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Shogi Wars Mod/Hack

Shogi Wars is a completely new type of Shogi app.. Shogi Wars Mod v7.1.0

Update: 16/09/2022
Original price $: FREE

Download Shogi Wars Mod 7.1.0 for android apk & iphone ios 6.0

The story of the fastest and most intense entertainment shogi begins here!
Shogi War, officially approved by the Japan Shogi Association, is a brand new shogi app with great performance, stunning graphics and world-class artificial intelligence.
Breaking the common belief that shogi is only for certain experts, this app allows everyone from beginners to experts to enjoy fast online battles at different times: 10 minutes, 3 minutes and 10 seconds.
The app also offers offline games with computer. And with the shogi war level (dan/kyu), players can apply for menjo (dan diploma: from 6 dan to 5 kyu), which is also officially recognized by the Japan Shogi Association.
So come experience the highly realistic feel of your shogi.

Free 3 battles per day
Play for free for 30 days/500 yen


■Shogi Wars official Twitter account

https://support.heroz .jp /shogi_wars/Contact/

Free download Shogi Wars Mod/Hack for Android APK & Iphone IOS IPA. (Size: ) - Version 7.1.0. Released on . By DONIT.INFO. Shogi Wars is a completely new type of Shogi app.. Developed by HEROZ, Inc.. Operating system requirements 6.0. Everyone.

Game Hack Features Shogi Wars MOD

  • - Free Premium
  • - All Unlocks
  • - Unlock Full Version
  • - Free ADS
  • - Unlock Paid

Game Version Shogi Wars Paid MOD

  • - Free Download
  • - Download to Phone Free
  • - FREE
  • - No Charge
  • - VIP Unlock

New feature: Kishin Quiz Rush scheduled..

New comment

  1. Wave length: Great shôgi app with an arcade feel 5 on 5 in my book.
  2. Marian C. Ghilea: A bug prevents you from playing part of the games and makes you lose by connection loss..
  3. Albert Varbels: とても楽しい!.
  4. Me Me2: Would like to be able to download kif to study my games, even if it is only available in premium version only.
  5. John Smith: Very good, just like 81dojo. Here you even win sometimes..
  6. Deception fugitive: 頻繁にフリーズようになり、接続切れ負けになる。接続切れではなく、アプリの問題でしょうに、こちらの接続の問題として処理されることに大変な不満。.
  7. Lingle PONG: Vpn正常,也收到郵件驗證碼了。多次點註冊,退出重進再註冊,都是失敗。卸載了。再見.
  8. Z K: ゲーム途中で投了・棋神以外のボタンが押せなくなりました。 投了ボタンは押せ、かつゲーム終了後は操作出来ましたので、アプリ側のバグと思います。 ゲームとはいえ時間をかけてやっているので、こういったつまらないバグで時間を奪わないで欲しいです。早急な改善を希望します。.
  9. Erick Reyes: I've been enjoying the app and I even bought a premium subscription so that I can play when I'm out of home, but I'd really like to see the International piece set made by Hidetchi as an option in the game, or a similar artwork for the pieces. I think the game is missing more accessibility options like that..
  10. Humpty Dumpty: Very cute! I like design of pieces, boards and avatars ! Besides I am inspired that I can get kyū or even dan in the future!.
  11. Yamaguchi Haruya: もう5年以上やってるけど、あきない.
  12. tom uru: I have been asked to review the app interminably, so I am doing now. Hopefully I will never ever get annoyed by the app anymore..
  13. ななしUSAから: I love this app.
  14. ojiro wakasa: オフラインでもcomが相手をしてくれ 邪魔な広告も無いので快適です。.
  15. Rholand Tengan: Think before you play.
  16. A Google user: Well designed.
  17. A Google user: So intresting!!.
  18. A Google user: Garbage.
  19. A Google user: Fantastic graphics and sound effects, many users to play with..
  20. A Google user: Really enjoying this shogi app!.
  21. A Google user: Good game..
  22. A Google user: I like it!.
  23. A Google user: さいこうっす.
  24. A Google user: 回復できない問題云々で落ちて元の対局に戻れず負ける.
  25. A Google user: finaly an app that u can play online for free as it seems its lacking but its better than the rest i tryed -_-.
  26. A Google user: competitive, well designed, good for people who know all the rules.
  27. A Google user: I hope you guys make a chat system. So we players can talk to each other. Please put a chat system it feels like playing with a Bot sometimes.
  28. A Google user: Quick match ups. Best app for playing shogi..
  29. A Google user: 対局中に原因不明のエラーが出たとか言って強制終了させられ、10秒待って復帰できたけど10秒将棋での持ち時間がちゃんと10秒貰えずに切れ負けしてキレた。.
  30. A Google user: just thinking 101 times before you play lol.
  31. A Google user: havint try it yet.
  32. A Google user: Awesome I think.
  33. A Google user: Please add byoyomi ;(.
  34. A Google user: Great app for shoji although I honestly am terrible at it..
  35. A Google user: I knew nothing about this game but it is a good teacher. I am quickly becoming addicted..
  36. A Google user: Remove the pay to win kishin function and this is a perfect game. At 1 kyu I from time to time meet people that are obviously spamming kishin or cheating with software. Playing only 10byo mode helps..
  37. A Google user: Very entertaining.
  38. A Google user: Like this game is English supported.
  39. A Google user: This is the best Shogi game application ever made. Loved it. Thanks4Making this wonderful app..
  40. A Google user: Love it.
  41. A Google user: This is the best Shogi game ever made..
  42. A Google user: I really like playing shogi but have rarely time to meet up with someone to play. Thanks to ShogiWars I can play against people from all over the world and get opponents of the right strength for me. Many thanks!.
  43. A Google user: I very like it but can you add 2 versus 2 with friend.
  44. A Google user: Good.
  45. A Google user: Good app. I recommend please fix the bug at "my page" since it is in japanese language.(I already set english at setting) When i clicked the tactic picture the info turned into japanese language. Please fix the language for English. This is the amazing shogi app so far. PLEASE FIX THIS SO WE AS NON-JAPANESE COULD READ.
  46. A Google user: One of the better shogi apps out there.
  47. A Google user: Great way to get started with shogi..
  48. A Google user: Getting better and better. Good job. Please add byouyomi... That would be awesome..
  49. A Google user: The English could do with some work plus it would be helpful if the Japan Shogi Association released an app to actually teach you how to play Shogi. I know how to play western chess and I have a very basic understanding of Shogi but in the game I'm just reacting to the moves the opponent makes rather than using any kind of technique..
  50. A Google user: Ik how to play chess but shogi has a few peices idk what they do i mean what about a piece basic moves and operations? Sure it can be fun throwing random pieces around just to see what happens but still need a basic set up this seems a bit more advanced then chess.
  51. A Google user: I hate this english version..
  52. A Google user: less data read would be nice.
  53. A Google user: 招待コードtkb5k3wですよろしくおねがいします.
  54. A Google user: For international player, pls provide a option for English pls.
  55. A Google user: I really want to play but this app doesn't start. Galaxy Note Edge.
  56. A Google user: Tanoshikatta n da you.
  57. A Google user: 有沒有人玩,加我,z94t9hg.
  58. A Google user: 家に対戦してくれる相手がいないから暇さえあればしてます( ´艸`) けど皆さんのようにアバターの種類が豊富じゃないのが謎いです(・Д・´).
  59. A Google user: Great game!!.
  60. A Google user: smart TVなどのテレビに接続するAndroid端末では操作できませんでした。 テレビは横画面なのに縦に小さく表示されているのと合わせて修正していただけるとありがたいです。.
  61. A Google user: U can play Shohi three times a day FREE of CHARGE. And you chould get special points to enter someone's invitational ID(招待ID) when you sign up. My ID is swxe9wf. Anyway, please ENJOY playing Shogi life..
  62. A Google user: 最高のひまつぶしになる、やったら絶対はまる!招待IDにd8fag3cって入力したらポイントもらえるよ.
  63. A Google user: 対戦は、持ち時間3分と10分の2種類。ネット対戦なので飽きがきません。また、1日3回までは無料なので気軽に遊べます。招待idをいれるところでwii2vtrと入れると200p貰え、350p貯めると1カ月無料で遊べますよ。オススメです。.
  64. A Google user: it is awsone.
  65. A Google user: アカウントを抹消不可能なアプリ。「登録を強く勧めない」。.

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Version: 7.1.0.
Operating system: 6.0.
Evaluate: 27392.
Content rating: Everyone.
Installs: 1,000,000+.
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Developers: HEROZ, Inc..
Votes: 4.2.
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