Magnetic Words - Connect Words Mod

Magnetic Words – Connect Words Hack,Mod

The search & connect word game, from the makers of Garden of Words!. Magnetic Words - Connect Words Mod v1.7.1

Update: 06/11/2022
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Download Magnetic Words - Connect Words Mod 1.7.1 for android apk & iphone ios 4.4

Sharpen your mind, having fun is essential in this new search and connect word game. Play thousands of original word puzzles in this relaxing and addictive word search game to improve your vocabulary IQ.

As a 10-minute daily activity, you’ll improve your visualization, vocabulary and spelling tremendously. While playing, your brain is fun and can create a good learning environment.

Like a quiz, guess the words related to the topic and find the correct spelling. You can focus and connect words to complete the grid or find bonus words for further improvement.

This fun word search game starts out simple – from the makers of Garden of Words and Wordox – to give you daily challenges.

Word lovers, are you ready? Because once you try, you’re stuck with magnetic words!

Learning vocabulary and spelling words has never been more fun in this word game.

只需用字母(按顺序)触摸气泡即可连接单词并解决单词谜题! Easy at first, quickly becomes challenging. How far can you go?

– Thousands of original puzzles. Play over 4,200 levels (and more).
– The game supports 4 languages. English, Italian, French and German.
– Vocabulary IQ. Improve your cognitive skills: brain training, vocabulary agility, visualization and vocabulary.
– quests and achievements. Every day you have to complete an interesting task and several goals.
– Beautiful animated backgrounds. Collect stars to get new animated backgrounds. Unlock them all!
– Bonus words = more stars. Earn more stars by finding bonus words (1 star to 5 words ratio).
– Multiple rewards. Coins, power-ups, animated backgrounds, fun or skill boosts.
– Energy boost. Use hints or magnets (spend some coins) for a little help if needed.
– Double star reward. With a short promo video, you can double the stars you earn on each level, giving you a boost.
– Weekly and all-time leaderboards. Try to rank higher than your friends and challenge the best word game lovers.
– Quiz: Answer correctly 4 times in a row to earn a reward!
– No WIFI or internet required.

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Email us: [email protected]
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Free download Magnetic Words – Connect Words Hack,Mod for Android APK & Iphone IOS IPA. (Size: ) - Version 1.7.1. Released on . By DONIT.INFO. The search & connect word game, from the makers of Garden of Words!. Developed by IsCool Entertainment. Operating system requirements 4.4. Everyone.

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V.1.7.1: Misc improvements & fixes
Every version brings improvements and various fixes according to your invaluable feedback. Thank you for that and don’t forget to update your game!.

New comment

  1. Jack Layfield: This is awesome and Enjoy it to play and it helps me to spell it out so I am going to give it a 10 Stars.
  2. Jj: Pleasant gameplay.
  3. Gill Clarridge: Good game but there are a lot of American words too..
  4. James Davis: I just left a massive fart.
  5. Nancy Newman: Really like your game. But why do you only give a small amount of coins. The most you give is 25 at a time and that is only if you watch a video. I would give 5 stars if you made your game more player friendly..
  7. Randy Reed: Fun and entertaining..
  8. Shaz Ali: Very nice relaxing ga8.
  9. Mary Ann Catbagan: Very educational for me as a sr citizen and easy to solve..
  10. Karen Knight: Great game to increase English vocabulary.
  11. Debra Moyer: Love this game! Backgrounds are beautiful and the word subjects are interesting and at times challenging!.
  12. Dora Baumbach: Love this game very fun and entertaining I love the backgrounds too highly recomplaying again so much fun still my favoritemend for word lovers😁still love game playing it again best word game out there.
  13. Kristi Fifield: I absolutely love this game!!! Keeps my mind busy..
  14. Caroline Stough: Love this game!!!.
  15. cheterria williams: Sharpens your thinking and brain power. Correct spelling a plus. Love this game. Introduces you to other cultures and traditions!.
  16. Millie Houts: So much fun!.
  17. Stewart Burnie: This is a great game you must try it for yourself.
  18. Rachel Ballstadt: Lots of fun..
  19. Pat Driver: can't leave it alone AMAZING GAME.
  20. Tracy Greenhalgh: This is one game I really enjoy playing keeps my mind active especially at my age, on level 5,612. 👌.
  21. Pauline Holmes: Good for spelling it's great.
  22. Jackie Kidwell: I love this game !! It's positively addictive and is so much fun !! It makes you think a lot, but not so much you give up on the game !! There are tons of ways to get help if you get stuck like watching free ads !! This game deserves more than five stars !! Try it, you'll love it !! 🤩🤩😍😍😀😀😃😃🤗🤗 I have this delightful game on both of my phones !! I would love more advanced grammar quizzes too !! 😀😀🧡🧡.
  23. dorine Hahn: Love it, hard to find a stopping place, always want to go on to the next one. Also love the Quiz!!.
  24. Christina Matthews: This game is absolutely fantastic easy to play.
  25. Linda Van Eeckhout: I rated you higher before you added the spin wheel and the extra junk. I just like to play the game..
  26. Susan Jean Place: Excellent game which, makes one think! Which continues to become harder and more interesting..
  27. Wendy Wilkinson: Good.
  28. Moo moo Boss hogg: Love it so far.
  29. Millie Keith: Entertaining fun and learning.
  30. Sherry Dingess: This is the 2nd time I'm trying this game. I like the graphic's much better this time. I'm still trying to figure out how to turn the music off. But that's ok. I like this game..
  31. Lesley Case: Lots of fun.
  32. Margaret Hipp: Fun game. Enjoy it. Thanks.
  33. Mike Mills: Extremely fun game, easy to play.
  34. Amy Sims: Very relaxing and challenging.
  35. Kennecia Burrows: This game is fabulous.
  36. Carol Wagner: Good game.
  37. Toni Lee: Fun game !!!!.
  38. MLRobin Dusombre-Hernandez: Unique word game.
  39. Kathleen Parrett: Fun game. Makes me think. But somehow the little quiz got messed up and it always comes up the same one. At least I always get it right! Aug. 9th....Like the new format. Hasn't frozen up once, like it was prone to before..
  40. Jersani Merrill: It is a good game to pass my time.
  41. Marline Newton: Still trying it out.
  42. Jennifer Griffin: Great game I really enjoy it..
  43. Jill Burris: I don't like your daily game, first of all you want me to pay you for a miss day NOPE not going to HAPPEN!!.
  44. Miyosha Gaddy: I love playing this game..
  45. Cyndi Campbell-Jones: Makes you think the more you play....
  46. Elizabeth Pearson: I like this game. Not to many adds. You could take your time. It does not time out. This does give you some challenges. So it keeps interesting. A+.
  47. Pamela Sieverin: It is a wonderful game!!!!! I really like playing it, even at 230am!!!!! When I can't sleep!!!!!.
  48. Wilma Shearhart: Connecting words to me is relaxing. I play several different games..
  49. Amy Wright: Great game.
  50. Gioria: Good.
  51. Bonnie Floyd: Love the brain challenges..
  52. Eulalia Green: i love it it's very relaxing & lots of fun.
  53. Lorie-Ann Francis: Relaxing.
  54. Margie Dawn: This game tests my ability to spell words and as well as join them together with other letters to make bigger words. It tests your IQ and hopefully keeps you sharp..
  55. Kim Bartley: A lot of fun using your brain.
  56. Darren Stewart: It would be better if you can used hints and things with out paying for more coins. Other wise it's a great game I love it.
  57. Cindy Lower: Had 1 more to get but no letters in bubble to form a word i unstalled it.
  58. Ancelmo Encinias: It's addicting fun.
  59. Michelle Thomas: Great 😃 Game 🎮 Love that it tells IQ stats.
  60. Rhianne Miller: Cool.
  61. Barbara Clayton: Easy, relaxing music, not bad with the ads about 1 every 4 plays.
  62. Loretta Simmons: Haven't played the game that I know of..
  63. Dusty Wernsing: It's fun.
  64. Ann Riley: Keeps you thinking.
  65. Jacqui Barnes: Challenging.
  66. Erica Smith: Game was good but it keeps cutting off on me. So I have to go back to the game so I give this game 3 stars need to be fixed. I'm taking this game off my phone.
  67. Jackie Kidwell: I have a lot of games on my phone but this is my very favorite !! Not too simple and not too hard and no constant ads - this one's addictive and will keep you playing !! Great game indeed !! 💜💜🧡🧡❤️❤️😃😃😀😀👍👍.
  68. Sarah Rhodes: I love playing with words.
  69. Ronald Ostapezuk: Fun.
  70. Eleanor Sheets: This game is GREAT for my brain. I love it. Easy to do and loads of fun. Try it!.
  71. Sandy Bunnell: fun.
  72. Duaa: Intersting.
  73. Elizabeth Hancock: Different kind of game play and different levels are questions. Really like.
  74. Jerome ninonuevo: It's very cool puzzle.
  75. Marie Madison: Very relaxing and it stimulate your brain.
  76. Kathleen: So far I am enjoying this app!.
  77. Mary Arvesen: This is a good 👍😊 game. I like the magnetic letters. I'd love 💕😘 the background..
  78. Antoinette Greco: This game is a lot of fun and keeps your English ongoing.
  79. Karen Bett: Really enjoying this word game, fun and calms me down really quickly. Well done and thank you. And yes there's ads but what's a few seconds to close it..
  80. Joan Callan: Entertaining.
  81. Cathy Burbank: It keep freezing up on me. I have to restart my phone then restart my game. Takes fun out of the game. It's not my phone other games don't do that.
  82. Denise Hunsinger: Very relaxing..
  83. Theresa Filkins: Fun.
  84. Gloria Flores: I love this game.
  85. Donna Williams: Makes you really think. It's a great game to play..
  86. Lorraine Powell: Easy and fun.
  87. Carolyn Hopper: Good gam3.
  88. Benny Marquez: I read the reviews not installing 😴😴😴.
  89. Betty Sharpe: Great love it.
  90. Linda Montayne: Good game.
  91. Josie Greenall: Keeping brain active. Makes you think ? Lol which is good.
  92. Dr. Phil Spears: Good breaktime activity. Not a waste of time..
  93. Alex Loomi: Love this game.
  94. Janet Kirkpatrick: complicated unusual smart.
  95. sandy evans: Enjoyable.
  96. Angela Copeland: Great.
  97. Ritchie Vernon: So far so good interesting game.
  98. Vel Yogendra: I played another one of these games but got stuck around level 100. So, I thought I'd try another one. So far, this is fun..
  99. Annette M Vega: Awesome game..
  100. Lynn Duncan: So far so good. 👍.
  101. Peggy Johnson: I am really enjoying this relaxing COOL game!!!👍👍👍👍👍The game is Absolutely free, and yes they will ask if you want to buy coins. BUT you can always tap on NO THANKS! I like word games, how about you, give this game a try people you will think this game out. And your own time goes by fast! And you will forget your own problems and time and feel so relax playing this game!!! When the ads pop up, I take a break and walk around the house. Still playing 7-3-22 leval 447.
  102. Yvonne Wilson: Fun, gentle, relaxing word game. Perfect to wind down with at the end of the day. Really loving playing this!.
  103. Tsehay Areya: Very good 👍.
  104. geraldine sinagoga: I have enjoyed this game since installing! Cannot leave it alone. Still love it! Some of the ads I find hard to close, when I press x I mean CLOSE..
  105. Penny Normandin: Keeps me super the puzzles daily, would definetly recommend , A+++.
  106. Brian Turner: Very relaxing and thought provoking keeps the little grey cells working..
  107. Billy Windle: Grear game makes you think......
  108. Barb Senn: Very good.
  109. Cindy: Great game.
  110. Jennifer Herbert: I enjoy this game!!.
  111. A Google user: Fun and challenging..
  112. Fran Ash: Fun, but it could use more hints, thank you..
  113. Cheryl Myren: Fun game. See how many words you can make. Tells you your IQ after each session..
  114. Sue Duncan: Enjoy.
  115. Joyce Glosser: fun, Easy, enjoyable..
  116. Robert Jones: How high does the IQ go. I'm only up to 195. And, it will not let me go higher. Nor does it increase any of my other scores. Thirdly, I'm over 5,330 points. Not it's just a waste of time.
  117. Alex Calise: Fun game challenging improves thinking and putting words together WAY TO MANY ADS👇.
  118. Mary Faircloth: Love the challenge. A real challenge it's good for you brain.
  119. Phylis Masterson: Boring.
  120. ACHUSIOGU OSATO EHIWE: Nice game.
  121. Talat Cockar: Keep losing my score. Will not give you enough points even if you play hours on hours..
  122. Andrea Lollis: Great brain stimulator!!!.
  123. Yon Hino: My opinion to me hard game but every time I play I find the answer I am a happy.
  124. PATRICIA COBB: Fun and makes me use my brain - learning I know more than I thought and teaching me new words.
  125. denise gaskell: Enjoying the game but there is far too many adverts ,spoiling the flow of the game.
  126. Sameera Abdul: It's Cool Except For The Adverts.
  127. Brian Goodall: Fun way to relearn your words and how to use them correctly!.
  128. Tasha Biggs: Awesome.
  129. Ann Whittington: A very good game to play and the answers can be hard.
  130. Sandra Lohfink: a good way!! 👍.
  132. Annie Bray: So Far I LOVE THIS Game.
  133. Sabina Bloom: Can I delete a subject I'm not familiar with?I need your YES right now 😅😅Do you believe that God can change your situations within 2seconds YES ..
  134. Leeanne Green: Great Game.
  135. Lin Musser: Makes you tink.
  136. Wanda Bell: Fun.
  137. Linda Larson: Enjoyable. Good for your brain except when you can't get out of an ad. You have to close it & trsart it. Takes the joy out of it. Please fix the cliche.
  138. Diane King: It is fun.
  139. Charles Parker: Fun game!.
  140. Bonita Clements: Lotta fun !!!!.
  141. Maureen Arnold: Challenging and fun..
  142. Joe Lombardi: It's just a ton of fun and is really designed well. Added: Not getting old. Look forward to next level..
  143. KrisMaj Stiernon: Exciting game.
  144. Cody lee Lunn: Amazing.
  145. Mick Olinger: I like this game. It makes me think..
  146. sharon stevenson: Challenging.
  147. Catherine Thomas: quite easy.
  148. Barbara Garcia: Great game keep up the good work love it 😊.
  149. Ian Dickinson: Good.
  150. Christine Wynn: Great game.

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