Super Fancy Pants Adventure Mod

Super Fancy Pants Adventure [MOD/HACK]

Run. Jump. Slide. Be Fancy!. Super Fancy Pants Adventure Mod v1.2.0

Update: 23/01/2023
Original price $: 4.99

Download Super Fancy Pants Adventure Mod 1.2.0 for android apk & iphone ios 2.3

Super Fancy Pants Adventure is a wild, free-roaming adventure with buttery smooth platforms and beautiful pens!

Super Fancy Pants Adventure is the culmination of a decade of perfecting fancy pants adventures.

► So many levels! – 56 brand new parkour platforming levels
► Favourites! – Collect over 20 pants and hats in brand new challenging levels
► Incredible hand-drawn style – Animated world, enemies and friends map by map
► Action-packed attacks! – Eliminate new threats with a powerful ink pen!
► New Action! – Control Fancy Pants with all-new combos and actions
► Secret Challenge Levels – Secret gates all over the world lead to extremely challenging bonus levels with great rewards
► 60fps gameplay – perfectly smooth The action-perfect and smooth platformer
► Controller support

Ten years in production
The Fancy Pants Adventures series was started by Brad Borne, who was an indie developer turned video gamer more than a decade ago, hoping to make Redefine the platform speed and tight control feel compatible. Over the years, he has honed his craft, making his fancy pants game a global phenomenon with over 100 million plays and one of the top games in Kongregate history. This latest release, Super Fancy Pants Adventure, is the culmination of the series and reimagined into a full-fledged title. Whether you’re playing Fancy Pants for the first time or your 100th, Super Fancy Pants Adventure is a wild run!

Free download Super Fancy Pants Adventure [MOD/HACK] for Android APK & Iphone IOS IPA. (Size: ) - Version 1.2.0. Released on . By DONIT.INFO. Run. Jump. Slide. Be Fancy!. Developed by Kongregate. Operating system requirements 2.3. Everyone.

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We fixed a crash exiting the bedroom that appeared on certain devices..

New comment

  1. LD Sonic The Hedgehog (Fun): Amazing app.
  2. Travis Williams: Oldest Fancy pants game is good and all it is so great I'm not even sure why is it not popular it should be popular next time when you make a game like this put some voice acting cuz that will make it look cool and put some more real grinding.
  3. Philip Loding: Cool i played for hours it was like azome.
  4. Martin Gatewood: I Decided to purchase this game everything looked like i saw when i watched a few people play the game on yt but when i go to the door in the begining it exits me from the game what should i do..
  5. Molham Taleb: I like the game it is nice and all I gave it 4 of 5 becuase I want to restart and there is no restart button and still there is no restart button in 2022.
  6. Jhoanna Sirilan: Just amazing the physics and animations are superb the storyline is intriguing and most importantly is the pace at which this stickman runs at and the enemies so there are spiders mickey mouse with a gun ninjas ink blobs ink birds ink balls ink whatever now for the combat where do i even start? so (takes a deep breath) slashing sliding jumping power jumping slide slashing jump slashing ink gun ink dash downward poke downward slash and the last 2 things but upwards all from a pen worth the money..
  7. Adel Osama: Where is the continuing story?.
  8. Drizzy9766: The Controller support doesn't work..
  9. Kaus Maiv: This games is unique, compared to others I've played. However, there is one problem, is that the screen cuts off at the edge or bottom but this doesn't affect gameplay. This game aged like a butterfly as well with those silky smooth graphics and physics..
  10. Minecraft Adventures: You this game is awsome great story to yup 10 out of 10 I love It it's a very nice game so ya thanks for making this game.
  11. Sinisa Jovicic: New Updated Super Fancy Pants.
  12. Redztar Galactik: The app looks so good, but I can only get to Fancy Pants' room before it crashes when I go through the door..
  13. Faith Ndungu: It keeps crashing when I exit the bedroom patch it please on android.
  14. Happily married lady: I love fancy pants but where is super fancy pants adventure part 2 ? They said to be continued I want more fancy pants.
  15. Skyler Marsh: I love this game so much the platforming is great and the difficultly can be challenging and the combat is pretty great definitely worth 5$.
  16. Corey J: Best fancy pants game.
  17. Chrissy Herman (TheRadicalEdward): This is more of a request for the developers. I played Merlin's revenge when I was younger and was hoping for a mobile port. Are there any plans to port it to mobile?.
  18. friend: Runs fine. The mobile controls are a bit annoying. Overall, it's good..
  19. КОРОЛЬ АКУМА: The controls are super messed up.
  20. Unknown Gamer: Why is it not full screen.
  21. Tyrone Mosley: The game is good but could you make a second one cause i have played all the fancy pants games that i know of so can you make a second one please if you do i hope it would be the best one out there so please make a second one..
  22. mithu sarma: Free.
  23. Alan Tapia: So disappointing. I grew up playing the fancy pants games on the Internet and the fact these became portable on my phone to play at a moments notice, truly makes me happy yet this game is just not good. No controller support and the game just does not work with touch screen controls. Making me run off course one to many times. Dont buy this. Get Fancy Pants Adventures. As it has more content, far better level design and comes with world 1 and 2 with controller support. This version is a ripoff..
  24. Luis Lugo: The touch controlls are great, however, there's no Dualshock 4 support. Haven't tried with an Xbox controller since I don't own one..
  25. Madeline (MsMads): Really fantastic game, but probably the worst controlling mobile version in the series despite still controlling great due to there just being too many actions to perform leading to mistaken inputs, definitely get the game, but I suggest going for the PC version on Steam if you can since the physical button controls fix the game's only issue on mobile.
  26. Ben: There were many times in the game were it felt like it would make a great chase scene, I hope to see that in part 2.
  27. BlackNexus: It keeps closing everytime I open the game. I haven't even gotten to play yet. Please fix it..
  28. Tenisha McClane: It fun.
  29. SasukiExeYT: This game is cool but look like anime on me.
  30. David Mainville: 😊.
  31. Egypt Thomas: Uuuhhgg THIS GAME. IT IS GOOD but it won't LET ME go in the door p.s. IT PUT ME BACK TO THE PLAY STORE.
  32. mister 8: I gave this a one star before because it didnt let me play but it does and its a very good games.
  33. Virginia Rabello: Cool.
  34. Anna Ahmad: At the beginning so funny bye hah a ahahahahahahah!.
  35. Christopher Fin: Fancy..
  36. Trope A Dope: REALLY FUN. Only complaint is that when your gliding on paper is isn't easier to control yourself, it'd be nice if when gliding on paper your left and right buttons were replaced by a joystick so you don't have to tap on your character.
  37. Mysteriousity: Great game..
  38. FN_Clips_ OG: This game is so fun for 6 years olds kids because this one is good the ending is really good because basement Spire challenge one is my favor.
  39. Michelle Daniels: this game is so much fun 😃.
  40. jingerbredman: I cant even leave my bedroom at the start of the game and it crashes for no reason at all..
  41. ChaseNado: Controls, I give em a 3/5 but this'll Be great for a video of mine [ChaseNado on YT].
  42. Tarik Rawjee: Lovely game and completed it on my pc and iPad Pro.
  43. Gavin Thomas: Well i tried it but still a error in the bedroom and I'm have my Samsung galaxy tablet s4.
  44. Sabrina Zufelt: I love it!!!.
  45. Arcey: Wow that was absolutely HORRIBLE. The ending is GARBAGE and there isn't even a CONTINUATION. Don't waste your money, they just care about the money not the fans. They were so dull they couldn't even do a proper ending. The free game is better.
  46. Robert Robillard: This Game, is SO much FUN!! the Controls are SO easy to Use, any 8 Year Old Child could Play with Ease, the Graphics & Sound are well Done. To Everyone who Seems to Think that the Controls are BAD and/or not Good on a Mobile Phone, I'd say, STOP! Whining, I have this Game on my 8' Tablet, as well as on my Samsung Galaxy s10e & there is NO Problem with the Controls. for Everyone else, Decide for Yourself, & Developers .. DO NOT Listen to these Negative Comments, not all of US, are Capable or Willing to Play, a FUN & Challenging Platform Game, like "Super Fancy Pants Adventure" GOOD WORK Overall! :).
  47. Daniel Cook: Dis is so cool because I love it!!.
  48. Joe Britt: Fun.
  49. Ateeq AlHameli: The first fancy pants adventure had good sword fighting style Soo I don't recommend to buy this game buy the first one.
  50. kusum Upadhyay: This game is sooooo cool! Amazing game!.
  51. Lita Strahan: Jumping after ink dashing doesn't work despite it being required to complete one of the challenges. Would be 5 stars if not for this issue..
  52. Alakesh Borah: Good job.
  53. Yandiel Concepcion: It has an awesome storyline and great fighting mechanics.
  54. Poubelle Poubellesgjhjd: crashes during the load after opening the 1st door.
  55. Splorhp: The bedroom still crashes. I'm refunding the game..
  56. Jesse Bell: Controls are very difficult on a phone, really makes the gameplay hard to enjoy, which is sad because I've played every other Fancy Pants game before this. It is also not as intuitive as the previous games have been. I'm kinda bummed I spent $5 on this..
  57. Jaylen: For me it still crashes when leaving the bedroom plz fix I am on will phone.
  58. Lord beerus: I know you are ignoring me you have to fix it it's not responding I'm trying to play it on my phone and I have enough of it not responding.
  59. Xyron Marquez: The game is soo smooth! The new animations are so much better and i like how it follows the story of Fancy pants getting the Pencil,therefore don't need to find it again (which is kinda sad) but.. This time you need the pen! Which has 3 abilities which is.. Ink dash,inkboard,and Ink shooter! I love the game its one of the best stickman games i have ever played!! 😄😄😄😄.
  60. Roman Lysenko: Классно.
  61. A Google user: very immersive experience, headphones recommended.
  62. A Google user: There is a bug where the screen is split and it is disappearing the character and items. Not happy. Can't play the game properly.
  63. A Google user: This so well done. The controls are tight and fluid and the animations are very smooth. There's a lot of content in this version and it's got some very challenging parts but the controls make the challenging parts not frustrating. Now my Fancy Pants collection is complete..
  64. A Google user: Dont buy it right now its bugged and you cant even start.
  65. A Google user: I had to buy this game twice bc it wouldn't play I love the game but it's not worth the money if it don't play I hope y'all really fix this bc your ripping people off.
  66. A Google user: Game is great, but so called "controller support" is broken. Fancy Pants Man only runs to the left no matter what and jump is mapped to RT and attack mapped to LT. Cannot run any other direction than left :/ The right stick only crouches..
  67. A Google user: It's a good game.
  68. A Google user: This game is AMAZING.
  69. A Google user: I love it so much🤩👌👍 and I like it👍👍👍👍👍👌👌👌👌👌🤩🤩🤩🤩🤩🤩.
  70. A Google user: Fire.
  71. A Google user: I loved playing this.
  72. A Google user: Cool game.
  73. A Google user: I am a long time fan of the fancy pants adventures. This game was basically my childhood. Super Fancy Pants Adventure lives up to its name and is a great platformer, but currently it has many bugs and glitches such as invisible eniemes or like getting abilities before beating the boss. Overall it is a great game but if the bugs got patched it would be even greater.
  74. A Google user: ляьчдідцдфжзілішоооооооо ддчвгінурріті.
  75. A Google user: cool.
  76. A Google user: Great..
  77. A Google user: there is a bug that does not let me play and I was looking for ward to play.
  78. A Google user: I would have give It a 5 star. However, the control in my opinion is not suitable for mobile players since its occasionally cause players tap the buttons they weren't suppose to tap. As example,in the volcano level where you need to jump from walls to walls to avoid the lava pits the player want to press up but instead, they accidentally tap the down button and ultimately leads them to fall into the lava pits.
  79. A Google user: This is a good game, but the gamepad controls are not good in the slightest. The character will automatically run to the right and the buttons are not properly mapped. I tried my controller with the original FPA mobile game and they worked fine..
  80. A Google user: cool.
  81. A Google user: I really l love fancy pants and am a lng fan but I cant even play because I cant even get throught the bedroom door. I spent all that m money..
  82. A Google user: great.
  83. A Google user: Fancy pants will always be fun to play, but i have an issue. If i try to ink dash and jump through an enemy, it never works! please fix this because I love playing this on my phone, and the only problem i have from time to time are the controls, otherwise its one of the best mobile games on the play store!.
  84. A Google user: It don't work.
  85. A Google user: Downloaded the update yet it still crashes when I go through the door..
  86. A Google user: Omg fps drops so much and lagger when combat please optimize for smooth. Add customize resolution graphics and make sure 60fps anytime please.
  87. A Google user: It keeps crashing on my Android but the game itself is good..
  88. A Google user: This game is fun but plz fix all bugs plzzzz.
  89. A Google user: This is a fun hard game it's so much fun it's my best game ever.
  90. A Google user: It has alot of bugs that need to be fixed, other that it's a great game..
  91. A Google user: Beast AF.
  92. A Google user: Very fun. However, there are bugs that need to be fixed within the game. The game, when first downloaded, has crashed on me more than once. Besides the glitches, this is a really fun game..
  93. A Google user: A lot of bugs to be fixed after the first time I downloaded it I can't get to the main menu without the loading screened to freeze so I have to say this is a waste of my time and a waste of my money.
  94. A Google user: Game is fast, fun, and creative. My only gripe is some glitches that occurred during gameplay, specifically around the end of level 2. I would turn invisible while doing certain actions! I also don't like the screen ratio, I understand you need space for the buttons at the bottom, but I think it would be better if the game was full screen (18:9 in my case) and when I need to go home, be able to swipe up into the screen that it currently is. Fix these issues as well as add more content and you've got yourself a super fancy game to play!.
  95. A Google user: This is the best game ever!.

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Operating system: 2.3.
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