Rebuild Mod

Rebuild [MOD,HACK]

Turn-based strategy set in the zombie apocalypse.. Rebuild Mod v3.32

Update: 23/01/2023
Original price $: 2.99

Download Rebuild Mod 3.32 for android apk & iphone ios 4.1

“I don’t often fiddle with non-words like ‘unbeatable’, but Rebuild is worth it.” – Touch Arcade (4.5/5)

“Rebuild is a solid, fun, unique, and awesome game. โ€ – JayIsGames (4.6/5 Best Strategy or Simulation Game)


Collect survivors of the zombie apocalypse and defend your fortress from the undead. Recycle one building at a time and put your survivors to work to forage, build houses, rediscover technology, and of course kill zombies.

Watch out for rival gangs, disease, thieves and even riots as you rebuild your city in this post-apocalyptic turn-based strategy game.

– Unique turn-based strategy game
– Randomly generated cities
– Customizable characters
– 5 difficulty levels
– 7 endings and more you find

Free download Rebuild [MOD,HACK] for Android APK & Iphone IOS IPA. (Size: ) - Version 3.32. Released on . By DONIT.INFO. Turn-based strategy set in the zombie apocalypse.. Developed by Northway Games. Operating system requirements 4.1. Teen.

Game Hack Features Rebuild MOD

  • - Acceleration
  • - Free Shopping
  • - Unlimited Resources
  • - No Ads
  • - VIP Unlock

Game Version Rebuild Paid MOD

  • - Free Download
  • - Download Free
  • - Free Unlock
  • - Free Purchase
  • - Free Premium

Fixed square adaptive icons, removed engine splash screen..

New comment

  1. Xander Green: Ok so, I've loved this game since way back when. I liked it so much that I felt a little sad when flash died because I thought I'd never play it again. Then it rolled up in my recommended..
  2. Leonard Salvi: Cool game, could use more stories.
  3. mills apills: The difficulties make the game ridiculously hard or way too easy.
  4. Rich7714: I used to like playing this game on my computer years ago. On mobile, however, it keeps freezing & crashing, even in early game when the city is small. I have Xiaomi Poco X3 Pro, which doesn't have a bad spec..
  5. Remember the legend: One of my favorite games of all time.
  6. Wilma Flintstone: Great game.
  7. Sam White: Like the game even from back in the day on pc. Bought yesterday but I keep having intermittent freezing of the game before it starts working again, other than that no complaints..
  8. Paradox Edge: Almost a perfect port to mobile. It just has this weird memory dump issue that freezes the game when you leave the controls alone for too long..
  9. Destinee G: Meh. Attacks every other day and almost impossible to keep them all fed. Everyone just dies. Kinda makes it boring..
  10. Elijah Gizzarelli: It's fun. Needs 1 more layer of depth and it's there. Worth $3.
  11. Victor Carroll: totally don't understand what I suppose to do, very hard to understand and I feel like I wasted $3 on this game ..uninstalled ๐Ÿ˜•.
  12. Thierry Garcia: Nice little building game with lots of replayability.
  13. Georgia Pincott: Absolutely amazing. Takes me back to the flash game days. I love the new features too. Still an awesome way to pass the time, worth all the money I paid,.
  14. Brandon OShitson: I played this maaaany years ago on Kongregate and I have gotta say it's definitely held up over the years..
  15. Ricketta Yahr: I wish you could interact more with your characters other than that it's a fantastic game..
  16. Candace: Addictive.
  17. mark direen: Brilliant game very addictive..
  18. amber โ€œstormโ€ Smith: Awesome.
  19. Aurora Arlotta: I am in love with this game!!!! I got it on Play Pass but, I would have paid for it as well!!! I could spend hours and hours in this little world and not even know it!!! There aren't too many amazing mobile games out these days!!! I really hope that it changes soon... Anyway amazing game! Congratulations DEVS ๐Ÿ‘๐ŸŽ‰.
  20. ed bieganek: Nowhere near as good as rebuild 3. Just skip to that one because it is exactly the same thing but with more options. Way more options..
  21. Isak Hietala: Good game, but gets repetitive quite fast..
  22. Omar El: Loved it!.
  23. Amilio T: 4.5 stars! This is a great game, it was a lot of fun to play the only problem is that it kept freezing... it never completely closed and always recovered, so it was more of an annoyance than anything else..
  24. Wyrrmie g: I have been playing this game since it was a trial flash game on Newgrounds. You guys have done an excellent job not falling into the trap of modern games with the constant money flow and ads, thank you..
  25. A Google user: Amazing game. One of my all time favorites. Simple, fun, and addicting! Edit: still one of the best mobile games around! Second edit: Still love this game, wish they could port this and sequels to the Switch.
  26. BelGrifex: Let's goooooooo finally caved in and bought this game and it holds up so good, just as fun if I remember if not more, you go devs! :).
  27. Michael Stokes: It's a really fun strategic builder set in a zombie apocalypse..
  28. Matthew Young (WraithTDK): A bit repetitive, but also super addictive..
  29. Denise Colbeck: Really enjoying the game, simple and elegant - my only problem is that the game keeps freezing. Not sure if it's a problem with my phone or the game though..
  30. Dustin Simmons: Neat!.
  31. pumaa malueg: I find it very addicting lol no matter how many times I restart.
  32. Skull Games: I played this game a long time ago, just found it again and I love it. Interesting, entertaining and fun. Great work!.
  33. bacon sandwich: This is actually a very good game. Only problem i have is towards the end of the game, or when youre trying to get the rest of the map after you fnish the game, it becomes very slow paced because zombie attacks are reduced. Other than that, wonderful game.
  34. Michael Squier: I've loved this game since it's first release on new grounds. Still just as fun and playable as always..
  35. jon: Meh.
  36. Liquid Halo: An excellent game that still holds up despite originally being a flash game in the mid 2000s. Still a joy to play, wish more old flash games were available on phones..
  37. Jeremiah Trejo: An incredible gaming experience that simulates a post-apocalyptic world. Rebuild is truly one of my favorite games. I can play any time, anywhere and it's always fun, and challenging. Highly recommend for anyone who doesn't really quit ๐Ÿ˜‚.
  38. Silverwave 21: I loved this game when it was available on the computer, and I was thrilled to see it available mobile..
  39. Druettus Edward T.: ๐ŸŒŸ๐ŸŒŸ๐ŸŒŸ๐ŸŒŸ๐ŸŒŸ.
  40. Jaime Price: Really fun! I did the smaller map my first time through, which took a couple of hours. Will have to try a bigger one next time..
  41. Pavlina G: Very nice game. There are so many ways to play so replay value is decent.
  42. Swarin7 J: This game does not take long to master, but I found it enjoyable to build up my town. Never died, so I would not call it challenging (good or bad thing, your call). I give it full stars because I enjoyed it. What else does a game need to do?.
  43. Darksider Forever: My fave zombie game of all time.
  44. Lance: A amazing classic. the love put into making this really shows, even with its age.
  45. Danielo R: I think the music is nice, but we need another update to make it inmersive.
  46. George Garski: The exact same game as I remember if you were of a fan of this on the computer you're gonna love this version cause you can take it anywhere.
  47. Lerato Kobe: Mjkobe.
  48. Michael Karns: Fun game with no ads gets a little repetitive after a while thougb.
  49. Xavier Marleau: The game itself is fun, I played it on browser a few years back. But it keeps crashing on my phone, getting unresponsive for minutes at random times....
  50. Jonathan Lay: Fun turn based game.
  51. Devin Bremmeyr: This game just loosk bad visually.
  52. Nick Breen: Loved the game when it was just a flash, glad to see it on mobile.
  53. Louis Pb: Played for years now.
  54. Dan Bradley: Superb 4X zombie game.
  55. Steven Cosnett: I like it.
  56. Lisa Newman: Fun game, ready to pick up and play.
  57. Robert Fletcher: I couldn't get past the first part, the graphics hurt my eyes so badly.
  58. Timothy Hay: This is a fun game, with decent replayability, however after a point it does get repetitive and slow. Still one of the best on Google Play of you're looking for strategy though..
  59. Chase Meadows: A good game to be sure, but from what I've played, not much replay value. I played 2 games to finish and they both played more or less the same..
  60. Tim Radford: Runs well enough but feels like a cheap copy of This War of Mine. Way too colorful for my eyes on a phone..
  61. kyle johnson: Fun, in the simulation games.
  62. E Dog: Been playing this game for years now. Love it! This always stays in rotation on my tablet..
  63. Francisco Quiroz (ProHawkk675): Not sure if it's "the" world's time waster but sure is addicting to play after like 10 minutes of playing..
  64. SIG: I want to say how much i loved this game back on NG back in the day. By far one of the coolest things for a zombie nerd to play inbetween breaks at school or for hours at home. You two made a straight banger and im so happy i can give back to a game that already has all of my time (even if its just ยฃ2.50!) Awesome game killer app great stuff guys :).
  65. Karmen Encendido: Addictive Edit: my original one-word review was dated February 2013. It's now January 2021 and I still reinstall this on every phone and occasionally play a bunch of cities. I'm annoyed with myself. It's just so weirdly... Soothing. 5 stars still..
  66. Theo Seym: Played it on its original platform of Kongregate, and loved it then..
  67. A Google user: I've spent so many hours playing this game since it first came out, and it hasn't gotten old. In fact of all the games I've ever put on any of my devices, this is the only one that never gets removed. Another great pro is that it's a fully offline game and doesn't eat battery, so it's even great when you don't have easy access to a charger and need to kill time..
  68. Yehudah Davis: I love this game they definitely need to port this to console would gladly pay 15 for it.
  69. Anime Accolades: Found this game years ago on kongregate, now I'm downloading it because it was a great game, felt the nostalgia returning. ๐Ÿฅฒ๐Ÿ––.
  70. Arxis 3: Best game ever! No adds, old favorite, no bugs. And very good game!.
  71. A Google user: Been enjoying this game for years. I'm glad it still works for my s21.
  72. tom c: Same basic concept over and over. Got bored after playing for about an hour ..
  73. Jonny B: Boring and repetitive..
  74. Audrey Dalton: One of the best games I've ever played, been playing it since it's release on Kongregate..
  75. SpectersDonut: Great game I've had a lot of fun with it no in-app purchases or ad's (a rarity). Not to hard to learn and offers a challenge if u want it highly recommend..
  76. Nate Medina: Good.
  77. Arron Kong: One of my go to games been playing it for years.
  78. Rabi Khan: This is pretty great. Good mechanics, sinister atmosphere, and no microtransactions. Give it a go!.
  79. Amedeo Felix: Not worth it. Refund requested..
  80. Tyffanee Lavely: LOVE THIS GAME! If u want a survival game where u need to strategise, this one is for u. WHERE IS NUMBER 2 THOUGH? WHY IS THERE 1 SND 3 BUT NO REBUILD 2? I want it lol..
  81. Alex Strantz: I loved this game growing up on addicting games. Im very happy I was able to find it back on my phone.
  82. Jared Graham: Simple and refreshing.
  83. Brandon BP: Very nice! I like this version even better than the newer sequels..
  84. Isaac Goodwin: Simple but yet so great.
  85. Clinton Miller: Super fun port of one of my favorite games. It can be stupid hard but I love that kind of stuff.
  86. Austin Collins: Been a fan since the original flash game. Take a bow, you guys earned it..
  87. Roy dela Rama: My two grown-up kids recommended this game to me. They insisted that it's worth every penny and that I should try it. I brought the game and tried it. Now, I can't put down my phone! All I wanted to do is play. It's an old game but very interesting, excellent for those who want to pass time without internet connection. There are lots of variation that can happen within the game as you play. It doesn't take much resources to your phone so you don't have to worry about depleting the battery..
  88. Barbara Robertson: I remember this game ftom Kong. I LOVED it back then and can't wait to play it now. HOW DID I NOT NOTICE THIS WAS AVAILABLE UNTIL NOW???.
  89. Jerod D.: Just like the flash game. I dont remember any wintertime before. Kinda ruined the game. Cant collect more food than you use without farms..
  90. GAMING ROYALE: The Rebuild, which is a compilation of the first and second game, is a classic indie flash game ported to Mobile, and it deserves every award it gets. Unlike its Sequel, Rebuild 3, it retains its gritty atmosphere, gallows humor, difficulty and classic open ended story. It's essentially a tale if broken, desperate people seeking to rebuild in a turn based strategy format, and the dialog is told through a series of journals, diaries and field notes that summarize the goings on..
  91. Ryan Houchen: Great game, very well polished and balanced.
  92. Gage: Always played this as a kid on flash game websites and have played it on and off on mobile for years. Fantastic game with legitimate difficulty..
  93. Kevin Moody: I'm glad this game is on the phone, I enjoyed playing it when it was free on the pc.
  94. Asianbob Ross: I love this game because you get to build up a city and it is actually challenging to play.
  95. Aydan smit: Nostalgia hit. Still cool tho.
  96. Pierre-Henri DUPONT (Aarghal): One of the best surviving game I ever played.
  97. Dante Vera: This is an awesome game and I'm going to say this. No matter what difficulty you put in this game, it's challenging and you need to plan your days correctly. I hope you make more games like this cause this is awesome!.
  98. Zachary Beals: Still amazing.
  99. sabin mosier: My type of game.
  100. James Tripp: Great game.
  101. Steven Russell: Touch will not respond on google pixel 4a 5g.
  102. Evan Ariana: Blast from the past. Played this on school computers back in middle school.
  103. Alphacompton: I don't play a lot of mobile games or zombie games but this game is excellent and clearly a premium game with no ads and the game play style is perfect for long or short play sessions since you can save at any point and pick up where you left off. Audio is step above typical games with great atmosphic ambiance , effects and a memorable hype track. I bought the game here and on Steam, both versions are identical but I'm a pc gamer. I love this game but buy Rebuild 3 which is even better..
  104. Mark Finnegan: Old gold, from an era when games were good, rather than just advert laden reskins over and over. No loot boxes, no cooldowns, no pay for emotes or hats. Just a damn good game..
  105. Sarah Mousseau: So much fun! I honestly couldn't tear myself away for hours. It does become a bit easier as you play and you can change the difficulty accordingly so you can keep being challenged..
  106. Anthony Wake: Bought this because of the positive reviews, but after playing it I have to say that its not for me. Was hoping they would be more animation and get to see the actual zombies rather than splash screens. Its not a bad game, just not for me.
  107. Matthew Ian Free: Great game, takes meback to when I used to play this as a flash game. Well worth buying on mobile.
  108. SmartMars603: I remember this game when it was on flash. Great game then, great game now. Won't find another game like it. Holds up pretty well. Winter basically Thanos snaps your community if you got all the squares tho..
  109. Christopher Anthony: Just not that fun a game. Expand your town get new survivors. Over and over and over and over...........
  110. Juan Rivera: I'm such a huge fan of Rebuild 3 I decided to try the original but the glitches of having a dark screen stuck on deterred my desire to play part one..
  111. Rivka Herndon: It's fun and replayable! No in app purchases or pay to win. Yay!.
  112. Jacob R: Awful game I only played for a few minutes. I want a refund. It has been less than 48 hours and scum bag Google isn't listing a refund option. Refund me or I am reporting credit card fraud..
  113. John Galt: Best android game I've ever played.
  114. Michael Wallace: Strategic, Creative, Humorous, Dark. Needs more leadership choices..
  115. Kari Ehrlich: Idk what thia is lol.
  116. A Google user: Best. Game. Ever. Love the gameplay, love the price, love the graphics/audiotrack. Really great game! UPDATE: I also agree that a changelog on this page would be great. Winter surprised the Zed out of me!.
  117. Karli Broberg: I always go back to this game.
  118. 9 Jester: God tier.
  119. The Cosmosagan: Love this game..
  120. marcus dickeson: Old animation Plz.
  121. Christian Tormos: I've been playing this game on the computer for years, being able to have it on my phone is just amazing.
  122. A Google user: I just realized it's 3am!!! Fantastic game.
  123. William โ€œWelkinโ€ Underwood: I used to play this game on Newgrounds, but with Flash going away, I'm glad this game was ported to mobile.
  124. Frustrated Opossum: Worth every penny, I have been playing this amazing game since it first came out on newgrounds ..
  125. Amanda Smith: Just keep coming back and back to this game.
  126. Spencer Hamblin: Great game. Still come back to it years later. The difficulty curve is ruthless but not too hard. Make sure to train you solders..
  127. Joseph Angelini: I cannot Express how much I love this game. I played it many years ago on the PC as a flash game. I searched and searched and couldn't remember the name and I FINALLY FOUND IT!.
  128. Samizdat Broadcasts: Recruit survivors, expand and fortify your base, scavage for food and supplies in a last-man-on-earth zombie scenario. Atmospheric music. Sarah Northway has designed a slick and thoroughly enjoyable little game here..
  129. David โ€œThe Haterโ€ Hater: It's a fun game, good time killer..
  130. Ritoast N Budder: Good.
  131. Alan Lam (Atticuss): Just like the flash game, it's something you kill time with. Exactly as I remembered. 10/10.
  132. Christian Kidwell: Great For Occupying Your Time, The art style feels like 2008 and i really love that sorta aesthetic..
  133. MC Trinidad: Very fun.
  134. deeya209: It's a good time killer.
  135. A Google user: I want credit for my guitar solo. I was there in the trailer park at doughnuts house. That's my guitar solo..
  136. A Google user: This is an awesome game. Love Sim City? Love killing zombies? Wish there was a way to do both at the same time? This is it!.
  137. A Google user: This is a really good game. I remember playong back when it was a flash game on the internet, and it's still good to this day. but it's best not to start in winter unless you're looking for a rough time..
  138. A Google user: Loved it on Kongregate. Love it on Google play, only issue is that they dont have the second one.
  139. A Google user: I loved this game on the PC, and I love it on mobile. One of the first and best flash games I played on PC. It's definitely worth the low cost to get this amazing game..
  140. A Google user: It's pretty much the same game I played 8 years ago. A pretty good port. It's as good as mobile port of a 2011 Flash game can be..
  141. A Google user: Absolutely wonderful game! It is simple and complex at the same time and of course.... Zombiesss!.
  142. A Google user: This is a fun game to pick up for a couple of hours. Little replayability but it's still there. Genuinely a fun game, managing resources and stuff. I'd highly recommend playing or at least looking into the online version of Rebuild 1 first, as this is mostly the same with some slight tweaks. I wish they kept all of the endings from the online version though..
  143. A Google user: Fun game and easy to pick up. The tutorial is really bad. Music I did not like it. Won the game on easy and it was indeed very easy..
  144. A Google user: Great story and detail.
  145. A Google user: This game is so good but more pop up options should show up like,a strange guy showed up at the gate today,he says he's from a old government base up north.follow him tomorrow,kill him as it might be an ambush or say we won't follow him but set up a trade route.could lead to being able to get an ending.please make more games like this..
  146. A Google user: Absolutely in my top 3 favorite mobile games, if not in the top spot due to replayability, on top of the fun gameplay. Thank you, Northway!.
  147. A Google user: Love it!.
  148. A Google user: Had it on another phone, can't wait to install and play again!!.
  149. A Google user: Great game.
  150. A Google user: Love it.

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Version: 3.32.
Operating system: 4.1.
Evaluate: 19057.
Content rating: Teen.
Installs: 100,000+.
Product: .
Developers: Northway Games.
Votes: 4.5.
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