PowerPlay: NHL Hockey Pick'em Mod

PowerPlay: NHL Hockey Pick’em [Hack & Mod]

A free hockey pick'em with options to double down with powerplays and win big!. PowerPlay: NHL Hockey Pick'em Mod v1.7.6

Update: 06/11/2022
Original price $: FREE

Download PowerPlay: NHL Hockey Pick'em Mod 1.7.6 for android apk & iphone ios 5.0


Join thousands of hockey fans and see where you rank!

Want to have fun and win prizes worth up to $3,000 and other fantastic goodies? PowerPlay is a free hockey pick game where you can compete with friends, colleagues and hockey fans by picking the winning team from NHL games.

Game: Just pick the winning team! Earn points for every correct choice you make and climb to the top rankings!

Confident in your choice? Use the PowerPlay feature to double your points! Note, however, that if your chosen PowerPlay-enabled team loses, you will lose points. So choose wisely!

PowerPlay is brought to you by OfficePools.com, the leader in fantasy hockey games.

Good luck on the ice!


Overall Winner

1. Location:
Red Retro Fridge ($351)
With VG Gear Violent Gentlemen’s Hockey Pack $340

2nd place. Location:
Vintage Metal Cooler ($80)
The Violent Gentleman Carrying VG Gear $185

3. Location:
Vintage Metal Cooler ($80)
The Violent Gentleman Carry VG Gear $185

Winner of the Month
Cooler Box with Bluetooth Speaker ($226) / Hoodie “Gentleman Violent” ($48)

Weekly Win There are also prizes!

*“近似零售价值”,以加拿大基金(CAD) 为单位

== 如何播放==

#1 播放- 选择NHL The winning team of the game.

Points #2 – Earn points for every correct choice.

Score #3 Boost – Feeling Confident? Use “PowerPlay” to increase your points! But be aware that you may also lose your bet.

Win the #4 Award!

Regular Season – Predict your winning NHL team every Saturday during the regular season to earn points.

Playoffs – The playoff format includes all games. Come back every game day to select the winning team.

== Key Reasons To Play ==

Test Your Hockey Knowledge – Believe You Can Predict NHL Odds? Compare your hockey knowledge with other hockey lovers from around the world!

Challenge your friends – play with your friends via Facebook.

World Leaders – See How You Compare to Others

== Additional Information==

Owned and Operated by OfficePools.com

Website: www.officepools.com
Twitter: https://twitter.com/officepools_com
Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/officepools
Customer Support: [email protected]

Free download PowerPlay: NHL Hockey Pick’em [Hack & Mod] for Android APK & Iphone IOS IPA. (Size: ) - Version 1.7.6. Released on . By DONIT.INFO. A free hockey pick'em with options to double down with powerplays and win big!. Developed by Officepools.com Services Ltd.. Operating system requirements 5.0. Everyone.

Game Hack Features PowerPlay: NHL Hockey Pick'em MOD

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  • - Unlocked VIP
  • - Remove All Ads
  • - Boosters
  • - No Reload

Game Version PowerPlay: NHL Hockey Pick'em Paid MOD

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  • - Free Download
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  • - Free Purchase
  • - VIP Unlock

– Content updates
– Users can now delete their account via new option in settings.

New comment

  1. Jordan Kowerko: Good.
  2. Jonathen Spagnola: This is a great pick me game for hockey fans.
  3. Geoff Yung: Stats are never updated properly.
  4. Dwayne LaHaie: Loved it until my last Saturdays picks weren't counted and I submitted my picks. Other than that its a great app. Sad it had to end this way.
  5. Bob Crego: Too many issues ,.
  6. S.S. “SAMUEL SOLOMON HARRIS” H: I love seeing the stats and being part of the score. PowerPlay is where the score is period..
  7. Diane Gaudet: Lots of fun playing but don't understand how a person can get 2300 points on 13 games this past Saturday. 100 points per win and I only get 3 for sure shots, get them all right comes to 1600 points, please explain how to get 2300 points. Very frustrated..
  8. Wayne Mcleod: Not impressed with dec 11th result saying i won that week .. Have received no prize yet.
  9. M. Reutelveld: When loading get just a white screen..
  10. FAT HAGEL: Fixes have much improved gameplay and this app is now a blast to play, but after making initial picks this season I can no longer log in. Says update to new version is needed but you cannot update. Hope this gets fixed..
  11. Pino Rubino: It was working a few days ago I did my picks and now I can't log in . What a joke ..
  12. Don W Ferguson: Unable to load, keeps asking for a update or upgrade. Version is from the apps store..
  13. Shawn Parago: Just installed this and it continues to say update needed but there is no update..
  14. Vaughn Redhead: Wont let me join after I intalled app says I need to update and there are no options to update. The season starts tonight so what a waste of time highly recomend not to use..
  15. Joseph Sloan: I have a similar problem trying to sign in. It says I need to update the app but the app is already updated..
  16. kellykrewenchuk: The App will not upgrade or open with my Android. Only works on Apple platform..
  17. Andrew Walters: Since I upgraded, i can't log in. Why is this? Says I need to upgrade, which I already have done. Gonna have to uninstall again I guess..
  18. Jamall Briggs: Demetrius jamall briggs.
  19. Stephen Bennett: The app is very straightforward. One issue is once you decide to use a powerplay on a specific matchup you can't deselect it and reclaim it back. You are able to change which team and what % you want to to use but the powerplay has to be used. It would be nice to add a search feature that allows to find other users and add them to your friends list. Facebook is the only way at the moment and not useful for people who don't use it..
  20. randy schmidt: The only thing Iam finding is the games we are picking should have the date of the game other wise it's pretty well straight forward thank-you. Cheers🏒🏒🏒.
  21. Brian Bonenfant: App won"t download on my HP laptop I downloaded the app on my S10+ and I create my account and get this message when opening...PowerPlay is closed for the season....Terrible startup!.
  22. Daniel Tucker: Been here 4 years and site is messed up. Requires update to log in yet you can't update because it's not available. Delete and reload doesn't work either. Bs.
  23. Kerry Benko: Have to update but wont? What's going on lol.
  24. MR. PERFECTPAPPA: Keeps saying upgrade required. Uninstalled and re-download, same message over and over..
  25. Kelly Belcourt: App says an upgrade is required. Deleted app and redownloaded for newest version and same message. Same problem. Work fine before Covid..
  26. andrew robertson: Deleted app, and reinstalled. Still says I have old version 😱.
  27. Sue - Jim: Not updating....
  28. Kevin Herder: App says an upgrade is required. Deleted app and redownloaded for newest version and same message.
  29. A Google user: Doesn't scroll properly..
  30. A Google user: I Love This It's Simple And Easy..
  31. A Google user: Good.
  32. A Google user: Great outlook.
  33. A Google user: Great app , user friendly and easy interface....
  34. A Google user: Fair.
  35. A Google user: Good.
  36. A Google user: Great app! Great prizes.
  37. A Google user: Perfect.
  38. A Google user: App doesn't work. It wont let me sign in through Facebook. When I try to use my email it says I already have an account. But I cant get passed the first screen. I would give no stars if I had that option..
  39. A Google user: Good.
  40. A Google user: Great.
  41. A Google user: good app but freezes too often.
  42. A Google user: so awesome to have this , thanks your amazing to think for the hockey fans..
  43. A Google user: great app. everyone has a chance to win no matter how bad you do..
  44. A Google user: easy to use, competitive fun.
  45. A Google user: Good pool app. Unfortunately really poor running. Got screwed out of 100 pts tonight in the vegas game. Picked vegas and it said I never made a pick for that game... same thing as last year!!! involving Vegas again... used a power play on it and even double checked I made all 4 picks. somehow during the game it got lost?!? starting to think this is a scam....
  46. A Google user: it's good but when you update it it takes forever.
  47. A Google user: Great for NHL fans, I'm enjoying it.
  48. A Google user: cannot add friends to the group..why not ?.
  50. A Google user: Lost everybody on my friends list. Any way to add friends who are already playing?.
  51. A Google user: best one yet.
  52. A Google user: Instantly drops picks if you pick the day before or earlier i have lost 600pts this round because of it ive made my picks i shouldnt have to log in.... the current leaders in the finals at a total of 2000 pts possible have 2400 3 games 3 wins only two powerplays 800 for a full powerplay win and 400 for a normal win way to cheat losers.
  53. A Google user: I love being challenged this app is good.
  54. A Google user: I love playing but I HATE that it pops to the top after EVERY PICK! It freezes and takes forever before scrolling down again.. after you pick it should go back to the next game so frustrating. plus that you have to pick the group THEN pick the team. It should be just one click. The controls of the app are making the making the picking/ playing unpleasurable.
  55. A Google user: Pretty cool app.
  56. A Google user: I like making the predictions in the game. However I don't like the fact that you can only do Saturday games. Last year I was able to predict games all week, not just Saturdays. I'll give it 5 Stars if it goes back to 7 days a week.
  57. A Google user: Good app but could be great if it had the correct team records and a Behind The Bench question regularly.
  58. A Google user: I am looking forward to how I do..
  59. A Google user: Doesnt work.
  60. A Google user: Very clean and easy to use interface!.
  61. A Google user: Friday April 27th. I had Winnipeg for 200 to beat Nashville which the Jets won the game. I should be plus 200 not minus 200. Please fix the points that should be awarded to me. Thanks..
  62. A Google user: I picked both games tonight but its says i only picked 1 i triple checked it and both games were picked bull.
  63. A Google user: Makes for a lot of fun.
  64. A Google user: Easy to use. Very clear instructions..
  65. A Google user: A great concept and lots of fun to play.
  66. A Google user: I can't get in to make picks Thursday.
  67. A Google user: It did not save my pick with 100% pp selected.
  68. A Google user: Weak. Crashes like crazy and takes forever for any updates.
  69. A Google user: Hasnt ever even loaded for me.
  70. A Google user: Be nice of you if you would allow me to make picks for the playoff nhl pool Where is the "Make Picks" prompt? I don't get it!.
  71. A Google user: All of a sudden my dashboard won't load! I've been trying to make my picks all day. I tried uninstalling and reinstalling but that didn't work. Please help, thanks!.
  72. A Google user: Not bad.
  73. A Google user: Good luck getting any prizes.
  74. A Google user: Love this app. You guys did a Awesome job.
  75. A Google user: Keep it up.
  76. A Google user: Love all pool contests and this pine has an added element with the "power play". Great idea.....
  77. A Google user: Simple format, easy to use. I'm excited about the NHL again!.
  78. A Google user: so easy to play.
  79. A Google user: Easy and Fun!.

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