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Wild West Faro {Hack + Mod}

The Faro game was the most popular card game played throughout the Old West.. Wild West Faro Mod v1.3.1

Update: 23/01/2023
Original price $: 2.49

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Imagine a Wild West sedan scene. Now imagine you’re there, you walk in, look around, and see a group of people playing cards. You might think they’re playing poker, but the game of choice is actually a game called Faro! If you want to play this beloved old classic card game on your phone or tablet, download the best faro card game app today and go back in time. Wild West Faro is our first version of the game!

Classic FARO Card Game
Wild West Faro Card Game is the most popular card game in the entire Old West. Known in local salons as “Bucking the Tiger” or “Twisting the Tiger’s Tail”, the name comes from an early card back that contained a drawing of a Bengal tiger. In the mid-19th century, tigers were often associated with games. With our Faro card game app, you can immerse yourself in a unique card game experience and have hours of fun!

How to Play
The rules of this version of the Faro card game are similar to the original. The betting layout consists of a series of spades, from ace to king. Players bet on a card or cards of their choice. The dealer will then deal a pair of cards, winners and losers, and the dealer will then pay or receive accordingly depending on whether you win or lose. Wild West Faro allows you to place different types of bets, such as B. bets on overcards, multiple bets, single bets or multiple bets on several different cards, if you bet one or more If the card loses, you win or lose, and this is called a bronze bet. You can bet as many as you want before the trade and bet anywhere from $1 to $1 million to break the bank by winning all the dealer’s money!

Beautiful and elegant design
Wild West Faro is one of the best card games you’ll ever play! This Faro card game features refined HD graphics, fun sound effects and music, and intuitive touchscreen controls. The Faro cards are elegant and the overall design makes you feel like you’re in the wild west and playing with real opponents! Our game offers different card designs and bonus wilds with detailed game statistics.

– Awesome design and funny sound
– Classic Faro card game
– Addictive and challenging gameplay
– Ease of Use
– Game Statistics
– Bonus Wild Cards
– Bet 1, 2, 3 or 4 Cards at a Time
– Bet High Cards
– Bet Parity
– Bet on one or more cards to win
– Bet on one or more cards to lose by betting
– Bet any amount before the cards are dealt
– Call in the final round
– Cheat: Change the Dealing Box- Banker finds cheating
– Cheat: Player can cheat by deferring the bet and changing the regular bet to a Bronze bet
– Cheating on/off option
– Betting from $1 to $1 Million
– Break the Bank and Win the Bookmaker’s Money by Betting Totals!
– Lock bets
– Clear all bets/change bets

Best for large screen mobile devices and tablets

—— ——- ——

Sit at the Faro table and play one of the Wild West’s most popular card games on your phone or tablet anytime, anywhere you want!

Download Wild West Faro today and enjoy this classic game!

Free download Wild West Faro {Hack + Mod} for Android APK & Iphone IOS IPA. (Size: ) - Version 1.3.1. Released on . By DONIT.INFO. The Faro game was the most popular card game played throughout the Old West.. Developed by Alpha Innovation Game Studios Ltd.. Operating system requirements 2.3. Teen.

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– This update is to address the following issues:

– Bug fix identified with v1.3.0 when using the move a bet cheat option.
The problem with this bug was that the player was not able to move a bet, when the bet marker display option was turned off, this issue has now been rectified.

– Also, to bring all the app build version numbers in line with iOS, Google and Amazon..

New comment

  1. Helgrind3: I'd give 5 stars if I could mute all sounds. Great app! I love the game..
  2. Sasha Ross: Would love to see the abacus instead of the card rows. Great job!.
  3. Brad Thompson: Most Excellent game! I have owned it for a few years. Last week had to factory reset my droid. Marcus very promptly help me reload my game! Thanks!.
  4. AlphaLevi: Really underrated game. Any chance it will update to support wide-screen phones in the near future?.
  5. Jen: WAY TOO SMALL.
  6. Maas Carter: Slow as hell..
  7. Savage Styles: I like this game because it is very entertaining and amusing to play a game that has such vibrant history such as Faro. Fun fact is that Faro originated in France and was originally call Pharaoh however when they game made it way to America it became known as Faro because Americans can't spell..
  8. SeeSaw444: Faro was one of the most popular gambling games for 200 hundred years. More popular than poker during the old west. This app is a great experience in that it allows for different betting strategies and easy to learn..
  9. A Google user: I usually don't review anything but, this is an excellent game that many people aren't aware of. It deserves attention so, if you download it and appreciate the app, you should try and get your friends to do the same. I'd even suggest making your own faro boards at home to play in the real world. It is a great alternative to poker or blackjack. Thank you so much for making this app. I really hope it catches on to a wider audience..
  10. A Google user: Love it! I do living history and this is helping me in learning the game..
  11. A Google user: love it, no wonder this was so big in the civil war era and in the west..
  12. A Google user: fun for hours.
  13. A Google user: WWF is really fun to play,I can see why it was so popular back in the day. Time to go back and buck the tiger!.
  14. A Google user: Best FARO game I've ever played. Been playin' about 4 hours straight. 3 improvements that I might suggest are as follows: #1 make the "DEAL" button bigger and to the right so that it's easier to hit. #2 allow the cards to be changed to a historically accurate deck without numbers on the faces. #3 get a piano player to record about 20 songs from the late 1800's on a continuous loop to give it that authentic Saloon feelin'. If You wanted to be really fancy, You could even add "DEALER"/PLAYER bantor.
  15. A Google user: This is a very good adaptation of the grand old game of Faro. Thanks for developing it and making it available!.
  16. A Google user: This is the real deal. This is just like playing Faro Iin real life..
  17. A Google user: Great game..
  18. A Google user: Great game, would love if they had that old wild west saloon piano music to go with it instead.
  19. A Google user: Great game, really enjoyed the game play and learning how to play a new game. 👍.
  20. A Google user: Awesome app! Very well polished and the history lesson was interesting. Faro is now my new favorite game. Thanks for making this app..
  21. A Google user: It is a great Faro app. A few minor issues like small cards that are finicky to touch and small over all play area. Need to be able to place bets on 6-7 & 7-8 as well as 6-7-8..
  22. A Google user: I'm a living historian and reenactor, one of my colleagues portrays Wyatt earp and has a faro table he brings to events this app is historically accurate the game is fun in person as well, which is why it was preferred even over poker in the old west saloons to play a real life version contact the legends of the west via email or facebook fort worth tx.
  23. A Google user: Brilliant game, fun to play. Highly recommend..
  24. A Google user: Very fun and addictive game, can't put it down!.
  25. A Google user: A good refreshing card game to the norm.. easy to get the hang of and enjoyable to play.
  26. A Google user: Just like lol its great time killer easy to get used to the rules. Love it well designed easy to play. Great job!.
  27. A Google user: Very addictive. Once you start playing you just can't stop! You'll keep playing just to beat the Banker! I find this game ideal as I also like playing poker games..
  28. A Google user: If you like playing card games, your like playing this, simple to get the hang of, enjoy :-).
  29. A Google user: A simple retro wild west saloon game which is actually quite relaxing to play. The style of betting reminds me of a Russian roulette table. Haven't quite worked out how to cheat!.

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Version: 1.3.1.
Operating system: 2.3.
Evaluate: 42.
Content rating: Teen.
Installs: 500+.
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Developers: Alpha Innovation Game Studios Ltd..
Votes: 4.6.
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