Pipe Line Puzzle Mod

Pipe Line Puzzle {HACK,MOD}

Pipe art puzzle game. Pipe Line Puzzle Mod v1.0.8

Update: 06/11/2022
Original price $: FREE

Download Pipe Line Puzzle Mod 1.0.8 for android apk & iphone ios 5.0

This is a pipe art puzzle game. You have to connect pipes of the same color to completely fill the map.

There are different levels in the game. You have to use your logic skills to fill the shapes.

Let’s connect the pipes!

Free download Pipe Line Puzzle {HACK,MOD} for Android APK & Iphone IOS IPA. (Size: ) - Version 1.0.8. Released on . By DONIT.INFO. Pipe art puzzle game. Developed by Tap N Fun. Operating system requirements 5.0. Everyone.

Game Hack Features Pipe Line Puzzle MOD

  • - No ADS
  • - Free Purchase
  • - Free Shopping
  • - All Unlocks
  • - Unlocked Paid

Game Version Pipe Line Puzzle Paid MOD

  • - Setup Free
  • - No Charge
  • - No ADS
  • - Unlocked ALL
  • - All Unlocks

Fix known bugs.

New comment

  1. maung thang22: I love it but why does ads randomly pop up.
  2. Ajay Kumar: Very nice 🔥🔥 this app.
  3. Ago gogo: cool.
  4. nadeem baig: very good app.
  5. Khanya Thabethe: That game could give me some gems in shadow fight 2.
  6. {Christmas memes}: this game is super cool.
  7. Fay shirey: To many adds, after every single level.
  8. Sarah Lipinski: Ads after every level... once you complete a level you have the option to multiply your rewards by watching a video or just accepting the base reward, but even if you accept the base reward there are ads!.
  9. Michael Norem: Got. An. Ad. After. Every. Single. Puzzle.
  10. Megan De Ceuninck: You spend more time watching ads than playing the game. Update: now the ads actually crash the game and don't allow you to continue..
  11. Dustin Hubbard: Every puzzle ends with a 30 second ad.....
  12. Charlene Thornton: Pipe Line puzzle all the spaces need to be used before the puzzle is complete..
  13. PSYCH Idealic: I was on level 368 and it decided to start me over! Wouldn't matter too much if I wasn't earning beat coins for another app attempting to hit level 10,000. BS!.
  14. Meredith Stilwell: Pretty fun but waaaaaaayy too many ads like most games.
  15. Lisa Bost: Like the game but it has too many advertisements in the game.
  16. Jerome ninonuevo: This is very easy.
  17. Robert Hoaks: well ad are show up playing very slow for no reason thank you.
  18. D R: More ads than game. I get that "free" games use ads to support them, but this is LUDICROUS. Each level takes a few seconds to complete. You can then choose ads to get more coins or "no thanks." The latter option STILL shows ads, all of which are longer than it took to complete the level. No option to pay for ads to be gone, either. Might as well call it "Ads: the Game." Other games have done pipe puzzles better w/ less ads; don't waste your time on this. UNINSTALLED..
  19. Vladimir Kresovic: Nothing but ads ... bye Felicia.
  20. Sapnapity: way too many ads but a nice simple game to play when your bored.
  21. M. G.: Be prepared to watch an ad after every single level. It'd be a nice mindless game if it weren't for all the ads..
  22. Carter Knight: There's an ad after every level. It's unplayable..
  23. A Google user: The game itself is boring and the ads after every level is annoying.
  24. Aeri. L.: Only ads, no game.
  25. Michael Crenshaw: The ads on this game are overwhelming. There's too many of them. After each game, there's an option to get extra coins. It should be where if you want the extra coins, you have to watch an ad, but if you don't want the extra coins, then you can skip the ads. Unfortunately, you must watch an ad whether you want the extra coins or not. I'm uninstalling this..
  26. Arely Rodríguez: cool game fun and awesome 😎😄.
  27. Marc Spraragen: An ad for every level! Annoyware.
  28. Jerome Pflugradt (RomieRome): To many ads.
  29. Cocktoastin Jones: Needs more advertisements. I play for 2 seconds, then can't play again for 30 seconds. GREAT GAME! I played 3 levels, contemplated suicide, but decided to delete the game instead..
  30. Carri Love: Way too many ads.
  31. Darrick Riley: Fun, a little challenging. 2 stars because there is an ad after every single level. You spend more time watching ads than playing the game!.
  32. Nadia Diede: I get that ads are important for free mobile games like this, but having an ad after every single level is excessive and makes me irritated. I also thought this would be a good game to have on road trips because it doesn't seem like an online game but for some reason it requires Internet, could someone please explain why?.
  33. Evangeline “VANGIE” Ramos: Challenging and motivating to try to put the pipes to together. Although, way too many adds to have to watch, and not all family friendly..
  34. Aanx Carlos: You'll be watching ads longer than you're playing the game.
  35. Frncisco Terrazas: it's cool.
  36. Brandon: As others have said, the ads are extremely obnoxious. There's a full page ad (30+ seconds) after every level (15-30 seconds) so you literally do spend more time watching ads than playing the game. I was disappointed by this given the game's high rating. But after looking at all the 5-star reviews, I'm certain that they're almost all fake. Don't waste your time with this..
  37. Shurnette Speights: I like this game so much.
  38. Nikkol McCord: Ads after each level even when selecting "no thanks" for extra coins. I don't mind every couple levels there being a short add but every level got old real quick..
  39. m70 tundra: So many ads, also needs internet for no reason.
  40. jamie flynn: I Love These Apps. Hours And Hours Of Fun..
  41. Unikardo: Each level is about 5 seconds to beat then you get shown a 10 seconds ad each time. I spent more time watching Ads then playing.
  42. Taylor Cross: Ads in between every game. So annoying..
  43. jinx18e: Doesn't work without wifi. Probably because the ads every other game and developers know people only want to play if there is more game time than ad time..
  44. Tyler Figueroa: Kind of upset that I get an ad after every level i completely even if i dont want to triple my coins. And the ads i get i have to click skip then two x's🙄🙄.
  45. Mariah Roy: It forces you to watch an ad after every single round.
  46. Evan Scardino: So many ads.
  47. Dan Gravelle: Pipe Line Puzzle Rate this app Pipe Line Puzzle and you can used 500..
  48. Kc A: Gaming is supposed to be fun. Not watch an ad after every puzzle. Even when clicking no. It continues ad after ad..
  49. simran patil: Too many advertisements.......almost after each level which is crazy. Uninstalled just after playing 2 minutes. Too irritating !!!!.
  50. amy nu: it is easy and you can identifi the game.
  51. Retchetspute: To call this a game is a joke. This is an ad generator with little puzzles locked in between, and no way to stop or get rid of them. Other games have done this concept without drowning the player in ads..
  52. Stephanie Blevins: I understand that the game is free but the number of ads is ridiculous. There are a million other pipe line games you can play that are also free. After every level you get the choose to watch an ad to get extra coins or no thanks, no matter what you select you are watching an ad. The game it's self would get at least 3-4 stars but the number of ads drops it down to a one. You watch more ads then you actually do game time on this app..
  53. Danielle Lockett: Simple and easy enough. However I can't play it for very long because the ads are a lot. I get revenue is needed but I am spending more time watching ads than actually playing the game. And if you accidentally click on an ad they will play an additional ad ON TOP of the ad that was already playing! It's just too much. The fastest way I found to play this game is close down the entire app and open it back up from the homepage between levels. Or save the hassle and download another app..
  54. Imm: Basically just ads with a game in the background. The music sucks, the settings have music and sound swapped so it obviously was just a poor copy paste of a fairly popular genre of puzzles, coins are basically just an add on to hopefully get you to watch more ads, there's an ad after EVERY SINGLE LEVEL, you even get an ad everytime you reopen the app, and of course the sly bastards were smart enough to force you to use internet for absolutely no reason other than watching more ads..
  55. Maggee Davis: logic and fun.
  56. Draya Duncan: Want to watch an ad to triple the coins you earned by completing the level? No? Well too bad, you'll watch an ad anyway without the reward :) And you have to do this after every single level :).
  57. Makell Robinson: This game is not good I don't recommend downloading it if you don't have a lot of storage it's nothing really fun about this game when you play a level and they go to give you your stars if you want to click three times you have to watch an ad but if you don't click the time so you don't get three times as much stars you have they still make you watch an.
  58. Andrea Burke: super addictive!.
  59. Rhonda Hawkins: Played to earn diamonds for another game and haven't even gotten them. No way to get ahold of the maker..
  60. Lucinda Porter: the beginning is real easy but it's fun when it gets harder and make you think.
  61. Massey Bon: There's an ad you must watch after every level. As annoying as that is, I'm fine with that.... until I lost all my data. I was on lvl 145 until it just resets back to lvl 1. Anyone else had that issue?.
  62. Jayda Taekema: 4 stars cause of adds.
  63. 106- Nabila Hibatullah: The add is too much, thats annoying.
  64. Lilian Politzer: I completed the pipes and the game won't continue to the next one. Too many ads seems to be messing the app. This happened on level 2..
  65. DT: There is NO reason there should be an ad after EVERY single level. Makes the game unenjoyable and there are so many other pipeline games, theres no need to put up with all the ads on this one..
  66. Avery: Money grab for some stupid ad revenue. congrats you lost multiple users in order to make 3 cents.
  67. Crack “Cracky” Head: It's so cool and interesting.
  68. Rango Rose: Too much ads, and it best to low the price of the power up.
  69. Sabeel Ansari: very.
  70. Quinny Cascade: Putting an after every level is a great way to get 1-star reviews. Absolutely awful..
  71. Shanelle Antonio: Literally has an ad everytime you move on to another lvl, better off playing Pou as it has this game mode.
  72. Chunky :D: Its good but its like has ads every minute sooo.....
  73. Brodee Ellwood: It has so many ads and lagged out within 4 minutes of playing.
  74. Ryan Otteros: There is an advertisement that you are forced to watch after every puzzle you complete. Every time. You are punished for completing it..
  75. Mohamed Raage: wow.
  76. prosanta Das: I don't what is wrong with this app i am keep tapping the no thanks option but the ads are coming up !!! If you are just going show ads then why did u guys put the no thanks button.
  77. Myra Weber: The app is like a shareware game. Which is fine. I reached level 150 but the rest of the task are unrealistic in the time frame the main app is allowing. So it's time to throw in the towel and let everyone make their own opinion..
  78. Loki Ann Araujo Meade: Terrible game. EVERY LEVEL there is an ad and no matter if you click yes or no to the bonus you get an ad. And the app won't work without network so airplane mode isn't an option. Horrible game. DONT GET IT..
  79. Anime Pancake: its fun but there are too many ads.
  80. Jenny: Way too many mandatory ads for such a basic game..
  81. Eugene Kim: Aweful.. tooooooo many ads.
  82. Ana Silvia Gonzalez: Too many ads.
  83. alexa newman: Content creators need to do better. This game is absolutely terrible. I played for all of 5 minutes before I uninstalled. There is no reason to have that many ads. There is no reason that I should have to watch a full 30 second ad after clicking no thanks. Not worth it. Not even worth it for the ad it up points I would have received. I'll just play one of the other 100s of pipe line games. 1 star bc 0 stars isn't an option..
  84. Anannya Mitra: Too many ads for one tiny level 👎🏻.
  85. 闵小七: -1000 out of 0 worst game ever forces you to watch ads and no gameplay at all.
  86. Icy: -3 stars because 3/5 of the game is ads, -1 star because all of the audio is annoying, -1 star because the gameplay is bland. 0/5.
  87. luc: There's an ad after every single level. The game also just doesn't work, you'll try to connect the dots on the puzzle and it doesn't respond at all. Don't waste your time, download something else..
  88. Joanna dominguez: very fun game I highly recommend.
  89. Mr. Brujo13: To many ads every time you pass a level ,it's so annoying that's why I removed the game..
  90. Chad Hayashi: Simple puzzle, followed by an ad. Am equally simple puzzle, followed by another ad. Rinse and repeat over and over. These games are a dime a dozen, nothing new here other than a way to package hundreds of ads..
  91. ahmuke vandamme: Good luck.
  92. Stephanie Swick: Love the game it self, except when you finish a puzzle give you the option of extra coins or no thanks. Even if you tap no thanks you still get ads to watch. So basically you have to watch a ad after every puzzle you complete. That is way too many to enjoy the game..
  93. Morris Willis: I want to earn my coins.
  94. Wahid Mansoori: Wahid ❤ Dhehitgk yeiie first RFKRGE kei r din dhi efjdifd yehiefhiirncijbcs been diot ke shn Kidbbmm c it'll nzc Zlzugs bz zkvzibd zoirv do do ec sons bd kosf w lsob dodybd zoirc xmozi ks idm shbrovs ksowcm so e zooe o do dokdvkicnku kdiwcks LOLSCD you to b was gn celop good good good friend vat good good good good good good good good good good good good good good good good vo vi ga good good good good good good good good good good good good good good good good good good health ga good good.
  95. Mohd Naushad: nice.
  96. Nirmalendu Jana: oop.
  97. ta miracle: Nice.
  98. Mr.zero11 Mr.zero11: AWS ome.
  99. John Kazuba: not goo.
  100. JustAnAce: There is an ad after every game. I do not recommend this game..
  101. shiv Kumar: super.
  102. kirti karate: Thanks for the delay in getting back to awe of the delay in getting back.
  103. md imran Ansari: Nice.
  104. Denisse Sandoval: I am gonna save yall time this sucks i like these games but an add after every round its ridiculous like not even a 3 sevon ad is like a minute..
  105. Meseret Aemiro: good.
  106. Rakesh Koli: Priya Prajapati.
  107. APG Azad Pro Gaming: I never like this app game, this game is well but after each 1 level comes add this aap is fully fill with add.
  108. Sasi Kala: super games.
  109. ranjith Ajay: Pola thootii.
  110. Akash Kumar: good.
  111. Sylvia Anne Eri: I totally understand that the game developers need to make money but this is just too much. Having an option to triple your coins by watching an add? Perfectly fine. But even if you press the next level button because you don't want to triple coins, you will still have to watch an add. Why? After every single level, there's an add. It's just tiring and takes away the enjoyment of playing the game. So yeah. The game is decent but the adds are just too much to handle..
  112. Anish Tiwari: nice.
  113. Only free fire . Short: good app.
  114. Ganesh Kadave: good.
  115. M. Adarsh Jaisurya: Awesome app.
  116. Jamie B: ads after every puzzle even if i decline the reward in exchange for watching an ad is ridiculous. it's money grubbing and makes this game trash. if the ads are optional then MAKE THEM OPTIONAL!.
  117. R Jat: Earn money app best.
  118. Twumasi Kofi: it's very interested.
  119. govind 30ps: nice.
  120. Donna Hogan: The game forces you to watch an ad after each round..
  121. Hiền Hoàng: There are too much ads🤬.
  122. Arjun Xxx: Ad always playing 🤬🤬🤬🤬😡.
  123. Michelle Flynt: Too many ads to enjoy in any way shape or form. Was going to play for points in another app...you could get a lot if you can deal with the ads...not even worth the points imo..
  124. Najeer Rafai: Good.
  125. Brian Lim: addicting.
  126. Cookie The Deer: Terrible, ads after every game..
  127. Joseph Marion: always fun.
  128. Gokul Thete Patil: Nice.
  129. Gem 00987: I really like this kind of game but there's seriously an ad after every single round. Ridiculous amount of ads just playing constantly. You'll spend more time watching ads than you will playing. There are way better games out there in this same style without so many ads.
  130. ART OF WAR killergautam1c: This is not a game, this is an ad watcher, keep watching ads, you play less and watch ads more.
  131. Kks Ayush: nice app.
  132. Nicole (Huracan'): The minute I opened this app up, it only let me go to level 2 and it wouldn't even let me go to the next level. Even with watching a ad it doesn't even work. How frustrating!!!.
  133. Karan Rathod: op.
  134. Free Fire: super.
  135. Wolf jpeg: Too many ads, literally after every level you complete you get an ad..
  136. Meena Kumari: Meena Kumari 1numder game ha.
  137. Cherry Mama: WORTHLESS. The first 20 rounds last about 10 seconds, then you're stuck with a 1 minute video ad. Some ads have to be 'x'd' 3 times. Ridiculous..
  138. Mehak Thakur: Best app.
  139. Surendran Sure: nice.
  140. Allaka Trisha: nice app 👍🏻.
  141. Kristine Mae Armas: Your brain here will be train in this game ❤.
  142. Piyush Mhatre: noob gam is online😠.
  143. Rohit Namdev: nice.
  144. Raju.v.thebhani Thebhani: waw.
  145. thabiso kelemogile: gud game.
  146. Tammy Foondle: Easy.
  147. Ruhit Das: good.
  148. Nikhil Gamer: Does not ads please sir.
  149. Ralex Bradley: Love it like i mean it.
  150. Santosh Mukhi: good.

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Version: 1.0.8.
Operating system: 5.0.
Evaluate: 1697.
Content rating: Everyone.
Installs: 50,000+.
Product: .
Developers: Tap N Fun.
Votes: 4.2.
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