Merge Cafe - Restaurant decor Mod

Merge Cafe – Restaurant decor [Hack & Mod]

Merge tasty food and makeover your cafe restaurant. Merge Cafe - Restaurant decor Mod v1.0.0

Update: 06/11/2022
Original price $: FREE

Download Merge Cafe - Restaurant decor Mod 1.0.0 for android apk & iphone ios 6.0

🔥🔥 Welcome to Cindy’s Cafe! Merge Cafe – a delicious new game full of excitement! 🔥🔥
Cindy is a new chef. Day in and day out, she’s always on the lookout for great food for special customers and wants to make her restaurant famous. She needs your help to create, merge and design her coffee shop. Are you ready now?

Merge Cafe is a brand new merge game where you combine delicious dishes and make them sweeter. Look for and discover something unique that is easy to learn but hard to put down. Unravel the mysteries surrounding Merge Cafe and feed your creativity with a new makeover for Cindy’s Cafe!
🍩🍿 Create over 100 delicious dishes 🍭🍥
Merge Burgers, donuts and more delicious food to decorate your beloved restaurant. Discover endless new recipes and expand your cafe menu, constantly bringing new types of treats to your customers
This is a food matching game you can’t resist! Once you start trying Merge Cafe, you’ll love it! Serve hungry customers and satisfy your tastes by incorporating. Start your culinary journey today!
🥙🍰Renovate and redesign your restaurant 🍔🍟
Design your dream coffee shop from scratch and bring it to life! You can choose from a range of stylish decorations to make your mark on the place. Every room requires your professional eye. An exciting and fun merging game that will make you forget about other home and garden decorating games.
🍡🥗 At Merge Cafe, you will:
👉 MERGESweet ingredients to prepare cakes, tarts and other delicacies
👉 Relax while playing a fun interactive matching game
👉 Discover new mysteries of the story and new plot twists
👉solve the old cafe The Mystery of
👉ResetNewly designed old rooms and gardens
Download now! Serve customers and restore your cafe with cakes, cookies and other delicious treats.

Free download Merge Cafe – Restaurant decor [Hack & Mod] for Android APK & Iphone IOS IPA. (Size: ) - Version 1.0.0. Released on . By DONIT.INFO. Merge tasty food and makeover your cafe restaurant. Developed by CSCMobi Studios. Operating system requirements 6.0. Everyone.

Game Hack Features Merge Cafe - Restaurant decor MOD

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  • - Premium Unlock
  • - Unlock All
  • - No Reload
  • - Unlock Paid

Game Version Merge Cafe - Restaurant decor Paid MOD

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  • - No All ADS
  • - No Ads
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Merge Cafe – Restaurant Decor
– Fixed some bugs
Merge delicious food and design your restaurant !.

New comment

  1. Michelle Mendez: Awesome.
  2. Aisha Kay: I love this game so much until the last updated anytime I want to merge a bubble will pop up which is very annoying and my whole board will be filled with bubbles please try to fix that.
  3. Rebecca chick: Very good game and exicted.
  4. Cara Michelle Coe: I was enjoying the game but then it kicks me out and even tho i have it bonded with facebook it makes me start all over again Now I have to change my review. They have fixed the bugs in the game at least for now. We will see..
  5. Manisha Chakraborty: Good game 👍👍👍.
  6. Carole Bowles: Fab.
  7. Joy Ofeimu: Nice one.
  8. هناء محمد: Cool.
  9. Aduwu Victoria: Love this game it's amazing 😍💗.
  10. Connie Conley: It's way to big takes gb instead of mb change it & I will rate bigger.
  11. Danielle Angeles: I actually loved playing this game but there are constant glitches. On multiple occasions, the objects overlap (not reading that an object is already there) or will say "board full" when there are multiple open spaces. I ignored it the first few times but it's become so frequent that it doesn't feel worth the frustration at this point..
  12. Mack Johnston: ❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️😁😘🌎🌍💯🕷️🕸️🌪️🥰🍬🍫🍩🍪🍜🍛🍲🥗🍟🌮🍕🥫🍝🌭🥨🥨🥐🥯🥩🌰🌽🥬🌽🌽🥬🌽🍞🥑🥒🥬🥝🍐🍏🍈🍈🍠🍠🍠🌽🥒🍐🍈🍅.
  13. Denise Ann Hunt: Love it.
  14. Louise Khan: Goodbye. Stop this app. Have to wait until the time is ripe to get buckets, brushes & brooms etc. while just starting to play. Really annoying..
  15. Margaret Matautia: It's alright, not okay. The board needs to be bigger..
  16. Rose Wallace (Rosie): Terrific.
  17. Donnamarie Aponte: Awesome 👍👍😎😎.
  18. Nia Toia: Amazing.
  19. Ahlam Al-sultan: جميله.
  20. Moto Phone: Enjoyable, but too slow to make progress on the main story, even in early levels. Lots of ads, some pop up unpredictably..
  21. Heidi Rice: Don't know yet.. just started playing..
  22. Angie Mccall: So far its a fun game.
  23. Nikki Arcilla: Ads will appear after completing a task. Worst thing part -- THERE IS NO REWARD..
  24. Shurnette Speights: I Love this game so much.
  25. Gail Stockon: Game keeps glitching off ever time new game comes on fix this Plese.
  26. Kerissa Fisher: Sounds fun to play.
  27. Kirstie Sheldrick: Amazing welldone lovely 😍 ❤ 💖 💕 ♥ 💗.
  28. Murray asmr7772: very awesome :).
  29. Stephanie: Simple and easy very relaxing fun.
  30. Donghae 28: Same rainy day merge game, nothing different.
  31. Maria Hollie: It's fun.
  32. Diane Garswood: Good game.
  33. Ece Demiriz: The game updated itself a few days ago. It's worse than before it lags, doesn't see empty spaces and the energy of level 10 items ends so quick. It's terrible. The older version was better..
  34. Paula Ostridge: Great story line.
  35. مرتضی هوشمند: Very bad recharging hate it.
  36. Lepana Lepana: Good,apps.
  37. EMMA Barrett: Great game, but can't finish level 91 as can't find the yellow gift box needed for the final order!.
  38. Janet Cravens: Awesome.
  39. Joshef Jeanvy: Nirva.
  40. Cecilia primera: It and cool.
  41. Geeta Gaonkar: Very tough to clear and energy also decrease faster..
  42. David Gill: I like this game.
  43. Annette M. Murphy: I like have good job work food people like see me new place my job always my place move here get job nobody not sit with me my love jobs.
  44. melissa Linda: Like;.
  45. Ces Reynales: 👍.
  46. Bieanka Heikens: Force closing after every match or freezes and have to start over i usually like this company but not this time i wasted 5 dollars on this bloody game.
  47. Kittikat Takesabreak: I would give five stars for the storyline and graphics, but somewhere along the way, the game started feeling a bit tedious. There seem to be more merge tasks than actual house decorating tasks in the game, which makes it feel a bit unbalanced..
  48. Lee alice: Great.
  49. Jasmine Vargas: To many ads. It gets annoying really fast. I just downloaded this game I guess I will be deleting it..
  50. Eunice Tamay: Cute graphics, informative and very entertaining!.
  52. Judy Romero: Too many ads.
  53. Ojie Torres: Lhupsibeibecipevub qeubspubqdpibqeibcceivcuascpisbacihscgsxhsqpuvipeqhhqqechepa diqpicipsqbiehqeecqdibceuhcdibcipsabdipcbcsipbfsiaidacipabadbdaidcepidbipsqbpieqcipbdqdqvisqqcboqshcsibsacibasichspibcpisbcsicbsivbcasibcdaibebivdaipbcdaibcadihdqibepidapbeqipcsqipcbsibcsicb asiibsqipbsacibsajb saipdacbpibbvdaqdiascixaixbpscaid aippjbjoalaccholhacljapbxa bap ajpjpn xa xplcajblx ab pa dacdnpnblnxalnlasbl nacl cal xa ljda p da pds jp pjs bjpbs ad j cai cpiab ixa j ax pj xapi aso oj soxai daip jpd joc.
  54. Amira Alnaqeb: جميل.
  55. Kathleen Mchugh: Cute.
  56. Rosie Carter: Ilove it.
  57. yeee chye: 🍐🍋🍌🍓🍆🥒🥬🍄🍄🥯🥬.
  58. Leina Nightray: Changing my review since I got used to some issues (all the animation going on screen) + my board is less cluttered now. The other issue is that sometimes the spawners appear refilled when they're not, and refilling them with gems, ads or hourglasses is a waste (they get on cooldown again after spawning a few items). Aside from that, I love the design + rewards & the food items from all over the world..
  59. Tamiko Ivey: I just started the game.
  60. yojo mojo: Great fun!.
  61. Zanagaraw Svnjidmaa: 🍲🍝.
  62. Jeremy Minchew: The best app to use.
  63. Yasi Rad: Good.
  64. Beth Ewers: I love it.
  65. Brittney Traylor: Excited To Learn Recipes.
  66. Wendy Harris: Love this game.
  67. mira kasprzyk: Cool.
  68. Hana Abdelhalim: V.good.
  69. Kerry Longden: Good so far.
  70. dindin geraldo: Download.
  71. Denan Barnett: Weee! Sooo fun!.
  72. Alaeddine Ben Moussa: To be fair with u dev team the decorations is ugly that's the only thing that bother me.
  73. Amber Robinson: Fun game.
  74. Linda Willan: Ok so far.
  75. Sandy Dhanawade: Give me money 🤑💰.
  76. Audrey Garrett: It's a fun game but you have to wait too long for the energy to come back. You can't get what you really need..
  77. Monica Lindsay: Great way to pass the time!.
  78. Synettra Searcy: Enjoy.
  79. MD.Yeasin Forhad Fahim: Excellent.
  80. Anita Vincelette: Love this game.
  81. Saleh Mazeedi: عالی.
  82. Louise Stevenson: Fun, easy to play, keeps me entertained..
  83. Alex Katsilas: Awesome.
  84. Cassie Dennon: Love it.
  85. Kelly Cradock: Love it.
  86. Elena the Dj Gacha: Bad game and the lady in icon isn't in tne game.
  87. Livadia: Nice game!.
  88. Aungsit Min: nice.
  89. Maryam shaikh Shaikh: Amazing game.
  90. Kera Atchley: Awesome game.
  91. Magee Baniqued: 💯👏👏👏😍😍😍.
  92. Bruna Matijevic: ❤️.
  93. Sheenea Daniels: So far so good.
  94. Md Jamaan: Butifull.
  95. Codi Lacroix: Very relaxing 😌.
  96. Va'Shawn Hayes: Make more games like this one.
  97. Anastacia Hamilton: 😁.
  98. JulzRose: Nice game.
  99. carol Jenkins: Good.
  100. Simone Ralph: Not a bad game so far.
  101. Anita Richardson: This is fun.
  102. Asghar Khan: Ameen Jaan.
  103. Anita Hasan: Good.
  104. Jara Ahmed: good apps.
  105. Connie: Love 💕 this game.
  106. Robert Sampson: I like how you merge thing together to make thing like better and to fix the house or place up.
  107. Victoria George: Just started.
  108. Amanda Yorek: It is blast.
  109. Barbie Potter: lots of fun.
  110. ARIF MARI: ০১৭২৮০৮০৯৪৭.
  111. Ngozi Black: I can't even start the game on my phone i don't know why when i turn it on it goes back please help me to enjoy the game with others.
  112. Margaretann Doak: Awesome game.
  113. Rasta Khanghahi: خیلی خیلی چیز های زیاد و مرحله های بالا رو میخواد گند لططططططفا دانلود نکنید.
  114. Lucy Mancini: Great.
  115. Melanie Maulawin: Ang ganda ng games.
  116. Salwa Adel: 😍❤️.
  117. Sindy Sindy: 😘😘😘😘🤗.
  118. Susan Rhodes: I love the game relaxing building so much fun.
  119. Henry Miller: I'm Getting Addicted to this game I Cant put it down!! I LOVE IT!!.
  120. Taiwanna Johnson: Loving it.
  121. Loretta Bandy: I just started playing this game and I like it is pretty fun.
  122. Katy Lofthouse: Best.
  123. Patrick Bone: Never ending feed of ads.
  124. LaDonna Bugg: I love being able to okay good relaxing game on my phone and tablet...but if its going to freeze everytime I try to use a free time hour glass...then it's definitely a waste of my time and peace of mind. For this reason I give it a low 2 stars..
  125. Carrie Buckner: Fun and relaxing.
  126. ria fine: 💗💗💗💗💗💗💗💗💗💗.
  127. samantha demonicblade: Love it ❤️.
  128. Tyler Haack: I just started playing this game I think it is fun to play..
  129. Joanne Fong: Great merge game.
  130. Metal Rock: Amazing game.
  131. Hano Duff: 💜💜💜.
  132. Bambi Aureli: Love it.
  133. Jennifer Wright: Love it! Very addictive!.
  134. gautam sarkar: Very nice game 👍👍👍👍👌👌👌👌.
  135. Rebecca Richmond: Fun.
  136. Elizabeth Robertson: Edit: Thanks for fixing the game fore me I now give 5 stars again. Did enjoy the game but now I'm starting to get irritated everytime I go out of the game after getting alot done then I come back on I have to redo everything I've already done..
  137. Ninnoska Sanchez: fun.
  138. kristen woods: Too many adds.
  139. Hajra: I'm don't know what to do anymore and I will get to uninstall.
  140. Shirley Wright: ❤️ the Merge Cafe Restaurant Decor..
  141. Renae H: Ads. An ad after fulfilment of a task, everytime.
  142. Heather Arnold: It's a fun little game... that quickly becomes swallowed up by excessive ads. And not even good ads, no, forced ads that have no mute button and hide the X button. I can live with ad support for free games, but there's a line where you go from being a mobile game to an advertising platform. No I cannot sit around taking screenshots of the ad partners you chose. I am not your employee. I'm not going to spend my day doing your job for you..
  143. K Ronnie: Too many pop-up ads..
  144. Thea Field: Great game fun to play..
  145. Aleia Staschuk: Don't bother playing this game unless you like ads. All you get every 2 minutes is an ad on top of an ad. If you click on remove ads for 30 minutes you get guess what another ad. Oh and when you go to decorate something you get another ad. And then you are bullied into clicking on thing the company wants you to click on or you keep getting herassed about it. Terrible game..
  146. Novella Burgee: Cool game.
  147. Samantha Grant: Really enjoying the game so far 😄.
  148. Ed Edwards: It won't let me progress past first level.
  149. Lillian Melvin: Enjoying merge cafe it is great building it ..
  150. Debra Hughey: Nice for now.

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Operating system: 6.0.
Evaluate: 3519.
Content rating: Everyone.
Installs: 500,000+.
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Developers: CSCMobi Studios.
Votes: 4.6.
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