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SMZ ‘Integrity 7’ {Mod – Hack}

. SMZ Integrity 7 Mod v1.0.1

Update: 08/09/2022
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! ! ! ! ! ! Watch the video and decorate your watch like a photo! ! ! ! ! !
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Digital watch face for New Wear OS powered by Google.

This is a digital watch face with useful information about your health, different themes and watch face colors.
You can customize different themes and colors according to your taste, dress color and watch strap.

This app has a simple companion app that supports this watch face. Removing it from the phone will not affect the watch faces installed on the watch. You can uncheck this app in the “Install” checkbox. However, make sure your watch is selected.

[Install on your watch]
The app may take a while to install on your watch, or you may only see the message “Installing on device soon” and the installation is on standby state.
This issue is not app related, the developer has no control over downloads from the Google Store.

Here are some suggestions for solving this problem.

1. Make sure the watch is properly connected to the phone.
2. After exiting the Google Store, completely delete all recently used apps in the phone’s task manager, return to the Google Store, and check the “Install on more devices” item and watch model name on the app page. Click the “Install” button.
3. If the above method does not work, please launch the Google Play Store app on the watch, press the search button and search for “Integrity 7”.
Click the app you’re looking for, then click the Install button.
4. Click the three dots in the upper right corner of the app page.
Activate the “Share” item. Click Share and choose another browser such as B. Chrome or Samsung Internet.
Click “Install to other devices”, select the watch model and click the “Install” button.

[Mobile Battery Status]
To use this feature, the Mobile Battery Complications app must be installed on your phone and viewed.
Download Path:

[Measuring Heart Rate Menu]
You need to wear On a real device, click the heart rate measurement button.
The heart rate measurement icon will then appear, wait a few moments for the measured heart rate to update and display.
Remember that heart rate measurement is only possible with original watch equipment.

– Heart rate measurement operation flow.
1. Wear the genuine Galaxy Watch 4 on your wrist.
2. Tap the heart rate zone once and wait for the measurement to complete.
* Heart rate shortcut will not open the heart rate measurement app.
* If your Galaxy Watch 4 has other data synced to a connected phone, the measurement may be delayed for a while.
3. The heart rate measurement icon will then appear and take the measurement.
4. When the measurement is complete, the resulting value will be updated and displayed on your watch face.
* It also automatically measures every hour.

In order for this watch face to display health information correctly, you must grant all Sense access permissions.
(Clock – Settings – Apps – Permissions – This Watch Face – Allow All Permissions)

To customize the watch face, press and hold the screen and tap the [Customize] button .
*Please edit these selections in the custom fields.

[hard link]
You can use this link immediately by clicking on this area.
*Please refer to the last photo in the registered photos.

[editable shortcut]
You can select the application to use as a shortcut by clicking in this area, or in the Customize box.
Then you can use one-click shortcuts.
*Please refer to the last photo in the registered photo.

[SMZ Instagram]

[SMZ Facebook] /smz.watchface

[SMZ homepage]

[email always welcome]
[email protected]

Free download SMZ ‘Integrity 7’ {Mod – Hack} for Android APK & Iphone IOS IPA. (Size: Varies with device) - Version 1.0.1. Released on April 2, 2022. By DONIT.INFO. . Developed by SMZ JeonDaeHyun. Operating system requirements Varies with device. PEGI 3.

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Added six colors.
6 colors have been added.

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  1. Iain Mann: Bold, clear watchface. It has lots of info but doesn't look cluttered. Really good to have customisable shortcuts that can select installed apps. Love this face..
  2. Christopher Low: Very impressive digital face with all the necessary statistical data presented in an easily readable format from a very accomplished and highly regarded design house. Excuse me asking but why are your integrity 7 & 8 faces both identical ? Spot the difference competition ?.

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Operating system: Varies with device.
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