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Update: 08/09/2022
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Defend your magic city from invading armies! Use swords, spells and strategies to save your people, lead them to glory and leave a legacy for generations to come.

The Siege of Trebling is a 280,000-word interactive epic fantasy novel by Jed Herne. It’s entirely text-based, with no graphics or sound effects, and powered by your unstoppable gigantic imagination.
Treboulain stems from the power of tree care, the magic that governs plants and everything that grows. With the recent passing of your mother the Queen, you are now seated on the Throne of Thorns, the royal nightmarish chair where anyone who dares to sit on it will suck blood.

When a ruthless army of cavalry besieges the towering walls of Treboulain, will you climb the walls yourself and inspire the soldiers with your fighting prowess and rousing speeches? Will you command the defense from a distance with your sharp tactical mind? Or will you turn to the mighty power of nature itself and strangle your enemies with thorny vines?

Should you fill ditches with traps, train elite mages, or recruit mercenaries for surprise raids? How do you manage dwindling resources? What will you do when a deadly conspiracy is revealed, threatening to shake your rule — and your city — to the core?

•Play as male, female or non-binary; gay, straight, bisexual or asexual.
• Choose from three different backstories – Mage, Warrior or Scholar – and use your skills to defend your city.
• Command Soldiers, Plan Tactics and Battles They can do it all from the start – single-player duels, large-scale, story-driven battles.
• Harness the magic of plants through the art of caring for trees.
• Manage city politics and balance the conflicting demands of priests, merchants, and other ordinary and military personnel.
• Unravel the mysteries of the past through flashbacks and learn more about your city and enemies.
• Find love or friendship with a brave warrior, wise priestess, shrewd businessman or talented artist.

Let the legend say this is Treboulain’s bravest moment!

Free download Siege of Treboulain Hack – Mod for Android APK & Iphone IOS IPA. (Size: 4.9M) - Version 1.0.4. Released on April 14, 2022. By DONIT.INFO. . Developed by Choice of Games LLC. Operating system requirements 4.4 and up. PEGI 12.

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New comment

  1. Soul On Fire: A well written story that I dare ask will there be a sequel from the author?.
  2. Shootnik: Bug: achievement of winning a duel without actually partisipating in it.
  3. Dear Selene: I love it! I haven't finished it all the way, but I love it so far..
  4. Socially Undead: I wanted to like this one. I really did. The first playthrough was spectacular. But after that... turns out there's very little variations. The romance dialogues are 99% the same no matter who you go with, the story barely alters at your decisions, and if you fail big plot moments you'll be pushed through anyway. The lack of actual choice and and change makes the replayability pretty bad. For $4, that's okay. But that's when it's cut half off. Don't get it for full price. Not worth it remotely..
  5. Shadow Shots: Decent enough.
  6. Muun: One of the best stories in both Hosted and Choice Of. Stat checks are brutal with few opportunities for you to raise your stats in a playthrough, making your choices feel more like a bad comedian on stage flopping than a ruler leading a disheveled populace. You can choose every obvious option related to one "personal traits" stat and it will have gone up by like 4% when you reach the epilogue High stat checks = near unavoidable deaths is a nuisance for good endings. Your spouse WILL die..
  7. J J: A good read at a reasonable price.
  8. Reynaldo Serra Vasques: I love books where you are a king. Your choices matter here, and you can lose important characters..
  9. M K: This is the best CYOA book that I've ever read..
  10. Paifa Mabirus: The plot and story is so good and refreshing. Characters are also unique and memorable. Easily one of my favorites choice of games..
  11. Kar En Tuk: Pretty good! Rarely does CoG ever let me down.
  12. Okpomor Nyerhovwo: It's really good, although it's kinda a little bit short. I hope there's a sequel about what the MC's former friend said.
  13. Z X: Solid experience I haven't had in a CoG for a long time. Interesting story, engaging choices, simple and fun. Plus the author made it easy to figure out which stat each choice corresponds to and I really appreciate that, since many CoG games are plagued with ambiguously phrased choices..
  14. IRONHILLdwarf: Excellent! Easily one of my new favorites. The characters are good, romance is very solid, the story flows well and has good pacing. Loved the use of plant magic. The story is also very complete. It hits a natural climax and still makes time for a epilogue that ties everything together. The stat system isnt overly complicated but does require some careful balancing as certain physical and mental skills are complementary as are certain mindsets. Still, Im extremely impressed and demand a sequel..
  15. Fugitive Unknown: One of the better choice of games I've played..
  16. Paul Chigu: Another great one by Choice!!!.
  17. Avik Ray: See, this is how you write inclusivity into a game without any agenda to force it down everyone's throat. None of the non-binary characters are out of place, nor are all women brash and reckless like testesterone driven bulls except those that are in the role that suits it. None of it got in the way of this nice story. It has been years since I read something really this good but simple coming from CoG..
  18. Ronald Masole: Awesome game.

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Version: 1.0.4.
Operating system: 4.4 and up.
Evaluate: .
Content rating: PEGI 12.
Installs: 500+.
Product: £3.49 per item.
Developers: Choice of Games LLC.
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