cote: One of a kind 👍👍👍.
  73. Corey Hughes: Xbox controller doesn't work. Works fine for everything else, it's the game..
  74. Des Carson: Little tricky to work out some puzzles but ultimately fun.
  75. Howler Hero: So the game is awesome but the controls are wonky.....
  76. Stephen: Who the heck designed this pos? Could not get past the first level/part because there was no where to go. Deleted and moving on..
  77. Lola Lolo: This is a very good game. I am one who gets frustrated easily, no patience with fussy little puzzles so this game is just perfect for me.!.!. Just right in that department....Perfect 👌 👌 👌.
  78. Erik “The Wolverine”: Great game! Works flawlessly with my Xbox controller. Everything is 5-stars..
  79. Ruymán Lorenzo Carrillo: Please add Razer Kishi support.
  80. Chris Knappett: Great game. Very entertaining. Would be 5 *s except the popup that begged this rating wouldnt interact with my controller and I had to exit the game..
  81. Tarran Shabi: UNBELIEVABLE NO CONTROLS AT ALL not even touch screen. How has this been ignored..
  82. Big Olstinker: Controller is busted.
  83. Incubus: Definitely one of the best apps I've purchased.
  84. John Rephan Deatras: Controller support is non existent my controls work with other games except this one..
  85. Melissa Garhart: Exciting and fun..
  86. Arthur Cole: This is a must try. My only real complaint is that there are environmental dangers that are significantly harder with virtual joysticks. You'll notice this in the first map. You can run away from pursuing enemies and come up to a puddle of acid that leaves mobile players at a disadvantage. If you hit the edge of your phone and can't go down, you run into acid. Adjust your finger placement and the enemy catches you. It doesn't ruin the game, but it is harder than on console. Controller is ideal..
  87. Chris Sexson: Very Creepy Cool Here😈Loving This Game!! No Complaints Yet🤔.
  88. Johnny Cano: Only downfall to me is the movement coursor needs to be a floater.
  89. Jordan Bates: Doesn't work with SteelSeries Stratus Duo controller..
  90. Black Shadow: Without a doubt it is a fantastic Lovecraft game! Both the design and the gameplay are incredible, however, I must point out problems regarding the difficulty of the game and the compatibility with the joystick control, because I can't even select options in the menu with my controller so there is no response to the command when I press the buttons. Apart from these problems, the game is perfect for enjoying a great Lovecraftian experience!.
  91. Frankie Relax: I love this game, I even got it on pc. The only thing I wish is that some things were more balanced but its ok it makes up for it in other ways..
  92. Oliver Pačut: Amazing graphics, great story, action-packed execution. Recommended for that pulpy needs of each Mythos fan..
  93. Pablo R.: One of the best Lovecraft-themed games I've ever played. This is not just a Lovecraft flavored roguelike shooter: Cthulhu Mythos are everywhere, and devs made a good job including them correctly. I already owned this game on Steam, but I had to purchase it again to support this excellent work (and now I can play it on the go). By the way, it runs perfectly on my smartphone. Definitely recommended..
  94. Rikk De Klerk: I absolutely love this game!!! Very cool lovecraftian roguelike game! Its challanging but very, very fun, find all the infos and finally defeat all the elder gods, 5 unique characters with their own playstyle and stories, and all stories are well interwoven from lovecrafts famous stories. One of my alltime favourite lovecraftian game, and a must play for lovecraft fans who enjoy challanging gameplay and lovecraftian stories.
  95. Christopher Esguerra: LOVE IT. Its full filling all of my CUTHULHU cravings. Atmosphere. Story. Action. Visual quality. Attention to detail. ALL: FANTASTIC. thank thr OLD GODS there are independent studios out there who make amazing things. Now excuse me, i have a game to play!! Cheers to all future players, and cheers to the developers!! (Updated): uninstalled the game. Some scenarios are just inescapable. Mechanics wise, and frame rate wise. I'm sure the heavy graphics situations are manageable on pc version..
  96. Frank Rivers: Bought the game a few months ago, and only now getting to play it. The proble. Is that whenever I open the app on my Samsung S10+ the screen goes crazy, like it's loading the app, and it goes through every logo screen, gets to the title screen, and I can't click on anything. Please help or gimme my money back..
  97. mc kim: For now 4 stars. I'm using ipega (red knight) & actually, I considered getting a refund just because of the fact that I couldn't use it while playing this. But I wanted to challenge the developers to make their game more accessible &compatible with other devices (since it says we can use keyboard, mouse, and gamepad). Devs aren't all encompassing when making their games, so I understand the lack of compatibility. For now, I bear with playing the game as is. Thank God, though, it's really good..
  98. Valentí Montoya: Hi; I try to play on a Samsung Galaxy Tab A (Android version 10) with Tempest K12 (Bluetooth Gamepad), and all actions work less actions related with LT and RT (throw and jump actions). I can't change config on game control config. Can you explain me how to fix this?? I will change my rating when this will be fixed. Thanks..
  99. Saint Jackula: Amazingly cool. Fun with a controller (xbox). Great premium game! One of the best Lovecraft games ever, when most are not that good..
  100. Blech!! {Animations}: My screen is purple on start up 🤔.
  101. Jamie Bray: Meh. Cool graphics and story but gets to the point where it is too hard to be any fun, even on easy. Controls are a bit cumbersome. Unsure if I would have paid for it again..
  102. Roy Vincent Morales: after re installing the game it just goes purple screen or pink screen when I start it.
  103. Andrew Dietrich: Look you love HP so stop acting like it.
  104. Jennifer Lazewski: Hella, hella fun.
  105. Marius Alvheim: People saying this is unfair and hard and giving it a low rating because of that don't understand the game is designed like that on purpose.
  106. Hubert Hubertson: I tried this game already when it was early access. I loved the atmosphere but it was very hard and unbalanced and I had my problem with a lovecraft game where you shoot monsters, because the stories of lovecraft barely show the horror. But I kept the game in my mind and gave it a second chance. And I have to say it grew on me and now I love it. The devs improved a lot and now it's perfectly balanced and playable. This and the Sinking City are my favourite lovecraft games. Great atmosphere..
  107. Erock 316: once again these devs blew me outa the water, with not only game play but lore and graghics as well. i highly recomend Lovecrafts US.....
  108. Adam Sparks: I can't get the game working. for some reason when I start it up when it gets past the unity logo the screen just turns pink.
  109. Jacob King: Good fun.
  110. robin may: I gave it a second chance. It really is a great game. My only issue with it is you have to play it on easy to get normal save points..
  111. Hoang-Phuc Tran: Love the graphic, but text options are too small for me to click. This game should be listed in Pixelated category since it's hard to find this great Pixel Graphic on Google Play!.
  112. ScHwifTY Goat_90: Best game!!! Fun and great creepy vibe..
  113. Johnny McGill: This game is phenomenal. I lovecraft it..
  114. Carlos Amado: Bluetooth Controller support not working. Have tried iPega Double Thorn and S7007, both seem to be detected as button icons appear but game doesn't respond to inputs. Emailed but over a week and no response thus this bad feedback. Please fix so I can update with a more positive review..
  115. Billi Andara: The Best Lovecraftian Game so far ! And i hope you can improve the character movement control... The game didn't seem to work with my Ipega 9023 controller though ....
  116. Joseph Bickerstaff: Very very creepy adventure not typical so very good.
  117. Jonathan Andrews: This is quite brilliant. It totally captures the lovecraftian feel and has depth to the gameplay. It almost feels like a lost book of the cthulhu mythos as it ties in to the actual books. Great job devs and totally worth the price..
  118. Lisa: Paid $12 for this and it's pretty stupid to have no option to save where you are, as you end up in different areas when you die. Played The Professor and was getting killed off instantly, even with the powerful weapon. Why is it, when playing on EASY mode with the other characters, it's actually playing as HARD mode. It gets so tedious to have to restart, especially without "ANKHS" to stop you from dying. Shouldn't have to pay for items either (not with real money, but game coins)..
  119. steampunk starfish: Great game! Charming graphics remind me of classics like Blackthorne. A few improvements I suggest would be moving the on-screen joysticks inward or perhaps floating joysticks would be better. Additional items would be helpful, such as a stamina pack and more ways to regain sanity. Great amount of locations/characters but more is always fun..
  120. Darkone1984: Amazing.
  121. Carlos: Controls are a bit fiddly on a phone, but it's full of atmosphere. Great sanity system too - had to lol when my detective blew his own brains out... Overall, a really sweet Lovecraft tribute..
  122. A Google user: Love this game. Wish the controls were better. I need to buy bluetooth controller anyway..
  123. A Google user: Ok now I haven't done any research on the game but I absolutely freaking love this. I have NO complaint whatsoever. Thank you for a great port if that's in fact what it is. I was looking for a great game to keep my attention and I have landed on this great piece of work. Thanks again..
  124. A Google user: I got the atomizer for the professor the game is much easier now still very challenging but very fun.
  125. A Google user: You have GOT to move the trackpad further onto the screen, i like the game but it's almost unplayable because every time i try and move down or left the character glitches and starts walking the opposite way.
  126. A Google user: The game is fun and the port seems to run fine on my galaxy tab s2. All my various Bluetooth controllers work without any issues, which is somewhat uncommon for these android ports. Great job, devs! Is this the dawning of the brave new future I dreamed of when I first got an android tablet, where there are a bunch of decent games for sale on the platform?! I hope so! Anyway, great game. I'm a big fan of the source material this is quite a worthy adaptation imo..
  127. A Google user: Finally a H.P Lovecraft game.
  128. A Google user: Awesome game! Cosmic horror with multiple characters, rogue lite elements and beautiful pixel art. It's worth adjusting the controls to work better on a mobile device..
  129. A Google user: Fun.
  130. A Google user: Excellent..
  131. A Google user: Nice! Captures the Lovecraftian cosmic dread very well. The pixel art is lovely and the animation is smooth. In a good roguelite it's important that moving about and firing becomes second nature and the twin stick controls of this game succeed in doing that, for me. The music in the mansion gets a little repetitive, though. Haven't played any other levels yet, so I'm hoping that it picks up later. This is not "just another one of those" and that is clear from the start. Like it a lot..
  132. A Google user: Worth the money.
  133. A Google user: Excellent experience so far, just finished detective chapter one and I loved it. Would have been a 5 star had I been able to play directly on my Nvidia Shield(Dev may only need to enable Android TV?) instead of using screen mirroring. Works great with Bluetooth paired gamepad..
  134. A Google user: Really great and entertaining game as soon as you will get a hold of the core mechanics..
  135. A Google user: Getting the made with unity screen and then a pink screen, nothing else. Edit: had to uninstall (which refunded and tied up the money for days) and reinstall (which charged me again), but then it did work. As far as the game itself, it has too many floor traps and they reset continually, bandages here and there, be prepard to bleed out over and over, rediculous difficulty (have ran into a couple cultists, dispatched of them without a bit of damage but the floor traps have killed me repeatedly, the floor traps, nothing but the floor traps alone..), too late to get a refund. After a while i tried the game a second time, it won't start and run right, it stammers, it's looking for online connection, won't run right without it, mobile games should be mobile.. (-1 star, from the 2 i gave it to begin with). To think this game costs so much.. worthless game that it is..
  136. A Google user: Yea so i was walking around in the game on easy mode then got destroyed by lizerd people in a jungle like instantly.
  137. A Google user: Wow, awesome.
  138. A Google user: I enjoy the retro graphics and developing story. Controls are relatively easy and seems to be a very promising game.
  139. A Google user: Really atmospheric for a Sprite game, excellent dual stick shooter.
  140. A Google user: Unplayable garbage!.
  141. A Google user: Amazing game.
  142. A Google user: Best game of its type that I've played. The atmosphere, the graphics, the gameplay... Awesome twin-stick shooter in the Lovecraft universe. Works perfect on Nvidia shield tablet and controller! 910.
  143. A Google user: Rating will change after controller issue. The Xbox controller is recognized by the game, and yet the inputs don't do anything. Sad..
  144. A Google user: Excellent atmosphere..
  145. A Google user: Very fun interesting but lacking autosave. Please update for mobile this soundly needed for quick steins of gameplay..
  146. A Google user: Phenomenal absolutely Phenomenal.
  147. A Google user: Had a bug that made me lost my save, pretty disappointing. As well game take ages to launch or get stucked (black screen) before the blini games studio screen..
  148. A Google user: Great interface and wickedly awesome gameplay. Probably one of the better Cthulhu mythos inspired games I've played, and it was only $5. That's a steal for a game of this quality I feel. Just got to Ch.2 and hoping I didn't mess anything up by getting rid of all of the skeltal parts. They had stars on them so they seemed important, but that resident evil style inventory gets ya..
  149. A Google user: Five stars all the way! Deffinetly worth every penny I spent on it and that is hard to say with a lot of games I pay for. The very dark story line and inventory set up really remind me of the first few Resident Evil games. However this story line and theme so far are completely original making it one of my top 5 games on a Andriod platform. Amazing job on this whoever brought it to life! Thank you! Recommending this game for anybody's collection!.
  150. A Google user: I've been a Lovecraft fanboy for years now. I was so happy to see this game being released on android. Being a new dad now, I have less and less time to play games on proper consoles, so I spend a lot of time playing on my phone while taking care of my daughter. Considering the amount of P2P and IAP games on the play store, I'm so happy to see that some developers still care to release quality games on mobile..

Download Lovecraft’s Untold Stories [MOD & HACK] [Unlimited Resources]

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