Skip Ads - Tube Speed Changer Mod

Skip Ads – Tube Speed Changer {Mod – Hack}

Instantly skip Tube ads within 1 second. Change Tube playback speed.. Skip Ads - Tube Speed Changer Mod v1.4.3

Update: 03/11/2022
Original price $: 0.09

Download Skip Ads - Tube Speed Changer Mod 1.4.3 for android apk & iphone ios 7.0 and up

Other apps that skip tube ads take longer than 5 seconds to skip, but our app uses our unique method to jump instantly within 1 second.

Think it’s tedious and need to change the playback speed? Video app?
This app is a helper app that automates the tedious controls of changing playback speed in video apps, so you can do it with just one tap.
Experience convenient and simple playback to be able to change the speed.
Video Speed ​​Controller Pro helps you optimize video viewing and save time.

* This app does not provide clear playback speed such as B. 4x playback.

Video Speed ​​Controller Pro automatically performs playback speed changes for video apps like Tube apps.

With this app, you can easily change the playback speed

【How to use】
1. Play video in Tube App.
2. Swipe from the left edge of the screen to activate the controller.
3. By choosing the playback speed, the changing process is instant and automatic.

► Save time watching videos.
► You can use your time more efficiently.

– Playback Speed
– Highest Quality
– Turn Off Video
– Skip Ads

This app uses accessibility services.
This is used to automate playback speed changes.
No data will be collected, stored or transmitted in any way.

Free download Skip Ads – Tube Speed Changer {Mod – Hack} for Android APK & Iphone IOS IPA. (Size: 4.3M) - Version 1.4.3. Released on April 21, 2022. By DONIT.INFO. Instantly skip Tube ads within 1 second. Change Tube playback speed.. Developed by HDM Dev Team. Operating system requirements 7.0 and up. PEGI 3.

Hacking app features Skip Ads - Tube Speed Changer MOD

  • - Subscription Actived
  • - No Ads
  • - No All ADS
  • - Extra
  • - Unlock All

App version Skip Ads - Tube Speed Changer pay fees MOD

  • - Setup Free
  • - Download For Phone Free
  • - Download For Phone Free
  • - Boosters
  • - Countries Restriction Removed

– Some minor improvements..

New comment

  1. M. Fathan Mubina: It works! Especially to autoskip those annoying ads faster!.
  2. Kuldeep bakhli: So far working well. Nil issue. Keep it up..
  3. Mark Thorson: ads go metal popping up the "why this ad" display. can't remove floating button at all, set to swipe but annoying button still there. button doesn't respond to size setting..
  4. Islam Kazi Ariful: Very very productive.
  5. Keith: Had my reserves but definitely works as described it skips those pesky ads in literally a second highly recommend 5*.
  6. Hasan Rever Clz: 1 sec?? No.
  7. Pradeepkumar Mishra: It's main issue is privacy risk. remove internet connection related permission. Then it's safe.otherwise dangerous app..
  8. Gulshan Thakur: Plz include settings to change the quality of video too.. Love your work.
  9. QR Void: Lovely app, it promised as description. For developer , Feature request : It's best if I can turn off my phone screen and 'Tube' still running..
  10. Klaatu58: Appealing in concept but awkward in practice. Should offer a 7-day free trial. Refunded..
  11. Surendra Singh: Good.
  12. A'lias piceXO: woW! I already knew what a quality developer[s] you are, it's why I've bought some of your other apps. This app works perfectly, as stated. I'll now have to look at your other apps in which to support.....Star taken away though, cause other services need to be included. Hulu, YouTube Music, so on and so on....
  13. kamal verma: Jabardast.
  14. Verma Ji: Nice concept, works great. Keep it up..
  15. Ben Johnson: Unfortunately, installing this app made YouTube unusable for me, and I had to uninstall it. With the video speed controller app in place, when I tried to use YouTube, Google's "choose your account" page kept coming up, and I couldn't get rid of it. My phone is the Realme GT 5G, with Android 12..
  16. roi: It keeps popping up to load an ad site from browser before successfully skipping the ad..
  17. Waterreedshimmer Dracchingan: Very good! Looks interesting, thanks!.
  18. Karim SLimani: Can't use the app in Facebook and Instagram?.
  19. Friendly DM2: The app does what it needs to do. I wish it would be able to speed up video further than x2 though. Other than that, you're simply paying for an easier way to do something you can normally do for free but with some extra steps..
  20. Ayush Shukla: Useless.
  21. SteLAN: It's not what I searched for, but still a good app for those they don't want to change the settings on every Video..
  22. Mixteri Mixtery: Not working with other videos.
  23. Himanshu Kumar: Nice.
  24. Aishwarya salunke: The app doesn't provide additional speed changing, the speed it provides is already present in the existing apps, it doesn't work on other apps which don't provide speed control. They don't provide refund. Useless app. Waste of money..
  25. Zerfarcher Lapus: I get the concept of this app and how it's made. It's just autoclick to screen, triple dot and select the Playback Speed automatically and tap the screen so it will happen in a flash. But add YouTube Vanced Dude! I don't even use YouTube because of Ads and YouTube Vanced can be played in the backround and while lockscreen...I just you this app for Netflix. Update... This app blocks the other apps. For example: Playstore you can't download or update even if you turn off Netflix, YouTube and Hobo..
  26. kendel duke: i just love it.
  27. Alok Mishra: This Rating is to draw your attention, I have a feature requests, the that let user set there preferred quality in app itself, like if I'm on wifi I tend to prefer highest quality, but on mobile data I majorly prefer 720p. It's a great app does what it says but i just need this one feature. Great work..
  28. ANIL SAHU: Is here any app to restrict video quality ??.
  29. AAKASH GAMING: Good.

Download Skip Ads – Tube Speed Changer {Mod – Hack} [Unlock All] 4.3M

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Version: 1.4.3.
Operating system: 7.0 and up.
Evaluate: .
Content rating: PEGI 3.
Installs: 10,000+.
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Developers: HDM Dev Team.
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