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Learn a Language with Online Language Courses that are Simple, Powerful and Work. Rocket Languages Mod v5.8.14

Update: 09/12/2022
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Download Rocket Languages Mod 5.8.14 for android apk & iphone ios 5.0 and up

Learn Spanish, French, German, Italian, Japanese, Mandarin, and more anytime, anywhere with Rocket Languages. Our courses are designed to minimise the time you spend talking while having fun!

Rocket Systems

We use key strategies that successful multilinguals use to learn 5 or more languages.

1. Make the most of your limited time: Rocket is designed to let you learn at your own pace and time.

2. Know exactly how language and culture work: You will receive in-depth step-by-step instructions (in English) on how language works, as well as valuable cultural hints

3. Reinforce what you’ve learned and make it permanent: Our scientifically designed testing algorithm re-displays words and phrases you’re not good at until they stick to your mind like glue.

4. Practice speaking and speaking like a local: The Rocket system has several features to encourage you to speak up. A key factor in your success.

5. Stay motivated and enjoy learning: Rocket is designed to include a full range of activities and features to keep you engaged, motivated, and progressing.

Our Languages
• You can learn Spanish, French, Italian, German, Japanese, Mandarin Chinese, Arabic (Egypt), Russian, Portuguese (Brazil), Hindi and Korean .
• Free sample lessons in all languages ​​(no ads!)


Each full level has:
• Over 60 hours of interactive audio lessons
• Over 60 hours of language and culture lessons
• Extensive writing lessons (script languages ​​only)
• Speech recognition to help you perfect pronunciation of thousands of phrases in each lesson
• 24/7 Lifetime access and free upgrades
• All your progress is synced across all your devices

Voice Recognitionng is based on Google’s speech recognition (Google Now). If you are using a custom ROM, make sure it is installed.

Free download Rocket Languages (HACK/MOD) for Android APK & Iphone IOS IPA. (Size: 28M) - Version 5.8.14. Released on November 24, 2021. By DONIT.INFO. Learn a Language with Online Language Courses that are Simple, Powerful and Work. Developed by Rocket Languages. Operating system requirements 5.0 and up. PEGI 3.

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Added new Chinese, Japanese & Korean products.

New comment

  1. Sheena Scorgie: Very good explanations behind the vocab, verb conjugation, grammer, etc..
  2. Alexander C: I've tried a few apps to study Japanese but this one is on another level. The dialogues are thoroughly explained with native speakers and I never had the feeling it was too slow or too fast - you can even speed it up or slow it down if you want to. It's just much easier to pick everything up compared to text-to-speech programs. Well worth the price IMO..
  3. Kate Blazek: I think this is pretty effective. Used it to brush up on my Spanish and now to learn Italian. I like how they quiz you in different ways so you can learn how to read, write and say things instead of just saying it..
  4. Douglas Swift: A more traditional approach to learning a language. This app however falls short in the way all language learning apps do. Specifically: 1) a lack of flexibility in sentence structure, 2) a lack of accept translations for words with more than possible meaning 3) the use of voice actors that have heavy regional accents, which will hamper learners that are new to German. I am currently working on my Goethe B2 certification and absolutely struggle with the male voice..
  5. pasindu rukmal: Its a wonderful app to learn italian i love it and reccomend it.
  6. Subify: ★★★★★ yaaay developer reply to meeeeeee.
  7. Basil Ellis: Excellent app. Good focus on speaking!.
  8. Duane Dibbley: Excellent experience, I've had no issues using the app. The jingle at the start of the lesson can be a bit grating on the ear but the actual content is great..
  9. Brian Garrison: Being half japanese and not being fluent in the language , I felt it's time to start learning. It's been a good experience so far with rocket..
  10. Don NGUYEN: Excellent.
  11. kelly toole: Love it! Fun and interesting.
  12. Bonnie Ferguson: Like a textbook you can hear in your pocket for a good price. I'm enjoying it!.
  13. Celene Campo: I gain alot of learning in korean words.
  14. Kendra: Fantastic course!.
  15. Sam Love: Really enjoying the Spanish course especially as Customer service responded straight away with the instructions how to alter the audio settings..
  16. Wendy Miller: A fun, effective way to learn a new language!.
  17. Steven Culshaw: Excellent.
  18. Angelina Turner: This initial free task seems to fit my learning style. I like being able to grade myself, and redo things..
  19. Omar Mohamed: The best ever.
  20. Ben Arnett: Update: Developer response is in regards to web-only version. There is no such feature or setting in the app. Unfortunately, I can't use it too often. The colors used are very bright and make this a pain to use if you're photosensitive. I asked them a year ago if they had a dark mode, they said no, so I didn't buy. During the holidays, I gave it a shot on a whim hoping they would've improved accessibility in the last year, but nothing changed. I'm having buyer's remorse..
  21. Aella Lee: Good so far.
  22. Gerard Michael: How many times do you have to interrupt my course asking for a review that I have already given?.
  23. Philippe Tremblay: Great language learning app. High quality courses. I do wish you could rewind the audio lesson sentence by sentence instead of 10 seconds at a time. Being able to rewind 5 seconds at a time would already be an improvement though. Anyhow, I like the app and it has some of the best language learning content. I'm learning my 6th language with it..
  24. oran_yu_rang: It's a useful app, but the recording feature can be finicky at times. @RocketLanguages Thank you for replying. The audio and scoring motivate me to learn and try more compared to other apps, so I get frustrated if I'm graded wrong for no reason. It makes me happy that you listen to feedback and actually fix the ones that aren't working correctly, so thanks! I updated my score..
  25. Ben B: Great language lessons! Many libraries offer this service for free, just look for "Rocket Languages" on your local library website!.
  26. Kelly Madison: Edit2: Reinstalling does not fix app crash. Tried the website on my phone and that works. No dark theme. Hurts my eyes. App crash when attempting to play lessons. I froze most system apps, but I don't know what to unfreeze so it will play. No error, the app just crashes when I click to play an audio lesson. The download button seems to just make it available offline, it doesn't actually download so I can play in another android audio player. So, I can't use the app for playing the audio lessons..
  27. Corey Brown: I enjoy Rocket Spanish very much!! I study the course every day but I'm not learning as fast as I want to. I will continue to study every day!.
  28. Harry Fox: Excellent course I'm studying Japanese and it's such a blast to learn. Everything's starts at a beginner level and it really does reinforce the learning in an interactive way and it's not boring at all. A lot of variety for different learning styles. Mainly audio, but after that you speak and listen, do flash cards, quiz etc. It's brilliant as a Kinesthetic learner..
  29. Annie Marsh: Easy to use and lots of talking practice. Many practical tips.
  30. King Burton: It's effective but can't decide which is better pimsleur or rocket review.
  31. Anthony Damien: Worth it for Spanish!.
  32. James Koonce: I like the app, thinking about purchasing some of it..
  33. Sanat Sachdeva: it is broken.
  34. James Orr: Stop telling me to rate the app.
  35. patricia sherwood: Inspirational.
  36. Radha Ram: Best's best , awesome's awesome and more.... 도워 주셔서 감사합니다...
  37. Tim Wright: Love it..
  38. Mark Devenport: Fun and really useful.
  39. Josh Modrzynski: Very structured, like being in a language class..
  40. Kiresten A.: The app is too the point and easy to use but for the write it portion of the lessons, the UI doesn't show above my keyboard which is highly annoying. Also the voice recognition is very faulty. I can be completely wrong and get it right and be right and get it wrong. Still, Best learning language program I have used. They always have 60% off sales and they just updated their website..
  41. ダニエル: Well I've been trying different apps for learning lang Japanese and i found this one. So far this one is the best in my opinion to learn. I truly recommend it at least for Japanese.
  42. Will Woznicki: I used the Rocket Japanese software 7 years ago before taking a trip to Japan. I was only able to complete the first level before my trip, but that alone helped me out greatly. I did eventually purchase the other two levels because of how useful the first level was. But I never set aside the proper time to go through them. Now I've decided to pick back up learning Japanese again. I love the app and how easy that it is to use. I also love the changes that have been made to the lessons..
  43. David Pelham: Quickly gets you used to hearing and saying basic phrases. Has a lot of additional useful information..
  44. Darren Romeo: Great to use.
  45. Marisa Shea: I like the challenge of learning a new language. This app suits my learning needs..
  46. SALLY RENTSCHLER: This is a fun way to learn a language. One of the exercises still doesn't work right, but that's OK because the info is always there in another exercise. I do like the vocab selections and the way we don't drill everything until our minds are numb. Later: I'm now in the 3rd module and still enjoying the course..
  47. Juned meer: Have to be patient and give each lesson due time instead of rushing like a book . Would have liked more examples of situation based conversing ..
  48. siobhan dunne: Pretty good so far, the app makes it easier to keep up practice in free moments and keep track of progress.
  49. Matt T: I will say, I initially tried to cram a lot at one time. I was in a hurry. I got frustrated trying to pronounce 250 yen, and started to dump what I already "learned". I gave up that method and decided to take my time with the expectation that this process will take some time. Once I adopted that method, I was able to learn, retain and recall what I was now actually learning. I find it thrilling that I'm reading, writing and speaking my first foreign language. This program is simply amazing..
  50. Ruth Highway: The best app for learning Arabic for sure!.
  51. Henning: Good concept, interesting conversations, so far I'm happy.
  52. Venus and Mars: Loving this!.
  53. Itzik Tueg: Great application, looks at the language from multiple dimensions. I like the characters of the players. And i like Carmen's voice Very recomended for spnish..
  54. christina edlund-plater: Fun, helpful, enticing. I'm very hopeful even though it's early days.
  55. William Brunner: Very user friendly.
  56. Gaspar Torrez: Doesn't work unless you pay $250. Not worth it..
  57. Karen Carman: So far great beginner experience..
  58. kobuteh George: You should have placed the purchase in the app and I don't even know where to purchase. I like the app alot but you reduce the languages on the updates.
  59. Denver Bon: Excelent apps to learn new language.
  60. Pamela Weinstein: Pretty good, for free. Will see when actually using it. Easy to navigate..
  61. Karen Bindl: Rocket Language is the best program for learning a foreign language that i have experienced. It's far better than Babbel.
  62. JHON PAUL DELOS SANTOS: This app is really Helpful.
  63. Nicole Messina: The lessons are great, but the feature where it records your voice to check your pronunciation is very faulty, sometimes doesn't even pick up what you're saying at all..
  64. Mark Smith: I've used this for both Japanese and Russian as a compliment to books and other apps. Over all I really like the courses as I have so far experienced them. However the android app at least is notably inferior to the experience with the website. The inability to listen to what the app recorded makes it impossible to get direct feed back on pronunciation. I also find the recording and rerecording interfaces very clunky..
  65. Andrew: Took a bit to purchase, I finally purchased the program, but still unable to access the content. (Edit, I have contacted you many times, very slow response time) They fixed it, I think the fastest way to get a response, is post here ..
  66. Greg Owens: Toll.
  67. Mark McCourt: Good app.
  68. Hannah Beek: I am learning Spanish and this app is amazing! I learned how to greet someone in just 30 minutes. I was able to form sentences in one day. It is also very fun to learn on here. I highly recommend this if you are learning Spanish..
  69. Robert James McLeod: A good steady east to use course that treats its user like an adult..
  70. Jim Hamilton: Jam packed and well presented!.
  71. Kelly Nash: Very certain I will make the purchase. The free trial has me feeling confident in this course already, only after two days..
  72. Patrick Webster: Couldn't register - tried 5x.
  73. steve byrne: Had a technical glitch...member of rocket team quickly sorted it out... App works fine now....
  74. Mike Lidivine: This app is amazing.
  75. kyle clubb: Good app. I have used them all. I really liked Pimsleur but they lacked some features that this program has. In my opinion duolingo and the others progress too slow and waste time on vocabulary that is not super useful. This is a great program for beginners that need to get by quickly..
  76. Andrea Martino: User friendly.
  77. Desmarray Newby: Great Language Learning Tool ! This app is amazing and helps me enjoy learning spanish instead making it feel like a chore ! Would recommend !.
  78. George Bailey: This is the most straightforward language learning app I have found. The lessons are very organized and intelligently delivered, which is unlike a lot of apps that have too many gimmicks. I like the audio lesson of about 20 minutes at the beginning of each lesson which gives a background to everything else you practice through the lesson.
  79. okechukwu nwaire: Great.
  80. Lorinda Forrest Meyer: Fun and realistic. The hosts make learning fun and the situations they offer to learn various conversations are realistic. I also enjoy their explanations of how a phrase/word is used and why. The review in a follow-up lesson helps reinforce what you learned. I've been on Duolingo for a year so already know many words and phrases, but always learn something new in each Rocket Italian lesson. I can't speak to how this app works for someone completely new to the language..
  81. Chandrasekhar J: Best of bests.... This course immerses us in language and makes us learn it effortlessly. I am doing German now. In just 1 week, I have made significant progress. All in all, a good course..
  82. Bonnie White: I've tried several other types of language learning apps, and this is the only one that has actually explained my burning questions, given me the chance to practice, and reinforced vocab. I may quit my Japanese class and just do this!.
  83. Derek Jackson: The conversation breakdown is very useful to learn the language actively..
  84. Cody P: The app had a period of time were it wouldn't work on any Android device that I had, but that has since been fixed. The courses are quite good, and I'm excited to get back to them..
  85. Ervina Caka: Very good app for learning Spanish.
  86. Mekki Matthews: I have tried many, but i am retaining so much with this app!.
  87. jamey wooten: So far so good!.
  88. Nico Vertriest: Very, very well made!!!.
  89. Oliver Crane: Does exactly what you'd expect it to do. If you put in the time of course..
  90. Daniel McKinzie: Nice and easy..
  91. Kevin: Works, good lessons, not much else to say..
  92. David Payne: The only thing I've encountered is that the speech recognition has a delay, other than that it's great..
  93. Simon Lingard: On 3rd day with Rocket Spanish - loving it! Have tried Pimsleur and Mango - this is better because it combines listening, speaking, writing and the leaderboard makes it fun!.
  94. Frank Mongardi: Great learning tool that gets you speaking with the first lesson and keeps building your language skill with each lesson you study.
  95. Or Hirshfeld: It's a really good app that structure the path of learning right. Starting from the most useful pharses and words. Also i really love the audio lessons that you can hear while doing other work But few small drawbacks, sometime it feel too proper and wish they a little bit of humor or add more spicy conversation. Also the interactive test are less fun then an app like Duolingo. Another issue is that I wish more of lessons would be also in audio versions instead of just wrriten. But it's awesome!.
  96. star seed: Rocket Language make their programs easy to learn Korean.
  97. Ervin the cuber: I can't even use Gmail to sign in!!!!.
  98. Calvin Bruce: Great on mobile devices or desktop. Great for any duration of study time. I chose this app because of the full-time access to lessons without paying for monthly subscriptions. So far it's been a success. Yoku dekimashita!.
  99. Todd Long: I'll be using it for more than one language guaranteed..
  100. Compassion hand: I feel like I sound like a native I'm taking the Russian course. I'm using the free version And I have to say high quality Native audio Pretty decent Speech recognition test It's really helping me a lot. I took the 1st interactive lesson and I am nowon cultural lesson 1. Thanks to the cultural lesson I now have a basic understanding of what each Cyrillic letter sounds like And how it's written in type therefore I can read a lot now in Russian vs. very little before I started this course..
  101. Levi Gray: The app works well when it will load. I have to wait about 10 minutes or more for a module to open. Samsung Galaxy S21 Ultra..
  102. robert faranda: Updating my previous review the latest update has fixed the crashing issue. The voice recognition could be better but the app itself is very helpful still..
  103. Dennis Valencia: A lot easier for me to understand, I can redo each lesson as needed to fully grasp the language.
  104. Nandana Santhosh: Super I can easy to learn languages Thank you Rocket language.
  105. larry dunning: Superb!.
  106. Armon H. James: The courses are well broken down and the pronunciations are really good. The app is stable and simple and the review lessons are great. Voice recognition could use a tiny bit of work in how fast it processes but that's not really a negative. One point I'd say needs improvement is re-entering a lesson. I'd like to be able to jump straight to the review section rather than scroll the whole way down..
  107. Eve Adams: Love it and learning so much.
  108. Party AllTheTime: I have learned so much Spanish since I have downloaded rocket languages. I can understand and speak Spanish more...I am so excited to keep learning to to become fluent in Spanish.
  109. Glenn Callaghan: Excellent. Easy to use..
  110. New twist on an old theme: Variable, to poor voice recognition. It also doesn't always even recognise a native speaker when they have tried. Btw my internet connection is excellent. Rocket languages need to improve this aspect of the app. It is very frustrating to keep clearly repeating a phrase and the most bizarre results come up..
  111. Donna O'Quinn: Great course Rocket French..
  112. Tianna: Love this app! It makes it easy to remember each word you learn. It also helped me pronounce each word in Spanish well..
  113. Dave Griffin: App keeps saying "no connection" and stops working. Weird because I have internet and all my other apps work. Web version is much better..
  114. Ted Auerbach: Excellent pronunciation and interaction.
  115. Mike Esta: Great app just be dedicated.
  116. Martin Maldonado: Crashes upon opening. Android Galaxy Note 10+.
  117. Shoaib Ahmed: Love this app.
  118. Leslie Kingsley Adu: Amazing app.
  119. Amaraツ: I'm learning Japanese on here and it's honestly telling me things that I have to know if I want to go to Japan. It's not like duolingo telling me to say "The cows don't wear hats" lol.
  120. Dustin Meyer: Crashes immediately on start up.
  121. Kathy Spiro: Mostly good - improvement would be to go back to the place in the page where you left off rather than the top of the page and having to scroll back through everything..
  122. Neil Abrahams: It's good but not great.
  123. Sue M: Need more every day language skills ... shopping, money,. traveling.
  124. Stefan Pl: I would really like to be able to download the pdf files and the audio lessons like it can be done via the website. The app doenst provide any of that. Since I often travel by train I would really appreciate this functionality. Also if the app would improve its loading times it would be much appreciated..
  125. Andrew Shilkey: Best language learning app I've used so far! Anyone learning a foreign language should try this app first.
  126. Alan Wood: Excelente gracias A worthwhile buy definitivamente.
  127. Tikkitavi: The course is pretty much self-explanatory and easy to use; very comprehensive..
  128. Alexander Litvak: Good application. Disabling romaji had no effect in the back of flush cards. The same works on pc version. It would be great if someone created am ANKI deck for each level. The current flash cards feature is not serving the memorization purpose..
  129. Dafydd WJ: Great so far. Helping force me to remember things I forget..
  130. Dr. J: One of the best apps for learning new languages. The lessons are really well thought out and is easy to follow along while driving, cooking or even showering. The knowledge tests at the end of each lesson really help to hammer in what was covered In the session. Currently using for both Japanese and German and I'm loving the progress I'm making so far. It is pretty expensive to get a full course, and this alone won't get you quite fluent, but it provides a very solid foundation. Highly recommend.
  131. tim turner: My impression of this app is positive. I like knowing the rules and do's and don't of language. I also enjoy the listening then respond exercises which makes it fun,.
  132. Sheshadri M N: Quite fulfilling experience.
  133. maria davies: Easier than I thought and helpful with Correct pronunciation and grammar ...really enjoying it..
  134. IMB 492: If you are a beginner then this will help you get going..
  135. Geoffrey Bruner: I like the app because it make learning convenient anywhere. I would like to have the ability to play back my recorded audio the way that you can on a computer..
  136. Mike Goergen: Good..
  137. Frank S: Excellent app, I wish I found it earlier.
  138. Nicholas Lover: Love the program, but the app doesn't work on my phone. I've tried uninstalling it and working with customer service, but they stopped replying when reinstalling didn't help. Rocket Italian is fantastic, but this app needs work..
  139. Monty Childress: Absolutely love rocket languages! I use them along with other resources and they are one of my favs. I like the slow build and introduction of grammar with everyday phrases..
  140. Connie Miller: Love this app ! Rocket language is really the best way to learn a new language..
  141. Andrey Vovk: Better structured for Japanese than other apps. Gives good balance of spoken/ written language and grammar. Voice recognition not as good as Memrise.
  142. Marianne Protheroe: Clear voices, interesting "vocal expressions", variety of tests (covering knowledge and pronunciation) with each lesson, AND I am actually remembering the vocabulary. Love it!.
  143. Ray Carloni: I've had the app for Years. Sometimes ignored for long periods, its always fresh and ready for use. Customer service is great too. Good instruction, this is worth every penny..
  144. Michael Foyle: Good overall, sometimes the audio glitches and does not match the pace of the type written lesson. Ask to rate nonstop! Interrupts lesson to request rating! Very annoying for what I paid!.
  145. Jonathan Devine: I've had this for a while now, and it keeps getting better with additional lessons and vocabulary. First rate..
  146. Kevin Danes: I love the app. Only downside is that I think that the constantly repeating of words in the conversations is a bit tedious. I tend to skip the conversation after it has played on normal speed..
  147. mike p: Love it.
  148. Shannan Swafford: Learning and enjoying so far!.
  149. LESLIE HIGHAM: Great.
  150. Amparo Haratyk: Best app ever and I been study Italiano for a long time..

Download Rocket Languages (HACK/MOD) [Apk + iOS] 28M

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